Happy 7 months anniversary

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You have awakened feelings in me that I never thought I had

My love, we have been dating for 7 months! In this time, you have awakened feelings in me that I never thought I had, and sometimes I feel like a completely new person. I can say that, without a doubt, your arrival in my life only made it better.

On a day like this, I could list thousands of beautiful things about you, but the truth is, I just want to say that I love you, and that I want to do everything in my power to make you happy. Happy Anniversary!

Another month of beautiful experiences

My love, we already left half a year behind to celebrate our 7 months of dating! Another month of beautiful experiences, interesting conversations and also some more banal but fun, walks, sunsets, romantic dinners, endless laughter … So many and many things that we did and that will remain in my memory, because the happy moments we must keep forever. Happy Anniversary!

Happy 7 months anniversary

 I love to celebrate every month

I love celebrating every month that I spend with you! I feel like it was destiny that brought us together to never part. I love you! Happy seven months of dating!

Little by little I am getting excited with the wish that we will always be together in the future, and that you will be the happy ending to my fairy tale.

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They all tell me that I look happier

Everyone tells me that I seem happier, and it is because I am with such a wonderful person as you! Happy seven months of courtship!

It has been so long that you have become the person I know best, and with whom I want to share for many more months. I love you I love you and I love you! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of telling you!

I longed for this day to come

I was looking forward to this day, love! Our happy 7 months of anniversary! The first thing I want to tell you is how much I love you, and although for some celebrating the months of courtship is not important, for me it means appreciating and celebrating each moment together and even more for each learning.

I hope we continue to celebrate many more!

This day is our day

This day is our day! I wait for you with my open heart so that we can celebrate our 7 months as a couple. Today anything goes! A romantic dinner, walking hand in hand, millions of photos, and of course, lots of kisses. You think?

I love you and I hope we celebrate many more months!

Thank you for these 7 months, my love

Thank you for these 7 months, my love! It has been very beautiful, and the best of all is that we have much more time to live, much more to discover, and many more plans to carry out.

I know we have a future together, because you have shown me during this time that you are an ideal person, the best partner I could have. You help me whenever I need it, you are always aware of me so that I am well, and I want to thank you for that. I love you, happy anniversary!

Happy 7 months anniversary

Love came into my life exactly 7 months ago

Love came into my life exactly 7 months ago, and it is that you arrived, my love, and my heart began to beat faster when our eyes met. Since then we have established a beautiful relationship, and I feel very good.

Thank you for always having understanding with me, being patient, and loving me also with my defects. Today I would like to celebrate, because the joy I feel is immense. I want you to always be well, and do everything in my power to make it so. I love you!

I know the future is uncertain but I want to imagine it with you

Happy Anniversary my love!
We have reached 7 months of relationship,
one next to the other,
always supporting each other,
in the good in the bad.
The laughs and the good times
that I have spent by your side
are innumerable,
you have made me so happy during this time!

I know the future is uncertain,
but I want to imagine it with you.
I love you!

7 months knowing that my love for you is infinite

My love, your kindness, your sympathy and your generosity dazzled me 7 months ago, and they continue to do so like the first day. We have spent a very beautiful time together, and it is that I have been knowing for 7 months that my love for you is infinite.

I want to thank you, because all the time you have spent with me has been the best of my life, and what I adore the most is growing and learning with you, I think we are a perfect couple!

You already know that sharing my life with you is the best decision I made one day, but I want to repeat it, because it is very important, and I never want you to forget it.

I never get tired of being with you, I always want much more, and I wish for many more months to come, happy anniversary, darling!

You are a very important person to me

We have shared so much time together and my feelings for you increase more and more as the days go by. You have the right words to guide me when I stumble, and I know that I will always have your hand to support me through difficult times.

You have become a very important person to me! I love you! Happy 7 months!

My dreams came true

7 months with you,
who was going to tell me …
but you showed up,
we talked, we laughed,
and I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

You captivated me from the first minute, I
wanted to spend every second with you,
and my dreams came true,
so today we are going to celebrate.

I love you madly,
for how you are, for how you take care of me,
for how you look at me, and you pamper me.
Happy Anniversary my love!

Time passes and does not go back

Happy 7 months of love! Let’s celebrate big because time passes and does not turn back! I keep in my memory many moments we spent together, the first time we saw each other, the first date, when we held hands, the first kiss, your advice and many others.

Throughout all this time I have collected these memories as if they were photos in an album. And what we lack!

I love you! Thank you for being my support, my chef and the person who takes care of me at all times. I have come to the conclusion that falling in love with a person like you is a blessing.

Let’s toast because the best is yet to come!

I can not stop thinking about you

Dawn dawned and I can’t stop thinking about you, Happy seven months, love! I think of the first time I kissed you and I can’t stop sighing. You were and will always be the best decision of my life!

Today I celebrate our love, Giant, precious and respectful! And I celebrate you who are the one who makes me smile non-stop. From the first moment I knew you were the one I was looking for.

I really hope it will be many more months to celebrate, to share and to tell you how much I love you.

Every day that I spend with you is magical

We have reached 7 months together! A beautiful number, because there are those who say that it brings good luck, and also … we have passed half a year! Every day that I spend with you is magical, and during this time you have shown me to be a loyal and caring person, and that has made me fall in love with you much more.

Thank you for putting up with me in the most difficult moments, I know that together we will be able to overcome all the obstacles along the way, because we are stronger. Happy Anniversary my love!

Happy 7 months anniversary

I imagine with you forever

Happy 7 months together, my love! This time has been very beautiful, and I want you to know that I imagine myself with you forever, because you make my days much easier. I never thought I would find someone like you, and I am very happy that it happened.

I hope that you always feel good by my side, and that by talking and trying to understand each other, we manage to overcome the obstacles that life can put us. For my part, I have every intention of doing so. I love you!

With you, every day is different

My love, 7 months by your side, and those that remain, because we have forged a strong relationship, based on love, affection and respect, and I have the conviction that this will make us go very far.

You have helped me and have given me strength to continue when I thought I could not, and I do not have enough words to say everything that I appreciate those gestures. You are my unconditional support, and of course, the best person I could have met, and I thank life for that. 

With you, every day is different, you always have something new to show me, something funny always happens to us, or you surprise me with something of yours. You have been making me happy for 7 months, my love, I adore you and I love you madly! Happy Anniversary!

I still have a hard time believing how lucky I was 7 months ago

My love, today we celebrate 7 months together, accompanying us, learning and enjoying our beautiful love. I still have a hard time believing how lucky I was 7 months ago when you appeared in my life … I never imagined that you could notice me, and it finally happened. I want you to know that with you I am the happiest person in the world, I love you madly!

The days go by so fast

The days go by so fast that today we are already 7 months together! What better way to celebrate than with a loving kiss and a giant hug? I love you!

These months have been perfect because you are present, and to make me enjoy every minute in which we are together. Thank you my love!

Has it already been 7 months?

Has it already been 7 months?
It has known me little,
my love,
I want much more.

I feel that
we are still at the beginning,
and that many more
good things
are yet to come.

The days I spend with you
are more motivating,
because you inspire me
and you always give me joy.

I hope you think
the same as me
and want to be with me
to infinity.

I love you!

The last 7 months of my life have been beautiful

The last 7 months of my life have been beautiful, full of happiness and joy, and that is because of you, my love. You have done everything possible so that everything went well, always with details, with the best attention, and you have shown me that you are a great person. 

This time has helped me to consolidate what I already thought, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, happy anniversary!

My sweetie and I have been together for 7 months

Today is the day to celebrate, because my love and I have been together for 7 months! I feel very happy for this time, and I want to share this joy with all my loved ones, because loving someone and that everything goes well, is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in life.

 The beginning of our happily ever after

We are 7 months old today! Don’t you think they passed very quickly? If it was for me, I would repeat them a thousand times. You make me feel special with every beautiful gesture.

I don’t know if you knew, but you have become the best decision I have ever made. Thank you for sharing with me, and creating unforgettable stories that we will tell when we are old.

May this be the beginning of our happily ever after!

I fell in love with you 7 months ago

I fell in love with you 7 months ago, and from that moment, I began to feel like a different person, happier and more cheerful, with more energy and enthusiasm. I could say that you colored my life, and I thank you for that. Happy Anniversary my love!

I find it difficult to explain

7 months with you! The happiness I feel does not fit in my heart! Telling you what I feel is difficult for me to explain, and when I try, the first thing that comes to mind is I love you.

You make me feel in the clouds with just one look, that the butterflies do not want to leave my stomach, and that I want to spend every day with you.

May more months come together!

Forever i want to be with you

I want to be with you forever, love Happy seven months! With each passing day I fall a little more in love with you and the lovely person that you are.

With each gesture and each caress you make me sigh. Today I feel that I am falling in love again! I love you!

Until they are old

Since I saw you I did not want to look for anyone else, you were the person I wanted to be with until I was old!

Today I am blessed to say that I have 7 perfect months by your side, and although not everything has been easy, we have managed to overcome obstacles by making our love grow as the days go by. I love you!

I love so much

We finally reached 7 months! Congratulations Love! I don’t know if the same thing happens to you, but I have learned so many things from you. You are the person I know the most and I want to continue knowing for many more months!

Just a message from you in the morning makes me wake up happy, your caresses and your kisses make my body shudder, and even when you tell me you love me, my heart races!

Some people say that after a few months the relationship becomes a routine, but I am sure that with us that will never happen.

I love you so much that it is impossible for you to know how much!

Love with all your heart

With you I have learned to love with all my heart. Are you as happy as I am for these seven months together? I do! You make my heart beat so hard that everyone can hear it.

I love you so much that I don’t know how to explain it! Let’s celebrate!

Seven months of illusions

Seven months of illusions, promises, and a lot of love! Let’s celebrate! You came and I hope you stay forever. I’ve never felt something as strong as what I feel when I’m with you.

Did you know that from the moment I met you my life changed completely? In you I have constant support, and you are the person who motivates me the most to fulfill all my dreams. Thanks a lot! I love you!

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