Happy 8 Month Anniversary

We already have eight months of dating

We already have eight months of dating! And they are the most beautiful, inspiring, and most exciting eight months that I have already lived, because with you everything is different, because you are different from all people. Happy 8 Month Anniversary!

There are times when I hardly even need to speak, just with a look you can understand what I think, what I want, or how I am feeling. I am so lucky to have found you, that every day I thank life, and it is rare the day that I do not go to sleep with a smile.

If I am wrong, you continue by my side, encouraging and supporting me, and that is something very beautiful, my love. Being in the good, but also in the bad. Thank you, and I want you to know that I love you.

Happy 8 months of boyfriends for you and me

Happy 8 months of dating for you and me, my love! Spending half a year and reaching step by step, another beautiful month of love and passion. Thank you for everything you give me without asking for anything in return, for your infinite generosity and your full humility. 

I adore everything you are, and I want to continue by your side, knowing more about you, and learning from what a good person you are.

Happy 8 Month Anniversary

Eight months dating is a long time

Are you as happy as I am? Eight months dating is a long time! Every second has been wonderful, I have learned to open my heart to you and I hope you are always in it. Thank you for coming into my life!

Congratulations on our eighth month! I love you my love!

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My love, my great support

My love, my great support,
and my best company,
the person who gives me the most joy,
I want to take advantage of this day,
in which we have been engaged
for 8 months, to tell you that I adore you,
that I love you,
and that you are the most beautiful thing
that it has happened to me in life.

The truth is that right now, without you,
I would not be able to imagine the days,
because you give them emotion and a lot of color,
and with your hugs, they are always much better.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 8 month anniversary

The love that I feel for you is real

Happy 8 months of dating to us, my love! I still remember our first looks, our shyness to talk to each other, and look at us now, the trust we have gained, and the complicity we have.

You already know how much I like being with you, and that the love I feel for you is true, very sincere and infinite. I want us to continue sharing, and for us to continue knowing each other, because it is being the most beautiful experience of my life. I love you!

When I am bad, I find in you an ideal refuge

Happy 8 months of dating, my love! I don’t know how to put into words everything I feel for you. Without a doubt, today is a happy day.

I want to thank you, because when I am sick, I find in you an ideal refuge, you make me feel very good, and you help me to recover with your words, with your affection and the love that you transmit to me.

I love you!

We party for our love

How nice to be 8 months of dating, my love! When I met you, I realized that everything shone more when I was by your side, that the hours flew by, that I always wanted to spend more time with you and that my heart was beating faster.

Today we come to this date in which we celebrate for our love, and I want to tell you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you and want to take care of you forever

.Today is a beautiful day

Today is a beautiful day! Why? Because today we celebrate eight months of dating. I’m glad to know that I found you, and that together we enjoy every moment. I love you! I am the luckiest person in the world to have you, each moment is unique and I keep it in my heart.

And, I wish that we are always together and that you continue to be my strength. I am not afraid of anything if you continue to support me, my love!

The number eight

Have you already realized that the number eight on a side is an infinity? Well, it seems very appropriate to tell you today that we happen to celebrate our first eight months of dating. Congratulations Love! 

I swear that I have never met such a wonderful person, and even if she is beautiful on the outside, she is more beautiful on the inside! Thank you for existing, and for having shared so much time with me! I love you!

I feel very happy with you

Today just dawned I kept thinking about how much we have spent together, and I was very happy to realize that I feel very happy with you.

In just eight months we have made many dreams come true, and we still have many more to do! I hope that our courtship is unforgettable, and allows us to know each other much more. I love you! So, I hope you know that I will always be here for you!

When i wake up next to you

When I wake up next to you, my day changes completely, because it becomes a better day, you give me joy, energy and the desire to learn and improve myself. Today I am particularly happy because we are celebrating our 8 months of dating, and we will do something different and special.

When I met you I wanted to live by the day, taking advantage of the present, every minute that life offered us to be together, so I never thought that so many months would pass, but the truth is that they have passed and that each of them has taught us something different . 

We will carry all of this within us forever, and I hope that we continue to walk with our love as a flag, that we continue united and building this beautiful relationship that today reaches one more goal. Because with you the path is more beautiful! I love you!

Our beautiful story

My sweetheart, a couple of months ago we spent half a year together, and so, today we reached our 8-month anniversary of dating! As you already know, my heart is yours, because the love I feel for you is immense, and it has been growing day by day, from the first moment I met you.

I hope that we continue to treat each other with the love and respect that we do for much longer, that we continue to build our beautiful story, and that we become as happy as we have been up to now. I love you!

Much to live together

We reached 8 months of dating, my love! The truth is that this time has been so beautiful that, despite the fact that we have done hundreds of things, it has passed very quickly. You know that that means that I want a lot more, and I know that we have a lot to know about each other, and a lot to live together, happy anniversary!

I hope you never leave me, my love

Happy eight months, my life, I hope you never leave me! I adore you with all my heart because you make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. With you I can do everything, you make me want to fulfill all my dreams and share them with you.

I never thought I could get to be with someone like you! I always remember the moment we met, and the connection we had seems like magic. Today I want you to be absolutely certain of how much I love you, especially because you are a unique person, and I was lucky to find you!

Now that you are with me, I want to celebrate each of our months because you are the most valuable treasure I have. With each passing day my illusions increase and I hope that you are my forever!

It’s not enough to tell you that I love you

8 wonderful months by your side and it is no longer enough to tell you that I love you. With each passing month you make my feelings for you much stronger. Thank you for being my refuge in difficult times and for loving me unconditionally. It’s amazing that so long has passed, and that my heart continues to race every time I see you.

I love you to infinity!

You and me until the end

Happy 8 months, my love! It is the perfect time to thank you for so much joy! Thank you for being so patient with me, for helping me be a better person every day, for being my personal guide, and the person I have the most fun with.

Throughout this time, I have come to realize that to be the ideal couple we don’t have to be perfect, but we have to be a good team. And that’s us! The best team!

You make me feel like the happiest person, and blessed in the whole world for the simple fact of being with you. I love you a lot!

You and me until the end! I hope it’s always like this! Well, from the first day my heart decided to escape and stay with you.

Every time I fall more in love with you

Happy 8 months, love! Every time I fall more in love with you, with your sweet eyes and your huge hugs that make me feel at home. The feelings I have for you appear, and make me wish that the days were longer to always enjoy them with you.

Now I can say that I am a complete person because you are with me You arrived and I hope you will always stay with me!

Being with you is wonderful

Being with you is wonderful, it is the most beautiful thing in life, and that is why we are going to celebrate today, for our union and for our 8 months of relationship!

You know that my love for you is so immense that I would go around the world infinite times, that what I want most is to be with you, and that you are the best person in the whole world. But in case you forget… here I repeat it!

I know we will have a beautiful day and I am looking forward to meeting you, love.

In 8 months

In 8 months you have become my home! You taught me to love from day one, so today I celebrate all this time we have together. I want you to know that I hope that we continue together until we are very old, and that, as time goes by, I can get to know you even more. I love you!

An indispensable part in my life

Congratulations my love! We are 8 months old and little by little you have become an indispensable part of my life. I hope we are together millions of more months because every moment with you is unique and special. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me in all my decisions. I love you and I will always love you!

There is still much to discover

My love, we already have 8 months together! Just today was the day we decided to take the plunge and begin our relationship. The truth is that time has passed me very quickly, and I still feel the same emotion from the beginning.

I think there is still much to discover and learn, side by side. I wish that today we have a great time, that we enjoy our love, and that we go out dancing and celebrating. And, I want you to know that what I want the most is to be with you, happy anniversary!

I feel with the emotion of the first day

When I’m with you, I feel excited and excited about the first day, but 8 months have already passed! I want to thank you for this time, you cannot imagine how good you make me feel and how happy I am when I am with you.

These 8 months have helped us to get to know each other better, and I know that we have become a great support for each other. I hope that at least another 8 months will come, and that we can continue to grow together. Happy 8 months, my love!

Infinitely happy

Eight months ago you came into my life and I can say that I have been infinitely happy ever since. You are the first thing I think of every day when I wake up, I want us to continue adding months and beautiful moments that will forever remain etched in my memory. I love you to infinity!

My love, do you know how much I love you?

My love, do you know how much I love you? I’ll tell you in an instant… infinite! In these 8 months we have created a great complicity, and I feel that we understand each other perfectly, that you are capable of understanding each of my concerns.

I really want to continue with you, to continue living stories, memories that we can tell our grandchildren, I don’t want this to ever end! Happy Anniversary!

Happy 8 Month Anniversary

A very important celebration

You and I have a very important celebration! We are turning eight months, my love. Soon we will be turning one year old! I want you to know that each day has been unforgettable for me, and I am very happy that we have learned many things from each other. Simple things like holding hands, having lunch and even your hugs, have become a necessity for me.

The trust and respect we have is incredible. I hope that continues like this for a lifetime! Thank you for being by my side and for wanting to write this beautiful story with me. I love you!

I want to shout to everyone how much I love you¡

Happy 8 months! I want to shout to everyone how much I love you, my love! Every moment we see each other, time stops, I thank you for so many good moments we have lived and so many advice. As time goes by, we are creating our future, I hope you want yours to continue being with me!

Be live the present

My love, I knew that we would build our own future little by little, and that our love would make us move forward without fear. And here we are, celebrating 8 months together, and wishing they were much more.

However, I want us to live the present with the intensity with which we already do, taking advantage of every minute together, and always sincere with each other, because I believe that in this way we can best maintain our beautiful relationship. I love you, happy anniversary!

We are accomplices

Whoever looks at us knows that we are accomplices of this beautiful love that we feel, and I love it that way! This new stage has been perfect, and I feel that with the passage of time it is consolidating more.

Happy 8 months, love! I am glad to know that the love we feel is true and very special.

It doesn’t take much to be happy

Everything has been perfect for 8 months and it is because I have you with me, you taught me that even rainy and gray days can be days of movies and lots of caresses, that we can walk and tell each other everything and even that we can prepare dinner together instead of go to a restaurant.

Anyway, you taught me that it doesn’t take much to be happy. Thank you for these eight months, love!

It’s call love

My love, how beautiful that we have already spent half a year and today we are 8 years old together. The happiness I feel is so much and what I want to tell you so much that I don’t even know where to start.

Meeting you was very special, from the first moment I felt something for you that I had not felt for anyone before, and it is something that I still feel, over time I have found the exact word to define it, it is called love.

If we are together

My love,
these 8 months with you
have been very intense,
with great emotions,
and an immense love
that has surrounded us both,
and that deserves that we make
this day a great celebration.

Let us invite our friends
and family
to share our joy
at being together for another month,
for learning from each other every day,
but above all,
for wanting much more,
for having our eyes set on the horizon,
far away, Well, many plans are yet to come
and I am sure that, if we are together,
 we will find happiness in everyone.

I love you!

My life is wonderful

My life is wonderful, and it is that today I am 8 months with the person I love the most in the world. All this time has been beautiful, from the moment we met, until this very moment.

I know that we still have a lot to grow together, one next to the other, and I am happy to know that I am with you because I do not stop learning. You already know perfectly well, but I’m telling you one more time… I love you!

Happy 8 Month Anniversary Video