Happy 10 Months Anniversary

10 months ago something happened that at that time I did not expect it, from the first moment we saw each other we were paralyzed, a feeling invaded us that made us happy, a connection that enveloped us, a love that filled us, from the first moment “I fell in love with you”, let’s celebrate today our happy 10 months anniversary… a love for eternity Happy 10th anniversary!

Happy Anniversary my love! They are 10 beautiful months of anniversary, months that will allow us to open a path towards our future, these months and those to come will make us feel more secure about each other, we will strengthen ourselves and build what we want, I invite you to continue being happy my love , we deserve that and more. I love you!

During all this time I have discovered that only you matter. You are the most precious thing to me as well as your love and affection. Our relationship is a topic of great relevance in my life. Happy 10 months of anniversary my love!

Emotional happy 10 months anniversary for your boyfriend/girlfriend

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Among so many people you always stood out, you always dazzle with your beauty and personality. Every bit of your being makes me fall in love more every day. There is no person who captivates me in this way and it is because I love you. Happy 10th month of anniversary!

I don’t care what others say, or what others think. I only know that being by your side everything is perfect for me. The world changes and everything revolves around us. We become the center of the world thanks to our love. Happy 10 months of dating my life!

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Every day with you I live or learn something new. Something that fills me and that continues to strengthen my love for you. Everything we add to our experiences as a couple allows me to grow a little more. Thank you for all my life, let’s celebrate our 10 months of dating!

Just with a kiss from your lips my world turns non-stop. Those emotions that invade my body when having you by my side take me to heaven. I hope we can continue to generate and feel that kind of feeling forever. Happy Anniversary my love!

Forgive me if I have ever failed you, forgive me if at some point I have not been by your side. Forgive me for all the times I could do you wrong. You must believe me when I say that I love you and that everything I do I do for you. Happy 10 months of anniversary love of my life!

I want to make you happy today and the rest of your life. Let me keep trying my dear! Happy 10 months of dating!

Happy 10 Months Anniversary

Month by month we have celebrated our joys and love of being together, we will soon be one year old, so far you have shown the quality of person that you are, gentle, kind, understanding, genuine and full of charisma, capable of overcoming any eventuality with patience, I am willing to spend the rest of my days, months and years by your side, the world is perfect if you are with me. Happy anniversary for our 10 months of anniversary!

Let us celebrate our 10 months of dating with joy, let us remember our first encounters, feelings and emotions, today it is still the same, it has not changed at all, nor do I hope that happens. I feel completely happy that you are part of my being, that makes you a wonderful person and me an immensely happy person. Happy anniversary in our 10 months of anniversary!

Happy 10 months of love! Always wish by my side an understanding person, focused and with a great talent to love in every way, in our 10 months of dating I thank the entire universe for listening to my prayer, since then we have done nothing but love each other. May our love be long-lasting, sincere and full of expectations to enjoy a certain future.

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Letter For Love Of My Life

The day I met you, it was like the day a seed is sown, our sincere friendship grew as that little plant grew, one day I saw it bloom, this is how love was between us, after filling it with so many details and attention, “love” awakened the most beautiful feeling that fits in a heart. Today we celebrate 10 wonderful months of dating, thanks to the tenderness, hugs and affection that have made him grow. Happy Anniversary!

There are those who define a kiss as a sweet memory, a pleasure, or sometimes just an instant, for me our first kiss, marked the beginning of a life of illusions for me, that kiss has brought consequences to my life, I present myself to the true love, he gave me an illusion, and inevitably marked the beginning of what today we count as 10 beautiful months of courtship.

Today I reaffirm that the greatest and best gift you can give me on this day of celebration is your love and your dedication. The one that fill my soul, and where I feel so full of love that everything else takes a backseat.

It has been 10 months, which have transformed my life into something wonderful, every day I have reasons to want to continue taking this love to the eternal, to continue adding photos to the album of our lives and cultivating beautiful memories in the deepest of our hearts.

We are heading towards our first year together, and although it seems little, or is said easy, in each step we have grown in an amazing way. I am very proud of what we have harvested to date, because I know that it is the fruit of our dedication and our desire to do better.

Let’s celebrate in a big way, but let’s not just celebrate today, let’s celebrate every day that life gives us the opportunity to once again show us how great this feeling is as it grows and becomes infinite.

I know we still have a long way to go, a lot to experience, but I have the certainty that we have chosen the right path.

I want to promise you that, even if we get angry at some point, the sun will not fall without my making an effort to solve it, I also promise you that there will always be enough will in my heart to admit I can be wrong and that together we can solve anything that we can. Present. I am not perfect, but I do have the greatest intention of making every day of your life perfect and unforgettable.

I love you so much that I feel that my life by your side has traveled at the speed of light, that it has only been a moment that we have shared our hearts, but that, despite the speed of time, each experience has remained as one indelible experience in my heart and I hope it will be the same in yours.

10 months ago we lived an unexpected but great moment, because it was from then on that love enveloped us and filled us to be happy. Happy wedding anniversary!

These 10 months of dating has been an open path to the future, it has allowed us to get to know each other, strengthen ourselves and are willing to build dreams that are materializing. Let’s follow my love this way Happy anniversary!

You are the theme, the piece and the argument that my life needs to write about it, you make my story relevant and I hope we will continue together for many more months.Happy 10th wedding anniversary!

They are 10 months of anniversary captivating me, always highlighting and dazzling me with your personality, it is the first time that I love that you control my time and my heart Happy wedding anniversary!

Let’s celebrate the opportunity when love touched our hearts and for 10 months we have been the living demonstration of how it grows and strengthens month after month. Happy 10 months of courtship!

The world turns and everything changes, but our romance remains intact and even stronger, you are the center of my inspiration and thanks to you our love is wonderful. Happy 10-month anniversary my love!

How beautiful it is to meet with you every month our courtship and above all celebrate the feeling of love that intoxicates us and motivates us to continue together. Congratulations my great love for happy 10 months anniversary.

Today we celebrate 10 months of dating, showing us that being together is the greatest happiness, sharing by your side and growing with the experience of both strengthens us and unites us like no other.Happy anniversary!

Congratulations on 10 months of dating! And let’s add more months together to our dating relationship, full of love, joys, kisses and blessings. May the flame of our love stay alive and exciting each day.