Happy 3 Years Anniversary

A desire to reach 3 years of dating

My wish for today, if you can make a wish to reach 3 years of dating, is that my whole life is as it has been in recent years, that is, having your affection and your love, laughing every day , discovering the world by your side, and walking hand in hand. Happy 3 Years Anniversary My Love!

It is already more than proven that with you I am much happier, that is why I will do everything possible so that we continue to celebrate our birthday and so that our love never ends.

I love you like I have never loved anyone

Happy three years of dating! I love you like I have never loved anyone, and you have become my favorite person. Thanks for your patience and all your teachings.

I love hearing you speak and tell me all your dreams. I am confident that we will make them come true! Let’s toast to a lifetime together!

I can remember our beginning

Happy 3 Years Anniversary

Love, today we reached 3 years of dating! I can remember our beginning, when sometimes you had some doubts if we were going to go far … And look where we are! We have come this far and we will continue walking together, because I know that it is with you that I want to be.

I love that despite the time, you surprise me every day with something new, you always try to have a detail, and you can’t imagine how much I value it. For now I put the words aside to go meet you and that we can celebrate. Happy anniversary! I love you!

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Happy 3 years anniversary

The complicity that we have created

My love, happy anniversary!
We are
celebrating 3 years of dating today,
and the complicity
we have created is so great
that I
could never have imagined it.

With you I am happy,
with you I feel stronger,
because you make me be brave.

I want to continue by your side,
give you my love, my affection
and my hugs,
every day of my life,
because I love you.

Everything has been completely wonderful

Love, do you remember what date is today? On a day like today three years ago, we decided to be dating, and from that moment everything has been completely wonderful.

I have to admit that at the beginning I was very anxious, because we were so different that I did not know if ours would work.

Today I celebrate not only the time we have together, but also how much we have grown as a couple. I love you!

The only thing I want is to smile

Today we have been dating for 3 years, my love! It is such an exciting and beautiful day that the only thing I want is to smile, and of course, be with you to celebrate. I remember when we started, and now that time has passed, we have changed so much … but we continue to preserve that love that united us and that will unite us, completely intact. Happy Anniversary!

I love you so much

My love, I love you so much that I don’t know if you can imagine it. The days have passed, and even the years, and the intensity has not decreased, I love you as from the first moment, and I look at you, and I feel that I am doing the right thing.

You know why I tell you these things … and today we are celebrating our anniversary! We have been dating for 3 years and I would like to do something special to celebrate it. Something that we can remember forever, and that is one of our best experiences. I love you!

With you I feel that I have someone who understands me

Happy 3 years of boyfriends to you and me, my love! Spending most of my day with you is the best thing that has happened to me in years. Since we started we had it very clear, and it is that we wanted to share life and share our strengths, but also our weaknesses, in order to understand each other better and be stronger.

With you I feel that I have someone who understands me, who takes the necessary time to reach me on the days that I am not so happy, someone who takes care of me and who shows me every day that he will support me in everything that may happen.

With every gesture you have with me, you make me trust you more and more, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I love you!

How long our love lasts

3 years of boyfriends, my love, that’s the time we have together, the time that our love lasts. And this doesn’t end here, I know we have a lot of history yet to write, because ours is real, it’s true and sincere love, you can’t imagine how much I love you!

As happy as at the beginning

Whenever they tell me that three years of dating is a long time, I answer the same, because it seems to me that it was yesterday when I saw you for the first time. And that’s good because it means that I’m just as happy as I was at first! 

Let’s keep adding years, but the most important thing is that we keep learning from each other. I love you darling!

Today is our day

My love, today is our day,
and I have a plan
that you are going to adore, it
is perfect and one hundred percent
for us,
because not every day
is 3 years of dating!

I want to take this opportunity to tell you
that what I feel for you
is so immense that I know
that even if it has been a while, it
will last for much longer.

Your presence in my life
made me totally happy,
happy anniversary

We still love each other so much

My love, what we feel for each other is of such intensity that it has brought us to where we are, and will continue to take us further and further. In this case, we are celebrating our 3 years of dating! and I feel very happy for it, for continuing with you, and for knowing that we continue to love each other so much.

I want us to keep this beautiful thing that we have and that we have been building over time for many more years, because you are the best person I have ever met, and the one who makes me feel better. I love you!

Three years have passed

It’s been three years since I met you, but it seems to me like it’s been a lifetime. I do not know how to express so much happiness that I feel, and I hope it is until we are very old.

Thank you for being the unique, caring, and most loving person I know. I love you!

Three years of full happiness

Today we are three years old as a couple, and also three years since I know what full happiness is. When this date arrives I remember with great joy how we met. From that moment I fell in love with you!

I think we were destined to get to know each other, and I hope that for many more years we will continue to plan our future together.

Happy 3 Years Anniversary

It is impossible to explain happiness

It is impossible to explain
the happiness I feel.
Happy three years of dating!

Just by looking at you that day,
I knew what a beautiful person
you were, and how much
I would love you.

You made me strong, you
my every decision,
and you advised me.
Thanks a lot!

Lucky to have met

3 years with you, my love!
That is what we will celebrate today,
the luck of having met,
the joy that ours endures,
and the excitement of all that
we still have to do.

You are my favorite person,
and you are next to me!
I have nothing more to ask for.
And, I love you!

I love you so intensely

3 years together, my love! It gives me the feeling that I am in a dream, a perfect, happy, and comforting one, and that is what our thing is about, giving us love, taking care of ourselves, making us happy, and supporting us whenever we need it, not only for the good . I love you so intensely that I don’t know if you can imagine it, you are my life. Happy Anniversary!

I fall in love with you

I don’t really know how it happened … if it was your beautiful look, your smile, or your way of speaking, what I do know is that I fell in love with you. At that height, I couldn’t concentrate because I could only think of you, until one day I plucked up the courage and started talking to you.

Since then 3 years have passed, and we are still as united as the first day, today we are celebrating our anniversary and we are going to celebrate as we deserve. My love, being by your side for much longer is what I love the most, happy anniversary!

Every part of me loves you madly

My love, I could say that ours was immediate, we looked at each other, we connected and it took us a very short time to know that we wanted to be together forever. For now … we are 3 years old! and we continue to build our way to add and add.

Happy Anniversary! With you, I am the happiest person, do not forget that every part of me loves you madly.

The meaning of this date

The meaning of this date is very special to me, and I know it is too special for you. Can you believe that it is already 3 years? May our love be full, full of madness, and with the greatest adventures, those that we dreamed of doing together for so long!

Happy third anniversary, love of my life!

I want to continue like this for life

Not one, not two … but three, my love! 3 years together, living beautiful, unrepeatable, special, and magical moments. Some we have shared with the people we love, and there are others that are only yours and mine, all of them will last in my memory and in my heart forever.

When I embarked on this relationship with you, I knew it would be very good, but time has passed and we have exceeded all my expectations. Being with you is synonymous with being well, calm and feeling that I belong to something.

What we have is beautiful, and we must take care of it, because it is as important to love as to show that we love ourselves, and we must do that every day, and I want to continue like this for life. I love you, happy anniversary!

This is a very important date

Knowing that I have you makes all my days start in the best way, and today even more, because this is a very important date! You and I are celebrating 3 years together!

I love you, and I really wish that we always stay as close as we have been until now, I want us to be happy forever, and that we can fulfill all the dreams that we have as a couple.

You have always shown your love for me

Happy 3rd anniversary, my love! In these last three years you have made me feel like an incredible person, you have constantly given me your unconditional support, and you have always shown your love for me, both with bigger gestures and with the smallest detail.

You know it perfectly, but I would like to say it again … and I feel like a very lucky person to have found you. I love you!

May it be many more years like this

How beautiful how time passes and I love you more! I want to fill you with many details and unforgettable moments. Today we celebrate three years together!

In your arms I feel the safest person in the universe, and also the most loved. May it be many more years like this!

My heart is yours

Happy three years, love! In all this time you have become my other half, there is no moment when I do not want to be with you, because being with you makes me very happy.

Millions of times I have told you that my heart is yours And it’s true! Long ago I checked. I love you so much that it is impossible for me to explain it to you in words, and if I could, I know it is not necessary because you already know it.

My only wish is that we are like this forever, and that you never want to be separated from me.

Ours is pure love and pure passion

Ours is pure love and pure passion, after 3 years together in love my feelings for you are intact, and it is that every day something happens that makes everything become more exciting. 

Thank you for being with me in this life, for being patient when I don’t have it, for being that person who balances me, gives me joy and makes me constantly enjoy life.

This last year I have fallen more in love

Every year I dedicate a part of this day to think about life, to reflect a little on everything that I have been through, and on the good and bad that the year has given me. So today, that we reached 3 years together, it was not going to be less, and I think, above all, in one word, and that is love.

This last year I have fallen more and more in love with you, each day by your side is a blessing, each day sharing our love is an opportunity to make things better, to love each other more intensely and to continue building the beautiful future that is to come..

So you can’t imagine the desire I have to celebrate today for our beautiful day and to continue by your side forever and ever.

What we feel about each other

Happy 3 years together, my darling! Words are unnecessary, because you and I already know very well what we feel about each other. Every day you show me how much you love me and of course, I strive to make it the exact opposite. Let’s celebrate for ourselves, for love, and for our joint happiness.

I love the way you see the world

Happy anniversary, my life! The love we have has made us reach 3 years united and happy. I never imagined that I could feel something so strong and intense until you came into my life, discreetly and without great pretensions, but with the firmness that characterizes you.

I adore the way you see the world, that you have clear ideas and that you are a person of solid principles. That has made me learn a lot throughout this time, and that is that every day with you is different and wonderful. I love you!

I love you like nobody else

Today I want to give you a giant hug, love! We have three wonderful years sharing our feelings!

When people ask me how we have managed to have so much time together, my answer is simple: In addition to being a couple, we are good friends! I want it to be like this always, and for us to share our whole future together. I love you like nobody else!

We will stick together

The last 3 years of my life have been intense, exciting and happy, and the person responsible for it is you, my love. Thus, today we are celebrating our anniversary, and it is a day in which we can remember thousands of our stories, the funny ones, the happy ones, some that were sad but that we managed to overcome …

I am sure that we will continue to bring up other new stories, and that we will stick together for much longer. I love you!

The wishes of the time to come

My love, today I want to repeat to you once again how much I love you and how happy I am to be by your side, and to be able to share my life with you. In the last 3 years we have experienced a series of changes that have made us grow as people and strengthen our relationship.

Today we are celebrating that wonderful time, and why not, the desire and desires of the time to come, which I hope will be just as beautiful. It will be a very happy day, like all those who passed by your side. I love you, happy anniversary!

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