How to affectionately call a guy or a man you love

How to affectionately call a guy: affectionate nicknames for a man

Do you think that calling your beloved guy or man a cat, a baby doll and an angel is not entirely appropriate and cute? Then look at examples of how to affectionately call a guy, a man or a husband, in order to emphasize his dignity with a name and a compliment.

Affectionate names and nicknames are one of the best ways you can show a guy your affection and interest in him. By referring to your loved one with an affectionate name, you show that you consider him special to you. So, you need to choose a nickname for your loved one that is suitable for your relationship and sounds original.

In the article we will consider how you can call your loved one unusual, cool and even funny. In addition to Russian names, you will find affectionate addresses in English, Spanish and other languages ​​that sound especially gentle. We also recommend reading how you can affectionately and beautifully name your girlfriend .

How men like to be affectionately called

In fact, there is no single answer to this question that would satisfy all the guys in the world. Because when choosing a name, a lot depends on various circumstances and who people are related to each other. To choose the right affectionate appeal, look at several criteria that show male sympathy.

  • Men like to be called by such names and nicknames, with which you make it clear to everyone around you that you consider him special.
  • He likes it when you emphasize that he is beautiful and makes you feel safe with affectionate treatment.
  • Men like names that make them feel more masculine and powerful. (On this occasion, read about what compliments men like to hear ).
  • They like nicknames that make them feel superior to other men and boost their confidence.

How can you affectionately call a guy: tips for choosing a name

  1. You can call him by an affectionate name derived from his real name. For example, Vanyusha, Igorek, Sashulka. But above all, make sure the guy approves of it.
  2. Affectionate names can complement each other’s nicknames. For example, if a man calls you Juliet, then call him Romeo.
  3. If your friend knows a foreign language: Spanish, English or some other, then you can choose to address him in this language. For example, you can call a guy “Mi Amor”, or “Cheri”, meaning “dear” in French. Sounds original and modern.
  4. The name should not just be affectionate, cool or funny. It should encourage a man to feel like a special person who is not only loved, but also deeply respected. (We recommend finding out 100 ways a woman can show respect to her man ).
  5. To call him not trite, use funny names of characters from his favorite cartoons, movies that match his personality. This will enrich your relationship with mischief.
  6. At the beginning of a relationship, the best option for any guy or man is his own name. Affectionately reduced and tenderly pronounced in the soft voice of a beloved woman.

It is important to remember to comply with the measure and not to overdo it. Still, we are talking about men, not ladies’ men, whose pride can be greatly hurt by inappropriate treatment. 

So, whether you’re funny, handsome, strong, smart, or adventurous, the list below has the right names for everyone. Therefore, consider the options for names and decide how beautifully and gently you want to name your loved one.

How cute to name a guy so that he likes it

  1. Daredevil is the perfect appeal for a bold and adventurous person.
  2. My fireworks is an affectionate name for a guy with an unpredictable character and spontaneity.
  3. Veselchak is a great name for a guy in whose company you will never get bored.
  4. The spark is for a hot guy. It is well suited to be affectionately and funny to write it down on the phone and call it in such an original way.
  5. Gelsomino is an appropriate name for a guy with a beautiful soft voice.
  6. Jigit is a good name to please him. Suitable for scorchers and those who will not let themselves or their lady offended.
  7. My athlete is a good appeal to sports fans.
  8. Cute is a good way to affectionately call a guy you like. Refers to a young man who always knows how to look good.
  9. Mister perfection – for a fundamentally correct person. (Read 60 phrases and words of praise for a man that will encourage him).
  10. Sweet-voiced – the one whose voice and speeches you admire, also suits a musician friend.
  11. Macho – so you can cutely call a guy with a pronounced Mediterranean appearance or a brutal person.
  12. Comedian – refers to the representative of the stronger sex, who has the ability to joke easily and naturally.
  13. Cossack / Cossack – for a strong, determined, hardy and tireless guy.
  14. Obayasha – a charming young man.
  15. Hawk – an appeal to a strong and tenacious guy, sounds gentle and affectionate.

Affectionate nicknames for a guy in correspondence or phone

  1. Handsome – simple but effective if you really like the guy.
  2. My prince – suits the one you think is special.
  3. Romeo is a dreamy and romantic young man.
  4. Wonderful – for someone who knows how to impress the ladies. (It will be useful for men to learn  10 tips to always like girls ).
  5. My dear bearded man – so you can affectionately sign a man with a beard on your phone.
  6. Gorgeous – a guy who always knows how to look good.
  7. My gentleman is a man of impeccable manners or a good reputation.
  8. My dear dreamer is an appeal to a guy who knows how to present even gloomy things in a positive way.
  9. Chewbacca is a name for a strong loyal friend, like his eponymous character from the Star Wars movie. So you can be funny and joking, but besides, it’s not offensive to call a guy.
  10. Bro is a cute name for a best friend.
  11. Buttercup – for a shy and shy guy.
  12. Mountain man – so you can affectionately call a tall and big guy.
  13. Genius – smart, talented guys or those who are able to find brilliant ideas in solving any problems, as well as specialists in financial matters.
  14. Brawler / duelist – if you don’t know how to call a guy affectionately so that he likes it, then this is one of the most suitable names. This name sounds especially affectionate when a guy stood up for the honor of his girlfriend.
  15. Awesome – Suitable for a handsome guy who has become the miracle of your life.
  16. King Kong is a cute name for a huge guy.
  17. A bald man or a light of the mind – these names can be called a bald man whom you consider a person unique to you.
  18. My gourmet is for someone who knows a lot about food.
  19. Papik is an affectionate name for an adult man.
  20. My psychologist is for a kind-hearted guy who knows how to listen to the problems of others.
  21. Joker – for a person who loves to play pranks on others.
  22. My Everest is a subtle reference to the high Mount Everest. So you can creatively call a tall guy.
  23. Cute Champ is short for champion. This is an appropriate appeal to a purposeful person.

How can you call a guy, a beloved man affectionately unusual

If you want to call your beloved man not like everyone else, but really unusual, then use foreign languages, for example, the emotionality of Spanish. It will revive your relationship with your loved one.

  1. Mi alma is used to show deep affection and means “my soul”.
  2. Tramposo – This appeal is best for a guy who knows how to playfully manipulate girls. ( You can find out useful information on how to recognize a manipulator man and resist him by reading the article).
  3. Amante means “lover”. Women often use it for their men.
  4. Amigo is a commonly used name that translates to “friend”.
  5. Pastelito: Do ​​you like to call a guy sweet? This word means “pie, cake” and is associated with something sweet or tasty.
  6. Pedacito de Cielo is an affectionate nickname meaning “little piece of heaven”.
  7. Mi precioso means (my) precious.
  8. Principe Hermosa – in the language of loving people, it sounds like “handsome prince.”
  9. Querido (Querido) – this word corresponds to the word “dear”.
  10. Marido means husband. A good option for how you can affectionately call your husband.
  11. (Mi) Rey – this is how women talk about their beloved man, which means “my king.”
  12. Tesoro – used to describe a truly valuable person and means “treasure”.
  13. (Mi) Vida – Used by a wife to say “my life” about her husband.
  14. Lobo – The literal meaning of this word is “wolf”. This is how girls playfully and affectionately tease their boyfriends.
  15. Elcerebra means brain and can be used to refer to a serious or thoughtful person.

How to affectionately call a guy in English

  1. Mr. Deejay – This man has great taste in music. He knows how to cheer up to play or sing you a pleasant song.
  2. Hunky is a hardworking guy.
  3. Mr. Encyclopedia – He’s smart enough to talk about a variety of topics and knows the answers to all your questions.
  4. Muscleman – Suitable for those who like to show off their muscles.
  5. BigGuy – refers to a big, strong and nice person.
  6. Bookboy is for those who like to read a lot of books.
  7. Dare-Devil – he is not afraid of danger, rather, on the contrary, they turn him on. He loves trekking, climbing, skydiving and scuba diving.
  8. Fluffy is the perfect name for a guy who has a soft, sensitive and gentle heart.
  9. Bambi is a Disney character of a beautiful deer with a good heart. A good option for how you can affectionately name the guy you love and want to emphasize his kindness.
  10. Gizmo – suitable for a young person who shows a huge interest in new gadgets or technologies.
  11. Hotshot – he has a piercing look, he looks like he is shooting from a gun.
  12. LoverBoy refers to a guy who always comes out on dates with flowers, candy, and romance.
  13. Mr. Adventure is the name of a favorite guy who loves adventure.
  14. Lifeline – refers to a man who is always ready to help you. You can count on him at any time.
  15. Lucky – so they say to the guy, looking at whom you think how lucky I was to meet him.
  16. LadiesMan – if he is popular with women or they envy you.
  17. Smilemaker – if a guy is able to put a smile on the faces of others with his own words, satire.
  18. Sparky – if it is able to cheer up where it was not.
  19. LusciousLips – perfect for a man who loves to kiss.
  20. Mr. Untamed – He is wild, but knows good manners.

How can you affectionately call a beloved man

  1. My grizzly is the perfect name for a big, strong, formidable man.
  2. Hercules / my Atlantean – this is how they refer to a strong person.
  3. My giant is a tall guy, or it can be ironic for a puny, short person.
  4. The sun is clear – an appeal to a man who can make your life brighter. So in the old days a man was affectionately called in Russia.
  5. My soul – when you feel that you cannot live without him. (Do you want to know if he loves you back or not? Then read about how to understand that a man loves you? )
  6. My night / morning breeze – another option for how to call a beloved man affectionately unusual – suits a person whose communication is always refreshing.
  7. Wonderful man – perfect for a cute, but a little strange guy.
  8. My person is cordial – suitable for those who have a gentle character, non-conflict, calm and kind people.
  9. Long-awaited – to those who are awaited with great impatience.
  10. My darling is a classic, suitable for any male.
  11. Sonya is perfect for a phlegmatic and sleepy man.
  12. My fighter – this is how women affectionately call a military man, as well as men involved in power sports.
  13. Desirable – intended for someone who always wants to love.
  14. Eagle is a suitable name for those who are always and in everything on top – real men. (But not everyone knows what it means to be a real man and how to become one. Therefore, I advise you to read an article on this topic).
  15. Good-natured – suitable for a man who has a gentle character, non-conflict, calm and kind representatives of the stronger sex.

How to call a man affectionately and courageously

  1. My big man / hero is a name to call a big man.
  2. Viking – the one who won or conquered your heart.
  3. Genius – smart, talented guys or those who are able to find brilliant ideas in solving any problems. Suitable also for specialists in financial matters.
  4. A tough nut – a strong, strong man.
  5. My boss is suitable for someone who takes responsibility for making decisions.
  6. Champion is a cute appeal to the number one man in your life.
  7. Cowboy – intended for a man with a steely and slightly wild character.
  8. Hero is another option for how to affectionately and beautifully name your man or boyfriend. Refers to a brave person who will do anything for the lady of his heart.
  9. Bear – an appeal to a large, powerful man on the one hand, but cute and pleasant on the other.
  10. My captain is a fitting name for a man accustomed to taking matters into his own hands.
  11. Tiger / lion – suitable for a courageous, fearless guy whom the girl admires. Behind him, she always feels safe.
  12. Iron Man – Perfect for a man with nerves of steel.
  13. My alpha male is a fearless leader.
  14. Knight – beautifully and poetically about a man who can help a woman feel like a beautiful lady.
  15. Stunning – when a woman feels the earth go from under her feet from the piercing loving gaze of her man. (Find out what women really like and attract men ).

How to affectionately call your husband

  1. Beloved – this is the name of those who are truly loved.
  2. My heart goes to the one you love most in the world.
  3. My hard worker / hard worker – perfect to call a man who works hard.
  4. Magician – those who can, it would seem, do the impossible and always find a way out of a hopeless situation.
  5. My love – with this appeal, a woman declares her feelings to a man.
  6. Naughty – perfect to call her husband affectionately and sexy.
  7. The love of my life is an affectionate appeal to my husband, without which your life is unthinkable.
  8. Treasure – to show how much he is dear to you.
  9. My dear – to someone who is very loved.
  10. My beloved is a gentle and affectionate name for a beloved husband.
  11. Rocky – suitable for a man of athletic appearance, strong, fast.
  12. Dove clear – means nobility and magnificence. The Slavs called this name of a woman her husband.
  13. Daddy – so affectionately you can call a caring husband.
  14. Likhach – for an adventurous man who is used to taking risks.
  15. Darling is a term of endearment for a husband who is very dear to you.

Inappropriate names for a loved one, how to avoid them

There are a couple of mistakes to avoid when choosing an affectionate name for your loved one. Let’s take a look at common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Don’t use a name that is difficult to pronounce. Keep it simple, cute and easy to pronounce.
  2. The guy or man you’re dating doesn’t fit the names you used to call your exes. Nobody wants to bear the name of the former chosen ones. Therefore, it is better to remove these names from your everyday life.
  3. Don’t use a name that looks too girly to a guy. Call your beloved guy affectionate words for which he will not be ashamed in front of his comrades. The name should not give his friends a reason to mock him if they hear what his girlfriend calls him. Address him in more personal terms when you are alone.
  4. There are two types of affectionate words that you need to be careful about when looking for the right words for your loved one. These are too common and childish pet names. The first type is the common names of animals (cat, kitty, hare). If the guy doesn’t like it, then skip the zoo. The second are the words that mothers or grandmothers usually call their sons, such as: “honey, baby.”
  5. Do not scare him with your appeal: it all depends on the degree of your relationship and intimacy. But do not scare the guy ahead of time, referring to him like: “My hubby”, or “Father of my unborn children.”
  6. Do not make affectionate nicknames out of a negative trait or flaws that your man is unhappy with. No need to call him “shorty, silly, bubble, glutton.”


An important part of the process of falling in love is creating your own little world, and our language plays a big role in this. When a couple meets and falls in love, a whole new language emerges, a play on words and silly names that no one but the happy couple understands. This new creative language helps create a unique bond and brings people in love closer together. So, you can not do without a cute and unique name for your loved one.

For most girls, this is easy, it just takes a little creativity and imagination. For those who find it difficult to come up with an unusual name, we have compiled this list of names for how you can affectionately call a guy.

With these affectionate appeals, you will be able to achieve a lot from your loved one, and, if necessary, make amends for some wrongdoing. Therefore, use them when you meet, chatting by correspondence or on the phone. All this strengthens relationships.

By the way, how do you affectionately address your boyfriend or man? Share your experience and secrets in the comments. We are very interested to read your options for affectionate names for guys.

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