How to affectionately call a girl: affectionate appeal to a girl

How to affectionately call a girl: affectionate names for a girl

Beautiful and affectionate names for your girlfriend have always been considered a good way to the heart of your beloved. They express the love and unique bond between the couple. But in order to call them your girlfriend, you need to choose suitable names, and not offensive nicknames. From the 100 names on this list, you will learn how to affectionately call a girl so that she will be pleased to respond to this appeal.

And how original, unusual and tender to call your beloved wife or woman that you like with an affectionate word? Under what situations is it possible to call these names, and when is it better not to do this? You will also find answers to these questions in this article.

Read the entire list and choose an affectionate name that will be praise and a compliment to your beloved girl or woman. And remember that all women want a little romance and tender feelings.

Tips on when and how to call a girl an affectionate word

  1. Move away from the stereotyped bored names, such as: baby, baby doll, sweetie.
  2. Think about naming your beloved not only affectionately and beautifully, but also coolly and gently.
  3. Call it without a primitive.
  4. To make the name sound real, when choosing appeals to your soulmate? Choose words that match her personality. For example, if she has a beautiful voice, then you can call a singer, sweet-voiced.
  5. You can pick up a unique name if you think of a unique variation of her real name. The main thing is to try to pick up those names that other people do not use when referring to her.
  6. Call your woman affectionate names every important date for her. This will make her feel special.
  7. Do not overdo it with affectionate appeals to your beloved. Everything should be in moderation.
  8. Use affectionate and beautiful names at the right time and in the right mood. It works best in romantic moments.
  9. No matter how affectionate the name is, make sure that your chosen one approves of it. Remember etiquette. Not all women like it when a man refers to her with an intimate name in front of his friends or family.
  10. Use romantic, intimate names only when you are alone and in the right setting.

How can you call a girl affectionately and cute

  1. Butterfly is a cute name to call your lovely girlfriend.
  2. Cinderella – to the one who has any work on fire in her hands. (I advise you to read 70 phrases and words of praise for women , with which you can praise them).
  3. Doll – for a lady who you think is cute, like a doll.
  4. Beauty is a cute and playful name for a girl.
  5. Button is a good nickname for a cute little girl.
  6. Umnyashka / smarty – an affectionate appeal to a smart, wise representative of the weaker sex.
  7. The princess of the east refers to a sensual, sultry, mysterious and sexy girl.
  8. My baby is an appeal to the one to whom you want to show your care and love.
  9. Rosette – so sweetly called a girl with character.
  10. Dove, dove – refers to a lady whose relationship you consider pure and holy to you.
  11. Duckling is a funny, cute nickname for a playful girlfriend.
  12. My little star is an affectionate name for the one who is the brightest in a man’s life.
  13. Snowflake – refers to a fragile, graceful girl and something even unique (since no two snowflakes are the same).
  14. Caramel – for a real lover.
  15. Lilly is a gentle girl with a good-natured nature.

How to call your girlfriend affectionately

  1. Favorite – refers to the one who is deeply loved and about which all your thoughts, feelings.
  2. Blue-eyed/brown-eyed/green-eyed is a cute name for a loved one with dreamy blue eyes or other appropriate eye color.
  3. My angel is a tender appeal to someone you love very much.
  4. My queen / queen is about a girl who has power over a man’s heart, influencing his mind and soul.
  5. Sleeping Beauty is a sweet name for a gentle girl who loves to sleep.
  6. Beloved fashionista is an appropriate name for a fashion lover.
  7. Funny / mischievous / frolic – this is how they refer to one who loves to arrange all sorts of adventures for her beloved man.
  8. Dobrotunya / dobrotulechka – an appeal to a kind, sympathetic lady.
  9. Sweet-lipped – the next option is how to affectionately call a girl. It refers to ladies whose kisses give pleasure to a man.
  10. My Barbie is a gentle appeal to a pretty young lady.
  11. Heartbreaker – to the one that captivated the male heart.
  12. Goddess – for a strikingly beautiful girl.
  13. The lady of my heart is for the most important girl in your life.
  14. Beauty – to a lady of beautiful appearance, who always knows how to look beautiful, elegant.
  15. Precious – an appeal to the one whom you consider to be an invaluable find for yourself, a kind of jewel.

These 10 tips will help you conquer a girl with your qualities and charisma.

How to affectionately call a girl you like

  1. Laughter – suitable for very cheerful girls who love to laugh contagiously from the heart.
  2. Zolotko – this is how they refer to the one with whom they consider precious relations.
  3. Naughty / naughty – refers to a girl who loves to break all sorts of rules and is ready to experiment.
  4. Peach – a gentle, sweet and attractive girl in a relationship.
  5. Petal is a bright, full of life and soft-hearted girl.
  6. Precious is a great way to refer to a girl who means so much to you.
  7. Candy – to the one that you consider a super treat for yourself.
  8. Reed – to a fragile, slender girl.
  9. Cutie – an appeal to a pretty pretty girl, with whom it is always pleasant to be together.
  10. Berry is an affectionate name for a seductive and sweet friend.
  11. Canary is a girl with an excellent voice.
  12. Cherry – refers to a girl who is soft by nature.
  13. Charming is an affectionate name for a girl who inspires love.
  14. Dewdrop – an appeal to the one whose grooming always refreshes you. (Read about what a well-groomed woman looks like and what are her rules?)
  15. Goldilocks – so affectionately called a sociable girl with red hair.

How to call a girl affectionately and originally

  1. My Chardonnay is a girl whose value is much higher than rubies.
  2. The melody of my soul is about the one who makes your heart sing, whose attention plays sweet music to your ears and eyes.
  3. My petal is about a lady with a bright, lively personality who gives vitality to your soul.
  4. Paradise bird – this is how they refer to a lady with whom a man feels like in paradise. With her behavior and attitude, she arranges a comfortable stay with her.
  5. Delicious my girl – when the kisses of a loved one leave a pleasant feeling. When the sweetheart looks very appetizing.
  6. Intoxicating with its beauty – another original version of how to affectionately call your beloved girl? So they say about a lady who can make a man lose his head.
  7. My sakura – the next appeal is how to call a girl affectionately unusual. It will suit a morally pure, gentle, graceful female representative.
  8. Sweet candy is about a lady who is able to inflame men’s feelings at any time.
  9. My hummingbird – refers to a nimble, fast girl, whose actions are often spontaneous.
  10. Sweet Bird is about a girl with a beautiful melodious voice who loves to sing.
  11. My fireworks is a fittingly funny name for an energetic girl.
  12. Pearl – we are talking about a unique and special girl.
  13. My peanut is a cute name for a tiny but insanely attractive girl.
  14. Tartlet is a sweet appeal to a girl who knows how to cook deliciously.
  15. My fluff is an elegant girl whose beauty is unparalleled, which is very easy to be with.

15 names how to affectionately call a wife, a woman

  1. A bee is a good appeal to a wife whose work does not go unnoticed by her husband.
  2. The love of my life is your only romantic soulmate, with whom you feel complete in every way.
  3. Oil on my heart – an affectionate appeal to your beloved, a relationship with which you consider a blessing for yourself.
  4. My happiness – refers to a woman who makes your heart sing and be joyful, wherever you remember her.
  5. The joy of my heart is a woman who brings happiness to a man and brings a smile to his face.
  6. Kitty – an appeal to a woman, beautiful, sensual with a graceful gait or playful like a kitten.
  7. Mamulechka is about a loving wife who treats her man with maternal care.
  8. My better half is an appeal to my wife, my partner in life. To the one with whom a man intends to spend his life.
  9. My ideal is an appeal to a beloved woman who is so perfect for a man that he does not want to change anything in her. He considers her shortcomings as some advantages. (We recommend that you find out what qualities a man considers his wife to be ideal ?)
  10. The temptress is an appeal to a woman whose charms her husband cannot resist.
  11. Passionate – to a sensual, sexy, exciting, seductive and enthusiastic woman.
  12. Hostess is another name for how to affectionately call a woman, and is intended for someone who knows how to keep the house clean.
  13. My treasure is a great reminder of the position of the woman you love in your life.
  14. The tigress is a thrillingly aggressive woman who comes to the defense of her family.
  15. The sorceress / sorceress is about a woman who truly changed the world of a man who shocked him in every way.

How to sign a girl on the phone or write in contacts

  1. Aristocrat is a good name to call a girl with good manners.
  2. Diamond – to show that for you it is the most valuable.
  3. Donut – sweet and ruddy like a donut. (This nickname should not be called an overweight girl, if she herself does not mind, as this may offend her).
  4. The captivator is about a lady who contains beauty, dignity, attractiveness and feminine charm – all in one.
  5. Samba is an incredible temperamental girl.
  6. Athena – refers to a smart, insightful representative of the fair sex.
  7. The smiley is a cheerful and optimistic person.
  8. Belchenok is a playful and sociable young lady.
  9. Strawberry is a sweet and sweet friend.
  10. Sugar is a sweet, alluring and seductive lady.
  11. Bambi is for a beautiful and stylish lady.
  12. Trouble is a cheerful and mischievous friend.
  13. Chic – chic, cool, which exudes positive emotions.
  14. Cutie is a pretty name for a friend whose charms are so amazing.
  15. Diva is a cute nickname for a girl who acts like a goddess.

What a funny name for a girl

  1. Rolly Polly is a girl with a taste for adventure.
  2. Tum-Tooms is a girl with whom it is always very pleasant and sweet.
  3. Xoxo is an alias representing hugs and kisses.
  4. Ding Dong (ding-ding) – suitable for a girl always busy with gossip. So you can call it funny without being trite.
  5. Trickster (deceiver) is a funny name for a girl who likes to play pranks on others.
  6. Goofy – for a funny, playful and cheerful girlfriend, besides, this affectionate name is not offensive.
  7. Lala is an adventurous female person.
  8. Tigrotta means “Little Tiger” in Italian.
  9. Farfallina means “Little Butterfly” in Italian.
  10. Miley Smiley – Suitable for someone who always smiles.

How can you call a girl beautiful and unusual

  1. Premika is an Indian nickname for a girl who is crazy about you and vice versa.
  2. Mamacita – in Mexican they say so about an attractive, hot, a little wild and unpredictable girl.
  3. Amado means “beloved” in Portuguese.
  4. Angelito literally means “cherub”. So in Spanish affectionately called beloved ladies, who are considered angelic creatures.
  5. Bullo ragazza is Italian for bully girl. Refers to a girl by the nature of “daredevil”.
  6. Cariño literally means “honey” or “weasel” in Spanish. This is the name of an affectionate girl of a relationship with whom it is akin to something sweet, pleasant.
  7. Mi Chiquita ((Mi) Chiquita) – means “little girl” – a gentle appeal to his beloved.
  8. Mon Papillon – “my butterfly” in French.
  9. Mafe (Ma fee) – “my fairy” in French.
  10. Doro (δώρο) – literally translated from Greek as “gift”. If you think the girl is really a gift for yourself, then this affectionate treatment suits her.
  11. Chowatai is an interesting variant of how to call a girl affectionately and coolly. This appeal in Tamil to a beloved woman means “my fairy.”
  12. My sirenka (moja syrenka) – “little mermaid” in Polish.
  13. My trojandochka – in Ukrainian “my rose”.
  14. Benim balık (benim balık) – in Turkish “my fish”.
  15. Moeto color – “my flower” in Bulgarian.
  16. Atiku (atiku) – “heart” in Javanese.
  17. Kou manna (koʻu mana) – “my miracle” in Hawaiian.
  18. Aisai means “beloved wife” in Japanese.
  19. Mia suno (mia suno) – “my sun” in Esperanto.
  20. Bombom – which means “chocolate piece” in Galician.

How to affectionately call a girl in English

  1. Apple of My Eye is an adorable name for the girl you love more than anything.
  2. Babe is a fun way to say “baby”.
  3. Baby Boo (baby) is a cute way to refer to your girlfriend, especially in the early stages of your relationship.
  4. Baby Doll (doll) – when she is so charming that you cannot do without her.
  5. Sugar Lips (sugar lips) – about a girl whose kisses make a man’s heart do somersaults.
  6. Cuddles (cutie) is an affectionate and romantic nickname that your girlfriend will love.
  7. Sun Beam (a ray of the sun) is a pretty name to write to his beloved, who is able to brighten or brighten a gloomy day for a man.
  8. Superstar (superstar) – about a successful or famous woman.
  9. Charming girl (charming girl) – an extremely attractive lady with good manners. (We recommend reading what needs to be done to become especially attractive to men? )
  10. Pin up Girl (cool girl) – a mischievous appeal to your girlfriend if she likes to make fun.
  11. Ducky (darling) is an affectionate name for your girlfriend.
  12. Funny girl (funny girl) – for a fun and funny girl.
  13. Smiley (Smiley) – a girl who makes you smile. She brings with her a pleasant atmosphere, friendship and happiness.
  14. Pretty Princess (sweet princess) – about a lady of exquisite, elegant and unassuming beauty
  15. Kissy Face (kiss face) – so they say about someone whose face is so beautiful that a man wants to shower him with kisses.

How to affectionately call a girl by name

  1. Katya – Katyusenka, Katyunchik, Dear Kat.
  2. Nastya – Nastenok, Nastik, Nastyusha.
  3. Anna – Anechika, Anyutka, Anusya.
  4. Dasha – Dashutka, Daryushka, Dashunya.
  5. Marina – Marisha, Marinushka, Marunya.
  6. Valeria – Lerchik, Lerusik, Lerunechka.
  7. Lena – Lenusik, Lenchik, Elenushka.
  8. Julia – Julia, Julia, Julia.
  9. Alina – Alinchik, Alinushka, Alinusechka.
  10. Alexandra – Sashutka, Sanyushka, Sashunka.

How to choose the right name for a girl and what to avoid

Affectionate adjectives are another option for what affectionate words you can call a girl. Adjectives will help you verbally express all the variety of your feelings for the lady of your heart. For example, “desired, divine, the best, incomparable.”

No need to form a rhyme with her name, so as not to offend by chance.

Be careful about using names related to female appearance. This is especially true for women and girls who are dissatisfied with the shape of their body or other shortcomings in appearance. For example, “redhead, plump.” This can offend and cause tears, and the woman will begin to feel insecure in the presence of a man.

Try to have an affectionate address or name express a compliment and your admiration for the virtues of a lady of the heart. (We recommend reading the list of 100 compliments that a man can say to his beloved woman ).

Pay attention to the intonation or tone in which you say affectionate names to the girl. All women feel well and distinguish the purpose of the spoken words. By intonation and tone of voice, they understand:

  • Does a man affectionately call a woman because he himself likes to call her that or not?
  • Is he addressing her affectionately just to impress or not?

If you speak sincerely from the heart, then the appeals will be frank and especially affectionate.


Most of us have affectionate names for a loved one. They symbolize love and affection for him. But these names should be appropriate, emphasizing dignity, and not embarrassing.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of names, how you can affectionately call your beloved girl, in order to distinguish her beautifully from among all other women.

So feel free to use these names. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose under any other name will smell just as sweet as your beloved woman with beautiful and affectionate names.

Share in the comments, what else can you add to this list of affectionate or intimate addresses to name your favorite? After all, how many good girls have so many affectionate names.

Try to call your girlfriend by different affectionate names as often as possible.