Happy 2 Month Anniversary poem

Happy 2 Months Anniversary Poems for Lovers

Here, you will know Happy 2 Month Anniversary poem.

1.Two months of complete happiness,
Two months of tender love.
How could you not meet
with you in the vastness of the earth before ?

May this unearthly love
Last for thousands of years,
I adore you with all my soul,
There is no dearer in the world than you!

2. Two months with you –
This is a great date!
We were brought together by fate,
You are the best reward in life!

Thank you for the happiness, for the affection,
For our every moment!
Thank you for giving me a fairy tale,
Your love and inspiration!

3. 2 months already with you,
And I congratulate us today,
And I
sincerely wish us long relations !

With you I feel good, easy,
With you it’s comfortable and cozy,
And with you I feel very good,
With you it’s brighter!

Happy 2 Month Anniversary poem

4. We have been with you for 2 months,
Congratulations on this,
I wish you, well, myself, I wish you happiness.

Love is waiting for us in front,
I know for sure,
And I
dedicate my congratulations to you, Today I dedicate it.

And I wish us more,
So that we do not swear,
So that everything is fine,
And so that they always laugh!

2 Months Anniversary Poems for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

5. Sometimes two months are enough,
To recognize a person for us.
From happiness the heart stops,
And the body wants to fly.

I feel all this with you,
And I want to believe the feelings.
I love you with all my heart,
Quite seriously, I’m not kidding!

6. Can you imagine, you can believe,
For 2 whole months we have been together with you,
With you it is so cool, wonderful and wonderful,
With you all desires and dreams come to life.

I don’t need to be fake
with you, I don’t exist with you anymore, but I live,
Congratulations on our anniversary,
I want to meet my old age with you!

Happy 2 Month Anniversary poem

7. Let’s celebrate today
One of the best days,
In which life irrevocably
Turned over and everything in it.

What a happiness it was to meet
You, the second half,
Only two months we are together,
But our feelings, like an avalanche,

We are covered with our heads.
I want them to last forever.
How good it is for me to be with you.
I love you endlessly.

8. Two months isn’t that long.
Does it count in seconds?
But my heart is glad that
I happened to recognize Your heart .

We are so different, so similar,
We are like iron and a magnet.
And it looks like love
will connect you and me for a long time!

Happy 2 Month Anniversary Poems for Him or Her

9. Even if we meet for a short time,
we are good with you together. We have been
building a
new home for two months with you .

And in this house I feel comfortable,
I am warm with you together.
I want the feeling between us to
flourish with Love!

Happy 2 Month Anniversary poem

10. Every month of the anniversary,
He’s beautiful for no reason!
The date is very green,
But it is already strong!

The month of happiness flew by,
Here the second one flew by,
How great it is to
celebrate the Anniversary again !

Happiness, joy and love,
last again, again and again!
A month later, we again,
We will celebrate the date.

11. Two months of happy days,
Two months of the soul of flight.
I love you more and more,
Something mysterious about you.

We will love each other,
Fate has generously rewarded us.
How nice, wonderful to live,
With love, everything is sweet.

12. One more confession – two words about love,
One more minute – two months of love.
To you, my soul, I strive for you again –
For two months we have been breathing together and silent
In anticipation of fate,
In anticipation of the future, life, passion …

Two months is a short period,
But it is so good for us together with you,
You wake up the flame of fire in me,
And you make my heart happy day by day.

Happy 2 Month Anniversary poem

What do you say on your 2 month anniversary?

13. Let the relationship be strong,
Loving, feeling the warmth of the hand
We will rise to the clouds together,
And let the Angels help us!

Today until the morning together with you
We will coo like doves.
Two months have already flown by behind us,
Two months have found each other.

14. Come on, we will continue with you.
Lovely love together, we will develop.
And, despite the difficulties, problems
We will not stop cooing gently!

The soul sings and rejoices,
And it seems that life is good!
Love, sensation of flight
Unique moments …

All this lasts for two months!
I want to enjoy love,
I want us happiness, bright days,
And, I want to be a part of your life!

15. For two months we have a
novel and tender love.
Everything is developing perfectly, which
means it was not in vain.

And I hopefully forward
I look at the general happiness,
I want to believe you,
After all, I love you very much!

What should I write my girlfriend for our 2 month anniversary?

16. It all started two months ago,
And it seems that we know each other for eternity.
Days always fly by with you,
And we never miss together.

I love you, I reach out to you with my soul,
And I trust my heart right into my hands,
happy anniversary, albeit small, I tenderly congratulate you today!

17. Oh, how time flies by quickly,
If happiness suddenly began to spin ,
For two months now, as with us,
A sweet ailment has come along.

We love each other, there is no doubt,
Let fate not part us,
We will save the best moments,
To tell our grandchildren about them.

18. Wake up with a good mood,
and read this congratulation with ecstasy.
Two months ago we met you,
and we are happy to meet each other.

I wish you to dissolve in happiness,
Never skimp on kisses.
And I will put you to sleep with tender words,
And let your life be covered with lace.

19. I’ve been meeting with you for two months,
And as if I ‘m swimming in a quiet harbor.
The heart is so calm and light,
And it seems that this is a sweet dream.

And today I decided to
open myself to you in my love.
I want to continue to be with you,
to cherish and love you!

20. Today we have known each other for two months.
During this time we have learned a lot.
But recently friendship was born,
Well, today they are very in love.

And we want to continue
to develop our love for each other with you .
And in this dark and cold world,
light your Love, not fade away!

How do you say Happy 2nd anniversary?

21. Two months is not a lot and not a little,
But this time has given us a lot.
Lovers with you we are quite,
And you will not find happier on earth!

With each other it is easy for us and so pleasant,
And we get along well with you.
We want this feeling to be so pleasant
Through the years have passed side by side with us!

22. Two hearts are beating gently in unison,
This “dream” has already lasted two months.
You don’t want to “wake up” for sure,
but you want to enjoy it endlessly.

So let the whole fate be honey, sweet,
It is definitely worthy of even magic.
You let luck into the gates of the relationship,
And with him in life, and with love already walk.

23. Two months as I love, –
And life with colored paints
Filled my whole soul,
Oh God, how wonderful!

How beautiful it is to live in love
And in mutual love.
How wonderful it is to know that you
Love and are loved by your beloved

happy 2 month

24. Two months since your meeting took place,
And how much time is already left behind …
But you are still cheerful and carefree,
And time flies by.

So stay you as young as before,
Happy, beautiful, so
that we admire you as before,
And enjoy life together with you.

25. So, today your relationship is
two months old! There is a reason to have fun. Let’s
put all our doubts aside,
Let joy dwell in our hearts.

May your world be full of miracles,
And let happiness flow like a river.
And let the union of your hearts
As the sun shine in the spring.

26. Dreams come true as a stormy river.
Dream more about happiness.
We are with you for 2 months.
This is the date, mark it.

I congratulate you, I look forward to
congratulations from you as well.
A clean sheet, like sparkling snow, He
waits for us, the horizon is silver.

27. Two months of your fabulous life,
For many it is absolutely mysterious.
You have recently created your relationship,
Today, accept our congratulations.

Let all life become honey,
Merry, tender and versatile.
Let love only flare up stronger,
And the door to happiness will open strongly.

Happy Anniversary to my Love

28. Two months are like two big wings of the
Bird of your glorious relationship.
Fate gave you love as a gift,
And expects decisive decisions from you.

Solutions to difficult life problems,
Ability to love and be loved,
And, of course, more luck to you,
And be just a little jealous.

29. With you, we sparkle with happiness,
And we celebrate our anniversary.
Let it be only the second time,
But everyone is so happy for us!

Two months – like honey for us flowed,
And love made everything sweet in life.
We took care of our love from troubles and partings,
Two months, believe me, is not so little!

30. Two months have passed,
you swear in love.
Do you want to live with each other, It is
itching to create a family.

But wait, you hurry,
Consider first:
And how and where you want to live,
Is there enough capital?

Happy Anniversary To Us

31. To love is not that, falling in love is easier.
Find out if you love ….
Or you are full of whims
Before the first difficulties of the time?

Not a time has passed, only days have passed
And yet I congratulate:
60 days have already passed,
” I wish you love, not love!”

32. Oh, how time flies by quickly,
If happiness suddenly began to spin ,
For two months now, as with us,
A sweet ailment has come along.

We love each other, there is no doubt,
Let fate not part us,
We will save the best moments,
To tell our grandchildren about them.

33. Two months passed like a day.
Time is running out, it’s so easy with you.
And I’m not too lazy to walk with you,
It’s so hard without you.

Let’s celebrate the holiday modestly –
Salad and sea of ​​kisses.
We breathe in unison so languidly.
Nothing around us excites.

34. Remember sleepless nights,
Morning from the first day,
And you do not want to forget,
How life gave you a meeting.

We congratulate you on this.
Twice your month has passed
since you became a couple.
So your rock has found you!

35. Two months later, or sixty days,
we came to congratulate you again.
Your relationship is only two months old,
From happiness and love, your head is spinning.

We wish that the streak of luck does not end,
And happiness only lasts forever.
You quickly get the offspring,
Problems to the side are more likely to take away.

36. 2 months run sometimes
Like the waters of a mountain stream.
Here we are celebrating
Our holiday, although it is twofold.

Let the relationship continue to
flow with clean water.
And we will all sing about them.
And we will remain ourselves.

37. You have shown the reserves of heavenly patience for
2 months.
Let’s celebrate this phenomenon.
Though life is only a mockery, alas.

We wish you to celebrate a year together,
And maybe not even one.
You so wanted your meetings, and now a
dream has come true, every day is lovely.

38. A bouquet of flowers, how cute, really,
you give your girl.
For two months now you are a couple,
You swear in your love.

For two months now, how nice
to look at you from the outside:
So be together, be friendly,
so be happy forever!

39. Walking in the park, kissing for a moment,
you seem to have been born together for each other.
And the days fly by as if everything is a moment: The
girl and the guy are in love with each other.

And a month has passed, at the end of the second,
We are ready to call ourselves husband, wife.
And life shone with your love:
May love and hope keep your souls!

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