How Do You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You In A Long Distance Relationship

The heart has its reasons that reason ignores, as we often hear. The problem is that although very powerful, it happens that this love is eaten away by distance and that the heart does not end up any longer supporting the kilometers that separate you. It’s easy to see if someone likes you when you share moments. How Do You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You In A Long Distance Relationship?

The gestures, the attitude, the look, and many other criteria can be analyzed to quickly understand what is going on in the head of your other half. But in a long-distance relationship, how do you know if the love is still strong and mutual? How do you know if he is sincere? We sometimes come to ask these questions about our boyfriend or girlfriend. We will try to enlighten you through this article.

Does he/she sincerely love me despite the distance? The keys to finding out

My boyfriend/girlfriend is distant, doesn’t talk to me anymore. What to think of it?

As time goes by, it sometimes happens that you start to feel your partner more and more distant: fewer messages, fewer calls, fewer complicit moments. We have the feeling that something is wrong. The worst reaction in this situation is to think to yourself, “she will be okay,” and to wait and do nothing. If you feel that your partner’s behavior is changing and your other half is starting to move away, you should react directly by playing the honesty card! 

Whether by message, video call, or phone, you need to calmly explain to your partner that he or she seems to be more and more distant and that you are starting to wonder about his or her feelings. By saying all of this in a calm, gentle, and intelligent way, your partner is very likely to open up and explain what is wrong (if something is wrong). Lack of attention, sexual frustration, need for tenderness, fatigue related to the situation, many factors can make your partner more & more cold. Your mission will therefore be to take stock together, see where your love is at, and, if necessary, try to find a way to rekindle the flame. Even from a distance, talking is surely the best way to find out if he or she loves you.

“I doubt my partner; does he love me?”: think about the reasons for this fear

In some situations, no matter how much you talk and take stock with your soulmate, you may not always be completely satisfied with their answers and will continue to question yourself because of their behavior, which seems increasingly suspicious to you. … But don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, try to rationally describe the reasons why you think your partner no longer feels love for you.

Among these, a few cases to watch out for, particularly in long-distance relationships.

My boyfriend/girlfriend:

  • speak badly to me
  • has been cold or distant lately
  • often lies to me
  • He/She is aggressive
  • disrespect me
  • don’t make any effort
  • constantly lowers me

If any of these signs speak to you, you might be right to doubt their feelings. It is therefore important to talk about it to improve your relationship from a distance.

Communicate your feelings instead of assuming: essential in long-distance love

Use whatever means are available to you to try to find out more about what he or she is thinking—starting with talking to him about it. Most of the time, it is simple misunderstandings that make the relationship difficult.

Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend is going through a stressful time and can’t afford to spend as much time with you as usual due to a high workload or problems in his / her life. Family, for example. It doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t love you anymore! Simply that your partner already has too much to think about and that this affects your relationship from a distance.

How Do You Know Your Boyfriend Loves You In A Long Distance Relationship

Afraid that he/she will cheat on me and no longer love me: how do I know?

Ask yourself the question, “Does he love me?” “, It is generally to ask the question indirectly, “Is he not getting closer to someone else?”. The long-distance relationship is an adventure in which everyone must be very strong, and not everyone is always able to resist the various temptations of life.

To make sure that he or she likes you, you may want to find out more about the people they hang out with. For this, social networks are generally your best ally. This practice can like to espionage, and we do not recommend it. But if you already have reason to believe that your long-distance partner doesn’t love you anymore, you shouldn’t be ashamed. Long-distance relationships are built on trust, but it’s okay to do some research if you feel like your other half is getting colder and colder. Observe their new dates, the people they hang out with, and especially the way they respond to your messages.

Everything is to be taken into consideration, and if your soul mate truly loves you, they should be able to answer any questions you ask them. Without falling into paranoid delusions or senseless fits of jealousy, you have the right to seek to know more and use the means at your disposal to find answers to your questions.

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Loving each other from a distance begins with proofs of love

The moment you start to question the sincerity of your partner’s feelings for you, it’s because your partner isn’t showing you enough that he loves you. If he or she does not show you enough that he loves you, he or she is also guilty and must reassure you and be honest. In a long-distance relationship, showing and proving love is more important than anything. Also, take stock with yourself: do you also give enough proof of love to your other half daily?

In long-distance love, “Trust” is the keyword 

In summary, you can never be 100% sure that he or she loves you. It is the principle of love. Again, trust is the key. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask angry questions if you start to feel that your partner is pulling away. You should also not hesitate to use the means at your disposal to try to find out more if the answers do not convince you. Always try to understand and communicate while keeping the right balance so as not to go overboard.

And you, what are the little things that make you say that he/she loves you or that you are right to doubt it?