How to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding

A navy blue color is the most demanding choice for most of us for different wedding dresses. How to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding is a tricky task. But you can easily do it with the complete reading of this article. You should follow some considerations to make your look more beautiful.

When you go to the market to buy unique dresses for a wedding, consider this color. The benefit is that there are different choices of accessorizing. You can make different combinations with it. We hope you will surely love to know about various aspects of making yourself ready for the wedding. As girls, we all want to look pretty for all functions of weddings.

Idea from the wedding dress of the bride

One of the great ideas for selecting your accessories is to take a look at the dress of the bride. There are many advantages of wearing navy blue because it looks incredible in different colors. Mostly, the brides wear bright colors, and it suits all those colors.

If your invitation is from the bride’s side, you are the prominent person at the wedding. Especially if you are her close friend, you appear more in the photos. With the correct choice of accessories, your pictures with the bride are stunning and outclass.

Besides, the fancy dresses have pearls. Therefore, the combination of earrings or necklaces is the best choice. The texture or complete detail of the dress is also necessary for deciding on shoes. You can also choose your bag with it.

In selecting accessories, it is not essential that you have to consider the detail of the bride’s dress. But with considering it, you can easily decide the materials and colors for your accessories. Carefully choose the things that look perfect with your navy dress.

Enamel pins are very fashionable outfit-matching items, and it is appropriate to use them with navy dresses. It is a wonderful way for brides and bridesmaids to show their friendship by wearing these beautiful pins together. At Enamelpins.com, you can customize enamel pins no minimum, and also support customers to add text and patterns on the pins to make your designed pins unique.

For example, if the bride’s dress is in golden color, you should choose your bag & shoes of that color. On the other hand, if the dress contains the texture of lace, then consider your accessories with the lace.

Discuss with bridesmaids

As we all know, the bridesmaids are the most girls at the event. The reason behind it is that they always sit or stand near the bride. The bridesmaids enter the function along with the bride. The navy blue is a neutral shade that fits well with the different outfits of bridesmaids. Even, it is the best to wear as a background color for the bride’s entry.

For styling, always discuss the whole idea with your bridesmaid. If you are closest to the bride, you should consult with them. In most weddings, the colors of the shoes and bags of the bridesmaids are the same. You can easily accessorize it with the same combination of other girls with navy blue. In particular, your photos with all of them are amazingly great.

For instance, golden and silver are the best for all bridal party clutches. Moreover, the same jewelry is also suitable for great looking. You should also know about the theme of the event. Knowing it, you can choose accessories of that color with your gorgeous outfit.

Select the bouquet

It is ideal to say that the bouquet is a great inspiration for the best accessorize. The bouquet color should be different from the outfit. In this way, the outfit will become more stylish with a different bouquet. The bouquet must compliment your dress. Some standard colors are the best option to choose for bouquets. You have options of white & any shade of blue. Some neutral metallic is also an amazing idea. You should try it and enjoy the function.

When you choose the bouquet, you will use its detail in accessories. Just imagine the main event’s theme, make sure that everything will select perfectly. At last, you will love your photos in that function.

Color pairs with a navy dress

It is good luck with this color that it is a neutral shade which means you can wear it with other colors. Navy blue is the best base shade, and you can combine it with the shade of white & silver. For weddings, such shades of outfits look very attractive and decent.

Many weddings have the theme of other shades like pastel, pale warm, etc. You can consider them for the colors of your accessories. In general, the light blue shade of earrings, necklace, etc., is perfect for the navy outfit. The lighter shades give a more eye-catching look. You should pair your dress which such shades.  

Another option is the use of contrasting colors. You can use any kind of shade, but you have to be careful. The main reason is that sometimes too warm shade will clash with the theme of the wedding. Mainly, never use more than two colors in the dress because it will destroy the style of your outfit. Only two color combination looks attractive.

The contrasting shades work more amazingly in the months of summer. All the bright colors can enhance the brightness of your pictures. Most of the time, we all want to make our dress ready according to the theme of the wedding.

Compliments for your dress

There are different choices for compliments. It involves metallic accessories. You can wear any kind of metallic necklace or ring. If there is the season of summer, you can add a crystal theme to your accessories. Further, the addition of crystal in your outfit also looks beautiful. The silver jewelry also suits you. The colors of the shoes must be gold or any neutral shade. 

When choosing the clutch, you have the shimmery or glittery clutch options. Many weddings are in the month of the winter. Thereby, it is necessary that you need to wear a coat in the case of cold weather. A different variety of colors are available in the coats. So, you have the option to buy according to your desire. You can wear a black, brown, etc., coat for a wedding function.

Consider the color of the tights.

Many girls prefer to wear tights with their dresses. The best option for the tights is in neutral colors. For example, the tights in beige or cream are the best for the blue dress. Never select the bold shades that are different from the theme of the wedding.

You can also take an idea from the bride’s outfit for selecting tights. If her outfit is white, you can consider this color for your tights and combine it with any lace pattern. But, most importantly, discuss your plan with your bridesmaids also.

Another best idea is to wear long dresses. If you decide, you will be free from any worry about tights. In summer weddings, tights are not the essential thing.

Shoes to wear

If you want to wear the same color of shoes as your outfit, choose light blue shades. Some neutral shades are also good. The silver and gold shoes look fantastic with navy dresses. They consider as the classic shades for the event. But, you have to consult it with other bridesmaids. One best thing about it is that the exact matching shoes are always the unique idea for the event.


We described some essential tips that help in the best accessorize of the blue dress. This color is too neutral and works amazingly with most other colors. Thus, you have a variety of options. Another crucial point is the considering of the theme of the wedding. Also, discuss your ideas with the bridesmaid. It is an exceptional tip to pair neutral shades with your outfit. We hope that you got all the information regarding it. 

Ready your dress with complete accessories before one month of the wedding. So, you have proper time to think about everything carefully.