Happy 3 Month Anniversary poem

We will describe Happy 3 Month Anniversary poem.

We have a small holiday today –
Three months together. Though it is not long,
But I understand perfectly now,
That this is just the beginning of the road.

My happiness is difficult to express in words,
I love you as much as ever.
I want everything that is between us now,
In our hearts, settled with us forever.

For three months now
we have been sharing happiness and love,
getting to know each other closer
And understanding deeper in our hearts.

And even if this is a short time,
He is like an island in the sea,
Which sheltered in a storm
And became infinitely dear to us!

Happy 3 Month Anniversary poem

3 months ago, a miracle happened,
I met you baby then,
And I won’t boast too much,
But, the most, the most with me!

You make me happy,
You save peace and dreams,
I congratulate you on your anniversary,
So many wonderful days ahead!

We have not known you for long,
But these days mean a lot.
The two of you have become a target,
We are at gunpoint in love.

Let three months have passed,
But happiness has found you and me.
And we like to be together,
Laugh together and joke.

We want it to be so always,
Never parted.
Love to develop more and more,
And to celebrate the anniversary!

Together we are 3 months,
I can’t even believe it,
There is no dearer in the world,
Only in your arms I’m lingering.

Let this happiness last,
As long as the heart beats,
Congratulations on an important date, I
am sending you a kiss!

Let’s celebrate three months of our love,
They flew by like a bird.
These three months are given for happiness,
And happiness will last for a long time.

I congratulate you on this date,
I want to give all the songs
in which they sing about unearthly love,
And we will listen to them together.

We will carry our happiness through life,
We will take care of it with you.
Difficulty for us is not a difficulty when we are together,
And our joy will be double.

Three months have passed since you and I are
Dating, and there is no end to happiness!
During this time we got to know
each other better, And every day hearts fall in love!

We want to continue to be with you together,
To give smiles, joy and warmth.
What a blessing that we have found each other,
We are very lucky in this life!

Three months of happiness, full of love:
you are together, you are a couple, each other needs.
Together you will go through adversity, everything,
together you will build Paradise on Earth!

You have been together for only 90 days,
And you have already proved your feelings to everyone, everyone.
You are not afraid of envy, nor the power of threats,
you are together, which means that everything is serious with you.

Three months together
We will gradually get to know each other .
One hundred percent undoubtedly,
we are happy together.

Let with a small, but still date,
I want to congratulate you.
Together with you, life is a joy to me
And everything in the world on the shoulder!

I remember with love the hour
when fate tied our paths.
That day was amazing for us.
I am so happy that I managed to find you.

We have been together for three months already.
They tell us: “The bride and groom.”
You are in the first place for me,
After all, without you my world is empty.

It has been three months since we have
met you.
The mischievous
love has connected our hearts .

if the anniversary is small, He is doubly dear to me.
After all, with every new day in my life,
I love you more!

Three months – three happy moments,
Three months ago our relations were kindled.
I love you and I cannot live without you,
And, I want to congratulate you brightly today.

I wish you to swim in the warm sea of ​​happiness,
On the island of love you can only enjoy me.
Let’s skilfully avoid quarrels together,
And we will definitely win any troubles.

Three – how many in this date!
Joy, happiness and love!
They give wings again and again!
One – love itself woke up,
Two – turned around with a kiss,
Three – was roused by our passion!
The result is you and me, together over and over again!
Relationship Anniversary – Requires Simple Decisions,
A Month, Two, And Here Comes Three!
All three months of love!

Yes, how many words I want to say to you,
It has been almost a hundred days since we met by chance,
Three months – so little – and all my life.
I love you all the same as when we first met.

I confess my love to you,
Like 90 days ago:
When we
walked with you before dawn , meeting the sunset.

And I remember the meeting, like yesterday:
Then love twisted us.
Now we are together, but then
We did not understand anything.

And boldly rushed into the path
That led us to a life together.
And do you believe: someday, the
son will be born all the same!

Happy 3 Month Anniversary poem

3 months, this is no joke,
3 months next to you,
And, 3 months we are already a couple,
3 months next to me.

And I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
Happy holiday to you,
I entrust you with Love,
And I will never betray you!

Congratulations, three months together,
Every day our love grows stronger.
My joy from the meeting does not fade,
I am reaching out to you in my soul again.

Three months have passed like a moment!
We value our feelings, relationships.
Let the energy of light love
burn with a hot flame inside!

May it give strength and inspire,
Open the desired roads,
And let the miracle of love live forever,
Our path and flight will be happy!

And months fly like birds,
I did not have time to look back,
As we became closer to each other,
Three months are not the limit for us.

Happy 3 Month Anniversary poem

It all started very difficult,
In the beginning I didn’t know you well,
But all kinds of obstacles,
Broke, crushed and destroyed.

You were cold at the beginning,
Like an iceberg in an icy sea,
But caress, tenderness melted a
snowball in your heart.

For three months love has been circling us with you,
I want to feel your breath again,
Enjoy the light of my relatives’ eyes,
To be together and not to part!

Let’s give each other warmth,
Protect, appreciate and cherish it,
Be support and friends.
May the union be preserved by heaven!

Winter has already left us,
Three months have passed.
During this time, you and I
met each other.

Three months with you we were
Cozy together.
And although it was cold, it was
not cold to us.

Now we want to continue
with you not to be separated.
To meet a beautiful spring,
And to admire it.

Well, and even in the spring, love
knocked at our door.
You open the door wide open,
And invite first.

Let’s not let go of love,
And we will live with it.
She will not interfere with us,
And she will make us happier!

For a quarter of a year you and I
Walk together in hand.
And I fall in love stronger
With every hour, every day.

I can’t think of my life,
If you are not around,
And I want to go through life with you
For a whole century, I want, loving!

Ninety days of love,
How wonderful it is!
How wonderful it is to
lie down until dawn and know that soon
you will come, and I will fly up
to heaven with happiness.
You are with me, and I want to
be with you always!

The volcano of love is just arriving at you,
but gentle relationships definitely do not exist.
Three months rushed by, like a moment,
And fortunately, you ran just straight ahead.

We wish you only well-being,
So that love and fidelity meet in harmony.
Your happiness, so that it is reliably strengthened,
And you enjoy this bliss.

Three months as a passion you have overcome.
Three months, how happy from dawn to dawn.
We’ve known each other for three months, but I know for sure:
Being together is given by God, fate itself is for us!

And now I kiss you hard on your beloved lips
, You are my queen, you are my one!
With you it is good for me and in joy, in trouble –
I want to be your husband! I want, I want, believe me!

You will still have many holidays,
We have come to congratulate at this hour
your relationship and great love,
I certainly wish you life.

You are still on the starting path,
therefore we wish you to go the right path.
Three months of good relationships will help you,
they will certainly be able to overcome obstacles.

The first three steps were taken skillfully, for
three months your pair shone.
Accept you a bouquet and our bright words,
On the day of the joint celebration.

Love sings in the soul, like a nightingale,
And life only becomes more fun.
Let everything be with you, as if in a fairy tale,
We wish you to get away from bad weather.

Wish each other more love.
The anniversary can become round, just be patient.
Let it be difficult for us to name 3 months.
But we congratulate you! And we hasten to wish.

Let everyone you meet on the way give a smile.
Let what you are waiting for visit you in a hurry.
We wish you happiness and warmth in your soul.
Tests infrequent and different heights.

Let the anniversary be like that,
As if it were from a fairy tale –
We celebrate our season,
Love should become stronger.

This is three months of faith,
This is the hope that the
world will not become too gray.
The point is that love is all simple.

Three months sang, flashed
Since then, as they met, that they were born again.
Everything that you were striving for has come true,
You have forgotten how to live alone at once.

So be loved and love,
Let Fate give you good luck,
And you give us your smiles,
For us, believe me, they mean a lot.

I can listen to you for a century,
I won’t get tired of relationships.
Sounds like the roar of muddy rivers, The
noise of tireless congratulations.

Spring is coming for 3 months.
That’s a lot for a relationship.
You have only one love.
And one common road.

Hooray! And again the glasses are high!
A hearty toast to you, friends!
All the power of the holiday is in heat,
And the reason is better, as impossible as possible—
You are together for three months,
Everything is equal – both joy and sorrow.
And our healthy toast is appropriate,
Let love be tempered like steel.

They love, they say, with ears and eyes,
And they do not like to trust friends,
You love with your heart, and with us
At least you are ready to fly into space.

For three months you are together, like three years,
An event not of a peaceful scale,
But with you, dear, all nature rejoices,
And we – your friends, are very glad to see you.

Happy 3 Month Anniversary poem

When the dew is not happy
And the whisper of the morning is playful –
We will remember close eyes.
We will remember what we have forgotten.

3 months, your term is good.
Passed the stage of sweets and songs.
And no one could separate.
It’s good that you are all together!

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