Happy 15th Month Anniversary

Our 15 months of boyfriends arrive today

Our 15 months of boyfriends arrive today, and that is why we will have a beautiful day of celebration. What I like most about our love is that we can spend some time apart, but the time we spend together is always good, always intense and wonderful. Happy 15th Month Anniversary!

 I know we have a lot to learn and discover about each other, but that makes me even more excited, I want to continue by your side and learn. May our paths continue together and may we build the life we ​​most desire.

Thank you for all this time, for each and every minute that you spend with me and for being such a good person to me. With you I would go anywhere because I know there is wherever if you are, I will always be fine. I love you!

Meeting you was the most beautiful

Happy 15th Month Anniversary

Of everything that happened to me in life, meeting you was the most beautiful and the most important thing. These 15 months that we have been dating have been the most wonderful, and it is that falling in love with you and knowing that you had also fallen in love, made me very happy.

You know that my love for you is deep and sincere, but in case you forget, I’ll remind you around here! Being by your side makes me see life in a different way, in a very different way from how it was before. Your love makes me feel stronger and more courageous, and your hugs are the best!

I love to share all the moments with you

Happy 15 months of boyfriends to us, love! Reaching this date, month by month, is very important to me and you know that it makes me very happy. I always like to remind you how much I love you, and today is the perfect day for it. That is why I tell you that I love to share all the moments with you, and that I would like to continue doing it to infinity.

Happy 15th Month Anniversary

Today is our boyfriends birthday

Together with you, 
and when I was not 
by your side,
thinking of you,
I have spent 
the last 15 months.
Today is our boyfriends birthday
and I wanted to tell you, 
that I adore you
and that I love you,
and that I hope to celebrate
in style,
because our love deserves it.

I want you to know some things

Today that we have been dating for 15 months, I want you to know some things: the first is that I love you as from the first day, the second is that I know that I can count on you in the worst moments, and third that I would love to spend the rest of my life together to you.

Thank you for listening to me, and for being my faithful company! May we celebrate many more!

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I want to continue being part of your life

Happy 15th Month Anniversary of boyfriends, my love! On this special day I would like to tell you that I want to continue being part of your life and continue taking care of our love, in the same way that we have done so far.

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I adore that you are part of my day to day and know that you are there when I need you, but also be there for you, take care of you, give you all my love and my affection and let you know that you can always count on me. Let’s keep adding days, months and years!

I try to express all the love I feel for you

I try to express all the love I feel for you every day since we are dating, and today we are turning 15 months old, that is why all this time I have done my best to show it to you, and I will continue to do so, because I love you.

I hope that today we toast to a new stage in our lives, to a more complete month, to those to come, to share the best moments and to the joy of all the plans we have to make together, which are infinite!

Since I’m close to you

My dear, since I am close to you my life has become much more entertaining and infinitely happy. I love the fact that you are the most romantic boyfriend, and that you surprise me every month, even if there are already many!

Remember that for every step you take I will be right by your side to accompany you, and see you realize all your dreams. I love you my love! Happy 15 months dating!

How beautiful is my life now that you are in it

How beautiful my life is now that you are in it, now that we share our love, that we take care of each other, that we treat each other well, that I wake up next to you and think that I am looking at the most wonderful and beautiful person on the planet.

I want time to freeze and for everything to continue as it is forever, or then for us to continue creating eternal happiness between the two of us, because you cannot imagine how much love I feel for you and how much I want to share my life with you. Happy 15 months of dating to us, honey!

The day of love for me is this

The day of love for me is this that we celebrate every month from the day we began to be together, my love. We have already passed the year and today we reach our 15 months of dating, a number that I love and that gives me a lot of hope.

I know that we will continue because ours is true, a sincere and pure love that is born from our soul and that makes us feel good, that has united us and that makes us stronger. In all the situations that I imagine in my life you are there, and right now, I cannot imagine what my life would be like if you weren’t there.

You have improved everything I have and everything I am, and I want to thank you and tell you that I want to take care of you and I will always do everything possible to love you well.

What i felt when i saw you

What I felt when I saw you I ca
n’t describe it
but it was different
from everything else, it
was a
giant love , without equal.

Since then
it has not stopped, 
if not quite the opposite, it
does not stop growing,
because you are the best person
that one day I imagine.

Happy 15 months of anniversary and dating
to us!

We reached another stage, my love

We reached another stage, my love, the 15 months of dating! And in all this time I have realized that you are my best decision, the person who fills my days with passion, joy and a lot of love. 

Thank you for being there, thank you to life for making you appear in mine, because you are that person that I needed, and that has given me immense happiness. I love you and I want to continue by your side!

Happy 15th Month Anniversary

The magic of our lives

Nice day today,
in which we celebrate
the magic of our lives
now that they are united.
15 months is the time
we have been dating,
and every month we remember
that exciting moment
our first kiss emerged.
From that beautiful moment
everything was exciting
and captivating, 
I still have the adrenaline
in my body
from our first meeting.
I love you!

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The most beautiful thing that has already happened to me

1 year old and 3 months, 
or 15 months, 
whatever you want, 
the important thing is 
that we continue together, 
and that we are building 
our world.
Which is about happiness,
infinite love,
and beautiful surprises.
That is the most beautiful thing
that has already happened to me
and that what I like the most
about my day to day
is when I am with you.

I love you!

In these 15 months with you

In these 15 months with you, you have made me think that love can last a lifetime, because I can’t imagine without you, I would like us to become old people together and to continue loving and caring for each other.

For me you are a fundamental piece in life, you make everything fit perfectly and you give meaning to everything that happens to me. By your side I smile more, I am happier and I have more motivation to do things. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, thank you, my love.

My biggest inspiration in life

For 15 months you have become my greatest inspiration in life, and nothing and no one will make me doubt all the love I feel for you. I wish you all my heart that we continue to celebrate each of the months in a special way.

Congratulations, my love! Thank you for making me fall in love more and more every day.

We have 15 months together and life is wonderful

We have 15 months together and life is wonderful. You are my sweetheart, the person who shows me his love every day. I love you as you are because I like everything about you, even what you consider to be your defects.

Nothing makes me happier than being one more month with you, and knowing that we will meet many more, because this does not end here, we have a lot to live together.

You are a very important part of my life

Do you know how many of us celebrate today, love? They are 15 months together! And although it seems silly to me, it is very important that we celebrate them, because you have become a very important part of my life. 

May we continue to celebrate many more, and the butterflies in the belly do not stop fluttering! I love you!

Today we reach 15 months of love

Today we reach 15 months of love, of your beautiful presence in my life, and of waking up with a smile. Hopefully everything we have in mind, each of our plans together, can come true. At the moment we have already fulfilled some, and the truth is that we will continue to do so. I love you!

The further we go

The more we advance the more I realize that you are the ideal person, with you I found the tranquility that I so badly needed, and the greatest feeling of security.

I promise to love you for as long as God has available, and that we will multiply the months together. Congratulations my love! 

My love for you has not stopped increasing

I don’t pretend to be one of those people who says they’ve had their whole life waiting for you, but I hope you know that you came at a time when I thought I wasn’t going to find anyone.

I am not an easy person, and sometimes I can be difficult to carry, but with you I learned many things. You changed me for the better! Today I cannot imagine my life without you, as we have been through a lot in the last 15 months. 

I love you very much! And I hope that you love me the same, because in all these months my love for you has not stopped increasing.

We have a lot to live

We are still young and have a lot to live for, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate our fifteen months together. Get ready for a very special and unforgettable day!

Thank you for so much patience, and for having always walked by my side. I love you as only you know!

I have infinite reasons

I have infinite reasons to tell you that you are the woman of my life, and even more so today that we have been together for months! Thanks for showing up, darling!

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You have a big heart and that is why every time I melt more for you. I love you! May 15 more months of love and beautiful moments come.

Every day of these last 15 months

With your beautiful smile, your words, your details, and each of your gestures, you make me love you more every day of the last 15 months. You are my love and my everything, the person who makes me laugh constantly and who always has a nice word for me. With you the world is better and the days are brighter, more joyous and more colorful. I love you!

In these last 15 months

You know that you are my only love and that is what I have wanted to convey to you in these last 15 months, and what I will continue to do, because I love you infinitely, and I want to show it to you day after day throughout my life. 

The decision to be together was the best of our lives, with you also came happiness to my days, the excitement of knowing what would happen, and for making all the plans we had. Now we still have many and I know that little by little we will make them and we will have the best life.

Life with you these 15 months

Life with you these 15 months is better than I had ever imagined it, you arrived, I met you and from that moment I just wanted to be by your side. I really want to travel with you, to see the world, but also to be calm at home, watching series, movies or reading books. Whatever it is, it will be good if I have you with me. I love you!

A little over a year together

A little more than a year together, and I already feel like the happiest person in the world. Congratulations on our 15 months, my love! Time passes and I lose track of the good times we have spent together.

There is a moment in life when we see all good things as great blessings from God, and I have seen you that way for a long time. May God continue to bless us! I love you!

How nice it is to reach this date with you

How beautiful it is to reach this date with you, my love, the 15 months together, which have been full of beautiful experiences, some of them the most beautiful of my life and all thanks to the fact that I met you and we did not fall in love.

Hopefully a future together with lots of love, taking care of each other and giving each other strength, because there is nothing more beautiful than living life accompanied by the person you love the most.

Thanks for reaching out and changing my landscape

In a thousand ways I want to show you how much I love you, even if they have already spent fifteen months dating. Your company has become something indispensable to me! With you I would go to the moon, because you make all the plans even more fun. 

Thanks for reaching out and changing my landscape! I love you as only you taught me to love!

We’ve been through so much together

My love, we have been through so much together that I no longer know who I am when I am not with you, you have become a part of me, and I feel that if I have you close, nothing can go wrong!

You taught me more than any professor in my academic life, I have no words to thank you, but if I can, you showed how much I love you! Happy fifteen months to you who have become the love of my life!

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