Heartbreak letters

Heartbreak letters. In these times, communications run rampant through social networks, and the immediacy of communications makes us believe that there is no time to delve into the depths of the soul. It is a time when the spiritual sense of writing a letter has been devalued, even worse, if it is a heartbreak letter.

The first challenge is to write a letter. Even if at the end of doing it you decide not to send it, putting yourself in this task will allow you to purge your mood, and in the best of cases, help you find the keys to improve your life and get ahead.

Next, we leave you a couple of examples of heartbreak letters. We hope they inspire you.

Examples of heartbreak letters

sad heartbreak letters

At what point did we get lost? We have lived these last years as a couple of ghosts, walking side by side, but without seeing each other. I don’t know when we got to this situation, where I can’t even remember good manners when I’m with you: I can’t greet you, wish you a happy day, or say goodbye. We simply do not exist for each other.

Perhaps, if I dared to look into the depths of your eyes again, I could remember that I once loved you most intensely and irrationally that you can love someone. Maybe I would remember your delicious words running through my body and making me explode with lust in every corner. But then, waking up from those memories, the tears would come back to live copiously in my eyes.

Stop. Now that I’ve learned to ignore you, or force myself to believe that I do, looking at you again would be the worst mistake I could make. We have already proven that the more we love each other, the more we hurt ourselves and that there is no remedy for such suffering.

That’s right, that’s what we’ve become. We are two fervent lovers capable of doing so much damage. We are condemned to live in exile from ourselves, only to live with a breath of calm. Let’s leave forever.

Today I say goodbye to you, but you will continue to be my favorite ghost.

Break Up Letter To Someone You Love

Letter of heartbreak for a farewell

I’ve been thinking about what our relationship once was and what it has become. I have not been able to stop crying, but I have finally made a decision: Love, I am writing to you just to say goodbye to you. This is the best way I find.

Of course, I still love you or, rather, I think there is still some love left in both of us, so I think we have time to keep that little bit that we have left.

I feel that it is time to part if that is possible. At least move away physically, because, even if the years go by, all your caresses will continue to be tattooed on my skin. In the same way that the particles of that great and true love that we once gave each other have been completely fused in my soul.

Certainly, we could have done things a little better and thus not reached this point where we have reached, where grudges weigh so much that it is necessary to move away, to see if we can heal those mutually inflicted wounds.

There is no doubt that I have made many mistakes, getting involved many times in useless fights, instead of trying to better understand your feelings. Although I admit that it was not easy for you to understand either.

However, I want to ask you to forgive me for the bad times I put you through. I wish one day you could remember only my beautiful moments of me!

For my part, I can only be grateful that we coincided on the road that day, and that you have made me feel, many times, the happiest person in the world. Thank you for the support you gave me so many times. There is no way to repay something like that.

Far from giving up fighting for this love, I feel that the only thing left is the firm will not continue hurting each other. I infinitely wish you to be happy.

Goodbye, my love.

How to write a heartbreak letters

Let’s write a heartbreak letter. The first and fundamental thing is to make contact with that feeling that disturbs you, and observe what sensations it produces in you. Describe the feeling that dominates you: sadness, confusion, or the need to turn your life around.

Then write your feelings in a simple form. Remember that you are a unique being and, therefore, you have a particular way of expressing yourself that makes you different. Simply let your feelings flow and express yourself naturally. You do not need to resort to borrowed heartbreak phrases, be yourself.

Investigate in the file of your memories those facts of the past of that love relationship that has marked you positively and negatively. Comment on those events that caused the weakening of love. Narrate them from your perspective, since your partner had probably never perceived them that way.

Although at first the phrases or sentences come out in a disorderly way, leave them and in the end order them coherently: state your objective, develop it and close with a final farewell phrase.

6 tips to write a beautiful heartbreak letter

  1. Connect with your feelings. Romantic music, especially music that reminds you of important moments in your love relationship, is a powerful trigger for emotions and can help you with that sensitive connection you need to express yourself.
  2. Start by writing freely. Do not be afraid to be wrong, feelings are not wrong, they are only there for better or for worse.
  3. Recognize and thank your partner (or ex-partner) for those beautiful moments, or those nice gestures that once filled you with happiness. You will certainly appreciate it too.
  4. At the end of the writing of your heartbreak letter, it is nice to tell him your best wishes for his life, it is the least you can do for someone you have loved.
  5. Once you have finished your draft, proofread it thoroughly. That is, check the spelling and grammar. Make sure your letter can be easily understood.
  6. Finally, there is a very important maxim for all writers: “A good thing, if it is brief, is twice as good .” That is, try to say the things you want, but use as few words as possible.

Tips for getting over the end of a relationship

A relationship can end for multiple reasons, a difference in character, betrayal, tiredness, boredom, due to life circumstances, or due to fatality. In short, each cause can generate different types of traumas in our hearts.

Of course, some injuries can be harder to bear than others. The pain of infidelity is not the same as the anger at the misunderstanding of the couple, nor the guilt for that being who left this world.

You must be very aware of your feelings, positive and negative since the farewell ritual you choose should include forgiveness of your partner, the forgiveness of yourself, and even forgiveness of those third parties that you think had a harmful influence. in your relationship

Getting over the end of a relationship is not easy, it can take some time. But, performing some farewell rituals, such as writing a farewell letter, will undoubtedly be very helpful, as they contain great healing power to close that chapter in your life. This is the first step to opening yourself up to start new and exciting experiences.