Happy 18th Month Anniversary

We have been dating for 18 months

Happy day to us who have been dating for 18 months! I am very happy, I say it and I repeat it because it is the truth, because with you I have gone much further. You are my most special little person, you stole my heart and now I can only think of you, want to spend time with you and enjoy life with you. I love you! Happy 18th Month Anniversary!

Thank you for opening your heart to me

My love, what can I say today that I haven’t already said? I think it’s a small thing, that’s why I’ll just tell you one more. Thank you, thousands of thanks for your sensitivity, for opening your heart, and for showing yourself as you are. Happy 18 months of dating to us! I love you.

I love sharing happiness with you

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Happy 18th Month Anniversary

This day is very special and we are both very excited about it! I love sharing with you the happiness of this moment, I adore that our love is so strong and that it has allowed us to get here.

I know it will not be the last month that we celebrate because ours will be eternal. Happy 18 months of dating, my love!

The person I fell in love with

Happy 18 months of boyfriends, love! In this time, each of my days has had a part in which you were there, the person with whom I fell in love, being part of my life, is everything I ever wanted.

With you I see a more positive world, and I live everything with greater intensity, and it is the love I feel for you that makes me feel like this. I wish it never happens, that we continue to love each other forever as we do now, and that we continue to make ourselves happy.

Our sincere love keeps moving us forward

Our sincere love continues to move us forward together in time, which for me is to continue living happily, knowing that I have you by my side and that we continue to build our future and that we live intensely our present. Happy 18 months of dating to us!

Happy 18th Month Anniversary

Since we had our first kiss

Happy 18 months of dating, my love! We have reached this date with so much joy that I do not know how to describe it, I only know that I feel it and that it is something that has not stopped since I met you. Since we gave our first kiss and since we did not say I love you for the first time.

I’ve never seen anyone like you

How nice this day has come when we always do something special! Since I met you and heard you talk, I already fell in love with you, I think you hypnotized me because I had never seen anyone like you.

We have spent all this time getting to know each other, giving each other a lot of love and learning, and I wish with all my might that we continue that way. Happy 18 months of dating to us!

You gave me all your love

18 months ago we made the decision to be a couple, our love led us to that and it has carried us through the passage of time. Meeting you gave me hope and made me feel better, everything has more meaning with you, life is more beautiful and my days are always happy.

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I know that difficulties may come, but I also know that by being united we will get through them, and that our love will make us stronger. Thank you for everything you give me, because one day you opened your heart to me and gave me all your love.

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Today we have much to be proud of

My love, today we have a lot to be proud of because we have been dating for 18 months. In these months, which are already over the year! We have shown ourselves that our love is true, we have had a lot of time to get to know each other, to know what we really wanted and how we felt.

Thank you for everything you give me, and it is that you make me feel like the most special person. Your love is the most beautiful thing that I have, your words always comfort me and in your hugs I find the coat I need.

I would repeat to you a thousand times how much I love you, and I know that I would never tire of reminding you. Let’s toast for more months and, why not, for more years.

Being boyfriends and loving each other madly

We’ve already spent 18 months together, dating and loving each other madly, baby. I wanted to tell you that I love you until I reach the universe, that I adore your kisses, your honest look, your words you always knew. I wanted to tell you that you are that person that I never thought would come, that you have entered my heart and that you have made me better.

Those and so many other things that I feel for you, I would like to write them all, but there would be no role in the world for everything I feel for you. I love you!

That day has come when we congratulate each other

That day has come when we congratulate and congratulate each other, because our love story does not end, and we have already been married for 18 months! We are getting closer to turning two years old, and I already get excited just thinking about it!

I think I have the best life because I found you

Today we reached 18 months of dating, and I have been thinking for several days how we were going to spend this romantic day. I always like that we do something special and you love it too, so it’s going to be a wonderful day.

Sometimes I think I have the best life because I found you, and in this time I have felt better than ever. Thank you for every month, but also for every minute and every second that we spend together.

That moment when we decided to be dating

I have thought of a thousand ways to show you my feelings, but the most beautiful I found is with this letter. Today that we turn 18 months from that moment in which we decided to be a couple, I realize that this has been the best decision of my life. 

Little by little we have adapted to each other, and we have managed to carry our relationship forward. Thank you for so many hugs, and for motivating me to fulfill my dreams. 

During all this time you have shown me that my feelings for you are reciprocated, and that we wish it to be many more months, so, Congratulations, my love!

Our love is the same

My love, today we will celebrate our 18 months of dating, and we will do it with the same joy and intensity with which we celebrate our first month, because our love is the same. Thank you for every day of these months, they have all been incredible. I love you!

Because I have you by my side

Happy 18 months of dating, my love! When life gives you everything, you can only be happy and be thankful, and that’s what I do. Smile at life, thank you for all the good it gives me and because I have you by my side.

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We are almost 2 years old and this love I feel for you does not stop, every day it is more immense, every day I know you better and every day I like you more and I love you more.

Happy 18th Month Anniversary

We are reaching 18 months together

Our 1-year anniversary is already a bit far for us, as we are reaching 18 months together, and this is something that I find difficult to stop, because our love is the greatest and most beautiful of all.

What I like the most about you is that you continue to take care of me as you did at the beginning when we met, that you take care of every detail and that you always give me your smile. I love you! Happy 18 months together and very much in love!

Let’s toast to the arrival of another month together

Happy love day to us, darling! Let’s toast to the arrival of another month together, the 18 are here and we continue with an intact love and thousands of projects and plans to do.

It is looking at you and it already gives me happiness, and it is hearing you speak and you give me peace and serenity, the calm that everything will be fine because you are by my side. I sincerely hope that we continue to celebrate months and months until we are many years old. And, I love you!

I would always be with you

Happy day to us, my love! These 18 months together have been for me like being reborn, like reliving life. You have taught me to seize the moment, to love regardless of what others say, and you have shown me all your love.

So today seems like the best day to thank you for everything you do for me, and for every moment that you give me by your side, I adore each one of them, and for me, I would always be with you. I love you!

When i first looked at you

Arriving at 18 months with you I can say that many of my wishes for this life have already been fulfilled, and that is that you have participated in making them come true.

Ours was love at first sight. When I looked at you for the first time, I felt my heart beat faster, and now that is the normal state because my love for you has not decreased in intensity. Let’s celebrate!

Another month and we are already 18

Another month more and we are already 18, giving each other love, feeling in love, taking care of each other and supporting each other. You don’t know how happy being with you gives me, and I don’t know if I’m capable of putting it into words, but I think you can see me day by day, like when I’m with you I always have a smile. I love you.

All these months have passed very quickly, just as I fell in love with you in the blink of an eye. Today we are 18, and I feel that every month by your side has been special, that new feelings always appear and that I always love you more and more. 

Let’s toast because the two years together are approaching. Happy anniversary, my love!

I promise to be the ideal person for you

Love, now we know that after everything we’ve been through, we are made for each other. Call it whatever you want! 18 months or a year and a half! I thank God that I have you, and that my heart keeps racing every time I see you arrive. 

Congratulations on this new month! I love you more every day, and I promise to be the ideal person for you.

I would do the exact same thing again

What I feel whenever this date arrives is unmatched, and it keeps getting bigger! Thank you my love for being my ray of light, and the person who makes me laugh the most. 

Never forget that if time turned back, I would do exactly the same thing that led me to you. Happy 18th anniversary!

My love, I want to thank you for these 18 months

My love, 
I want to thank you 
for these 18 months, 
because with you I have known
what infinite love is.

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You are the most beautiful person,
full of kindness and tenderness,
you make my heart 
feel better than better
and that my days are all

I love you!

Our love continues to meet months

Our love is still months old and today we are 18, darling! Meeting you was breathing again, feeling that I had life again, more energy and the desire to discover everything the world has to show. 

Your month you have taught the value of the smallest things, to enjoy every minute of the day, that you can always bring a smile to life, and, above all, what it is to truly love, with all your heart and with all sincerity. Thank you for this time together!

There are loves that come without knocking on the door

There are loves that arrive without knocking on the door, that enter your life without having planned it but that fill your heart, give you life, make you feel fullness and a lot of happiness. 

The love I’m talking about came into my life 18 months ago and it’s you, darling. Today we are celebrating another month of this beautiful relationship and, thanks to you, I feel more alive than ever. Don’t forget that my love for you has no end!

A magical feeling

After so much time together I still feel the same connection as the first day. It’s a magical feeling, love! It makes me very happy to know that after eighteen months together we are still in love, and that we are more and more like the wonder team.
 Like every month, I will give you a special celebratory kiss, and we hope that God allows us to always be together. I love you!

I feel that every day I love you more

My love, with you there is something that has become very clear to me in these 18 months, and that is that you will never fail me, that you will always be with me, and that I will always have your words that will help me and motivate me.

You are the most wonderful person and I feel that every day I love you more, that I cannot stop thinking about you when you are not with me and that when I am with you I want to take advantage of every second of the day, because you make everything more special. Happy anniversary to us!

How nice love feels

How nice love feels! And even more when this date arrives! We have been together for 18 months, it is hard for me to think that so much time has passed, and that we have made so much use of every second.

I love you! I hope that our romantic story continues, and that we continue to be as spontaneous as we are now, because that is what makes us break the routine. 

And, I promise not to let you escape, because I know that I will never find a person as unique as you! Let’s keep making dreams come true, fighting habits, and letting our love grow pure. 

Happy 18th Month Anniversary

You taught me to see the beautiful

Life was not so beautiful, but when I met you you taught me to see the beauty of each day, to value every little gesture, and to learn from mistakes. With you I have committed many! But you have known how to forgive me and continue by my side. 

Thank you my love, for not only telling me that you love me, but for showing me with every action. Happy 18 months!

18 months existing

Today our love turns 18 months existing, and with each passing day it becomes much stronger. You are the most tender and romantic person I know! How lucky to have met you!

Let’s celebrate this day, but not just because of the amount of time, but because of everything we’ve learned from each other. I love you and I’ll love you forever!

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