How not to be mistaken and choose the right wise congratulations for the wedding?

Coming up with a congratulatory text for a wedding ceremony is not an easy task. Sometimes, guests are puzzled, because it is necessary to say something, but this is the main question. It is not simple words that are especially appreciated, but wise speeches.

After all, the newlyweds are embarking on an unknown path for them, so it is worth giving them life experience so that in the future their relationship will develop much stronger and better. Wise congratulations can help.

Philosophical wishes for the wedding

Wise wishes should be said to those who already have experience in family life. As a rule, it looks very funny if a congratulatory speech in a wise topic is voiced by an unmarried friend or divorced girlfriend.

Everyone understands that they do not have enough experience in marriage and should not rely on their practice. As a rule, wise wedding greetings are read by elderly people. These are mainly moms and dads. At the very beginning of the celebration, edifying and parting words are heard from them. They can also be called wise.

It is noteworthy that the wise wishes for newlyweds themselves can be expressed in different formats. This is both a lyric genre of poems and a prose format. Everyone chooses for themselves any option they like. It is noteworthy that all methods are acceptable at a wedding.

In verse

If we talk about the poetic format, then it is the best suited for weddings. After all, he is melodic, lyrical and even a little sentimental. In addition, anyone can learn a few lines.

  1. Everything in life ends with a happy crown.

    But it cannot be called the end.

    A new stage is

    coming , which will be successful for you.

    Be tolerant of each other, friend

    And in the sky it will shine brighter,

    And let love save you.

    Then difficulties will become overwhelming for you.

    And hug each other tightly with your shoulder.

    Love and believe,

    And a new hour will come with the whole family for you.
  2. Weddings in fairy tales at the end,

    But in ours everything will be different.

    Newlyweds will seal their union,

    And new happiness will come.

    He’s special and lovely.

    Everyone will see himself in it,

    And he will shout what real happiness is.

    May love and peace always be in your family,

    In your strong and reliable.
  3. From now on you are spouses,

    And we can say that forever.

    You be good friends,

    And then fate will love you.

    Spouses are not just a word.

    This is a real new life,

    In which nothing is familiar to you,

    But do not let it scare you.

    Patience, respect and humility –

    These are the rules that at this hour,

    Will help you live longer.

In prose

Prose can be called the most accessible and easiest option for congratulations. However, it must be approached with all responsibility.

After all, it is worth choosing a speech so that it is colorful, epic and effective. You can add background music or a presentation with photos to your text. In this case, you will receive the most spectacular words of wisdom for the wedding .

  1. Dear newlyweds. We are pleased to congratulate you on this day and hour with this wonderful event. You have connected your relationship and entered into a bond of marriage. May this bond be strong and strong. Be happy and loved throughout your life. Then no life barriers can destroy your union. He’s truly magical. But remember the wise advice that our grandmothers gave us in their time. For a relationship to be much stronger and longer, you need to respect and appreciate each other the way you wanted to be treated.
  2. Our married couple decided to play a small and difficult game – marriage. Let it become not a difficult game for you, but an exciting journey. Together you can explore new worlds and reach horizons. Give new life to your little ones. And let there be several of them, this is a prerequisite. Love each other and your life will surely sparkle with new bright colors.
  3. It is very important in life that people find each other. They should always be together and love each other. We wish you versatile love. In this case, it lasts as long as possible. She can be passionate, ardent, and at the same time calm and humble. Let your love be completely different. Open it every day from different sides. And then by the end of your life you will understand what true love is.

Congratulations to the newlyweds in your own words

If at the last moment it is necessary to choose words with which to congratulate a married couple, then it does not matter. In this case, you can familiarize yourself a little with the approximate options and develop a simple and even interesting text for yourself.

Wise words to newlyweds in this case are the most vivid and interesting.

After all, what you think is what you will say. Speeches that are delivered impromptu are especially appreciated.

  1. If we recall the well-known sayings, then we will surely understand that the path to a man is through the stomach. But to a woman, as they say, the path is such that it leaves no trace. This one, though not tortuous and complex. No one knows how the newlyweds were able to find their way to each other. But let them not forget this path to each other throughout their lives. We advise only one thing: the groom to become a real eagle, but the bride is a wonderful hostess.
  2. Pay attention to our married couple. Outwardly, they are very similar, but internally they are completely different. On the one hand, it’s hard to exist together. But on the other hand, you will complement each other if you find the right approach. Initially, it will even be a little complicated, since the first time is rubbing against each other. But in the future we will feel real pleasure. After all, from such a difference between yourself, you will feel that you have finally become one.
  3. According to one famous legend, a real family arose. One day Adam asked his wife 7 different questions. Who will give birth to children? Who will raise them? Who will feed the family? Who will dress the family? Who washes the laundry? Who will arrange the accommodation? Who caresses her husband? Eve answered all the questions: “I”. And so the family was born. We would like your family to be as harmonious and complete as possible.


Wise wedding greetings are always appreciated at weddings. You can use them at any event. No one will refuse to hear words related to life experience. After all, you can learn a lot from other people’s mistakes.