218+ Best Happy Birthday Dad Quotes, Wishes & Messages

These adorable birthday wishes to dad from daughters or sons can make dad feel loved and appreciated. Don’t forget to surprise him with sweet Happy Birthday Papa quotes, heart-warming father’s day wishes as well as inspiring birthday wishes for dad:

Happi Birthday Father Quotes

I’m blessed to have a father like you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve always been my father and best friend too. There’s no bond like ours. I cherish you Dad!

It’s truly a blessing to be able to say an enjoyable birthday to my hero, my dad. You’ve always been an ever-present presence in my life. I am the luckiest daughter to have a wonderful daddy like the one you have.

Happy birthday dad! I hope that God bless the life of your son with dazzling smile and greater happiness than ever before.

You’re unique and I cherish you deeply. Happy birthday, dad!

Happy birthday papa. Happy returns from the day. I cherish you more than I will ever be able to tell.

Thank you for your birthday. I wish you, my amazing father, a birthday that you will never forget, and the promise of a wonderful year! Thank you for all you do to show my how deeply you love me. You’re the best.

I am in love with you today tomorrow, for the next day and for ever. Happy birthday, dad!

The best fathers are those who lead their children yet leave them free to take their own choices while learning from the mistakes they make. Thank you for being the most wise man I’ve ever met!

Every moment I had with you was the most enjoyable. I hope this can be repeated over the years to come. Happy Father’s Day! We wish God provide you with years of a healthy and long-lived life!

I wish the most amazing dad the most wonderful birthday ever!

Thank you for being the world’s Best Dad!

A very happy birthday wishes to the greatest dad you could ever have!

Congratulations on turning 40! Happy birthday, dearest dad! I wish God always give you healthy and long-lasting health. Wishing you the best birthday!

I’m very grateful to have a dad who is caring, loving and caring. Best wish and best wishes to you on your day. I can’t imagine a single day that I would not have you and your dad. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Awesome Dad. It’s your birthday! Let’s celebrate! A year later however, you’re still rocking to me!

I’m sure I don’t say every day, yet I truly do appreciate the sacrifices and work that you have put into raising me. Happy birthday dad, I love you.

Dad, you’re an oldie but goodie. Happy birthday from one of your most memorable songs!

Happy Birthday Dad! Let the next days in your lives be full of endless happiness and happiness.

Dad Happy Birthday Dad! No matter what happens, I’ll be your biggest fan! Wishing you a year of great success!

A happy birthday wishes to the person I admire and cherish more than anyone else.

I wish you the very best birthday celebration for the most wonderful dad!

A happy birthday wishes to man who has stood by me through every aspect of my life, no regardless of what. You’re not aware of the significance for me having a father figure like me to be a part of my daily life. Many happy memories of the day and papa.

For Dad For Dad, Happy Birthday. I hope that your birthday is as unique in the way you’re. I’m so fortunate to call you my dad.

For me, you’re not just my father, but also my closest friend. You have always stood by me and helped me. I will not forget all the sacrifices that you made to protect us. Happy birthday, dad! We wish you happiness and peace every single day.

Real heroes don’t have capes They make terrible puns. Thank you for being a real hero dad. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday for the person who took on all the monsters that lurked under the mattress as well as in closets. Thank you for keeping me safe!

I’ll never be able express my gratitude for the kindness and love that you have shown me. You are my the one I can count on as well as my strength. Happy birthday to my dad. Happy birthday, dad.

Dad Happy Birthday. I wish you an unforgettable day filled with joy and peace. You deserve it. In the end, you’re an actual snag!

Have you ever noticed the more sexist dad jokes are, the more of a father they’re? We now are aware of the reason why dad’s jokes are so awful. I wish you a happy birthday! more enjoyable than your jokes!

Happy Birthday wishes for Dad

My biggest father and my biggest idol dad. I’m who I am today due to you, my dad. Happy birthday my amazing father.

Happy birthday wishes to my hilarious father. When it comes to funny dad jokesand jokes are the most hilarious!

A father that is so loving and caring like you deserves only joy and beauty of the world. I pray that God bless your soul and heart with joy for the rest throughout your lifetime. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, dad! I am so grateful for you!

It’s not easy to be father but you can do it with style and class. Happy Birthday to the father who is able to do it all.

Happy birthday, dad. I’m hoping to be as good as a father as you are, dad.

Thank you dad for completing another amazing year in your life. I wish God give you many more joyful years to remember. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. Thanks for providing an helping hand. I hope that today brings you many smiles, joy and smiles, dad!

Happy birthday, dad! I am so thankful to have you as my dad.

Every birthday that you celebrate means another year that you have made our lives more memorable! Thank you, dad.

It’s time for a wonderful celebration as today marks the moment you’ve finished another year of your life. Happy birthday, dad! You took care of me with a lot of affection and care, and gave me the impression of an opulent princess. Thanks a lot. Let the joy always surround you!

Every day you’ve been working to make our dreams come reality. Today, you’re the one to express your wishes. Happy Father’s Day!

Happy birthday dad! This birthday should fill your life with joy, love and joy.

In Memory of My Sweet Dad Happy Birthday. Thank you for always taking the time for me to hug my hands. You’re the best dad I could need.

Thank you for being the most hard working man I’ve met. I’m proud to say of you as my dad.

I wish the bravest person on earth a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Dad! I’ve been blessed with many amazing gifts in my life, including these amazing genetics. Here’s thing I discovered to share with you.

Happy birthday daddy. Whatever age I become. It will never change that I am your sweet little girl. I love you.

Happy Birthday Dad! You’re too busy. This is your chance to unwind, unwind and have a great birthday. We hope that you’re “two-tired” to enjoy the celebration!

I know that whatever goes on, I’ll always count on my dad. A very happy birthday wishes to your most trustworthy dad!

A happy birthday wishes to the greatest dad ever! You are my source of inspiration and strength. I cherish you to the core and I will never be able to replace your spot. We wish you a beautiful day filled with love from all your dear ones!

The time is now to make wishes for dad. Happy Birthday!

It’s your birthday and I’d love to spend more time with you. I am looking for the next time to visit you. For now, just keep that smile and have a great day!

Happy birthday dad. I am grateful to you for being so generous and loving. I feel blessed that I’m your son.

Dad Happy Birthday Dad! I wish you a wonderful year! promises you the most thrilling adventure to date! Enjoy today and forever.

Another year has passed and an additional year wiser. You’ve guided me through my life by offering some excellent suggestions. I’m sure you’ll continue guide me through the turbulent seas of the world.

Fathers are the best present. Happy Birthday!

Thanks to your sweaty elbows and old boots, you always give us your all. Happy Birthday to the greatest father ever! Take a step back and let us get to tasks today.

Happy Birthday Dad! The only thing that makes me feel strong is knowing that you’re in my corner, no matter the circumstance. It’s impossible to express the gratitude and love I feel for you. Thank you Dad for being my most loyal and supportive father! I am so grateful for you!

Happy Birthday Dad! You’re the person I’ll always be awed by. I’m excited to share even more of our greatest moments!

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

Happy Birthday to you today, with all my loveand affection, my sweet papa. You have given me so many years of joy and your memories will be with me for ever.

You can proudly wear your gray hair, dad. They’re memories of how awful it was for me as a kid. Thank you for not killing my dad.

The basis of my personal life built by your ideals. You taught me the right direction and taught me the way of integrity. Happy birthday, Dad! Let your life always be blessed by God forever!

I’m excited to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy Birthday!

Dad, if I handed you an award for each of your achievements and you were a space explorer, you’d be in space! I’m proud to call me your dad. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday daddy dearest. Best wishes for your birthday. Keep yourself safe and healthy. We love you.

Happy Birthday. To my dad who is truly amazing, I wish this year’s celebration will be the most extravagant and vibrant ever!

It’s not easy to be dad, however you can do it in style and elegance. A happy birthday wishes to the father who has it all.

Today, I would like to thank my man whom I cherish best on the day of his birth. Happy birthday, dad! I’m proud to be your daughter. I wish that every day of your lives are filled with peace and joy!

Happy new year! the sun!

In my whole life, I’ve had the privilege to have the most wonderful dad. Now, I’m as doubly fortunate, because my child will have the most amazing granddad. Happy Birthday Dad! we are so grateful for you!

Dad Happy Birthday Dad. Thank you for being the heart of our lives and never abandoning us in any difficult circumstance. I am extremely thankful for being your child. Many happy returns to you, Dad!

Happy Birthday. Before you light the candles take the time to reflect on what a great dad and friend you have become!

Candles! Cake! Ice cream! Presents! Dad! Birthday! Do you know that I’m ecstatic to celebrate your birthday?

I am aware that I can feel angry, but I do not know what you are feeling. However, trust me when I say that dad, you’re the person I cherish and respect the most. I wish you all the best in the years to come! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cake Day! Enjoy.

Dear Dad, I wish you realize how much you truly value my friendship. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday wishes to my father. Thank you for being my savior and for making my life that is so gorgeous.

Happy Birthday to My Dad! Sending birthday wishes to you as a special means to say a joyful day. I hope that your birthday celebration is packed with fun and excitement! I am grateful to you for being an amazing father. You’re the top!

You’re the most loving father anyone could ever want. Happy Birthday!

Dad, you could be getting older by a year But be aware that you’re only the age you think you are. This is your day to shine So, party as if you’re 21!

You are the father whom every son wants. I am happy to have you around me in times when I need you most. I would love to express my love for you, my dad. Happy birthday.

Dad, you’re like a student who is busy. You’ve got plenty of classes. Happy Birthday!

My handsome dad, Happy Birthday! It is hard to explain how vital you are to me. There’s no way to describe my love for you. Your smile is beautiful and I pray that your face be as bright as this forever! God will bless your life!

We wish you the most wonderful birthday ever!

Thank you Dad for his birthday! All your fish will be huge, your drinks stay cool, and your sports teams be successful in the coming season!

It’s possible that I’m not the greatest kid however, you’ve always been a great father. Happy Papa’s birthday!

Happy Birthday. For Me, my Spectacular Father! Today is the day you will remember! We hope it’s filled with things you love most about life. Have a great celebration and an amazing year to come! I love you, dad!

We had planned to buy you a cake and candles for each year however, the fire department warned us that it would pose an hazard to fire. Well, we’ll just have to say happy birthday in any case!

Happy Birthday to the one who has my heart forever.

Happy Birthday Dad! Messages to Dad

I am blessed on the planet to have a father as you. I am grateful for having you as my father. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with joy and blessings. Happy birthday, dad.

What is your age today? Absolutely not! You’re a good steward of your time! In the future, I’d like to live half as long as you did, Dad. Happy Birthday!

Thank you, Dad, for your unwavering love and encouragement. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. To My Father in Heaven! I am thinking of you on this special day and sending a lot of love to your direction! You’re the most loving father you could ever ask for!

I would love to be there to say happy birthday But be assured that you’re in my thoughts and heart. thinking of your birthday on this day. Happy Birthday dad! Can’t be waiting to see you again!

For me , more than a father you’re my best friend. I can share my secrets. You are my everything to me. Happy birthday My dear dad! I wish you happiness throughout the year!

A happy birthday wishes my dearest friend!

To my dad My guide. Thank you for always pointing me to the right way and providing me with an appropriate direction. Happy birthday and I cherish you.

Dad! You are my hero. I only wish the highest on my hero. Happy Birthday to you.

I’m not always the most popular kid But that doesn’t keep your from becoming the most wonderful father. Happy birthday dad!

Sending my very special dad an extremely happy birthday.

Dad, you’re the most important person in everything to me. There’s no one in the world as amazing as you. You’re so committed and quietly give your time and cherish so deeply. As time passes I see that I am more and more fortunate that I have father just as amazing as you. Happy birthday.

I pray that the Lord bless you with his blessings, and keep your day more joyful on your birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! I love you a lot.

Happy Birthday. Sending best wishes and love your way to ensure that my father, you will have a great day!

We aren’t able to decide the father we have If I had the option, I’d still go with you. A happy birthday wishes to the King of fathers!

You are the hero in real life that taught me to overcome the difficulties of life. I will forever remember your words of wisdom and your advice. I will always remember your advice and instructions. Happy birthday, dad!

Happy Birthday to my most loyal patron.

Every time I fell and fall, you came to help me get up and get me in the proper track. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be where I am now. Happy Birthday Dad! With all my affection.

Sending a wish God Almighty for a better health and many more wonderful days in the future. I wish you the best of luck and happiness as you merit it. Happy returns to the day Dad.

Happy Birthday To My Great Father! You’re such a loving and thoughtful father. I cherish you to the core of my being. Enjoy your birthday celebration. You are truly deserving it!

The process of getting older can be hard however, you can are able to do it in style!

Happy birthday, dad. You’re the top!

As trees age they’ll have their limbs and branches extend across the entire direction. As with a tree every year that you live is a sign that you’re surrounded by more people who’s lives have been touched by you. I’m proud of your influence in the lives of others. Thanks for being a great father and a great man.

You are always able to bring me an ear even when I’m down. Thanks for the opportunity to bring lots of laughter to the world.

Thank you dad for the wonderful New Year! You’re the most perfect person I’ve ever met. We are proud to be your children. I’m trying my best to follow your footsteps as I would like to be a trustworthy and admirable individual like you.

My birthday wishes to my brilliant and great dad!

Dear dad, today is the day of your birthday I would like you to be aware that you are an inspirational, friend, and teacher to us all. Thank you for the kind of affection that makes the difference.

I am extremely fortunate having such a caring, supportive, and caring father. We wish you a wonderful day, filled with joy and happy moments!

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Dad

I’m wishing a very happy birthday by sending my love to my special dad. You’re always in my corner to hold my hand and help me through anything. I cannot thank my lucky stars enough to be the daughter of an amazing man. I truly admire you father.

Happy birthday, my mentor, my beloved father! Today, I feel extremely humble and honored to be able to mark fifty years of celebration for my gracious father. There’s no father who is more loving more caring, loving, and gentle than you.

Happy birthday to your dad! You’re my character model, the person I have always looked up to all of my life. I am happy and grateful for a dad as you. Your love, kindness and compassion will continue increase in me throughout the years. Thank you for the many sacrifices you put into our family.

Thank you for all your sacrifices in silence and working throughout the day and night to give us an improved life! I love you, happy birthday dad!

Your unconditional love for Daddy has made me feel comfortable, warm and safe. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday!

You’re always in my heart. Even when we live miles away. You’ve given me the benefit of life. Because of you. I am able to fight. You are the reason for my courage, strength and knowledge. Papa I am one kind. Thank you for the birthday wishes, my Daddy!

I am proud to be a father as great as you. Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Dearest Dad, thank you for the many years of fun and adventure you’ve provided me. I love you dearly. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday. Dear dad It’s time to appreciate everything that makes you extremely special. I wish you a birthday that is as beautiful like you. We love you!

Happy Birthday daddy! hope that you have everything you desire on this birthday celebration.

Today we salute and celebrate your dad! !

If I see you happy at heart and smiley, my entire world is lit up. Happy Birthday to you dad.

They’re lucky to have huge number candles. So I don’t have to spend my entire day decorating the cake with lots and tons of candles. Plus, I get to spend more time with my dad!

I’ve been your superhero. Thank you for the many lessons you’ve taught me throughout the years. Happy birthday, dad!

Dear Dad, I’ve always wanted to be exactly as you. Even now, many more than a decade later, I haven’t changed my thoughts. Your dedication and strength are inspiring to witness and I hope to emulate the example you set with my own children. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being my very first best friend as a mentor, teacher, and my hero. I love you, dad!

As you age, you’ll begin to forget a lot of things. Don’t forget the love I have for you!

Dear dad You are the main factor in my achievement. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your encouragement. Happy Birthday! Today, I want you to know that I’ll be there with you during all good and bad times. Love you a lot!

Nothing can ever cause us to break our bond. I’m fortunate to have an amazing father. Happy Birthday!

I’m a bit nostalgic for the times where your sturdy shoulders appeared to be the most heavenly spot on the planet. Dad regardless of how much time goes by or the age I reach you will always be my Superman! Happy Birthday.

I am grateful to you and my father for continuously being a source of encouragement for me, my father. Be grateful for every blessing God has provided you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday To My Fun Dad! Thank you for being such a great compassionate, thoughtful and loving father! I wish you a happy birthday.

When I think of older, golden years, I think of you! You’ve only improved with the passage of time!

I always have you to support me when I’m feeling down and motivate me to push myself to reach my highest levels. Thank you for being you. Happy birthday, dad.

Your trust that I am worthy and your unconditional love make me feel more confident and more courageous every day. I am grateful for all the many blessings that you have brought me all through my lifetime. Today, as you celebrate the day of your birthday hope that you have the opportunity to be loved by the people who cherish you. Happy Birthday Dad.

I am grateful to you as the Superman to me. You made me feel special by your affection and love. Happy birthday to dad!

A very happy birthday wishes to the most amazing father I’ve had! … Most likely the most wonderful dad anybody has.

Nobody can make me smile as you do. Today, I’m hoping to bring a smile on your face. Happy Birthday!

Dad, your gentle light guides this family and helps keep us all together. As you grow older I want you be assured that I’m with you in all of the tiniest and most difficult times. When you are celebrating your wedding day let yourself relax and forget all your anxieties.

Let the next few year be full of unending happiness and happiness. Thank you for being the most wonderful dad!

Happy Birthday wishes to Father

Today is your day to be special! Every day is a special one for dad. Because you are unique. And in a positive way.

Through all of these years I’ve always had your support. You’ve always listened to me, protected me and done everything I required and desired. It’s now my turn to take action for you. I pray that God grant me the power to do all I can to make you feel happy as you made me feel when I was a child!

I’m always grateful to you and I’m sure I’ll be there for you. Happy birthday, dad!

If people tell me that the apple isn’t far from the tree I tell them it’s the most flattering compliment I could ever receive. In the future, I’d like to be as wise and strong as you are. I hope that your birthday is full of joy!

Dad, you’ve been a wonderful source of inspiration for me! Thank you for always being with me. Today, I would like to say that I will forever be thankful for having you around as my father. Happy Birthday!

Your laughter makes me smile even when I’m depressed. You’re patient with me when I fail. You’re the greatest dad a kid could need.

Thank you for being the one who has helped me become who I am now. I love you, dad!

To the most efficient taxi driver in the world, to the most efficient web-based hunter least expensive handyman and the biggest bank I’ve ever seen. Happy Father’s Day!

You make me feel secure and secure thanks to your unwavering love. I would like to have more years for me to be with you. Happy birthday dad!

We may not always have a common understanding on all things. However, that doesn’t mean I do not love and respect you. Happy birthday dad!

Dear dad, happy birthday! Many happy returns to the day. While I’m not here with you in your day, know that I will always think of you. Think of the times we shared. I’m hoping today will be an unforgettable day that will be remembered.

You know exactly what you can say that will brighten my darkest of days. Happy birthday, dad.

Many people consider heroes their dads. However, superheroes aren’t always around but you’ve always been with me. If you’re asking me to be honest, my dad isn’t an superhero, but he’s Super Dad! Happy birthday.

I am grateful to you not just because you’re an amazing father but because you are an amazing human being. I wish God grant you a long, healthy life and keep you healthy and happy. Happy birthday, dad!

I would like to send you the most happy of birthdays and pops. have no idea of anyone that deserves more!

A very happy birthday wishes to my friend who did so much to me. I am more grateful to you than I can ever imagine!

Wish I was there with you for your birthday. On the positive side, you will have some peace and tranquility! I miss you and love you, Dad.

Dear dad on your birthday I would like you to be aware that you are an inspirational person, good friend and a teacher for everyone around us. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are beneficial for your dad’s health. The more birthdays you get more birthdays, the longer you will live!

Thanks for providing a support that I could always put my trust on, no regardless of what. I am so grateful for you. Happy birthday, dad!

Today, I am reflecting and celebrating the life of the most remarkable mentor, friend, idol and father.

Everyone was looking for the perfect friend in high school , and later , I realized I had you. Thank you for giving me the feeling of that! Happy birthday dad!

The purpose of life is to be loved. I wish this year brings you the happiness you desire.

I’ve been your most loyal fan. I wish you the very most wonderful birthday, my dad!

Dad! Your gray hairs bring back memories of how awful it was for me as a youngster. Thanks for your perseverance and a happy birthday.

When I notice you smiling all the world is lit up. Happy birthday dad.

Because of you, my dad I’m living a happy life. You’ve given me the best happiness and fulfilled all my desires. You are the ideal father figure that I can look up to. Happy returns to the day!

Fathers are the most wonderful gift any person could ever receive. I’m honored to have you as my dad. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday dad! I wish only the best for you since you truly deserve! I am proud to be your son!

A happy birthday wishes to the person who has always was my most important interests at heart. even when I thought I was stupid to understand it.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Dad

Dads always offer the best advice and for this, I’m forever thankful. Happy birthday, big guy.

You’ve been with me from the moment I was born. I wish you were with me until my death! I love youdaddy, and Thank you for believing in me.

I’m so grateful for your father’s genes. You’re just as amazing as ever and likely to get better! I’m excited to age just like you!

You’re one of the greatest aspects of my life. I’m so happy to call you my father. I wish you a happy birthday.

I’m sure I’ve never been the perfect child that you would have liked, however, remember that you’ve always been the best dad for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be my dad. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad, you’re the most wonderful!

I want to send you my sincere congratulations to you on the occasion of your birthday Dad! The father every child wants to be able to. You are a master of everything that I can tell. Thanks for your fatherly love. Wishing you a happy day with blessings, surprises and happiness!

Whatever I’m experiencing You always know how you can make me feel happier. I love more than you will ever realize. I love you, dad. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, daddy! I can’t even imagine a single more perfect day with you. You’re the most amazing dad I’ve ever had!

To a Wonderful Father, Happy Birthday. You helped me learn to walk, you taught me make a statement in a crowd, and you inspired me to let my gorgeous colors shine. I love you, now and every day!

As we age, wisdom comes with it and that’s the reason I’m constantly contacting you with questions! Thank you for being the most accommodating dad ever!

I cherish the memories of my childhood, and you’re the reason for it. Thanks for being the greatest dad I’ve ever had. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for giving us your love and love for your father. Thanks for helping to make our lives gorgeous through your presence. Happy Birthday dear father.

Happy birthday dad! I’d be lost without you.

Dear dad, you’ve given me the most amazing life. I don’t know the value you place on me. Let all your worries go away and you live a tranquil life! Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks for teaching me my very first lesson. Still learning from your greatest. I wish you a happy birthday Dad!

I am blessed to have you as my father. You are the most loving father that anyone could want. You are more radiant than the diamond. I wish you continued to be my guide in the coming years, just as you did in the ones before. I love you so much, dad.

Dad Happy Birthday Dad. If this day is as enjoyable for you, as it is to everyone else and the world, then prepare! You’re getting a treat!

On your birthday I wish you good well-being, happiness, prosperity and lots of fun throughout the year!

Today is your chance to shine and shine, but you’ll always be a star to me. Happy birthday, dad!

Thank you for being my wonderful dad. You’ve always contributed many to the world and we’re so thankful for it. I wish you a wonderful day enjoying your pure joy.

A happy birthday wishes to the greatest role model that a child could ever want.

Thank you for your birthday father! You’re an amazing son, wonderful partner, and the most wonderful father. I’m so grateful to be part of your family. You’ll always be my hero. Thank you for all the best wishes!

I am beyond happy to have you as my father, and more important my friend. Happy Birthday.

Dad You are my refuge as a shade of trees. You’ve consistently been my most helpful and kind father in the world. Thank you for always helping me. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad. You brighten my day and help me keep my dark side away And now I’m excited to celebrate. Let’s celebrate to you!

I am amazed by how, despite many years of living, you are still following your dreams. You’re an inspiration for all of us dads. Happy Birthday!

The love of a father is something you simply cannot express in words. I want you to always know how much you are to me. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being the best loving and supportive father in the world. I know that you’re always there for me, just like me!

Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for being a helper and giving me great advice and being there for me regardless of what. I’m not sure what I might do, without your help. Thank you for everything!

Who needs superheroes to be a superhero when you’ve got me? Happy birthday dad!

My dear dad I’m here today because of you. You have given me life I was able to trust you, loved me, protected me, and provided me with the shelter of your heart. Your smile is what brings me joy. The goodness of God never be lacking! Happy Birthday!

When you light your candles, I’m hoping the wishes of all are fulfilled. Happy birthday, dad! Thank you for being my very best friend. Thank you for being you. Happy birthday, dad.

You are the reason for my confidence and strength. I’m never discouraged in my journey because I know that you’re always there to lift me up. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Pops! If you’d like to have a break, I’ll provide to let you escape to play a game.

My superhero, my dad, happy birthday! You are the most perfect dad and every moment I spent with you were unforgettable. Every year, I would like to see that your happiness will increase by two. Enjoy your day!