Hearty Messages

The most beautiful hearty messages on the planet

The most beautiful love hearty messages to send is the one you feel with your own heart. Such a word should never be forced. If you feel that a love text a model of love letter that we offer here reflects your personality, this is what is right for you.

And it is only with this feeling that you will give this message of love to say that I miss you important and clear in the eyes of the person to whom you are going to send it.

Love Messages For Her From The Heart

1. My heart is filled with our dreams, our feelings, our love. I love you madly and I cherish you, because for me you are a whole world in which I feel happy and desirable, necessary and important.

2. Thank you, darling, for everything, you are a big boy and I want you to know that we will surely face everything, because our love will be able to overcome all obstacles.

3. My sweet, my dear, my beloved, I love you very much and I want my love to always be your inspiration, your excitement, your tenderness, your desire to reach high goals.

4. You are a wonderful person, a real man in every sense of the word and every day I understand that I am very lucky with you.

5. My dear and beloved, you are the most important person in my life. Thanks to you, my world becomes more and more bright and kind, my heart is filled with happiness and joy, my soul is always ready to sing and fly in the clouds of our love.

6. My beloved, thank you for being so sweet and kind, affectionate and courageous, courageous and sincere. You are for me my most reliable man, the noblest of heroes, the most loved person who gives feelings of happiness and great love.

7. My beloved, you succeeded in transforming my life and showing all its best sides, you gave me hope and joy, happiness and good luck.

8. My dear, well, you are my daring, the strongest, the most desirable, the most beautiful, the kind and the beloved!

Most Touching Love Messages

9. My beloved, you are my volcano of passion, my ocean of hope, my typhoon of desires, my cascade of happiness, my hero, my irreplaceable character. Thank you for what is in my life, for making me happier with each breath, each moment.

10. My love for you is sincere, like a baby smile, my love for you is pure, like the mountain air, my love for you is as colorful as an exhibition of brilliant paintings.

11. You appeared in my life and turned my world upside down, painted happiness in it and turned on the music of joy. Thank you. I love you so much.

12. I wish you good night and the most pleasant dreams. Let the night give you a rest and a meeting with your dream, and the morning will start with good luck and good humor.

13. Good night … Let yourself dream of something beautiful, nice, interesting! Sleep will be strong and calm and will energize you for the next day!

14. May your dream be sweet and sweet, may this night cover you with a magic blanket of bright stars. Good night.

15. I wish you a good night’s sleep and wake up in a good mood, my darling.

16. Good night! May the angel keep your rest. Sleep deeply, gently, my dear. I kiss your two cheeks.

17. Good night. Let this night give you a magical and relaxed vacation, take away all your worries. May the dreams be clear and positive and that you meet in the morning with good humor!

Heartfelt Message To A Friend

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Hearty Messages

18. A true message of love appears not in your head, but in your heart. Whether it is for him or for her, a message of love says to be sincere and not to appear artificial. So think carefully before sending it to your loved ones.

19. To make a beautiful message of love, we offer models to inspire you on this great adventure. And above all, don’t be afraid to make those you love smile with this little love message before or after work.

20. People do not meet in vain, each meeting is a planned event up there. It is a great happiness that this event is planned in my life. You are the best gift of fate. I love you!

21. There is no place more comfortable in the world than your arms. There is no sweeter food in the world than your kisses.

22. There is no brighter light in the world than the light of your eyes. I love you!

23. I have a sincere recognition for you, I love you and I want to give you a whole world of happiness, beauty and joy.

24. Honey, I send you the rays of my great love, like the sun. Let them warm you up in cold moments and light up the way in difficult times!

25. Let the balloons, the pink elephants and the vanilla rabbits dance around. Do not worry! This madness is called love. Catch my tender kisses, I love you!

26. My reality has become brighter and more beautiful since our meeting. I love you and I want to create with you a whole world for our happiness.

Long Text Messages For Her

27. I love you. And every day my love is stronger. You attract me both in a beautiful dress at a party and in the evening in my t-shirt. You’re the best.

28. I love you more than anything. It seems to me that if I were to sell my soul to the devil for your love, I would do it without hesitation.

29. It’s time to talk to you about the most important thing. What you will hear now, I say sincerely, honestly and with confidence – I love you!

30. An incomparable man, an example of incredible beauty and charm, success and prosperity, kindness of soul and mercy. I love you.

31. You are a reason for joy and fun, you give warmth and inspiration, feelings of happiness and a good mood. I love you.

32. Without deception and without a doubt, I want to tell you that you are a wonderful person. You’re the sun shining in the sky, you’re a fragrant flower in the field, you’re an inspiring wind in the open spaces of nature.

33. With your smile, with your eyes, with your good humor, every day can become a vacation or even an enchanting event! And I say thank you for that.

34. Your smile is a ray of sunshine, your eyes are two sparkling diamonds, your heart is an ocean of kindness and love, your soul is a vast expanse of inspiration and joy.

35. You are an amazing person who can change this world for the better, by the side of whom it is always easy and fun. I love you.

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36. Charm, mania, sincerity, tenderness, strength, piercing eyes and a welcoming smile, you are just an extraordinary person who nature has rewarded for her beauty and her charisma, her talent and her intelligence.

37. You are not an angel or a fairy tale character, for me, you are a whole world, a world of happiness and inspiration, a world of joy and sweet dreams. I love you.

38. I love you madly and I always admire your radiant smile, your bewitching look, your bright image.

39. A man like you is a dream, a sweet fairy tale. Your soul is the open space of inspiration and kindness without borders, your heart – a book of wisdom and love.

40. I love you. Your smile – a spark of which everything is ignited, your eyes – a mirror in which you see only a happy reflection. You are a wonderful person, thank you for being here.

Long love message to declare your flame

Long love messages are even less spontaneous than other hearty messages for a woman or a man. It is a well thought out and interesting type of message.

The most beautiful love hearty messages are the long messages you can find in this article to copy them and send them to whomever you want.

41. Your darling or your darling will necessarily be happy with such an early morning message.

Always In My Heart Quote

42. My favorite and affectionate angel! It’s dark … I know you’re already sleeping. And I’m writing because I want to tell you something. Even if you already know … I love you, darling! You have no idea how strong my feelings are. But you can guess. You’re closer to me than a friend. I certainly already told you. Sorry to repeat myself. That you are always in my heart.

43. I love you! My love, my dear boy/girl. Let’s be together forever? It’s so sad and bad when I’m without you. All the friends see how gray I am when I don’t talk to you. You give me a rainbow. My rainbow is you and your feelings for me … I dream of never letting you go … I want your contact, your affection, your kisses. You are always in my heart.

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