Happy 1 Year Anniversary Poems

We will provide happy 1 year Anniversary poems.

I remember clearly and perfectly,
How we met you.
I don’t even believe that today is
exactly a year since the two of us.

Where did this time come from?
How have these days gone?
We just fell in love with each other,
And imperceptibly the days passed.

We want to continue to be together,
We want to get to know each other.
And we will not even have time to look back,
How will we celebrate the new anniversary!

A year ago it all began,
And the wish came true,
Now I have you,
My half!

With our first anniversary,
My happiness is the reason,
I wish us well,
To be always united!

We are together for a year with you, dear,
How much there was between us.
But I became happy with you,
And let the happiness last for years.

We will overcome all the trampolines,
We will take any obstacles,
You just be dear to me,
And I will be with you!

Today we celebrate the year, We
celebrate our holiday with you,
I congratulate you, You
mean a lot to me!

I love you madly,
I am with you as in paradise,
It is very difficult for me without you,
Only you I live!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Poems

I wish us patience,
And cherish our love,
With our first anniversary,
I’m falling in love with you again!

Time passes quickly,
And the year is already behind – The
year of our relationship,
Already a year, as we are together.

Year of tenderness and passion,
Year of sincere love.
I wish you a lot of happiness.
And, I am both of you.

I wish you bright colors
And wonderful, wonderful days!
Crazy, daring, hot
And fiery nights.

I wish that the
blood always played in my veins,
And the joy is endless,
And love is tremulous!

I admire you for a whole year,
I will never get tired.
And, I kiss you for a whole year,
I always want to be near.
May our happiness grow stronger, May our
love live.
Before you I just go blind,
I want to be only with you.

Happy anniversary,
I congratulate you,
We have been together
for a year now, You mean a lot to me!

I hope we will be there,
We are with you for many years,
I wish us patience,
So that you do not know evil and troubles!

A year has already become a couple,
This, you know, an achievement.
We have already lived
through the Sea of ​​fabulous moments.

Let harmony bring you closer,
Every moment, day after day.
Congratulations on your anniversary.
Know that I love you.

How imperceptibly the year passed,
How quickly time flew by,
But the feeling that bound us,
Only blossomed, did not fade.

Gives me every new day
One hundred reasons to love more.
Five minutes of the
Ages are becoming more valuable with you.

You are my love and joy,
You are my dream and light.
How much happiness I got,
I want to live for so many years.

And today
we celebrate the anniversary .
And I congratulate you, the
Year of love has gone second.

And let your life be beautiful
. You have like mine.
Never know sorrow,
Let the soul always sing.

Today is exactly a year, as we are with you,
From happiness just dizzy!
I cannot find now the words of congratulation,
After all , my voice trembles with excitement!

I want you and me to stay further,
Not to part, and not to lose happiness on the way.
Love continued to flourish between us,
And they kept our hearts from troubles from quarrels!

Today is a year as you and I are
officially a couple.
And I thank fate
For a fabulous gift.

It’s not easy for everyone to find love,
But you and I managed. We saw something in
each other’s eyes and hearts

I want to continue to be with you,
Without taking my eyes off,
Let love lead us to happiness,
The one that is dearer than gold.

Everything happened with us in a year,
We met each other , We
even quarreled at times,
And fell in love while playing.

Everything suddenly became so serious,
It’s too late to retreat now,
We cannot live without each other,
That is our merit of love.

And no matter what the reason is,
But today is an anniversary,
And I wish you and
me Long Happiness with love!

My sun, my beautiful,
Happy anniversary of our you,
You are beautiful, gentle, passionate,
And you are all infinitely mine!

Imagine, we are together for a year,
A whole year has flown by so quickly,
You stole your soul and heart,
And you also managed to take yours.

I promise, I am a happy life,
I promise, I will fulfill my dreams,
And, I promise you, my desired one,
That I will fill the days with joy!

Love – you will not find it more valuable,
It happens that you pass by
And you will not notice it,
And it’s so hard without it!

But you and I were lucky,
We met love long ago.
And we celebrate the anniversary, We
can’t imagine life without love!

For this year, everyone survived,
They did not extinguish their love.
She burns inside with fire,
And gives us happiness in full!

Happy anniversary of us, wow,
For a year now, as we meet,
And perhaps we will celebrate one day,
Half a century of our love!

In the meantime, we will live in the present,
We will cherish our feelings,
And I wish us with you,
To keep the warmth of our meetings!

With you, time accelerates
And just flies by unnoticed.
I can’t believe it, but our couple is one year old!
Our first year, I hope, will not be the last.

Every day I become happier,
And it’s so nice to share happiness!
It’s great that exactly a year ago
I was lucky enough to fall in love with you!

I do not know where to start,
To convey admiration.
Today is a year as we are with you,
We found love under the star!

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Do you remember how it all began,
Getting acquainted, we were all afraid.
We were afraid not to be mistaken,
And we were in no hurry to fall in love.

And today we are with you
We sit again under the moon.
We look at the starry sky,
And, we want to live our whole life together!

A year already as we are close,
Our feelings are hot,
With a half-word understanding,
Respect and attention.

We will preserve this happiness, We will make
all dreams come true,
We will achieve everything together,
After all, now we are one!

The year has flown by like one moment
Just because you are with me.
After all, the most difficult path is easier,
When two people go through life.

I want to congratulate you.
Let it be on a small but important date.
It’s so good that love
took us as fellow travelers sometime!

Year after day we leafed through,
Like a paper calendar.
Every hour with you together
Was special and important.

And now I know for sure,
I will never keep silent,
want to live with you for a long, long time And I want to live happily!

For a whole year now, as we have been together,
What is all the same happiness
To love you with all my heart
And dissolve in your caresses.

Let’s preserve our feelings,
They are given to us by the sky,
And we will not let go of our hands
Under the moonlight and sunlight.

For a whole year, how loved I am,
How I love and cherish the
Best man on Earth,
And I call him my husband!
He is the most desirable for me!
And without boasting, I confess to you:
” In this life it is very important to
Understand that YOURSELF is happy!”
So I am friends with happiness,
I love and love the year!
I don’t know bad weather for a year, –
After all, my dear husband is with me!

For a whole year we are together with you,
And I live with you for a whole year.
And my heart is not in place,
When you are not near me.
I love you very much,
And I will never let go.
And everything that only you want,
I will bring to your feet.

It’s raining since morning,
And our relationship is exactly one year old!
And only the sun in my soul,
After all, we have been together for a long time!

We have kept
our love, And we have not forgotten our meetings.
We have become an example for others,
Together we value every moment!

Exactly a year of our relations,
And for us it was very important,
Together we learned a lot,
Better opened up to each other.

I want to strive and achieve, To
be a support, to feel support,
To create a hearth and a strong family,
To love and hear in response “I love”.

Already today, exactly one year
How we are together!
The soul sings with joy,
And the heart is out of place!

It knocks excitedly,
Beating out the rhythm of love.
He won’t find all the places,
Almost melting from fear!

The heart protects the secret,
Afraid to admit to myself.
Love lives in it now,
you help her stay there!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Poems

We are with you for a year, and this is the term!
You are a life-giving breath for me,
With you it is easy for me, so I want to live,
Dream, strive, be silent, speak.

I want to be together and not part,
And swim in the waterfalls of joy,
Have everything that is so necessary,
Let our love be indivisible!

The anniversary of our meeting
is like a new holiday for me.
After all, life is more wonderful with you, It
has become brighter and more beautiful.

I wish that
Our feelings would always turn green,
Never fade,
Like pines or spruce!

This whole year was magical,
What we spent with you.
And our feelings are like flowers
In tender care they bloomed.

With you I want to meet the dawn
And together to see off the sunset,
And let love bloom with us,
Its not losing its aroma!

With you for a whole year.
Just one day will come down.
You will never be enough for
me – this heart told me.

And I fully believe in my heart,
There is no one dearer to me.
love continue to lead you and me along the same path.

A long period we have passed with you,
And our meeting is designated by fate.
It’s easy, wonderful, interesting with you,
And a song sounds in my soul all the time.

I congratulate you on our anniversary,
Let it be our top relationship.
I always give you affection and love,
And I rush to meet you again.

Spring and summer. Autumn and winter.
We have not parted with you for a whole year.
Sometimes they quarreled – well, how could it be without that?
And after quarrels, they fell in love even more.

The year turned out to be such a wonderful one,
Only because you are next to me.
Love me as I love you,
And we will create the whole world with love!

Exactly a year has passed
since the meeting, And now we are with you.
We’ll light candles on the table
And celebrate the year of love.

Accelerating the pace of life,
Time has passed .
Your relationship is a year –
This is a long time.

A year has passed, you are
more dear to each other every day,
you are so close in soul, so similar in

You can’t find a better pair!
I wish you happiness.
Together you go forward,
Live in love and passion!

Darling, I do not believe,
That a whole year has already been mine.
From happiness in the sky I soar,
At the thought that I love you!

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Beloved, dear to me,
During this year you have become only mine.
I’m going crazy with love,
I don’t recognize myself!

Today we celebrate the year,
And we drive away all doubts.
We are confident in each other:
Forever will be me and you!

They carefully recognized each other, And did not give vent to their feelings.
And today we are celebrating exactly one year, We are
testing our feelings for strength.

During this year we have become closer and closer,
After all, many days have flown by.
And we realized that it was time for us to
Tell each other: “I love you!”

Little love date big:
Just like a year you feel so good.
May love continue to please you,
May hot blood flow in your veins!
And, may happiness multiply with you over the years,
God bless you: this day, this hour!

Here is a relationship anniversary.
How important it is for us to understand!
We love each other very much.
And how can you calm your heartbeat.

We wish each other happiness.
So we want to know about him.
And enough for us to be sad in bad weather.
It’s time to understand each other!

We meet with you for a year,
For us it is the best.
After all, you and
I became related, And we became close.

Now we are best friends, we
trust each other.
We never quarrel,
But we only help.

And most importantly, they suddenly realized that
we love each other.
And we celebrate the year of love by
Confessing to each other.

Year we are together, that’s really wonderful – We
did not expect such a thing.
What are you, what am I – we are, yes, obstinate,
But come on , in love …!

For a whole year now, we have been blazing with the
Fire of love that is in us, in our souls.
Together we correct the vices
And are full of passion to this day.

And let everyone envy:
I love you more than anyone else!

The heart sings joyfully,
And the smile never leaves the lips,
We are with you for exactly one year
Soul to soul we spend days.

You are my half,
I will not lose you,
For another hundred years, loving,
I promise to be near!

We have a little holiday:
We are together for a year, and now
I want you to know:
We are now engaged!

Soon we will become a husband and wife,
Soon we will become a family.
And we will soon give you a
daughter, or a son – as God willing!

For a year we are husband and wife with you,
I want life to be
filled and interesting,
Bright, joyful and wonderful.

Together we will strive for a dream,
Thank you for your understanding,
For the fact that I can always rely,
And I will save the value of our love.

This year, he was the happiest
And in yours and in my destiny,
This year, he was the most beautiful,
So kiss me soon.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Poems

I congratulate you on your anniversary
And I wish you only sunny days,
A lot of joy and good strength,
And my endless love.

This year, he was the happiest
And in yours and in my destiny,
This year, he was the most beautiful,
So kiss me soon.

I congratulate you on your anniversary
And I wish you only sunny days,
A lot of joy and good strength,
And my endless love.

The first year is now over,
Many years are still ahead.
We wish that you did not meet troubles,
Together before fate you held the answer.

Protect each other tenderly,
And never in vain do you offend.
Let the quarrels in the world always end,
And your common years will be bright.

Today is a huge holiday for us,
Friends have gathered, congratulate all of us!
After all, together with you for a whole year,
From such happiness a round dance in my head!

We want to continue to love each other,
And in joy, in grief, we can only be together.
We will take care of our relations,
And we simply cannot count the brightest days!

The year passed unnoticed,
It seems only yesterday,
You celebrated the first month,
Happy anniversary to you friends!

I wish you wonderful days,
Joy and happiness for two,
So that they enjoy each other,
So that the love volcano does not subside!

We shine with happiness with you, We flutter with love.
Today is exactly a year with you.
As together, we celebrate!

We want to continue to be together, To
meet the sunrises of love.
all people on the planet be happy as we are!

A year has passed, just think,
The union is already living,
Congratulations on the anniversary,
I’ll run ahead.

I wish the couple happiness,
So that the wedding and family,
So that you do not know grief,
And, so that love always lives!

So that you are a century, or maybe ten,
In joy, love to live,
So that everything is like in a song,
So that you can be a better couple!

Happy anniversary to you friends,
Relations are already a year old,
Soon you will become a family, I
‘m running ahead!

Well, if, to think so,
I want to wish you happiness,
So that love does not fade away,
And, so that you dream of the future!

So that you live in harmony,
Live simply, without problems,
So that all desires come true,
So that together, for good!

Exactly a year, just think,
With this I congratulate,
With your bright anniversary,
You love, warmth, kindness.

You build your family,
And only live in harmony,
Hug, kiss,
And cherish each other!

Your couple is exactly one year old,
I hasten to congratulate you,
Happy first anniversary
I want to wish you love!

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So that you live your life together,
And, so that you create a family,
So that you swim in happiness, I
hasten to wish you all the best!

Warmth and joy, light in the soul!
And an unprecedented holiday –
you have been together for exactly a year already!
And this is a long time.

I sincerely wish you good
luck and harmony,
May life grant you, friends,
Warmth, love and happiness!

One year has already passed,
Our relationship,
How good we are,
Godik is a lovely one!

The date of the anniversary is sweet,
We are happy for no reason!
You and I me and you!
How proud we are of ourselves!

The year passed so quickly,
But the sweetness of happiness is not the limit!
We will always be together, a year, and three,
And maybe half a century!

We exchanged rings a year ago,
Lovers remained the same,
After all, in marriage it is important to understand,
Respect to have and to give in.

I congratulate you on our anniversary
And I sincerely wish you achievements!
I know, together we will achieve everything,
After all, we are strength, a whole one!

Wow, how the year passed quickly,
your union already exists for a year,
Congratulations on your anniversary,
May love always live with you!

Take care of your happiness,
Respect and appreciate what you have,
After all,
you will become a family one day, your couple of long and happy years!

We have an anniversary today.
We love each other for a whole year.
You are a woman and I am a man.
Our union is approved by the entire people.

Let there be a sea of ​​happiness,
We will always be glad to each other.
And may that we converge in a quarrel,
Love will overcome all obstacles.

You are young today,
as well as a year ago.
You are daring today –
How your eyes burn!

Congratulations on the first year of
your relationship!
And I wish you “Before God” to
live in the ability to:

Understand and respect,
Think and love,
A friend holding on to a friend,
Boldly look into life!

Today is the year, how are your destinies together,
How you are connected by love, by warmth.
And your union is like a good song,
Let life be a beautiful canvas,
On it fate will write an image of happiness,
Good luck in your valiant deeds.
And each of us will be involved in this,
After all, it is light for us in your love beams.

The first year is together behind the back,
It will remain dear to you.
After all, you tied your fate
, you experienced the volcano of passions in the year.

We wish the bonfire not to fade away,
And the stellar success does not go out.
Let the talisman always guard you,
And your love affair lasts endlessly.

Someday our sail will sail away,
Someday love will spread its wings.
The sun is a faithful guardian of happiness.
It happens – people are so happy.

A year has passed since the bondage relationship
We have been so tied that the enemy will not break through.
We want happiness to be here.
And we know – happiness will smile again.

Soon a year, as you know,
Soon the wedding awaits all of us
And, soon you will become a wife,
Your prince is ready to become a husband.

And let your hearts
carry Love through your whole life
And your faith is your guard
The family will not let the disease, trouble!

Exactly a year since you tied your
love with the Knot.
And from the bottom of our hearts we wish
you to have comfort in your home.

And let the children in this family
were all Born beautiful.
May there be peace with you, peace, may
you be happy!

Tomorrow is our date: The
year we are married.
We fruit our love –
We are waiting for the child with you.
Friends are happy to congratulate us:
Soon we will be “Family”!

You left barefoot after the dew.
Turned out to be a happy hike.
Those who believe in dew and success are
certainly lucky everywhere.

You have an anniversary, anniversary.
This is not bad at all for you.
Congratulations! We wish you to quickly
Turn a year into a hundred years a hundred times.

We bake pies for this holiday.
We believe that
only the ugly cannot stand a relationship for a year ,
And the one who believes will always take it.

I want to congratulate you on this day.
We have endured a lot.
And we endure all the troubles together.
And joy will soon come to us too.

At the crossroads, thinking again
Those who are standing will catch up.
A whole year is almost insane.
We want to be happier. We

you on this holiday together on this day.
We sincerely wish you –
invite and then!

Year flew on a rocket of happiness,
Bypassed all obstacles and bad weather.
You took love with you as a companion,
And you did not know grief at all.

Today you made a stop here,
and you invited us to your holiday.
We wish you do not know parting at all,
And you two always only flourish brightly.

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