10 Hinge Prompts That Will Help You Break the Ice with Your Match

Don’t forget Tinder as in the realm of the dating app, Hinge has gained so many followers and there’s no doubt that it will assist you in finding what you want. Hinge is different because it offers “prompts” to allow you to start conversations with potential partners, this is a fantastic method to make connections and is a great feature that other dating websites don’t have.

If you’re stuck, these Hinge prompts will help you succeed regardless of what you are seeking!

10 Best Hinge Prompts

1. “Dating Me Is Like” Prompt

Breaking the ice can be a fantastic way to attract a possible lover, therefore this is an excellent prompt to begin with, as it will also show confidence. Have you heard that women love confident men? A few ways to complete this prompt are “Finding the chicken nugget to add to your meal that you love” or “Having an anxiety attack and an orgasm simultaneously”.

They’re funny and out there. They could be likeable. For instance that an extra piece of your meal could appear to be a minor victory , and by looking at yourself in comparison to that win it is a way to show off your confidence, and also showing you’re funny. of humor.

If you do not like any of the examples discussed, you may develop your own prompts to reflect your personal style. You can sell yourself subtly with this prompt , but be careful not to appear too enthralled with yourself, as that’s not a good impression.

2. “A Shower Thought I’ve Had Recently” Prompt

There are times when we are prone to having the oddest thoughts while in the shower, and sharing it with someone you’re interested in joining Hinge is a great opportunity to make connections. This prompt can also be an ideal method to display your personal style, which is crucial in the world of dating and getting a date in person.

Make sure that the idea you provide is authentic to you and that it is individualso that you don’t get the same impression as everyone else on Hinge. It could be “Isn’t amusing that the taller members are required assist short people to get something off the shelf , but when a tall person asks for a shorter person to lift things off of the ground,, it could be viewed as disrespectful.”

or “When you drink alcohol, you’re taking pleasure from the next day.”Shower thoughts almost make the person you are messaging to reply , and could lead to a lively conversation. Be aware that this message isn’t likely to work for everyone, however, if you connect with as many people as you can on Hinge You are sure to meet someone with you sooner or later.

3. “My Most Insane Fear” Prompt

Women enjoy it when men appear vulnerable, which is the reason this is an excellent occasion to expose that part of you. It could also be hilarious due to the worry you might be experiencing who doesn’t love laughing at another person’s anxiety?

If you’re afraid to eat seeds of fruits because you fear the tree could grow from your stomach, afraid of dark basements, or something else completely! If you share the same response to this question as another member, it might spark an even more intimate conversation, or at the very minimum, bring some laughter.

Sharing your most irrational fears your friends will instantly create an instant connection, and hopefully conversations will begin to flow out of the beginning, which is why this prompt is a worthy place on the list of Hinge’s best prompts.

4. “On My Bucket List” Prompt

This is the best opportunity to get conversations initiated on Hinge since it lets people know the person you really are. It lets you be flirty, if you’d like to be. You could add something sexual to your bucket list as an instance, but make sure that you don’t appear in a way that is too explicit, or appear as creepy!

If you complete this question this will help you meet someone who has something in common. So whether you speak of traveling or something more funny or flirty your character is bound to be noticed and is always welcomed on dating sites.

You should provide your answer to this question some thought, as there is no need to offer the same answer that is used by all the others, such as, “On my bucket list is becoming rich”. When you are responding to the suggestions of others when you browse profiles, finding someone with the same goal like you in their bucket lists could be exciting.

5. “I Would Like Someone to …” Would Prompt

Everyone is searching for a certain partner however, stating that explicitly could seem a bit excessive or thinking too highly of you! The good thing with this site is the fact that there’s no have to write down the must-haves and do’s of what you’re looking for on your profile. Instead, you are able to follow the prompts and create a fun experience.

It could be things like ” Is funnier than my favourite comedy.”or “Loves me more than their favourite Starbucks purchase”. You could also discover a of what they’re seeking in a potential partner through this question to help to avoid spending time with the wrong person.

This prompt may lead to a date in the event that your answer is good enough or you may discover this prompt on a different profile which asks you to write a humorous or intriguing answer.

6. “My Biggest Date Fail” Prompt

Because Hinge involves romance and relationships, this is a great opportunity to share your experiences and offers a glimpse into how it’s not going to be terrible between you two! Do not make up a story for this prompt however, you should only do it when you’ve had an experience with an unsatisfactory date that you want to tell the story of.

It’s likely to get a laugh from the person you’re sending your message to, and they may have a story about a bad experience to tell you back. If your experience with a date is that you didn’t look like their pictures and believed that you were gay, were talking about their ex all day or other things.

If someone reads this prompt, they may think that you’re a serial dater which some people might not appreciate, but it suggests that you’re committed to finding the perfect partner that is positive. Take a look at this prompt, and hopefully you’ll be able to have a much better dates in the near future.

7. “Worst Idea I’ve Had” Prompt

There have been many embarrassing experiences in our lives , and they tend to be the result of our own mistakes. It is possible to share the most embarrassing idea you’ve ever come across with this prompt and it’s an excellent method to make the other person laugh, and inspire them to think about your personal memories.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing childhood memories or a thing you did recently while drinking in a club This is among the most memorable Hinge prompts since it proves that you’re normal, and gives perspective on your daily life.

The ability to show that you’ve matured as you recognize that this was a wrong choice is also important since it indicates the growth you have made. Doing not take yourself to seriously attracts other sexes and it lets you do this. This could be also the beginning of a very enjoyable conversation with whoever you’re attracted to.

8. “Fact About Me That Surprises People” Prompt

When you initiate an exchange with someone, the basic details you provide could be very general and can be boring. If you don’t have any unusual activities, getting really into this prompt could be a fantastic way to start the conversation and will force you to consider your unique qualities that you possess.

It’s a surprising fact that you might not normally discuss with someone during the first date and that’s the main reason this might work out to your advantage. This could be a profound prompt if you wish to engage in a serious conversation or perhaps an opportunity to have a lot of fun.

A few examples of responses you can provide to this include “I cannot blow my whistle”, “I used to be homeless” or “I lived in Japan for two years”. The majority of people would want to answer this type of request because they like to know more or the reason behind the prompt.

9. “I Bet You Can’t” Prompt

Who doesn’t like a challenge and the “I bet you won’t …” question is sure to make someone respond because they’re going to be looking to prove they are capable of completing whatever task you’re challenging them to or putting them on the spot that they aren’t able to. The best part about the prompt you’ve chosen is it is able to apply it in any way you like to make it work for you.

You can use it to make a joke with a statement similar to “I bet you won’t not accept an opportunity to meet I”, although be cautious as it might backfire. It is also possible to say something that has a more humorous tone, however it could also trigger an actual meeting for instance, “I believe you’ll never beat me in playing poker”, or “I bet you won’t know my top book ever.” Try this one out and test it out for you. Leave your feedback below if you think you’re happy with the outcome!

10. “My Mantra Is” Prompt

If you share a mantra, or a quote you follow, you’re telling a little about your values and beliefs as a person. This could be a more serious prompt than the other ones on the list , however it’s still an important prompt. This is among the most effective Hinge prompts as it can help to identify someone who feels the same way as you do on certain issues.

Whatever you believe in, be vulnerable and honest when the part of you that is vulnerable. If you are unable to think of any, perhaps one of these will inspire you. “Don’t think of life too seriously, nobody comes to go out in the world in the end alive” or “live every day as if it were your last”.

It is crucial to find someone who has the same morals particularly if you are searching for an actual relationship This is the best method to be sure of that.

What Hinge Complaints Get Most Reactions?

I hope that the previous prompts may have provided you with suggestions on what to apply to the app when you’re required to fill in Hinge messages for your personal profile. Many guys send girls the same thing and that’s unlikely get them to respond. It is important to make her smile or create a conversation starter that isn’t monotonous. These two tactics are sure to get you noticed for the right reasons, and result in more replies.

There’s no rule saying that you are able to communicate with one user on Hinge at an time. In reality as many people come to meet the more you will get to know them. If you’ve found an individual you like through Hinge It could be the beginning of something truly amazing. You may be able to meet with them within a matter of minutes. The secret to getting the conversation going is a well-written Hinge prompt, so make certain to utilize it to your advantage, and you’ll be sure to succeed!

Everyone is nervous at times and isn’t sure what to say in a relationship even when it’s on the internet and you aren’t able to see the person at the other side of the screen, and their reaction. It’s nothing to be ashamed of , and something that Hinge is thinking about through these prompts and helping people connect on a more of a level.

Hinge is more successful than other websites due to the fact that it is more likely for you to meet someone who has the same personality due to this feature. The majority of the questions aren’t the kind of typical questions you’d ask each other when you are dating, therefore they are a great way to start an exchange with someone whom you would not have met otherwise.

Tips: Make sure you work hard on your profile and Hinge prompts if determined to establish some sort of relationship with someone from the Hinge platform.

What Hinge-related Prompts Will You Receive?

Even though you’ve been provided with 10 options, you do have limitations on your prompts. There are three prompts to use at Hinge at any time , however you can alter the prompts as often you’d like. If you’d like to alter the Hinge prompts displayed on your personal profile, then you are able to change them by opening Hinge and selecting the settings.

You can then use an icon that lets you edit your profile, and change the order of your prompts. If you find that a prompt isn’t working so well or doesn’t get the response you’d like It’s worth changing the prompt. It’s also crucial to keep your profile as up-to-date as you can by updating your images details, prompts, and information.

All of this influences how many people you meet on the website and the amount of clicks you receive in general. The questions previously mentioned have been proven to be highly effective in generating responses. The most important thing to connect with potential friends is to display your personality and have enjoyable!

Alongside the Hinge-specific prompts you can set available on the profile page, you should also be sure to respond to the prompts posted by other users, especially if they have made comments on yours to build a relationship. You can look through the profiles of the app to discover people you may be interested in, and it will be simple to leave a comment there. Be sure to be different from other comments and this could be in your favor or against your interests. One thing is certain that no matter the outcome – there will be many more fish in the ocean.


The primary thing to consider when creating your prompts is to pick ones that provoke reactions and to make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you have any concerns regarding this article or already have them and you have feedback, don’t forget to comment below to let others know about your experience.

It is clear this is the case. Hinge prompts could assist you in finding potential partners using the application so be sure to take a look and use them next time you’re exploring Hinge’s dating apps.