How Much does an Online Divorce Cost

There aren’t as many happy houses in the world now as there were in the past. On the day that they get married, most people don’t give much thought to the possibility that their families will become estranged or that they will need to end their marriage with the assistance of lawyers and the court system. This is because most couples don’t think that either of those things will happen to them. 

A number of legal and administrative procedures that were once carried out using paper are increasingly being migrated online. In addition, this is an effective approach for easing the load placed on the relevant government agencies, which are already working at or near their maximum capacity.

If one spouse wants to divorce but the other does not consent, the divorce must be obtained through the court system in order to be finalized. If the couple has any children under the age of 18 together, they will have to go through the legal process of getting a divorce.


It is possible that you may be able to save time and energy by using an  online divorce   service if your divorce will not be disputed. 

Only a petition for divorce that has been prepared by an attorney will be taken into consideration. You just need to hire one lawyer to defend you if the divorce is uncontested and there were no serious conflicts between the two of you. If you fill out a form that is available online and provide a significant amount of supplementary documents, the kind of which is determined by the specifics of your case, it is not necessary for you to personally meet with an attorney. 

While you are going through the process of seeking a divorce online, you have the option to consult with a lawyer at any time if you feel that you require legal advice. 

When both you and your spouse desire a divorce and you both agree to the separation, the legal expenses for the divorce should be much cheaper than they would be if only one of you wanted to terminate the marriage. If only one of you wanted to end the marriage, the legal fees for the divorce would be much higher. It is sufficient to have a single solicitor representing either of the spouses. It indicates that you will only be required to make a single payment toward your legal expenses. 

Before initiating the divorce process, it is often necessary for one spouse to have been physically away from the other’s residence for the entirety of the preceding calendar year. While this is going on, the paperwork for the cheap online divorce can be filed as soon as ten months after the couple has separated. It is possible that the deadline will be moved. If any of the spouses is a citizen of a country other than the United States, then this provision does not apply to them. This indicates that a petition for divorce can be submitted at any time after the couple has been physically apart for at least a year and at any moment throughout that year.

How to divorce your wife or husband without a trial?

An application to the registry office at the marital residence of either partner or at the location where the marriage was registered is all that is required for a divorce to be finalized when both partners agree and there are no minor children involved. This is true regardless of which location the marriage was registered. It might include a wide range of topics, or each person could and ought to come up with their very own. When filing for quick divorce online, each partner is liable for paying $75 of the total cost. It is possible to file a petition for divorce with the relevant governmental office. 

Using their own personal account on public services, each one of the parties to the marriage can petition for a divorce online. The date of the divorce and the register office are both selected by the petitioner. When one partner decides to end a relationship, the other checks the place and date in his or her own records to ensure they are accurate. After that, students will use this website to send a consolidated electronic application to the registrar office that they have selected. 

By going to the registry office on the day that was previously agreed upon, the couple will be able to receive a divorce certificate from the state record. In order to confirm a finished application for government services, a verified electronic signature that has been updated is necessary.


There will be no need to wait in line, but you will still be required to physically deliver the paperwork to the registration office at a time that is convenient for you. This eliminates the need to be modest or reduce your divorce expectations and makes getting a divorce practically as simple as going through it all online. 

If you want to continue in this manner, the divorce processes must be finalized within one month. Once all of the necessary paperwork has been uploaded to the appropriate website, a divorce proceeding may legitimately get underway. To finalize the legal divorce online, both parties will need to make a journey to the state office that is responsible for issuing divorce decrees, unless one or both of them changes their minds. After receiving the divorce certificate, the divorce is considered to be finalized.


Divorce filing fees online can range from $199 to $2,500 or more, depending on the firm and the specifics of your case. The highest end of the range may appear exorbitant, but it’s still much less expensive than a legally disputed divorce with attorneys and a trial. You and your partner can divide the bill, which may help ease the financial burden.

Legal expenses for submitting your divorce petition in court are not included in the price of a cheap divorce online service (or the price of a process server to provide your spouse the papers if that’s required by law in your state). Typically, filing costs range from less than $100 to more than $400, however this can vary widely from state to state and even from county to county within the same state.