How Does Technology Affect Relationships?

The technological push of recent years, nuanced by the even more abrupt development of computing and the emergence of mobile devices, has made technology an indissoluble part of our lives and an essential mediation in all our social interactions. Here we are going to define clearly and completely that how does technology affect relationships?

How Does Technology Affect Relationships Positively?

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So much so, that many specialists agree that technology, along with money and children, is one of the main triggers of conflicts in modern couples.

Everyday Conflicts

That said, in a somewhat theoretical tone, the approach may not be fully understood, but to land it further we will ask ourselves the question: how many times we will not have seen or starred in discussions in which one member of the couple claims to the other that Do you spend a lot of time playing on the cell phone? Or posting things and interacting on social networks?

Surely many .And as we said, how does technology affects relationships, being the cause and motive of many conflicts.Read more: Tinder Liquid Love In The Digital Age.

how does technology affect relationships

This is not only because of the unavoidable possibility that technological devices such as smartphones and tablets, or a traditional PC connected to the web, can serve as a theater of infidelity and flirtation operations, but also because they can constitute an element that hinders the communication of the partner.

The problems described rather depend on the emotional and emotional situation in which each relationship is found. So technology is not to blame as such, but it can make a problem that already exists worse.

If there are doubts, distrust and suspicion, it is clear then that the couple will be questioned about what might seem like an excessive use and dependence on technology. But it turns out that fears for an infidelity are not the only reason why this mediation of our lives can affect the relationship.

If we spend too much time playing or doing anything else connected to the web, our partner can quickly perceive that we care more than communicating or giving love to her or him.

In this sense, some experts consider that the new technologies, although they facilitate greater communication or informative exchange, also end up indirectly damaging human relationships, making them less personalized and conditioning the loss of relevant information, due to the lack of direct exchange that causes among people.

As an example of that information that is lost we can mention attitudes, tones of voice, gestures, and many more attributes of body language and facial expressions.

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how does technology affect relationships

Positive Influence

Apparently so far, you will surely have formed an objective answer to the question that gives title to this article. However, like everything in life, the matter does not come in black and white, but has many nuances.

For example, numerous studies of couple dynamics testify that many achieve through communication by technological means (email, sms, Chat, etc.) to talk about issues with which they do not dare to deal face to face, which is very beneficial for them.

In addition, who doubts the important role that technology can currently play, by keeping in a certain way close to two people who love each other and are spending time very far from each other, due to work or other reasons?

Undoubtedly, from this point of view, technology far from negatively affecting the relationship, helps to keep it solid, preventing distance from being so easy to wreak havoc that is usually blamed.

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Cause Of Rupture

As we have seen, technology impacts a relationship both positively and negatively. However, it is worrying that more and more love breaks are due to her.

To get an idea,  a recent study revealed that WhatsApp and Facebook caused 28 million couples to break up because of jealousy, unfounded or not, suspicion, extreme surveillance sessions that bother and create discussions, and lack of communication derived from the double check of WhatsApp, That means the message was received, and not precisely read as many still believe.

In addition to this, other damages not related to passional issues are the anxiety and addiction that technology can make a person victim, causing the anger and frustration of their partner or emotional partner, who ends up leaving the relationship.

That said, it seems that there is no doubt that certainly, mishandled technology damages relationships.

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