Happy 16th Month Anniversary

In these 16 months that we have reached as a couple

In these 16 months that we have reached as a couple, I have lived the most beautiful moments of my life, and all thanks to you, my love. The truth is that I do not stop falling in love with you, with everything you do, with how well you behave with me and with how you are. Happy 16th Month Anniversary!

I imagine a wonderful life with you, and I would like us to have it, that we take care of ourselves forever and that our love is healthy and beautiful until the end. I love you!

Everything we have lived in these 16 months of dating

My love, everything we have experienced in these 16 months of dating has been the best, I would repeat without a doubt a thousand and one times everything, and besides that, it is beautiful to think that we still have many plans to do. With you by my side I feel that I have a great fortune!

You are in all my thoughts and you brought happiness into my life, I adore the way you look at me, how you talk to me, everything you transmit to me and how good you make me feel. What we have is unique and very beautiful, and I hope it never ends, because I love you madly.

I want you to know that I adore every part of you, even what you say are your defects, because it is everything that makes you who you are, a person that I love, a special person for whom I feel great love.

Happy 16th Month Anniversary

All my days are full of love because of you

All my days are full of love thanks to you, who appeared in my life 16 months ago to change it completely, to give it color and joy and to make me fall in love with you from one day to the next.

That we are dating is beautiful, that we share the good and the bad of our life, even more, because it makes us stronger. I want to continue like this with you to infinity because everything that you make me feel and what I live by your side has no comparison with anything else. I love you.

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Let’s keep adding more months of love to show life

Happy 16 months of boyfriends to us! I don’t know how you do it, but each day that I spend by your side is more joyful than the last. With you I can be who I really am, without being afraid that you can see my flaws, because I know that you value me as I am and that you love me for it. Thank you for this wonderful time and let’s keep adding more months of love to your life!

To be so united in these 16 months

My love, today I feel very good to be celebrating another month with you and I wanted to say it like this, in writing, because if there is something that has helped us to be so united in these 16 months that we have been dating, it is communication. I adore you!

happy 16th month anniversary

I feel like you are everything to me

This day we have to congratulate ourselves on our 16 months of dating and I do it with great joy. I want you to know that I carry you continuously in my thoughts, that when I am not with you, I think of you, and that I wish you to be always well.

Being able to hug you almost every day is a privilege for me, the greatest joy of my life, and you can’t imagine how much energy you give me. When I’m by your side I always want to be more and more, and when you leave, I miss you until I find you again.

I feel that for me you are everything, and that together with you I grow every day and we will continue to do so, advancing and overcoming all the problems that may appear to us, because our love will help us to do so.

You are the most beautiful thing that could happen to me

You are the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me, and one day like today you decided to tell me face to face, and from that moment we began to write our crazy love story.

Despite what many people think, not everything has been easy, but you and I decided that above any problem, there was our relationship and the love that grew day by day.

Today we celebrate the best 16 months, and how important we are in the life of the other!

In these 16 months you have become an essential person

Love, in these 16 months you have become an essential person for me, you are the most important thing in my life, and together with you I want to continue. Wherever I am I always have a better time if you are also there with me. I hope we continue to take care of ourselves and give each other love, because that way life is much better.

Happy 16 months of boyfriends to us

Happy 16 months of dating to us, my love! I am very happy for this day, each month that I spend with you fills me even more with energy, and with more desire to continue being with you.

And, I know not a year round, but I have a surprise for you today, because any excuse is good to give thanks and celebrate for our love.

I have remembered that we are 16 months old

My love, we have already passed the year and I have remembered that we are turning 16 months old. In this time, the beautiful moments have been almost all, and although there have also been some bad ones, they have served us to learn from each other and to bond more.

Everything we’ve been through together makes us who we are, and knowing that by your side I can move forward, that you won’t leave me behind and that we will always try to be well, makes me very happy. Let’s continue living this beautiful love!

We are still so excited

Some time ago we started this relationship, and today we are as excited as the first day, love. Happy 16 months! I hope to be the love of your life, and the person to accompany you to make those beautiful dreams come true.

Let’s continue doing it as we have done before, because that way we will go very far!

We accumulate 16 months of love

What a beautiful day it is today, when we celebrate another month, my love, and thus we accumulate 16 months of love, happiness and beautiful experiences. I want to tell you that I value everything you do for me very much, and that meeting you was something that I did not expect and that it changed my reality completely.

You were a light for me, you were and are the best thing in my life, and I want us to take care of what we have, to make our love stronger and stronger and thus become something eternal. I love you!

I want to thank you, my love

Before saying anything else, I want to thank you, my love, for accompanying me at all times, for taking care of me and for how good you make me feel. Today we reach our first 16 months in love, and I am very happy about it, because it seems to me a beautiful number, we spent the year and we continue walking!

Having you is the assurance that I will be happy, because you always have positive words, you are always with your beautiful smile and always with your good humor, brightening all my days. You are a very special person, darling, and I love you with all my might, you cannot imagine what it means to me to have you close.

I’ve been feeling better than ever for 16 months

I’ve been feeling better than ever for 16 months, and that’s because I found you, because I found love! I have never felt like this, when I am with you, a very special feeling runs through my body and I am happier than ever. I love you!

If they asked me

If you asked me how I would like to spend the rest of my life, my answer would be, Same as the last 16 months! Thank you for existing, and for having decided to undertake this path with me.

From your hand everything is better and much more fun, because you have some wonderful occurrences. Congratulations darling!

The first year we passed between kisses

The first year we passed between kisses and text messages, and right now I realize that ours is very real. We have 16 months together! and surprises are something of our day to day. 

I like to see that every day we are more united, and that routine has not made us lose the illusion of always being together. I thank you, love, because you are my sunshine, the person who best advises me, and who makes me realize my mistakes.

Congratulations to us! And may love remain present in every second!

Happy 16th Month Anniversary

The rest of the day with you

Love, I don’t need anything more than to spend the rest of the day with you, because for me every minute we share is spectacular and unique. For a long time I realized that you are one of those simple people, who makes anyone feel comfortable, and that makes me know that you have a very noble heart  

. Happy 16 months love! May our life always be together!

I never planned to fall in love but you came

I never planned to fall in love, 
but you came along 
and it was inevitable.
We are already 16 months old
since that beautiful moment
that I keep in my heart
as the best of memories, 
because with you I know 
that I want to live this life, 
because you have shown me 
that you are the best person there is.
You fill each of my days
with a great illusion.
Long live our love!

How truly happy I can be

Being by your side has made me see how truly happy I can be, today we add 16 months and although sometimes I lose track of how many they really are, you always remind me because you are the most romantic person in the world. 

Let’s celebrate what is coming because we still have many more to do, love! I love you!

A privileged place in my heart

Love, just now I realized
that you have a privileged place
in my heart, and it is that with
your way of being you have earned it. 

Every month you have surprised me,
in very different ways, 
and I take this opportunity
to let me do the same.

Happy 16 months of courtship!
May life prepare
unforgettable happy moments for us . 
I love you a lot!

We reached the 16th month of boyfriends

My love, we reached the 16th month of boyfriends and my enthusiasm is the same as every month, that is, infinite! Every day I find in you one more reason to love you and that makes me want to spend more time by your side and never be separated from you.

Thank you for each of the details that you have with me, which are many, for always lending me your help before I have to ask for it, for all the pampering and affection you give me, and for always supporting me, since we met.

We are going to celebrate by continuing to share every minute and because we have built a strong relationship, because even when we are not physically together, we know that we have each other. I love you!

With you every day I feel like the luckiest person in the world

With you every day I feel like the luckiest person in the world, and we’ve been like this for 16 months, since it all began! I tell you today that I have never felt so much love for someone, that my heart always beats faster with you, than the day I don’t see you, I think about you almost all the time, and then I dream of you.

It makes me very happy to know that we have already lived many beautiful stories that we can tell, that already belong to us and will always be with us.

I want you to know that, on this path, you can always count on me, that in any problem you have, it will not only be you facing him, but that I will be by your side, giving you my love and support. I love you darling

The times that we have told each other that we love each other

In these 16 months, I don’t even know how many times we have told each other that we love each other, there are so many that I cannot count them. Time has passed very quickly, it seems like yesterday that we had our first kiss, and now we have already gone through a million things together. Happy day to us, we deserve it!

With you I learn every day what it means to truly love

A very special day is coming for us, our 16th month of wedding anniversary! I have some things thought to celebrate, I’ll tell you about them later, I hope you like them! 

With you I learn every day what it means to truly love, and walking by your side is much easier and much lighter. All this time together has helped me to learn a lot, to focus on what I want from my life and where I am going. Thank you for being there in all those moments when I needed you. I love you.

Every month we spend together is more magical

Each month we spend together is more magical than the last, and the day we celebrate it is today. That is why it will be doubly good, because we will be together and because we are celebrating our 16 months of sincere love. 

When I see you, all I feel is that I want to be with you until the end of my days, you are the most beautiful thing I have and I try to show you every day how much I love you. Congratulations to us and may we continue to do so well!

In my thoughts from the start

You have been in my thoughts from the beginning, Thank you for making me happy and for being the most unconditional person in my life! It seems to me that every second together is full of magic, and a lot of love.

I love you and I hope we celebrate 16 more months!

You mean a lot in my life

We reached 1 year and 4 months together! I want you to know that you mean a lot in my life, and that I feel the most complete person when you are close to me.

I will never let you escape, because my soul is connected with yours, and only with you have I learned to truly love. My heart longs for it to be many more months, and for it to be this way for the rest of our lives. I love you!

In these 16 months of love by your side

In these 16 months of love by your side, I have learned the most important thing for me in this life, and it is the value of taking care of ourselves, of speaking to us from the heart, of transmitting what we feel so that the other person can understand and value us. 

Thank you for teaching me so much, my love, for your constant availability and for your infinite love, which you show me every time you look at me or talk to me. This time is being the best, and that without a doubt deserves a celebration.

My lucky charm

The joy does not stop increasing! Whenever I am with you, the days are happy and everything goes well. In these 16 months you have become my lucky charm, and I hope never to lose you. 

Thank you for your tolerance, for teaching me to be patient and for being my calm when I only see storms. I love you with all my heart!

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