Hidden Love Quotes

Some lovers keep their love hidden for fear of “what they will say” or because they would harm others if they made it known. If this is your case, if your feelings remain secret, you will surely identify with these hidden love quotes.

The truth is that recognizing a prohibited relationship in front of the public is very complicated . Maybe you would harm a loved one, it could also be a relationship between family members (cousins, stepbrothers) or if you are homosexual and the traditions of your country do not allow this type of love relationship. However, here we are not going to judge you because you have a lover, since after all love is the most beautiful feeling of the human being. Therefore, we leave you with this selection of hidden love quotes and messages to send to your loved one.

Quotes of hidden and forbidden love to dedicate

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You don’t know how much I wanted you last night … and how much I want you this morning.

No one but us knows what happened, or what is going to happen tonight.

There is no better stimulant than a forbidden love.

I want to do so many things that I would only do with you …

We had grown tired of paradise, so we sinned to enjoy hell.

There is something that we both know, and that others would not be able to imagine.

You’re killing me with that smile that right now I can’t kiss …

I will never accept it, nor will I count it … but I will always remember it.

Many times the most unbridled love hides behind a forbidden silence.

We do not own anyone. Therefore, we must take advantage of every opportunity, knowing that it might never happen again …

You must understand that if I call you, it is because I love you, but if I do not, it is because your life does not allow me …

A hidden love is much more passionate than one allowed …

A hidden feeling is to love someone who can be without you, even though they would spend an eternity with you.

hidden love quotes

Definition of “hidden”: I love you more than anything, but let no one know.

Missing a person does not mean being empty, it means that that person fills your thoughts even though their absence hurts.

They look at each other. They smile at each other. Are needed. They love each other. They are not a couple.

Impossible, but real. Secret, but infinite.

If it is secret, it is more appetizing.

Those forbidden loves … how much appetite they unleash!

An adventure is more fun if it smells of danger.

Between a friend and a lover there is a barrier that is extremely easy to break.

I’m not going to keep hiding it … I melt with your gaze.

Your thoughts reject me, your heart misses me, and your mouth tells me “I don’t know what to do.”

Let us go to our secret hiding place, let us undress little by little, touch each other and love each other intensely.

Ours is fictitious, and here we are, playing with fiction and forgetting about reality …

It is a shame to have to invent a friendship, if what I feel for you is eternal love.

My deepest secret is about a love that cannot be told.

If one thought was enough for you to be by my side, I would always have you here, with me.

We all love the forbidden apple, because we crave what we cannot have …

I will be fully happy when you wake up every morning with me.

You are my impossible craving.

Stop blaming me for loving you, I didn’t ask to meet someone who had everything I like …

Sometimes I imagine that you are the Sun and I the Moon, because you are always close to me but I cannot touch you.

Secret relationships are the happiest of all.

How I would love to be able to demonstrate my love to you openly.

When we are with others, don’t smile at me, talk to me, or want me, no matter how much you love me.

Details about the secret love you want to know

Maybe this type of relationship is childish for you, but there are many people who are secretly in love, and when they are alone they cry helplessly . And it is not always easy to love someone and be able to openly scream how much you love them.

In addition, many lovers find it very erotic to maintain prohibited relationships, without anyone knowing, because this awakens their wildest passions than simply walking with your partner holding each other, watching a movie or visiting a museum. But there are also people who would love to make their love public, although it will always be an illusion that only they will know.

However, love is sometimes hidden for another reason : if a person is in love with a woman or a man but his love is platonic, why would he reveal his feelings? Well, there are several valid answers.

  • You are aware that he or she does not love you.
  • His shyness prevents him from taking risks.
  • He is currently dating someone else.
  • He loves a friend and is afraid to distance himself if he confesses it.
  • You are afraid of losing your girlfriend (or boyfriend).

In case it is happening to you, from here we encourage you to dare to declare what you feel sincerely, because at the end of life it is better to have tried it than to remain in doubt. Cheer up!

We hope that these tips and hidden love quotes or forbidden love have served you.