How To Attract A Gemini Man

Those who propose how to attract a gemini man should know that this sign of Air is governed by the planet Mercury that symbolizes thought and therefore it is a sign of the zodiac of restless thought and taste for the intellectual.

Those born under the sign of Gemini usually show an interest in several subjects at once, they are characterized by having a restless mind and they rarely stay within the same project or area of ​​knowledge, although on the negative side, these natives They are also inconsistent in their interests, which can also be transferred to their relationships, that is, they can be quickly interested in someone and they can be disinterested just as easily.

How to fall in love with a Gemini man

Conquering a Gemini man can be frustrating, since their goals are usually superficial and very changeable, and the interest they may have for you, may disappear the next day.

That is why, to fall in love with a Gemini man, you have to be able to bring him different novelties every so often, so that he is continuously attracted and always sees something interesting in you.

However, it would be best if we delve into this aspect. It will help you better understand what gemini interests are and how you should behave to make him fall in love.

How is the ideal woman of the Gemini man?

How To Attract A Gemini Man

The ideal woman of the gemini must have some fundamental aspects that we will detail below, although you have probably already been able to outline what they are by virtue of the complementarities that we have indicated above.

First, the right woman for the Gemini must tolerate his seemingly erratic behavior.  We have already pointed out that the Gemini lets himself be carried away by events and gets used to them, adapting and slightly changing his way of behaving towards life. The ideal Gemini woman must be trained to tolerate this.

However, it also has to provide some balance, since a man who does not have any characteristic that keeps his life in a specific direction, lacks meaning in life. That is why Gemini men appreciate that there is someone at their side who provides stability.

The ideal Gemini woman should also be  eloquent and outgoing, since it is a characteristic of Gemini men and, therefore, they appreciate that the person they spend more time with also has it.

Another aspect that  the ideal woman for gemini must have is the intelligentsia , although it should not be excessively heavy with the same topics, since, as we pointed out previously, geminis tend not to be too deeply interested in the topics, but to be quite superficial. The Gemini woman must be able to tolerate this.

Finally, the Gemini is interested in a person who has some leadership. And, since he lacks the same fruit of his inability to remain constant, he likes to have someone at his side who can keep him firm in certain important matters, but if they depended on him, little attention would be paid to them.

How to seduce a Gemini man: What you have to do

Now that we have seen who is the ideal woman of Gemini, it is much easier to know what it is necessary to do to be able to fall in love with him from the first moment. However, we will review what needs to be done so that you have no doubts.

First of all, you must accept the behavior of gemini, even if it sometimes seems strange to you. Women who are looking for a constant person, with fixed ideas, who does not change over time, will not be well received by Geminis, since he changes as times change.

In this sense, if the gemini boy you like changes from one fashion to another, it should not surprise you, since it is his way of being. Do not try to remind him that he is changing as if he had no personality of his own, as that may offend him. It is simply adapting to the new times. Rate it.

On the other hand, make him feel that you can always be someone to lean on when he’s a little lost. And it is that, as a result of that attitude towards life, the Gemini may find himself, on occasions, with which he is not clear about the direction to follow.

At those times, present yourself as the support he needs to know where to go, give him advice, and show yourself as someone who has the balance he lacks. This will make you take into account each day a little more, until you realize that you are the person who needs in your day to day to counter his wandering attitude towards life.

Another aspect that  you must work from the first moment is that of being open and outgoing at all times . Gemini men need someone to talk to on an ongoing basis, so if you’re too introverted, they won’t find someone with you to share their time with.

Chat, laugh, show yourself as you are,  and you’ll notice how quickly he becomes more interested in you than when you kept quiet at friends’ gatherings. The Gemini is someone very energetic and vital, so when he detects a person with these characteristics, he also tends to approach him naturally.

On the other hand,  you must cultivate your intellect. It is true that there are other signs that value knowledge more than Gemini, but this also does, even if in a superficial way. This has an advantage for you, and that is, in the event that you do not have excessive love for culture, you will not have to delve too deeply into the fields of knowledge, because Geminis is not going to demand it from you either.

Finally, if you are a woman who tends to dominate relationships and who has leadership skills, you will be able to unleash that character with Geminis, although it will be recommended that you do not do it strongly from the first moment. Give him some space and you will soon notice how he follows you and lets you make the most important decisions.

At the end of the day, he is aware that he is carried away by the circumstances that surround him, so he is not a very good leader and assumes that role is played by his partner.

How to fall in love with a Gemini man: What you don’t have to do

Understanding what it is necessary to do to seduce a Gemini man, it is much easier to understand what it is not necessary to do under any circumstances: Quite the contrary. However, we are going to develop it a little more so that it is absolutely clear to you.

The first thing you should not do is misjudge the behavior of Geminis . We have already discussed that he is a person who lets himself be carried away by everything around him, and who can change his way of being as his surroundings change. Don’t judge him, because that could make him feel bad about you and think you don’t understand him. And how are you going to share your time and your life with someone who doesn’t understand you?

On the other hand,  you must be present when he feels lost. This means that, if at any time you see that he is not very clear where to go (and it is normal for him, given his personality), you cannot not answer the phone. He must be able to count on you and, what’s more, he must know that you are someone who always gives him good advice.

And this brings us to the third element that you must banish from your way of being if you want to make a Gemini boy fall in love: not being balanced and determined. The only way to give good advice to a Gemini is to count on temperance and decision that he lacks. Therefore, work on those qualities to be able to use them in your goal of making your gemini fall in love.

In addition to the above,  you can not stay as a withdrawn and introverted person, since Gemini men need activity, movement, vivacity and, above all, conversation.

When you get together, either alone or with your friends, don’t keep quiet and serious, without saying anything. On the contrary, show yourself as you are, talk, laugh and play with people, and you will see how he cares about you.

Don’t be ignorant either . This is useful for any field of life and for any other sign, but especially for Geminis. Geminis cares about a lot of things superficially, but just because you do it superficially doesn’t mean you don’t.

If you show intellect, it will approach you out of interest and desire to learn. That is why you cannot present yourself as an ignorant person, but quite the opposite. Read and learn, master a little of everything, and that way, you can have the most interesting conversations with him.

Lastly,  be resolute and confident. Gemini is not a born leader, rather the opposite, he feels comfortable following another person with greater clarity of ideas. If you want to have a relationship with a Gemini, you must occupy that place in the relationship.

Therefore, if you have never been interested in leadership, it is important that you begin to get the idea that you will have to be the one to decide for both of you on important issues, because Geminis is not capable of doing it by itself.


As you have seen throughout this article,  the Gemini is someone highly energetic and vital, so he needs someone by his side who can follow that rhythm of life and who is not especially withdrawn, introspective or excessively homemade.

On the other hand, the adaptability of geminis tends to be confused with being a weather vane that changes its mind very quickly. The woman who wants to be with a Gemini must get used to understanding this behavior and tolerate it, but, at the same time, she must be able to position herself as a point of balance for him for those moments when he feels deprived.

Finally,  it is good for Geminis that there is someone by their side who leads the way, who creates leadership . Little by little, before you know it, if you are that person with leadership, you will notice how you have Geminis behind you, following your steps. Mind you, don’t try to force it. Everything will come.

How is the Gemini man

Gemini men, like other air signs such as Aquarius, tend to maintain a fairly liberal attitude towards love, are not jealous and expect to receive the same treatment from their partner, do not tolerate possessive behavior or emotional blackmail, therefore, if You want to know how to attract a gemini man and keep his interest, you must show yourself as an independent woman with mental concerns, have good conversation and interests that show that you are a prolific person intellectually speaking .

Gemini is considered one of the dual signs of the zodiac, that is, they can show facets of their personality that are opposite or contradictory to those who treat them and that is shown in their way of being or acting, such as happens with other signs that they also present these characteristics as the pound sign, and can go from emotional paucity to extreme sentimentality when they are in a situation.

The gemini is not characterized by being extremely sentimental , so when he exploits that facet unexpectedly he usually surprises his partners or sentimental partners, because an inherent facet of his personality is to provoke reactions in people when they least expect it by adopting attitudes or extreme behaviors if they consider it necessary.

The reason for such performances may be to study those around them or for simple entertainment, since these natives do not endure routine and their restless mind drives them to provoke extreme situations to bring out the best and worst of people before falling into boredom .

Answers to how to make a Gemini man fall in love

Conversation is key when putting into practice how to attract a gemini man, since men of this sign are great conversationalists and have a fairly developed feminine sense, so in many questions they tend to empathize with women in the same way that any friend could do , without its masculinity being overshadowed, in fact, the gemini is a born seducer, but unlike the impetuous sagittarius, who uses the heat of his fire to dazzle his conquests, his style is more serpentine and it catches and twists you without hardly realizing it.

Twins are flirtatious and tend to be very careful in their personal aspects , so they will appreciate that quality also in their partners, they also do not like excessively stridency and although their innate curiosity and desire to experiment sometimes drives them to be attracted to personalities extreme, when looking for a partner they seek emotional stability above all, especially in the intellectual sphere, so before taking the step they will previously ensure that the other person shares their same points of view on important issues , such as the education and care of children.

In order to know how to attract a gemini man, it is advisable that you interact with him as he becomes known, as they generally have a very good memory and remember all the details, so offering too much information at the beginning can lead them to believe a hasty profile about your personality , because this sign also has a certain tendency to preconceived ideas and to label people, partly due to their analytical capacity and speed in the assimilation of data, but sometimes they are wrong and can fall into superficial prejudices that have nothing to do with reality.

Unlike other natives who need space to meet their individual needs with their group of friends without including their partner, the Gemini can be the ideal companion as long as he finds a partner who is in the same mental harmony and is so As restless as he is when it comes to learning and taking an interest in things, a quality that you can take advantage of to conquer him if you do a little research on his interests and propose activities to do together that involve some intellectual work.

Spending a day with your gemini will help you get to know him better and get acquainted with the changing facet of his personality, we also guarantee that you will not get bored in his company, because this boy can be the typical clown of the class and the right eye of the teacher at the same time How do you get it? , because through his sympathy and charisma, in addition to his sensitive analytical capacity that allows him to know exactly people and what they expect or want from others.

Establishing a bond of trust is a fundamental part when it comes on how to attract a gemini man, because these natives find it difficult to put themselves in a situation and they only open in privacy, so you should not expect them to eat you kisses somewhere. public, but when you are alone you will probably be surprised with his “outbursts” of passion, because although it is not the usual tonic of his behavior, the need to explore and experience new sensations in himself and in others induces him to behave in a way different, because they are those who think that if you want to obtain other results you cannot always do the same thing, and that is precisely the strategy you should adopt with it.

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