Happy 14 Month Anniversary

We have already reached 14 months of dating

My love, the year together is more than past, and now we have already reached 14 months of dating! A time that for me has been very important because together with you I have grown, I have lived intensely and I have learned to value all the moments that life offers us. Happy 14 Month Anniversary!

No one ever made me as happy as you

Happy 14 months of boyfriends, my love! I’ve never met anyone as amazing and cool as you, no one ever made me as happy as you do, and no one ever cared for me as well as you. For that, and for many other things, that now I am not going to list because I could spend hours and hours, I want to thank you and tell you that I love you and I want to continue enjoying life with you.

How nice to get to this date my love

Happy 14 Month Anniversary

How nice to get to this date my love, how nice to celebrate with you our 14 months of boyfriends, which may not be a round date as it was when we turned the year, but which is also important because it is our time together!

What is inside of me is all love for you

What is inside me is all love for you, but there is also sincerity, kindness, respect and a lot of admiration for the person you are, and that is what I have tried to show you during these 14 months that we have been dating. 

I know that today we are going to have a very good day, because we will spend it together, celebrating all that we love each other.

What happiness is mine for being your partner

What happiness is mine for being your partner, for sharing thousands of joys and because with you most of the time they are laughter, but the best of all is that when it is time to be serious you also know how to be. You always support me and you always have an encouraging word, thank you for that my love! Happy 14 months of boyfriends to us!

Happy 14 Month Anniversary

It makes me think of everything we have

Happy 14 months of boyfriends, my love! When this day arrives, in which we celebrate another month together, I cannot help it, a great emotion enters my body, it makes me think of everything we have, which is wonderful, and I know that much more, very beautiful will come for we. So, I hope we toast to it today!

That day we had our first kiss

Today is that day of each month that I have marked on the calendar, that day in which we gave our first kiss, in which we knew what we wanted, in which our love became strong and in which everything changed for me.

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It’s been 14 months since that moment, and I know that we relive it every day and every new kiss, because our love is intense. It does not go out, but with each passing minute it grows more and more, and it is that I always find some reason, or I know something about you that makes me like you more and love you more.

I know I already told you, but thanks for being who you are, learning and walking by your side is beautiful. I love you.

With our love we reached 14 months together

With our love we reached 14 months together, and with all my sincerity I tell you that it is the most beautiful time that I have already spent, that together with you I have reached full happiness and that what I most wish is that this never ends. Thank you so much, honey. I love you!

God exceeded all expectations

Today more than ever I know that I have your love, your support, your advice and even your hug. Thank you for being the ideal couple, and for filling my days with such happiness! 

I still remember the time when I looked up to heaven and wished I had a special person by my side, but God exceeded all expectations and sent me the ideal person. 

I love you! Happy 14 months of love!

Something special to celebrate our love

We always take advantage of any moment that life gives us, as we both agree that it is beautiful to celebrate. Therefore, today that we complete our first year and first month of dating, we will do something special to celebrate our love, and our beautiful life together.

We are going to celebrate our 14 months together

Let’s celebrate our 14 months together, my love! The day has come, and like every month, we are moving forward and as I like to say, collecting beautiful and good memories. 

Today we celebrate everything we have experienced so far, but also that another month is presented to us in our lives, and I want you to know that I love thinking about all the experiences that will come and knowing that most of them I will spend by your side. I take this day to tell you that you are the person I love the most!

Sharing our beautiful love

Being with you for another month, sharing our beautiful love, is for me a dream come true. Today we come to a date that I like to remember very much, and that is that on this day 14 months ago we decided to make a change in our lives.

At that time, our friendship was turning into something more, we were in love and wanted to start living as such! I’m very happy that you took the first step, and that now we are so happy. I love you!

They had told me how good love was

They had told me how good love was, but I didn’t really know how good it was until I experienced it, and that happened when I met you 14 months ago. I could say that it was at first sight, and that the best of all is that you felt it too, and since then there is nothing that separates us.

Thank you for spending this time with me, for allowing me to be by your side and for showing me what a wonderful person you are. I feel like I’m in a story, and I never want it to end!

You came and transformed my life

14 months ago you arrived and you transformed my life completely, you showed me what true love was and a different way of looking at life. That is one of the main reasons why I want to tell you that I love you tirelessly, and that my heart yearns for us to spend our whole lives together. Congratulations my love! 

What a beautiful feeling I feel

What a beautiful feeling I feel, they 
seem like fluttering butterflies, 
and when this day comes 
I feel like on our first date. 

14 months ago we decided to start 
what we are about to celebrate today
and I feel very happy doing it,
because I always want to be with you. 
Congratulations Love! Let there be many more!

This month we will celebrate it like all the previous ones

This month we will celebrate it like all the previous ones, but with the only difference that love is even greater. It is impossible to define the well-being that I feel being with you, you are an incredible person who gives me the peace I need at the precise moment. 

I love knowing that you are the one who admires me the most and my constant support. Thank you so much, my love! Happy 14 months!

Happy 14 Month Anniversary

Long live our 14 months of infinite love

Long live our 14 months of infinite love! Thank you for giving me everything you are, for opening up with me, for showing me your true self, and for trusting me. By your side I feel very good, you make me not afraid of being who I am and showing myself how I want. 

What I would like the most in this life would be to continue making you happy, and to spend as much time as I can by your side, because I love you! We are going to celebrate this day and toast with joy!

We already have 14 months together

When I met you, with you everything was new and exciting, and it didn’t take long to go from feeling that we had a nice friendship, to feeling that what was really happening was that I was falling in love with you. It seems the same thing happened to you, and you asked me out! 

We already have 14 months together since that moment, and since then, we enjoy each day more of the luck that it is to be together and share our love. I love my life and I love that you are in it!

On days like today

On days like today I like to think that ours was meant to be. I love you so much, my love, and I will never stop doing it! This is our 14th month of dating, and yes, I love telling them because it makes me feel like ours is really special. Thank you for suddenly appearing in my life!

My love appeared towards you

14 months ago I met you,
and at that moment
it appeared in 
my love for you. 

I saw you and I thought 
that behind that beautiful face there
would be a person
with a kind heart, 
and I was not mistaken one bit,
you are just as I dreamed,
and I thank life
on a day like today
because you exist, we meet
and we we love.

I want to capture here how much I love you

With these words that I write to you today, in our 14th month of dating, I want to send you a lot of love, I want to express here how much I love you and how important you are in my life, from the first minute I met you. 

You make me feel a happiness that I have never felt before, our story makes a lot of sense and it is the most beautiful thing. Let’s enjoy and celebrate!

Our love was meant to happen

On days like this, it makes me think and I feel that ours was written, that we had to meet and that our love was destined to happen. I think this because between the two there is a great connection, and from the moment we saw each other we both knew that what we wanted was to be together. 

Today we celebrate our 14 months and I wish with all my heart that we continue to take care of this beautiful thing that we have, because I am sure that it is true love.

May our love be the one who guides us

The love we feel for each other is wonderful, and we have shown it in these 14 months that we have been together, in every smile, in every affection, every word and in every detail. I hope that we continue to show it much more, take care of ourselves, and respect each other, and that our love is the one who guides us, the one that makes us walk and that always gives us happiness. I love you!

There are days that it is necessary to remember

There are days that need to be remembered, and today is one of those! I am happy to know that in these 14 months, we have become accustomed to each other, because even though we love each other a lot, we are two different people, and many times we have opposite thoughts. 

That is why today I want to thank you for your patience, and tell you how much I love you!

Just a day like today

Just on a day like today we met, and I never would have imagined that after 14 months we would continue together. I am one of those people who never thought to find love, but the moment I saw you, I knew this was really very special. 

I know there are people who say that after a few months have passed, the details are running out, but I want you to know that my love for you does not stop increasing, and that I will look for a thousand ways to show it to you. 

You arrived at the perfect time and I didn’t have to look for you. That’s why I say I’m lucky! I love you darling!

Fourteen months seems like an eternity

There are so many moments
that we have lived together
that these fourteen months
seem like an eternity.
And sometimes I think there are more!

Today we have to celebrate it,
and not only celebrate the time, 
but all the love, dedication, 
and patience. I love you a lot!

My life with you is full of passion

What a beautiful day we are going to live today, my love, like each of our anniversaries, we will do something special, and that is that today we reach the 14th month together, and I am jumping with happiness.

My life with you is full of passion, your looks and your kind gestures, the joys you give me and the details you have with me, and there is nothing better than adding another month of all that I love, and to have you by my side. I love you!

I adore our love, our commitment

Today is a day to congratulate us both, to be proud of what we have created, of the beautiful relationship we have and of everything we have experienced so far. I adore our love, our commitment, the trust we have for each other and the respect we show each other, and we reached 14 months showing all those positive things. 

I know that this is only the beginning and that we have much more time to live together, because if we want, what we have will be infinite.

Love takes us through time

Happy 14 months of dating to us, my love! Love takes us through time, and if we look back we can see everything we have been through, the good, the bad and the regular. The good remains in our hearts, that which fills us, and the bad has helped us to learn from mistakes and to grow. The important thing is that we continue walking down the same path, holding hands, smiling and loving each other. 

Today I wanted to take advantage of the day to tell you that life has given me many joys since I was born, but that one of the greatest was when I met you, when I met you, when you smiled at me for the first time and when I noticed that there was something between we. Let’s continue together, learning and discovering all that is to come!

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