Happy 6 Month Anniversary Poems

Following are the Happy 6 Month Anniversary poems.

Half a year I am already with you,
Half a year you are already with me,
A little more, and now, behold,
Celebrate the first, important year!

In the meantime, my congratulations,
Love is like a whole island,
Today is our anniversary,
You are the reason for my happiness!

And I wish us love,
So that we can always live in the world,
So that they never swear,
I love you with all my heart!

How I want to hug you,
And kiss you with tenderness.
Six months together we are with you,
You are my gentle, bright angel.

May it be eternal love,
It gives us joy again and again.
I will give you my heart,
After all, I love you very much.

Six months of our relationship!
Six months of joy and happiness,
Dating, meetings, parting, excitement …
Six months of love and passion!

And our feelings are more tender,
And our closeness is endless,
We have become dearer to each other.
So let it last forever!

Six months only we are together,
It would seem that this is so little,
But, and after a hundred years, and two hundred,
Love will not fade away tiredly.

I feel so good next to you,
To hold your hand tenderly,
You are my happiness and a reward,
That’s just why, it is not known.

But I will not tire of repeating to
Fate and the universe: “Thank you.”
I adore you with all my heart,
Let’s only be happier.

Six months quickly flew by,
I hasten to congratulate you,
With such a sweet anniversary,
I give you my love!

I wish us to be together for a long time,
And, I wish you by your side forever,
I wish you to live like in a fairy tale,
You mean a lot to me!

Half a year our happiness lasts,
Six months we are together,
Smiles glow on our faces,
Hearts in our chest burn with fire.

I love you endlessly,
My soul flies to you,
Let these feelings last forever,
Giving us warmth and tenderness!

Today we are six months together,
From happiness head spinning!
It’s great that
Love has brought us to each other recently !

will keep these tremulous feelings with you in the future.
And, in spite of all the obstacles,
we will not give offense to Love!

For six months you and I
Only fell in love
more strongly, Became closer and dearer,
Than we were before each other.

We realized that in relationships
You also need to try,
To never
be separated in the world For anything!

For half a year there is a couple,
And with this I congratulate,
And from the bottom of my heart I wish you,
Harmony, love, good!

I wish you a long relationship,
And, I wish you do not know sadness,
I wish you happiness and patience,
You protect each other!

Six months passed quickly,
And I congratulate you,
Happy our sweet anniversary
, You
mean a lot to me!

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Poems

I wish us a lot of happiness,
So that love always lives,
So that there is enough patience,
And, so that there is harmony!

You have been together for six months already,
I congratulate you on this,
I wish you happiness and good,
And, I wish you harmony!

You are an amazing couple,
I wish you to always love,
I wish you to become a family,
Problems, joy to share!

Six months for eternity is not enough,
Yes, and for us it is like a moment,
If love has tied us,
Happiness is one for two.

For half a year you hold your heart in your hands,
For half a year I hang in the clouds,
Love with you and me is a wide river
Flows for half a year in the common banks.

Six months I look into your eyes,
Six months on my soul spring March,
And every day that I spend with you,
Like a new hope, a new start.

Here are six months, six months.
Together we are with you.
Congratulations on our date,
Bright, important, center.

I wish you to have more
Belief and love.
We went forward to the cherished goal, They made
all dreams come true.

Six months with you we are together,
And we are so good together.
After all, we were looking for happiness for a long time,
And soon it found us.

Six months flew with you,
Leaving us traces of happiness.
Love awaits ahead,
May our dreams come true!

Six months I am already with you,
And this is happiness for me,
Six months you are already with me,
Sings, my soul blooms!

I send my congratulations to you,
Let it bring you warmth,
Give joy to you,
And let everything be fine!

May there be peace with you and me, I
wish us harmony,
I treat you with my soul,
We divide love in half.

Six months for your union,
And this is a reason to celebrate,
Today I wish you friends, I
don’t lose my love!

Live in joy and happiness,
I wish you to start a family,
And you will survive all the bad weather,
Say “I love” more often!

For six months now, how I love
Half of mine.
Without her I do not see life,
With her everything is filled with meaning.

Day and night I cherish,
And without hesitation, I will say:
“ For me,
only you are dearer than all ! You are my success! “

Together we are with you for six months,
So let’s celebrate it!
Let us remember which of us was the
first to notice each other among the crowd.

Let’s remember the first dates,
How we were inept,
And now from the halves We
suddenly became one whole.

If we put our palms
together, Intertwining our fingers in them, We
cannot make out Themselves,
Where is one of them already.

We live half a year,
As if one day.
Love hovers around
And covers with happiness.
All these nights, days – the
whole World for the two of us!
And I will shout, without hiding,
That I love you!

We are a couple for half a year with you,
Nowhere else is there such love,
Sparkling and alluring,
Frank and real!

So I want to keep it all,
Adore and love each other forever,
Enjoy the smile and touch,
Be happy every moment!

Six months of ours, we hurray,
We are a great couple with you,
I run to congratulate you in the morning,
For happiness I need a little.

If only your smile now,
To see your dear eyes , To
hug my good, to press,
To forget about everyone with you.

So that this is a day together,
Together, so that we meet eternity,
Today we will begin to implement my plan,
My dear, tenderness, perfection!

Between us, from the first meeting, a
light flared up.
We are happy for six months,
We love each other very much.

You are a piece of my soul
And the second half,
And another six months will pass – There
will be an anniversary again!

We remember with you today
And we celebrate the anniversary.
Let it be not years, not centuries,
Half a year is not a small date.

Six months together with you
We found happiness and peace.
we avoid quarrels, scandals, We tame our love for ourselves!

Six months of happy love rushed by,
Just catch it in time!
Love, how much it means!
Six months of joy and happiness!
Half – you are mine, I love you always!
I wish you to be with me,
You are my best reward!
Fortune is a golden ray,
We will be happy with you!

Today we celebrate six months with you,
Since we meet.
We value and respect each other, We
bathe in the sea of ​​love!

Let it continue with you in life
We will go hand in hand together.
We will not let go of love,
And, we will keep it, Forever we will be together!

Six months together we are already with you,
And we are connected by one vital walk.
It’s wonderful to fly to meet you,
I’m so interested with you around me.

And on the anniversary of our relationship, I congratulate
you, I wish you to kindle love more strongly, I wish for myself.
I give you my most tender kiss,
And you, of course, kiss me back.

Six months my life is like a dream,
Happy and beautiful.
And my heart beats in unison
With yours, I see clearly!

And the life of the former, “before you”, I
can not imagine at all.
Love magic sweet dream
I will not lose with you!

Six months bad weather, It
was cold, snow and blizzard.
But we are not afraid of bad weather,
After all, our hearts met.

Half a year with you we are together,
From happiness dizzy.
We love each other more,
Love has finally found us!

Lilac blooms in my soul,
Easy, warm when with you.
We have been together for half a year.
Your voice enchants the heart.

I will think that
we will always be together, as now.
We will unite in years.
Everyone will be happy for us.

Already one hundred and eighty days
You give happiness to my life,
Together we meet sunrise and sunset,
And we feel the colors of life!

Thank you and fate
For this beautiful given,
For the fact that love exists,
We are inspired, pampered.

Congratulations, that’s half a year,
How familiar you and I are.
Congratulations, it’s not long
since we became a husband and wife.

For you now I live,
You are my light in the night!
I love you, I love you,
Answer, do not be silent!

With you, life is full of
both meaning and love.
We used to be “one, one”
And now we are “Both!”

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Poems

Six months we are close, six months with happiness,
Six months love and spring.
Today is our holiday, we celebrate it,
We will pour wine into the glasses.

Let everything be smooth, let it be beautiful,
Let us carry Love to the end.
The stars will help us, the angel will support us,
We will reach the crown with you.

Your relationship is six months
old , Light, bright, sunny your way.
May love always be the weather
Joyful. And, happiness, do not forget to caress
this couple with attention,
Give her many, many years.
Life, fidelity, love and understanding
And fate is the spring dawn for you.

Six months of your relationship
As a story about great love,
We want your life to shine without reproaches, griefs
And at the same time, with a bright many-
sidedness. And so
you remain beautiful for a long time, We wish you to remain happy,
So that your burden does not bend your worries.

Today the weather is good,
And we have been celebrating with you for six months,
Since the spark ignited from love,
It has now grown into a big fire!

Six months of life that happened to you
seemed to me like paradise.
How happy I am that you are with me
My soul is aflame!
Thank you, honey, for everything!
Thanks to you,
I recognized the life of honey,
And happy every day!

For six months now our happiness,
We are both in love with magic power,
She gives us light and warmth,
Let’s keep, increase it!

To enjoy
every new day, To surrender to sincere feelings , To be
good friends and support,
To strive for happiness and create it!

Someone succeeds right away,
And happiness always laughs cheerfully.
Luck just beats like a fountain,
Love sends its ray towards it.

All this we say only about you, We
congratulate you on a six-month relationship.
And we wish you light and pure,
Tender, joint, radiant happiness.

You are so merrily rushing together,
To meet with success on the way.
You always take love as a companion,
And you don’t give a chance to quarrels at all.

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Poems

Six months of wonderful relationship,
Accept from us a bouquet of congratulations.
Let happiness, like the sun, smile,
And you can always achieve everything easily.

For six months together you are already together,
Love makes your ascent.
And you always breathe the air alone,
Problems you will easily and immediately hear.

You have learned to think about one thing,
and therefore you are always happy together.
Let everything be always calm and comfortable,
And you will never be bored together.

Remember, with you six months ago
In the evening we walked in the park.
You smiled, caught my eye,
And so we met.

Then I called you a day later,
And we met again in the park.
Since then we have been meeting with you
And now half a year has passed.

We have fun together, calmly, easily
Although the warm days have passed.
Let autumn and slush knock on the window –
We met our love!

I confess to you the cherished.
Six months is the date of our dreams.
There will be no unrequited feeling.
I believe in it as in love.

Let your confession be a
great reason to fly.
And if people love in the world –
Then we believe in love again.

I’m waiting for you, what time is it:
Our table has long been laid.
Today is the date as our
love was born.

Six months together, that’s the case
And as if yesterday
I just met You,
Asked: “What time is it?”

Many days and nights
have passed, We are together, how glad I am!
For your sake, for your eyes
I ‘m ready for anything, like that!

Not to fly away from our souls
Someone gives us more strength.
He stayed together for six months –
He will not say that he was forgotten.

Let the loneliness pass,
Like the waves of the ocean, by.
Six months is an important period.
You stayed together for six months.

We live fast and bright.
We do not want to
melt like a candle, wiping off wax furtively,
Shaking feeling for half a year.

Congratulations on this date.
We wish you more bright days.
Six months – the date is, after all,
We wish you good luck to all.

The color of a rose in the morning gives joy.
You can give us joy.
After all, six months is a miracle.
Those that you managed to live.

You walk together for six months
In this life in sorrow and dreams.
You sing with your soul.
We wish – happiness in business!

The song sings – we do not live long,
But life continues in our love,
Your voices are not destined to cease,
Do not lose your feelings only.

Today is six months, friends, how are you together, Your
relationship is a bright date,
For everyone, you can’t think of a happier message,
Great love is a free payment.

Congratulations, here’s six months,
How have you been together since that time:
Like a white man at the house
We met at dawn.

How many words, confessions,
How much joy in the eyes.
Congratulations, you are like a stone
In your love are firm, oh yes!

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