How to assemble a lavender bridal bouquet

At times, it can be difficult to recreate the perfect wedding. The bride has to take into account quite a lot of details. Everyone wants to make a classic ceremony, but at the same time original. After that, a number of quite reasonable questions arise about how to make your wedding ceremony the most original and creative.

For this, the bride prefers to use bright makeup or interesting details on the dress. But the most popular way to stand out is considered to be a bridal bouquet. You will be able to express yourself with the help of an original composition. In this case, the choice may fall on lavender.

Features of lavender

Lavender is a plant that can be transferred to fields in Paris. It is enough to remember the well-known photographs of lavender fields, and you will want to immediately find yourself in a village, away from civilization, and enjoy the peculiarities of nature, its warmth and beauty.

The good thing about a lavender bouquet is that it is rarely used by brides. Accordingly, choosing it as the main flower at your own ceremony, you can not lose it and stop at one of the most original, creative options.

From the time of Ancient Greece to this day, lavender oil is considered one of the most healing oils. It is used in many spheres of life.

Wedding bouquet of lavender.

It is believed that this flower is gifted with grace, beauty and a wonderful scent thanks to the Virgin Mary. When Jesus got wet, the Virgin Mary spread his clothes on the lavender bushes. The clothes soon dried up. For this, the Virgin Mary awarded the plant with special durability, beauty and unique aroma.

Lavender is associated with purity of thoughts, nobility, wealth and inner wisdom. There is a sign according to which guests should present the young at least one sprig of lavender. This plant is able to bring happiness to the family and make family life joyful and harmonious.

In addition, do not forget about the amazing durability of the flower. He is able to stand in water for several weeks, while not losing its appearance. The flower dries in an unusual way. He does not lose leaves, but slowly begins to dry out. Lavender can be used dry as a herbarium or filling for a scent bag.

Lavender grows actively in France, India, Crimea and Krasnodar Territory. Since the flower is available in the latitudes of world, it can be purchased for a small amount.

How to choose a lavender bouquet?

Lavender is definitely pretty. But ordinary cut bushes are not suitable for a wedding, you need to choose a finished composition that will have an interesting design and style solution.

In order for your bouquet to turn out natural and harmonious, you need to build on the following selection criteria:

  1. Secure all the branches carefully into one bouquet.

    To do this, you need to tie them tightly. This is quite an important point, because with an incorrect and awkward movement, the composition can simply fall apart, and all the flowers will crumble.
  2. Lavender does not have large buds and large stems.

    Therefore, the composition with it looks modest and sophisticated. Often, young ladies, in order to make the bouquet more bulky, add more and more branches. This is not worth doing, since this option will only spoil the peculiarity of lavender as a flower.
  3. Be sure to make both a bouquet and a boutonniere for the groom in the same style.

    Such a combination will look harmonious, making you a single married couple.
  4. The shape of the composition depends entirely on the height of the girl.

    If the young lady is of short stature, then a hemisphere will suit her. But if the girl is slim and tall, then she needs to emphasize this fact by choosing the classic version of the cascade shape.


You can choose an excellent lavender bridal bouquet from the photo.

Variants of combinations of lavender with other flowers

Traditionally, it is customary to make only a mono-bouquet from lavender. The flower is so beautiful and distinctive that it is often not necessary to add additional plants to it. Only with the help of one plant you can emphasize its special, original appearance.

Lavender bridal bouquet.

At the same time, designers, when making a mono-bouquet, advise to emphasize the originality of the plant as much as possible. To do this, use only a canvas thread, which is tightly tied at the base. For an additional decorative element, you can use a brooch that is attached to a canvas thread at the base of the bouquet itself.

With peonies, a truly original combination is obtained. At the same time, pick peonies by color. It can be either delicate blue shades or rich whites. The resulting bouquet looks magnificent and graceful.

On the one hand, you will get a classic version of the wedding composition, on the other hand, you will be able to add creativity to it with the help of lavender twigs.

With white roses, you get an easy and stylish option. In this case, the whole emphasis will be on lavender, which is a rather rare option when composing a composition with roses.

Examples of wedding bouquets

Lavender bridal bouquet.

Lavender wedding bouquets can be very different. But all of them are distinguished by a special uniqueness and charm. It is best to use mono bouquets, as they are able to convey the color of the flower itself, transferring everyone to the wonderful world of Provence.

By the way, if there is a desire to save money, then you can buy several branches of a flower from a florist, and make a bouquet yourself at home. To do this, you just need to tie the twigs with a canvas thread at the base.

In the event that you want to make a creative composition, then add fruit to it. For example, a bright and cut lemon will be a real highlight of your bouquet. A flower accessory in this format will be unique and the most unrepeatable.


Lavender is ideal for an original, sophisticated, stylish and rustic wedding. It is often used for boho or rustic events. A girl with such a bouquet always looks a little mysterious and incredibly feminine.

When using lavender in a bouquet, there is no need to create a lush armful, 3-5 branches are able to create a truly unique composition.