Happy Sunday Message For Her

Find a sms to wish a happy sunday message for her with humor Love or friendship.
Wish her a good weekend with an original message of happy sunday message for her.

Happy Sunday My Love

1. A good Sunday to You!

May this weekend day
bring You happiness and tenderness.
May this day be delicious in every way
May he bring you my love whatever you want.

Have a good and relaxing Sunday.
May this day only be beautiful moments!

1000 kisses to you

2. Sms good Sunday day

My love

I wish you to end your week in style
May this last day be merry.
Enjoy this day !
Enjoy yours, your loved ones.
May everything be beautiful to you, may nothing be ugly!

Have a great weekend.
Big tender kiss on each of your cheeks.

3. Simple but sincere words

With simplicity and sincerity, I want to wish you a good Saturday and an excellent Sunday my little heart.
May this rest day be peaceful and rejuvenating …
May it bring you the energy necessary for the week to come.

Have a good rest!
Have fun !
Love yours!
Be happy to live!
Relative and take a step back…

Life is good as your Sunday will be.

Soft kiss

4. Hello I love You

I wish a good Sunday to my love.
A great day to everyone I love.
May this day be beautiful poetry!
A great happiness, the most beautiful of poems

Silent fools and Merry!
Be crazy and happy!

Love, love and love again…
Life is beautiful as you are beautiful!

I wish you a good Sunday of happiness
And embrace you with all the sincerity of my heart.

Kisses to all.

Happy Sunday Love

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5. Simple message to a great person

A little weekend text message to wish you a good Sunday with simplicity.
Enjoy a great day of deserved rest!
After a week of work, you need to know how to rest.

May this last day of the week bring you joy, energy, and optimism.

Wonderful day to you little heart!

6. Wish her a good Sunday with love – woman

Happy Sunday Message For Her

My darling

With this tender message of love
I wish you a good Sunday my darling.
With words of love from my heart
I send you a wave of tenderness and sweetness.

May this last day of the week be in your image:
Beautiful and Pretty…
Tender and joyful…
Sweet and Wonderful!

A beautiful sunny Sunday to cover you with light…
Good Sunday I love you My Love.

Your lover who kisses you tenderly.

7. My dear love

With this tender romantic message
I wish you an excellent Sunday my darling.
With tender words of love from my heart
I send you a wave of tenderness and happiness.

May this last day of the week be in your image:
Beautiful and full of Charm…
Tender and joyful…
Sweet and Wonderful!

A beautiful sunny Sunday to cover you with light…
Good Sunday I love you My Heart.

Your lover sent to you by 1000 sensual caresses.

Happy Sunday Message To My Love

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8. Sms good sensual Sunday for girl

My darling heart
My delicious rabbit

My darling heart
Princess of my dreams

On this Sunday day
I miss you my love
I need your arms,
your mouth full of love
To snuggle up against you
And let desire rise in me
Abandon myself to sweet pleasures

Good sensual Sunday to you that I love
Beautiful day to you my little poem

You are everything I want
You and me, in love and in love
We are the most beautiful of relationships
A beautiful story of love, desires and affection

Have a good Sunday my darling Apollo Have
a nice day love of my days and my nights

Kisses everywhere

9. Hello my darling whom I love

My love I wish you a good Sunday full of sweetness.
A good day full of beauty and surprises.

May this last day of the week bring you rest and allow you to fully recharge your batteries.

I take this message to remind you that your love is essential to me.
Being your beloved is a chance!
Thank you for being my love !

Have a great day!
Kisses full of love …

Happysunday Message

10. Hello to my love
hello to my love

When the last day of the week is coming
I think of all the people I love
My dearest love and my adored darling
My great beloved you are 0nly loved ones.

With this poetic greeting message
I want to wish you a wonderful day.
May each of the minutes of this day
be inhabited only by Friendship and Love.

Good weekend and good rest to you See you
next week, in friendship and joy.

Kisses from your love who thinks of you

Good Sunday original message to everyone

11. Good Sunday to all

For my part, today I do nothing at all
And if this evening I have not finished, I will continue tomorrow.

Kisses to all !

12. Message Good Sunday humor


After spending a week at work doing nothing, should
I really wish you a good weekend of rest?
I wish you a good lazy Sunday!

Above all, don’t try too hard!
I need you your communicative energy
To laugh and have a good week this Monday!

Happy sunday to you my favorite colleague
Who will appreciate my humor which leaves something to be desired!

See you on Monday, if you will.

Your colleague who thinks of you.

Happy Sunday Message

13. I wish you a nice day of rest

By this little poem inhabited by love
I wish you a good Sunday
With tender and sincere
words That affection and tenderness reign through their pre-eminence

I wish you a beautiful sunny day
Sunny with the happiness of being together
May all your loved ones know serenity
May your hearts rumble, your souls tremble

Trembling with emotion shared in respect
May this sweet day be joy and merry
May everyone find the way to sweetness
In the solidarity and generosity of the heart

Happy Sunday to all
May this day be the sweetest
Invigorating, brilliant and magnificent
Like you, a unique day.

Kisses to everybody !

14. My dear in the Faith

I wish you a good Sunday blessed in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Savior.
May this Sunday, a sacred day of holy prayers, bring our hearts to believers and open us up to more fraternity and friendship.

Good Sunday in the Lord to your family, your spouse and your darling children.


Happy Sunday blessed to all

15. My believing love

May this day of rest bring you serenity and amplify your faith as a believer.
May this day be filled with beautiful prayers and sharing between brothers and sisters.

May Our Good God (Allah for a Muslim) protect your relatives and friends.
May Jesus (Allah / Muslims) cover us with His Divine Love.

May the Peace of God be with you.

Amen – Amine – So be it

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