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Our half year together is here

Our half year together is already here, as we reached 6 months of dating! When I saw you, everything in my life changed, I just wanted to see you and meet you, and that’s what happened. We started talking, and very soon love came!

On this day we will toast for another six months, as trying and as wonderful as those we have experienced. I love you!

By your side I have fully felt happiness

My love, today we reached 6 months of dating, and not only is that, but we are happy, and wanting to be many more months. By your side I have fully felt happiness, the joy of living, wanting to share and build something beautiful.

Thank you for everything you do for me, you have everything I need, no one ever loved me as well as you. Happy Anniversary!

Happy 6 Month Anniversary

We already have half a year

I still can’t believe
I found you!
Happy 6 months
of boyfriends!
It seems like a short time,
but it isn’t. It’s half a year!

And in that time you were in
charge of touching
my heart and my soul.
It is something so wonderful that
I have no way to express it,
but you know as well
as I how it feels.

We have shared so many stories
that we could write a book! And we still have many more!
I love you!

happy 6 month anniversary

Half a year together, love

Half a year together, love! Can you believe it? Time passes so fast, I have enjoyed every moment with you to the fullest. Our relationship is full of adventure! And even though we have had difficult times, full of tension, we have overcome them together! Because together we complement each other.

Is it possible that my love for you increases every day? Yes! You are the person I always dreamed of and much more. I know that I can count on you in the bad times because you have the best advice, and that despite my mistakes you love me as I am.

Today all I can wish for is that we are together for many more months. I love you!

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We are celebrating half a year together

Honey, today we are celebrating half a year together, and I want you to know that in this time you have become one of the most important people in my life. I don’t think there is anyone with such kindness as you in the whole world, and for me it is an essential quality in people.

Thank you for being my support at all times, and for understanding me when no one does. Also for your patience, because I know that sometimes I am not an easy person, but you are always there with me, showing me that you love me.

I want you to know that I love you madly, that each of the days that have passed during these six months has served to make my love for you grow a little more. Being with you is very exciting, and we have so many plans to make! I want us to be together many more months. Happy Anniversary!

One more month with you

One more month with you! Thank you for making me so happy, my love. With you everything is more fun! Today is 6 months with you, and my heart tells me that you are the person I needed to have by my side. Although we are different, together we complement each other and we make the impossible possible!

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I would not change anything in these 6 months

Six months ago you came into my life like a tremor and moved my whole being. I still remember the moment when I met you. The nerves were too many! But in your eyes I could see that we were both just as nervous.

I keep in my memory a chest of special and unforgettable moments that I have spent with you. The first date, the first time we held hands, the first kiss, the first hug, each one has been wonderful!

We have learned to advise each other, to be complicit and to love each other regardless of the arguments. I would not change anything in these 6 months! I ask that we continue like this for infinite months more because I love you as I have never loved anyone. Today we will celebrate our sixth month together!

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I want to keep making you happy

My love, today is a very special day, and I know we are going to celebrate it. Some time ago I realized that you were not like the others, you caught my attention and whenever I saw you, I wanted more.

It didn’t take me long to know that I was starting to fall in love, and I could hardly wait to let you know how much I felt about you. You don’t know how happy I was when you told me that you also had the same feelings for me! So, 6 months ago we decided to start sharing our lives and our love materialized.

You have made me very clear, and you have shown me that you are my support, both in good times and in bad, and I want you to be clear that I am also for you. I want to spend much more time by your side, and I want to continue making you happy, because I love you.

Happy 6 months!

6 month anniversary wishes for boyfriend

The best decision I made in my life

All this time together has shown me that you are the best decision I have made in my life. Today we are six months old, and I have learned to love you a little more every day. I love so much! With you I feel that I am a better person, you have taught me so many things!

I wish that we continue to write our history, and that you take care of me until we are very old. My heart longs for many more months!

I’m living the life that I always wanted to live

My love, I am living the life that I always wanted to live, and you entered it. We already have 6 months together, and since then my world has undoubtedly changed for the better. Meeting you was beautiful, and spending all this time with you, much more.

Thank you for all your details, for being aware of me, for helping me in everything I ask of you, you are my greatest support, and the best company that one day I had. I love you, and I want us to celebrate our love today. Happy Anniversary!

I never thought that I could feel so happy

Happy 6 months together, my love!

I remember the first time I saw you,
I couldn’t resist…
I never thought I could feel so happy,
and it’s all because I’m close to you.
It seems that time passed very quickly,
and I feel that with each other,
with respect and affection,
we have taken care of each other.
And there is still so much to come!
I’m looking forward to much more,
adventures, plans, trips …
so much to come …
But for now, today, let’s

I love you!

You are everything I ever wanted

I want to continue celebrating this and each of the following months with you. Happy sixth month, my love! I hope you know that you are everything I ever wanted in my life. Just the way you are, I love you! Today I remember all the times I heard those beautiful love songs, and I wished I had someone to dedicate them to. Now I have you! I dedicate them all to you, love!

Happy 6 Month Anniversary

Months of much learning and infinite love

My love, happy 6 months! They have been months of much learning and infinite love. You are the person who knows me the most and after all this time, I want to ask you a very important question: Do you still love me like the first time? I assure you yes!

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6 months with thousands of stories to tell

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it,
but today I woke up
with a different air,
with a special smile,
and it is a day to frame.

My love, today we celebrate 6 months together,
a very beautiful time,
with thousands of stories to tell,
with moments not to forget,
and above all, wanting many more.

By your side I am happy,
I love you!

We already have 6 months sharing our love

My love, we already have 6 months sharing our love, we are already half a year together! I feel so cheerful and happy that I just want to smile, go for a walk, dance, whatever it is, but with you.

Thank you for everything you have given me, for being unconditionally for me, for being patient and respecting me at all times. It’s so good that we both have the same desire to continue this journey side by side! Happy anniversary! I love you!

Today I just want you to know that I love you

Let’s celebrate our half year together, love! Enjoying all this time holding hands has been wonderful, and I have already gotten used to your good morning, your giant hugs, and the endless hours talking about our future together.

I thank you because you have made me see the world in a different way, and you have encouraged me to make all my dreams come true.

Today I just want you to know how much I love you, honey! I have come to realize that I don’t want anyone but you, and that I intend to keep it that way forever.

Let’s toast for ourselves

My love, on this important day, I want us to toast for ourselves, for the time we have been together, and for everything that will come, which I know will be a lot. Happy 6 months!

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You don’t know the happiness that I feel

You don’t know how happy I am to have found you, love. I have enjoyed each of these days to the fullest, and there are none that are sad with you! You know perfectly how to make my smile really authentic!

During these six months we have had some difficulties, but we have managed to overcome them together, as the good team that we are.

I love you! I hope we celebrate for many more months!

If I could make a wish

Half a year, my love, that’s how long we have together! And in that time many things have happened, it is difficult to choose which would be the best, but for me one of the most important is that we have gotten to know each other, and that has made us love each other more intensely.

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And I say this, because knowing you more closely has helped me to understand you in many aspects, and to be able to discover the beautiful person you are, and the great heart that you have. In addition, you are a very funny person, you are always able to make me smile and… we have laughed out loud, so I think we have gained years of life!

If I could make a wish for it to come true, it would be to be able to spend much more time with you, to continue growing together, making us happy, and supporting each other as we have done so far. I love you.

Six months by your side

6 months by your side! Today there will be nothing that will erase the smile from my face, because I feel like the happiest person on the planet. Six months ago we decided to start this journey together and I don’t regret it in the least. Although as in everything, there are worse moments, we have known how to overcome them together. And it is that, with you it is always worth it! I love you I love you and I love you.

Infinite thanks for everything you have given me

6 months ago you discovered to me that love truly exists, and you have shown it to me in each month that has passed. So, today we are celebrating our anniversary, half a year together !, and I feel very happy.

Infinite thanks for everything you have given me, because I am always better if I am by your side. I hope we never part, I love you!

Six months is a long time

Six months is a long time!
When I met you I knew that you were special,
in your eyes there was sincerity and love.

Today we have one more month,
of the many that will soon come,
and I just feel happy
that you will always be by my side.

I love you a little more every day!

We have been together for half a year

Today we are going to celebrate that we have been together for half a year, my love. I feel so happy that I would like to go around telling everyone how good I feel, and that we are celebrating our anniversary. You know that I love to celebrate the good that life brings us, and this is not going to be less. So, get ready for a day of celebration, I love you!

The love between us arose instantly

If I have learned something from life, it is that it can give us joy at the moment when we least expect it, and that happened to me 6 months ago, when you appeared on my path.

You arrived by chance, and the love between us arose instantly, your eyes, your gaze, your mouth, your gestures, your way of speaking … All this made me unable to stop thinking about you for a second.

We have lived great moments, and many more must come, happy anniversary, my love!

Half a year on the road together

Happy 6 months of love, honey! Half a year of walking together is much better than I could ever dream of. I have a lot to be thankful for and today is the best day to do it, so I hope to celebrate with you, prepare the most special day and, of course, toast.

All this time it’s being beautiful

My love, today we are celebrating our anniversary, today we are celebrating half a year together! You came into my life to give it light, your joy did not leave anyone indifferent, and I could not be less. I saw you, and I thought that by your side I would be happy, and now 6 months have passed, and I can only say that all this time is being the most beautiful that I have already lived. 

I have prepared a very special day, which is going to be full of surprises, because I love you, and because this love that we feel for each other has to be celebrated.

Happy 6 months, honey!

6 months have already passed

6 months have passed and I want to be with you for a long time! Thank you for loving me in that way that only you know how to do it, taking care of me as if I were your greatest treasure, and making me want to be with you at all times. I love you! I hope the rest of our lives are as happy as these months have been.

The most beautiful love that I have felt

This half year passed me between laughter, great walks, and the most beautiful love I have ever felt. That is why I want us to celebrate it, love, because although it is not yet years, for me each month is worthy of a great party. 

I love you, and will continue to do so for many more months!

I can’t be happier than I already am

6 months by your side, love! I cannot be happier than I already am, and a large part of that happiness is mainly due to you, because you appeared in my life. We have shared so many good moments that I am unable to list them, and I know that we will continue to share many more. I love you!

6 months together, enjoying life by your side

Happy Anniversary my love! 6 months together, enjoying life by your side, feeling like the most special person in the world, because you make me feel that way, with every word, with every look, with every smile …

I wish that we continue our journey together, one with him another, because that way everything is more pleasant and simpler. I love you above all things, I want you to be happy, and always be with you. Let’s celebrate everything we feel, because there is only one life, and we must celebrate good feelings!

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This month we reached 6

Each month with you is more exciting than the previous one, and we have a habit of celebrating them with a small celebration, between you and me. But this month we are 6, that is, half a year! and I think that deserves a party in which we invite our friends, because it is always good to celebrate for love. I adore you!

All the time that I spend with you is valuable

All the time I spend with you is valuable and beautiful, that is why I cherish in my heart these 6 months that we have together. What I feel for you is very intense and deep, the best love story of my life.

Everything has happened very quickly and I am very much looking forward to living with you more, to continue learning and to continue thanking you for having you on my way. I wish there was the exact word to tell you how I feel about you, but it is so big that it is not invented. I love you!

We adapt very well

We adapt very well to each other, darling, and that has to be celebrated! In the last 6 months you have taught me that true happiness is not found in gifts, but in the moments we live together. 

Since then my life has changed, and I am happy to tell you that you have been a part of it. Thank you for these months, even more for loving me so much!

Six months is the time that I have been with you

Six months is the time I’ve been with you, my love, and it’s been half a year since our first kiss, since our decision to share something more than friendship.

I want you to know that I feel very good for having made that decision, and that I am very happy with you, I know that you work hard to make it so, and that everything goes well for us. I hope we always know how to respect each other as we have done so far, I love you. Happy Anniversary!

Today I would like to do something special

Love, we are in a very special moment of our relationship, the six months! That is, we have half a year, and everything indicates that we are going to continue enjoying each other for a long time, giving each other affection and love, and also a lot of understanding.

Today I would like to do something special, and for that reason I have prepared some surprises that I think you will love… Happy anniversary!

I love you, and I want to celebrate

6 months with you, my love! I love you, and I want to celebrate our love, because we have reached half a year, and it seems to me an important step, and a moment that we must remember.

Everything is being very beautiful, together with you I see things in a different way, you help me a lot to think and make decisions, and we already have so much confidence … that it seems that we have known each other forever!

Happy Anniversary!

It’s just the beginning

My love, we have been sharing thousands of happy and fun moments for 6 months, getting to know each other, respecting each other, learning from each other, loving each other… and it is only the beginning! What I feel for you is more intense every day, and I think we have a long way to go for the two of us together. I feel like a very lucky person to be by your side, I love you.

Funny 6 Month Anniversary Captions

  1. Half a year down, forever to go… and I still can’t get enough of your dad jokes.”
  2. “6 months in and I’m convinced we’re the perfect match… just like peanut butter and jelly (with a little bit of wine).”
  3. “Here’s to 6 months of being each other’s ultimate wingman (and wingwoman) in all things, including Netflix binges and pizza nights.”
  4. “Half a year of love, adventure, and one too many TikTok dance challenges together.”
  5. “6 months of being together and I’ve learned that the key to a happy relationship is a shared love of napping and Netflix.”
  6. “Here’s to 6 months of building a strong foundation of love and mutual understanding… and a shared love for pizza.”
  7. “6 months of being together and I’ve learned that love is not just about the grand romantic gestures, but also about being each other’s personal taste tester (especially for questionable takeout food).”
  8. “6 months of being together and I’ve learned that love is not just about the grand romantic gestures, but also about being each other’s personal meme-sharing partner.”
  9. “6 months of being together and I’ve learned that love is not just about the grand romantic gestures, but also about being each other’s personal Netflix and chill buddy (and also personal blanket stealer).”
  10. “6 months of being together and I’ve learned that love is not just about the grand romantic gestures, but also about being each other’s personal meme-sharing partner and laughing until our stomachs hurt and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

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