How Far In Advance Can You Buy Flowers

Who and when buys a bridal bouquet for a wedding: traditions of purchasing a bouquet

Wedding fashion changes every year. If you recall, quite recently absolutely all brides had a wedding veil. Currently, not all young ladies wear such an attribute. And such a listing can be carried on endlessly.

One thing remains unchanged – the presence of a wedding bouquet. This is an accessory that has been popular at all times and is still considered one of the most important attributes of a bride at a celebration.

There are many signs and traditions associated with the bride’s bouquet, which everyone is trying to observe. The most important issue regarding this attribute is the misunderstanding of who and when should present such a festive accessory to the bride.

When should you buy a bouquet?

To begin with, currently no groom collects a bouquet with his own hands. Most likely, he will entrust this occupation to professionals, and he himself will only pay for such an action. The bride’s bouquet is bought for the day or on the day of the celebration itself, that is, the wedding ceremony.

Who buys a bridal bouquet for a wedding.

But you need to order a wedding accessory about a month in advance. You should find an experienced florist, agree with him how the flower arrangement will look like. In addition, the professional must already calculate whether he will have time to prepare for your ceremony or not, whether the necessary flowers will be available.

By the way, recently, the service has been especially popular, in which the bride herself personally chooses and orders a bouquet, and now the groom comes for him. On the one hand, it suits everyone. After all, the guy does not have to puzzle over which composition to choose and whether it will correspond to the girl’s desires.

For ransom or just for a bride, a man will come with a ready-made bouquet, which the young ladies will definitely like. Often, although a man pays for the wedding ceremony, he still does not interfere with the stylistic design of the wedding and its decorative part. The bride, on the other hand, gives special and increased attention to the little things.This is interesting:   Wedding in 2019: beautiful and successful dates for the wedding day

When to give a bouquet?

Who gives the bouquet to the bride? It will not be superfluous for a young man to find out and when to hand flowers. According to the scenario, the young man before the wedding must go to a flower shop in order to buy a bouquet or pick up a ready-made version, ordered several months before the ceremony. Often a man trusts a similar fate to his close friend, relative or witness.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that someone will help with organizational issues on such a solemn day. The witness can call in for the bride’s bouquet, and then bring it to the groom’s house. But in this case, be careful and careful, only the future spouse gives the girl an accessory.

Young people drive up to the bride’s house for the first time. Several scenarios are already possible here. The first and oldest is the ransom ritual. All this time, the man must perform tasks that were compiled by the bridesmaids. After successfully passing the tests, the young man goes to the apartment to his beloved.

It is there, when you first see a girl in a wedding dress, you need to kiss your future spouse and give her a wedding bouquet. Subsequently, the girl will walk with her accessory throughout the day, not letting go of it.

Thus, young people show a special attitude to the bouquet, because it is a talisman and a symbol of love, which the man carried through the difficulties and presented to his beloved. The meaning of flowers is symbolic, so the girl should immediately pay attention to which plants the young man chose.

Who should buy the bridal bouquet.

In European countries, a man does not come for a woman; they separately drive up to the church where the ceremony is taking place. The girl is already leaving the church with a bouquet in her hands.

A man needs to meet his beloved on the morning before the wedding registration, stand with his beloved back and say about eternal love, after which he can present the bride with a flower arrangement.

How to choose a bouquet?

If a girl instructed her man to choose and buy a bouquet on his wedding day, then he needs to know exactly what criteria to rely on. A man is not a person who is based on feelings and emotions.

He is often accustomed to relying on a rational approach. As surprising as it sounds, choosing a bouquet may also require a common sense.

You have to take into account several points at once that will help you acquire a beautiful, decent composition:

  1. Wedding image of the bride – it is generally accepted that a girl should not show her lover a dress before the official registration ceremony. However, no one forbids a man to ask in what tone the outfit will be or maybe there is some kind of through color. For example, a young lady may have a white dress, but with red satin ribbons. In this case, the groom will not fail by choosing a bouquet of red saturated roses. Girls are very fond of discussing their own wedding, so they will be happy to share their secrets and secrets with their beloved.
  2. Pay attention to the color scheme in which the entire festive ceremony will take place. It can be blue or purple. Be sure to tell this to the florist, and he will help you create the desired bouquet.
  3. Ask your sweetheart for her favorite flowers and shades. If the ceremony is classic, without focusing on one shade, then you can always diversify the wedding with the bride’s favorite flowers. The girl will be doubly pleased that on the main day of her life you have chosen the most favorite plants.
  4. Ask a professional to help you choose odorless flowers. It happens that girls really like lilies. But one thing is their appearance, and another thing is their smell. Do not forget that the bride will walk with a bouquet for a very long time, respectively, by the end of the evening her head may simply split from such a scent.
  5. Try to choose a composition in which not all flowers will bloom. They may just start to bloom. It will be even better, since there is a possibility that such an accessory will stay in your home for a long time, delighting and radiating positive energy.

Signs and superstitions

Who buys a bouquet for the bride for the wedding.

There are many superstitions associated with a wedding bouquet. This is not surprising. After all, everyone is trying to preserve their main talisman of love. In no case should you give a bouquet to any of the guests, except for the groom, bride, mother and godmother. These are the people who cannot jinx family happiness, so they can be trusted.

The bride should keep the accessory throughout the evening and make sure that at the end of the celebration it has the same beautiful and blooming appearance. This will indicate that the life of young people will develop in a happy way.

If the bride dropped the bouquet from her hands, it means that soon the family will have quarrels and failures.

For one superstition, it is not customary to throw flowers at the end of the evening to friends. It is generally accepted that this is a talisman and amulet, which must be protected, and after it withers, preserved in the form of a herbarium. However, in European countries, on the contrary, young girls throw their flowers, thereby sharing a piece of happiness. There is no right solution here anymore. Each family does what it sees fit.


Traditionally, a man needs to give his beloved a bouquet of flowers on the wedding day. Girls are so picky now that young people are afraid to take on such a responsibility.

In this case, there is a simple advice, you can always ask your beloved to show pictures of the bouquets she liked. Go with these options to a florist who will help you create one original bouquet from a given direction.