How Many Likes on Tinder Are Enough? Decoding the Algorithm

So , you downloaded Tinder and began to swipe, but you were not able to get any likes within a couple of minutes. Now you’re contemplating how many likes do you get on Tinder every day.

The solution is slightly more nuanced than it used to be. However, you must be aware of how to make use of all your precious followers.

Let’s look at the number of users like Tinder you can get to help you get the most of this dating app.

How Many Likes Do You Get Per 12 Hours on Tinder?

Every day for 12 hours, Tinder gives males about 50 likes for free. Women generally receive more likes than men.

It is likely that women use Tinder more frequently than men and because daily likes on Tinder are set on a rolling 12-hour clock, in contrast to the daily choices on Hinge which resets at 4 am local time.

What is the average number of Superlikes Can You Get A Day on Tinder?

If you purchased Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold or the most expensive plans, Tinder Platinum, you were able to get five free Super Likes every day. Through its subscription plans, Tinder currently gives five Super Likes for free every week even with a recent change to its policy.

Therefore that you’re not eligible to receive free Super Likes on a daily basis. In lieu, you must wait until the end of the week following your Super Likes before you can receive five more free.

How Many Likes Do You Need On Tinder to be Popular?

Many people inquire about the amount of real followers on their profiles when they want to know how many people likes Tinder provides daily. In other instances, people think about whether it is an “excellent” quantity of people who like your profile on Tinder it indicates that other users consider your profile fascinating.

It’s a hot topic and depends on many factors such as age, gender photos, Tinder bio and even the where you are.

Be aware of the fact that men use Tinder to swipe left more often as women. This is confirmed by tons of data. Additionally, a profile with attractive pictures and a compelling bio will surely attract many more Tinder likes than unflattering images with no bio. It all is dependent on the circumstances.

It is highly recommended to check your account to see whether you are getting greater likes from Tinder every week or not. It could be as simple as making use of Smart Photo, switching up your bio, or changing the first picture you upload; check various profiles every now and then to see if it gets more likes.

Do not worry about making enough friends. Tinder friends or feel that you’re “winning” with the application. Enjoy yourselves!

What Are You Seeing Your Friendships on Tinder?

A golden number that indicates how many likes you’ve received will appear at lower right of the Tinder app when you receive these. When you tap on this number you’ll get directed directly to”Likes,” or the “Likes” section where you’ll be able to view the profiles of Tinder users that have liked the profile, but only in blurred form.

To view the shape you desire, buy Tinder Gold. A Gold Heart will be displayed when you have a match with them. This will show that Tinder Gold was involved within the contest.

When you reach 100 followers on Tinder and the count will show 99+ unless you’re matched with enough people to fall below 100 likes again. The counter ceases to count at 99 likes.


Everyday Tinder guides to likes will help you know how this popular dating app works and how to make maximum value from your daily likes for free. The amount of likes Tinder provides you with is contingent on its complex algorithm and it is likely that you will get between 50 and 100 free likes every twelve hours.

You can also sign up to Tinder Plus if you want unlimited likes. Be sure to add attractive photos and a welcoming bio on your profile for maximum impact! Have fun tapping!