Happy 3 month anniversary

Our day of celebration of 3 months of boyfriends arrived

My love, our 3 month dating celebration day has arrived! The joy that I feel is infinite, the same that I felt when I met you and when, instantly, I knew that I had fallen in love with you. You are the most beautiful on the planet, with you by my side I feel that I am much stronger, thank you for always giving me the energy I need. I love you!

All this time with the wonderful person you are

All this time with
the wonderful person
that you are seems little.

Meeting you and being a couple
for three months has
filled me with immense blessings.

Prepare yourself for the destiny
that we are going to build together,
because yes, I hope to be with you
until the end of my days.

I promise to love you like the
first day I saw you, and to
show you how important
you are in my life.
Happy 3 months
, love!

Happy 3 month anniversary

I feel completely happy by your side

My love, we have reached 3 months of dating, and I feel completely happy by your side. We knew each other for a long time, and I always thought you were special, but only 3 months ago I started to see you differently, and I fell in love with you. I am lucky that it was reciprocal, and now we are having a very beautiful time, getting to know each other much better, and sharing much more time.

I hope everything continues as before, I really want everything to go well, because I love you. Happy Anniversary!

Life is wonderful because it put you in my way

Happy 3 months of boyfriends, love! Life is wonderful because it put you in my path, and you have made sure that this time has been the best of my life. When I looked at you, I felt that you were a beautiful and caring person, and when I met you, I discovered that you are, but much more than I could imagine.

You cannot imagine how many things you have taught me, and I hope you continue to do so for a long time to come, I love you!

Happy 3 month anniversary

I want you to know that I adore the way you are

Happy 3 months of boyfriends, for us! I want you to know that I adore the way you are, you seem to me an incredible person and I know that I am still getting to know you, but what I see of you I love. If I have a bad day and I see you, my day becomes the best, thanks for everything, my love.

The great love of our beginning

Happy 3 months of boyfriends to us! May the joy and great love of our beginning mark what will be a beautiful relationship. I want you to know that when I am with you, everything is different, you are the most special person I ever met, and I really like spending time with you. And I hope that we continue to spend many months together and that our love continues to grow.

I am so happy to have you

I am so happy to have you!
It’s been 3 months, love!
I want to be with you
the rest of my life.

I swear to you that I never felt
something so pure and beautiful.
You’re my true love!

I promise to always take care of you,
love you, respect you,
and give you the best of me.

I wish with all my heart
that you feel the same as I do,
because my love for you
grows with each passing day.
I love you!

In just three months I have felt so much love for you

In just three months I have felt so much love for you that it is impossible to describe it. Little by little I get to know you more. I love listening to you speak and telling me all your stories! Spending time with you has become my favorite entertainment.

When I go to see you, my heart races and even when problems come, they become easier with your company. Thank you because you always advise me in the best way!

I love you! You are the person God sent for me, and I hope we can celebrate many more months together.

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I have shared my life with you for three months

Today I woke up happy, because I have shared my life with you for three months, what joy I feel! Sometimes I stop to remember everything we have lived through, and a big smile appears on my face! I have told you many times how happy I am with you, but today I want to repeat it one more time.

Little by little you have taken over my heart When you arrive it accelerates! And when I’m not with you, wait patiently for the moment to be close to you to beat in sync with yours.

I hope you know how special you are, how much I love you and I want to continue loving you for many more months. Happy three months!

What I want is to be with you for much longer

You may think that 3 months are still few, but for me, they have been enough for me to be very clear that what I want is to be with you for much longer.

I love being by your side, there is nothing I like less than spending a day without your hugs! I want to continue knowing you, because I think we still have a lot to live together, I love you!

I waited until midnight

I waited until midnight to send you this message, and celebrate the best three months of my life. And I have no words! I have never felt something like this, it is as if in all this time I have lived in another world, and now that you are with me I have finally found my way. Thank you! I love you!

I can no longer imagine a day when we don’t talk

Happy three months! I can’t imagine a day when we don’t talk anymore, love. With you I can be who I really am, have fun and see how time passes slowly with your hugs. I love being with you! I can say with certainty that you are the person God sent for me, the person I always asked for.

With you I learned that it is not necessary to have a lot to have everything, that the cinema can be from home, and that there is nothing more romantic than knowing that I have you at all times. Being with you was the decision most adored by my heart, and despite the fact that some time has passed since then, every time I see you I know that you are the right person.

I love you! A day like today you arrived and I hope you never leave my side.

It is with you that I want to be

Sweetheart, it could be said that we have been around for a little while, but for me it is more than enough, because I am clear that it is with you that I want to be. You make me very happy, and what I like the most is being with you, because that’s when I spend it best.

I hope we continue this good forever, happy 3 months together!

Our love grows and grows

Our love grows and grows, the days go by, and you become that person that I always want to have by my side. Everything is easier when I am with you, and even when they are great challenges, you help me overcome them. My skin crawls just thinking how much I love you! Happy 3 months, honey!

They say the first few months are important

They say that the first months of dating are very important, and today you and I turn 3! Congratulations my love! I never thought that the day would come when I would feel completely happy, and that is because I am with you.

You make my days unforgettable and full of love. I adore you! How wonderful to know that with each passing day I am getting to know you a little more.

I hope our relationship is forever and that you know that I love you as you are, with your flaws and your successes! Could it be that you allow me to pamper you for many more months?

Today is 3 months together

My love,
today is
3 months together,
and it seems that they would have passed
in a second.
Now I know that it is true
that they say that
time flies by
if we are enjoying it.
Happy 3 months!

The beginning of our forever

I hope this is the beginning of our forever, my love. I have loved you for three months! And little by little I have realized how important you are doing to me.

You are my complement, the person who makes everything so much easier and also who always has something funny to make me laugh, even when we argue. I have plenty of reasons to want to always be with you.

May many more months come!

Three wonderful months ago

Three wonderful months ago we began this beautiful adventure of being a couple. Congratulations my love! From the moment I saw I knew that I would love you with all my heart. Thank you for making each of these first months special, with a lot of love and respect.

I hope we stay together until we lose track of the number of months. I love you more and more!

Time goes by in a wonderful way

We have 3 months together, my love, and it is very good to know that we are starting a beautiful relationship, and that time moves by in a wonderful way. It makes me very happy to think that I have found a person who understands me, and who feels the same as me.

I want to make you always feel good, and that, if at some point it is not like that, tell me, and we can talk about it, to be able to solve it and continue moving forward. Whatever we feel about one or the other will always be important. Happy Anniversary! I love you!

With every word and detail

With every word and detail
you make me fall in love more,
Happy third month, love!

I never thought that our story
started in this beautiful way,
unexpectedly you arrived
and I hope you stay with me!

In such a short time you became
the person I want to be with.
I love you!

We are happy to have met

3 months together, my love! Today I want us to celebrate because we are happy to have found each other in life. You make me very happy and, with you, the days go by in a different way, much happier and with more emotion. With you I feel like I never imagined, you are my great love! I feel like we are creating a strong and lasting relationship. I love you!

You were what my life was missing

The time we want to be together is forever, love, but we still have to celebrate our first three months. In all this time I understood that you were what my life was missing to be perfect.

The days go by and you make me fall in love even more with each of your actions! You have an immensely kind heart, anyone would want to have you as a couple. But that was my luck! I love you!

Holding hands everything has been easier

Holding hands, everything has been easier, we have overcome the first obstacles that all relationships have, and we have been victorious!

Together we decided to maintain this relationship with strength, responsibility and a lot of love, because it is only the beginning of this beautiful story.

I hope you know how much I love you, and if not, then my heart can speak for me, it is only necessary that you listen to how it accelerates when it knows that you are going to arrive.

What more can I ask for? I am an immensely happy person because I have you with me!

3 months by your side, and the ones that remain

My love, 3 months by your side, and those that remain! We are at the beginning of a stage, and it is very beautiful that we are sharing it and that we have decided to be together.

The love I feel for you cannot be compared with anything, I can say that you have stolen my heart, and that I am the happiest person in the world.

Thank you for this little and at the same time great time, I feel like a lucky person and I want this dream to never end. I love you!

My heart keeps racing

Each day of these three months has been special and full of infinite love. My heart continues to race every time I see you, every time I hug you and every time you kiss me. Thank you for these three months! The illusion that we will continue together for a long time increases as the days go by. I love you!

The beginning of our beautiful story

Love, this is the beginning of our beautiful story that is three months old today. Celebrating every month with you has become a necessity! Each moment is more special than the last, and it remains in my memory as the best of treasures.

Every day I thank God for having found you, and that you have seen me in that special way. As time goes by I get to know you better, and I want to fill your life with more and more details.

I want you to know that I am immensely happy with you. I love you!

What we have is very beautiful

Love, in these 3 months I have received more details and more love than in my entire life, and you are the person to blame for it, I love you! We are going to celebrate our little anniversary, because it is as important as any other, and because what we have is very beautiful.

You make me feel like the most supported person

You have a way of being that makes me feel like the most supported person in the world, with you I am not afraid of anything! and that is why today I want to thank you. 

Thank you for these three months, I want you to know that I feel very happy, and that I hope to continue learning many things with you. I love you very much!

It didn’t take long to fall in love

I met you a little over 3 months ago, you caught my attention from the first moment I saw you, you were a reserved person, but something told me that you had a lot to show. And I was not wrong, because you are a wonderful person, very intelligent, kind, and empathetic.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love, and I was lucky that you did it for me as well, that has allowed us to live an ideal time, which I hope will continue for many more months. I love you, happy anniversary!

There’s nothing like a good start

There’s nothing like a good start, and yours and mine are being perfect, my love. So perfect that the months go by and we already reached number 3! Therefore, today we are celebrating our anniversary, and it will be a different day from the rest.

I have some plans in mind, as soon as we meet I’ll tell you all about them!

The love I feel for you goes around the world several times

Happy 3 months together! I want to be with you for many more, because I love you, and the love I feel for you goes around the world several times. And I know that we can build something very beautiful and that by your side I will be happy.

I hope that today we celebrate, and we can even invite our friends, who will be very happy for us. I adore you!

The last 3 months of my life have been fabulous

The last 3 months of my life have been fabulous because you were by my side, my love. The best thing that happened to me was meeting you, and deciding to be with you, maybe 3 months is not a long time yet, but my feelings are more than clear.

Today I want to wish you a happy anniversary, and wish us both, as a couple, a beautiful future, full of love. I love you!

Totally different

Happy three months, love! When our relationship started, some people said we were totally different, and maybe ours wouldn’t work out. What they did not know is that together we complement each other and that we do everything much better. We are a wonderful team! I love every moment that I am with you!

Today I celebrate 3 months of relationship

I am so lucky! And it is that today I celebrate 3 months of relationship with my sweetheart, and I am that I do not have joy in my heart. It has been a very beautiful time, and I have had feelings and sensations that I had never experienced.

You are a very special person, super detailed and willing to support me in everything I need, and I love that! I think we have had the best of beginnings, and that already tells me that we will continue together for much longer. I love you!

With you I am more than happy

I am 3 months away from doing a year
sharing my life
with the person I love the most.

I feel wonderful
and I want this to not end here,
but to last for a long time,
because with you I am more than happy.

Our love is infinite,
and very well cared for, it
gives us the greatest joys,
and it has also helped us
to overcome bad moments.

Let’s continue to grow together,
as well as we have done
so far.

Happy 9 months, and
happy anniversary, my love!

The most beautiful thing that has already happened to me

1 year old and 3 months, 
or 15 months, 
whatever you want, 
the important thing is
that we are  still together, 
and that we are building 
our world.
Which is about happiness,
infinite love,
and beautiful surprises.
That is the most beautiful thing
that has already happened to me
and that what I like the most
about my day to day
is when I am with you.

I love you!

My heart is getting used to loving you

Good morning my love! My heart is getting used to loving you a little more every day. Today we already have three months together, and I can tell you that you have been the best thing that ever happened to me! I love you and I hope this love continues to grow.

Happy 3 month anniversary- Video