Happy 2 years anniversary

I know our love is still intact

Happy anniversary, love! What I feel on this day, when we have been dating for 2 years, cannot be expressed in words, because it is too big, too immense. I know that our love remains intact, and that, if something has done the time that has passed, it has been to reinforce it, cover it, and protect it.

You should have no doubt that we have created a wonderful relationship, based on respect, and that will last for a long time, because we have learned a lot from each other, and we have a perfect union.

It is very beautiful to move forward with you in life, I would not change the world for anything, I love discovering paths by your side, I adore being able to help you when you need it, and feel that, in this aspect, you think like me.

We are going to celebrate for our love, and continue to build a future that is for both of us. I love you!

Let’s keep loving each other forever

Happy 2 years anniversary

Happy Anniversary my love! Reaching this date with you, our 2 years of boyfriends, makes various emotions and feelings come together within me. Without a doubt, among them, there is an immense joy and great pride for having come this far.

During this time, you have made me feel that everything was worth it, that we were making the right decisions, and all of them have brought us to this beautiful moment. I hope we enjoy it and that we continue to love each other forever and ever. I adore you!

I can feel your love

I am very happy, and I can feel your love in each one of the pores of my skin. It has been 2 years since you arrived, as if by chance, and although at first I thought it could be temporary, my heart thought otherwise, and it did not take long to feel true love for you.

Today we will celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary, proud for continuing to keep that flame alive, for caring for and respecting ourselves, and for all the goals we have achieved. I can’t tell you much more that you don’t already know … I just wish we were happy!

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They say it from the heart

Everyone tells us that what is special about us, they say it from the heart, and they are right! And it is that today we are our 2 years as boyfriends, and we continue to take care of that something that united us, which we both know perfectly well is love.

I can spend whole days with you, one after the other, and whenever the day we have to separate for a few hours arrives, I feel like I wanted more and more. You are the best company, the person who always understands me, and who I trust the most. Happy day my love!

Happy 2 years anniversary

The day i met you

I swear to you that the moment I met you will always be my favorite, Happy 2 years of dating, my love! I dream of the day that we are together every day, because each moment that I am with you is doubly special for me. 

Let’s toast to a beautiful future together!

We have spent the last 2 years together

My love, we have spent the last 2 years of our lives together, in different ways and with different intensities, but it is a time that belongs to us, and that we will celebrate today.

Great experiences, many learnings, endless laughter, the occasional discussion … We have experienced so many things in this time! And I’m still excited and wanting to see many more, because I can’t get enough of you! I love you!

We reached 2 years in love!

And as if time
had flown …
we reached 2 years in love!

Every month up to here
has been beautiful,
some with tougher moments,
others just perfect,
all of them essential,
essential and great.

I wish that many more arrive
and that our love continues to
illuminate the path of life
that we are walking together.

Happy Anniversary!

The best was meeting you

Happy 2nd anniversary, love! We have 2 years of relationship, and I can only think that the best thing that could have happened to me was meeting you, because you have shown me another way of living, and above all, to be happy.

I want time to continue passing and for us to stay together, as up to now, for me it is what makes the most sense, to continue sharing my life with you.

I appreciate everything you have done for me, from the great advice you give me, to the little details that you have with me every day. I love you!

I love you to infinity

In two years so much has happened that it is difficult for me to explain everything I feel to you. I think you already know, but I still want to repeat it to you!

You have become my other half, the person I want to be with for many years and with whom I want to share every free moment. I love you to infinity! Happy 2 years, my love!

We have 2 years of millions of joys

Love, we have 2 years
of millions of joys
and smiles, let’s
keep all of them
in our memory,
and let’s continue advancing
 as well as we have done
so far.

Every time
we understand each other better,
and that will work in our favor.
I love you, happy anniversary!

Sharing my days with you is the best

Happy Anniversary my love! May life give us, for now, another 2 years as happy and as beautiful as these last ones. Sharing my days with you is the best thing in the world, because they always have something positive. I love you!

Today we reach 2 years together

My love, today we reach 2 years together, therefore… we are celebrating our anniversary! You know that I don’t like to celebrate much, that I take each day as a special one, and that I think that they should always be equally important.

But I didn’t want to let this day go by, without telling you how much I love you, and how happy I am to have you by my side.

I wish that we continue to make ourselves happy

When we met 2 years ago, I felt something very special, very different from what I had felt with other people, something that told me that you were a person I should know, and who I should be interested in.

It didn’t take long and I already realized that what I felt for you was love, I was falling in love, and I just wanted to meet you and spend time with you. You too showed great interest, and so, little by little, time passed.

Today we reach 2 years together, we have not stopped learning from each other, and our interest and our desire to spend time together continue exactly the same as the first day. I wish that we continue to be happy for a long time, and that, for a long time, we continue to be excited when we see each other, in the same way that we did at the beginning.

Happy Anniversary!

How nice it is to feel a loved person

How nice it is to feel a loved person, and you in the last two years remind me of that whenever you can. I feel very happy that despite our daily lives, we have always been able to spend quality time together.

 I love you! I hope that our relationship is eternal, that we continue to overcome obstacles and grow together. 

Today we celebrate our last 2 years

My love, today we celebrate our last 2 years, it is the time that we have been sharing our lives. Sometimes I think that all the time that happened before, it was a kind of preparation to end up meeting you.

I want to thank you, because without you my life would be very different, and what we have now is of a beauty that cannot be described. I love you, and I want to be by your side, watching you achieve each of your dreams. Happy Anniversary!

Ours goes for long

My love,
I have thought of thousands of things
that we could do today
because it is our day,
the day of our love!

On a day like today, it
all started,
we were attracted,
and feelings
that went beyond friendship appeared.

Now we are 2 years old!
and ours goes for a long time,
happy anniversary!
I love you!

Happy 2 years anniversary

What you and I have is so beautiful

My love, what you and I have is so beautiful and so beautiful, that I think we can be more than proud of ourselves, and of course, very happy for our love.

Today is the perfect day to demonstrate that happiness and share with our loved ones everything we feel, because today is our anniversary. Today we celebrate 2 years together! Happy Anniversary!

When I’m with you

When I am with you,
I feel much better,
I can feel your protection
and your care, just as
we can be non-stop laughing,
or talking until we almost sleep …

Whatever we do
implies that I am happy,
and I adore that feeling
that already lasts 2 years,
and I wish it never ended.

So, today we congratulate
ourselves on our beautiful anniversary
and toast so that what we have
lasts much, much longer.

I love you!

Let’s celebrate our love

Today I finally realize that you are the person I always hoped to have by my side, because the fact that you are different complements me and makes me see things from another perspective. So, let’s celebrate our love that is pure, impatient, thoughtful and above all, respectful!

May we have reasons to thank each other for life, and even more celebrations like this. I love you a lot!

Today we reached that important date

2 years together, my love! Today we reach that important date, our second anniversary! We have lived so much that I am unable to list everything, but I am able to remember the hundreds of moments that I have stored in my heart and in my memory.

Those moments have brought us here, they have built part of who we are right now, and they will be part of our future in some way. I know we will have it, a future together, because it is what we want. I love you!

We understand each other perfectly

Happy anniversary, love! We have reached an important point, since the year has passed and… we are going to celebrate our second year of dating! The best thing about this is not only to be serving time together, it is that the time we serve is incredible.

We understand each other perfectly, and if there is something in which we disagree, we already know how to solve it … speaking! Thanks for everything. I love you!

I have so many words for you

I have so many words for you
that I don’t know where to start.
Happy two years, love!

You are what I always dreamed of,
and a day like today I found.
I would not change anything
because that makes you
the most special person.

I love you and I wait for you today so that together we can celebrate!

Love transforms us

Love transforms
us And that’s what you did with me!
You came on a day like today
to dye my days with color,
Happy second year, love!

With you I am very happy,
strong and capable of everything.
I admire the way you are,
and with each passing day
I fall even more in love.
I love you!

Knowing you was letting love enter my life

Meeting you was letting love enter my life, and today we celebrate that this happened 2 years ago! Since then I have been with you and I never want us to part, you are my ray of light every time a storm comes! I love you with all my heart and soul and I want you to know that the best thing in the world is to be with you.

Being in the company of the person you love

Happy two years, love! Nobody knows the wonderful moments we have spent together, and I find it incredible that time has passed so quickly.

There is nothing better than being in the company of the person you love, and nobody like you to make me feel butterflies in my stomach.

With your smile and that special way of being you would conquer anyone, I will always be grateful that you have seen me! I love you!

We can have a party

Happy Anniversary my love! We have 2 years together, it was just today that everything started, and it was so good, that the least we can do is remember it and celebrate it as it deserves. We can have a party, or something more intimate, any of the options will be beautiful!

Everything we feel is already more than said, but it does not hurt to repeat it from time to time, and that is why I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you are the most amazing and wonderful person I have ever seen, and that, of course, I love you very much.

I go through my mind all the time

I review in my mind all the time we have spent together, and I feel very happy that we are turning 2 years old. Every thought that passes through my mind is beautiful, and it’s all thanks to you and what you make me feel.

If we have managed to be together all this time, we are capable of having a whole life together. I love you!

I thank you for being that person

There are people who believe that only monotony and boredom await couples with several years of relationship, but you and I have made each day special and unforgettable.

I thank you for being that person that fate sent to keep me company. Happy 2 years!

We are a unique couple

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, love! I am very happy that we celebrate it, and that we have shared all this time.

Never forget that we are a unique couple! We try not to argue, and when we don’t like something we solve it because taking care of our relationship will always be our priority.

Thank you for being so different, and for loving me so intensely! I love you more than anyone!

You are a person with a big heart

My love, it is no longer a year, if not two that we have been together, and therefore, today is a day of great emotion, of remembering beautiful moments, and of celebrating our beautiful relationship.

You are a person with a big heart, full of kindness, good feelings, and sweetness. Every day you show me that being with you is worth it, and that whatever happens you will be with me to support me.

Thank you for all this time of happiness together, happy anniversary!

That day has come when we congratulate each other

That day has come when we congratulate and congratulate each other, because our love story does not end, and we have already been married for 18 months! We are getting closer to turning two years old, and I already get excited just thinking about it!

Happy 2 years anniversary

Because I have you by my side

Happy 18 months of dating, my love! When life gives you everything, you can only be happy and be thankful, and that’s what I do. Smile at life, thank you for all the good it gives me and because I have you by my side.

We are almost 2 years old and this love I feel for you does not stop, every day it is more immense, every day I know you better and every day I like you more and I love you more.

I fell in love with you in the blink of an eye

All these months have passed very quickly, just as I fell in love with you in the blink of an eye. Today we are 18, and I feel that every month by your side has been special, that new feelings always appear and that I always love you more and more. 

Let’s toast because the two years together are approaching. Happy anniversary, my love!

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