Heart Broken Messages for Her Him

Have you ever suffered a disappointment in life? We have all done it and when it happens so many feelings overwhelm us, that sometimes it is difficult to find a way to express them and vent what we have inside. If you feel identified with this situation at this time, then perhaps the heartbreak phrases that we have compiled today will help you to get out what you feel, to feel more relieved.

Heart Broken Messages for Her Him

Heartbreak messages for after a breakup

  1. We lived through what was probably the most wonderful stage of my life. Then everything fell apart. I once told you that I was grateful to have run into you on the way, but now I suppose you will be a mistake that I will regret forever. Still, how do I go about ripping you from my heart?
  2. There is no happily ever after. When you start loving someone, you realize that doing so is risking losing your happiness, rather than finding it. Just like it happened to me when I met you. Today I do not know if one day I will be able to regain my smile. You took it, along with every one of my tears.
  3. I listened to you every time you promised me that it would last forever; I had forgotten that nothing is. And in the end it turned out that you had never cared, but you raised my illusions so much that now I don’t know if I feel more disappointed by your betrayal or by the fact that I was so wrong.
  4. I can’t believe the way it all ended. Happy moments that evaporated to become the most bitter tale. Laughter that I will no longer hear. Empty promises that were once my only hope. You showed me what it was to love, but you also taught me the meaning of disappointment.
  5. How low can you fall when you give everything for love. A love that never meant enough, did it? Dealing with the truth is the hardest thing I’ve had to do, since I accepted that it was over. Things come to an end, as did the feelings we once shared.
  6. I will always remember you, although this caused me a very deep pain. You left a scar that sometimes still opens like a sharp and penetrating stigma. I don’t know why I thought we had a future, when it is obvious that tomorrow no one can assure us. It was my fault, because I never saw the end coming.
  7. There was a time when I thought that we could cope with everything and that obstacles did not matter, because we would be next to each other, loving each other without conditions. Too good to be true. But I learned that love cannot be enough, because love can also be extinguished.

Heartbreak messages for unrequited love

  1. How could I believe that you would ever love me? You never showed the slightest sign of interest and still, I decided to form a bunch of nonsensical stories in my head. In an absurd and pathetic way. Will I ever learn? I have to get used to the idea that you will never be for me.
  2. I wonder what is the use of being excited, if I know very well that I will never mean something in your life. It is time to accept reality, because even if it hurts, I know that I cannot force you to do so. I have to go my way, even if it is the most difficult experience in my life.
  3. I don’t know how to go on after accepting the fact that my feelings for you will never be reciprocated. You see me and treat me with kindness, putting that treatment you give to friends first and reserving your most special side. I will never become something else to you. And you don’t know how hard I have to face it.
  4. The days go by and as it is, I am more convinced that this love has no reason to exist. Why did I notice you knowing that you would be the last person to love me? You gave your heart to someone else, while mine is slowly withering away. And there is nothing that hurts me more than that.
  5. I’ve always been there for you. In bad times, when nobody believed in you, when you were unhappy in love. At no time could you have the feeling that remained in me, although I had enough to offer you and could have given you much more. Life has unfair ways of putting everyone in their place.
  6. I wish things were a different way. I wish I could give my heart to someone who could reciprocate, someone with whom to find my place. But I was wrong. And the most difficult thing will be to live with that for the rest of my days.
  7. Day by day he reproached me for not knowing how to choose in love, but how do you manage to do it when it arises without being forced or sought? I think it was a matter of bad luck, because you will never feel the same as I do. I can’t help it even if I wanted to. Will I ever get it right?

Heartbreak messages for after an argument

  1. The fault is solely mine. I blindly believed that we could overcome anything and now, I don’t know what will happen after this. I don’t even know if we can continue, when it is obvious that things have changed a lot. I do not understand how a relationship can deteriorate so much, but it is like that.
  2. I don’t know if we were naïve from the beginning, pretending to be a perfect match or if we knew it and still were so desperate that we decided to do it. Either way, now we have to deal with reality. It is impossible to achieve perfection. Maybe our destiny is not to be together after all.
  3. Perhaps we needed to realize that to mature, it is necessary to push things to the limit. Our limit is this. We cannot change it. Long ago, the space we shared began to suffocate us. Do you think we have a chance to remedy it? Because the truth is that I see her very distant.
  4. I got tired of waiting for a solution to all our differences. They finally managed to overtake us. They ended up killing the love that we could once profess. I think I remember that at the beginning it was like that. But I no longer recognize you, nor do I recognize myself. The fantasy we created was shattered forever.
  5. You were everything to me and I was able to give everything for you. I never looked at the cons and if there was a problem, I always preferred to put it aside. Do you know what it is like to wake up one day and realize that this was not enough? I finished trying alone. The act of pretending is over. I already understood that this has no solution.
  6. You look at me and you recriminate me for so many things, that I already lost count of the times you have done it. And what about you? What about all those times when you hurt me deeply, not caring what I might think or feel? You are so selfish that you have not realized that this could end at any time.
  7. I feel so tired of hearing you say the same things, that I don’t know how long I will resist. I would like you to look in the mirror and see what I see I observe, every time your eyes turn to me. There is no more understanding or affection. They were replaced by disappointment.

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