Happy 1 Month Anniversary Poems

Following are the happy 1 month anniversary poems. They are unique and beautiful.

Today is exactly a month,
As we are with you together.
I want to congratulate you,
And leave a kiss.

Let love be eternal,
And happiness – endless.
I don’t need anything,
Just be with you.

2. The month has passed so quickly,
I congratulate you,
And I wish you happiness, You
mean a lot to me.

Our mini-anniversary,
You are already with me for a month, The
reason for my happiness,
I value you very much!

3. I look into your eyes
And I am going crazy with happiness, I
pray for one destiny –
Never part.

Exactly a month, as with you
We fly in the clouds,
Eyes glow with love,
Kisses on the lips.

May it last for all the years
This joyful moment,
We will meet the sunrises
Many, many more years!


The month is also a date,
Very important in love.
Everything is so new and magical,
And the fire burns in the blood.

And it depends on you and me,
What will become of that fire.
But the heart tells
us – We will be together for a long time!

5. My dear and beloved little man,
I have been breathing you for a whole month. I
catch your look and mood,
And I’m waiting for you all the time.

I congratulate you on the anniversary of the relationship,
In everything I wish you successful completion.
Let the first month be remembered by both of us,
We will build plans for the future.


My dear and beloved little man,
I have been breathing you for a whole month. I
catch your look and mood,
And I’m waiting for you all the time.

I congratulate you on the anniversary of the relationship,
In everything I wish you successful completion.
Let the first month be remembered by both of us,
We will build plans for the future.

7. 30 days, as we know each other,
30 days, how I love!
And 30 days – not long, –
Turned my life upside down!

30 days ago did not know
That we will find each other.
And now, now we are a Pair!
We are in love with each other!


I know this is not enough for a month.
But I managed to fall in love,
After all, I was looking for you for so many years. I
dreamed, suffered, waited.

And so I met you,
On my life path.
And for my tears from happiness
Forgive me my beloved!

I love you and congratulate,
My most devoted dear.
I love you, I bless you.
May God always be with you!

9. How little time we have been together.
And I’m a little sorry that only now
We have become happy in the world,
And a month ago,
We were both lonely,
Wandering around the world in the twilight.
Our thoughts were cruel, –
Boredom was seen at dawn.
But then fate smiled at us:
We met with you then.
And happiness nestled into our hands
Saying that with us forever!


Today is the month of our fairy tale!
I want to live in kindness and affection,
With you to meet the dawn, to meet the sunset,
And to feel the joy of life.

In the space of light and warmth
Let our star burn,
Wonder star of endless love,
Let happiness always beat in your chest!


How did we live without each other?
I cannot understand,
A month of our relationship,
A whole month of happiness.

The sun in the sky became brighter
And minutes longer,
For two lovers there are more
In our world.

Exactly a month, 30 days
We spent with you,
In our books of destinies he became the
First month of love.


Only a month, but how sweet!
I feel good and easy with you!
I give you everything, without a trace,
Our happiness is so great!

Smile and admit that
you share these feelings with me too !
Nothing in the world is dearer
Than to converge, finally, with fate!

13. The month has passed
since we became a couple,
And it’s so good at heart,
I don’t need others for nothing.

I want to love you dearly,
To give you joy and affection.
Let us keep
Love for each other for a long, long time, like in a fairy tale.

14. Today is our day with you,
We are in love, we are together!
And life is in full swing, and the world is brighter,
And the relationship is a month.

Let the years not part us,
Let life be careless.
Only we can always love with you,
Only be with you forever!

15. A month we are with you together,
I congratulate you.
Let our feelings only grow stronger,
Make us happy day by day.

Never let the
Romantic impulse run out ,
I wish us to survive
Passion and love influx.

16. With you we have an anniversary today,
Let it be small, but it is the first one.
We meet together for exactly a month, the
head is spinning with joy!

During this month we have lived a lot, We
managed to understand the main thing for you and me:
We want to continue, for a very, very long time,
We develop our relations!

Happy 1 Month Anniversary Poems

17. Let it be a month today,
As we meet with you.
Have already developed feelings,
And you and I became closer.

Let the weeks pass,
Let the years pass after them.
After all, we are sure that from
now on we will be together forever!

19. A month we are already with you,
With this I congratulate us,
With our first anniversary,
I wish you and me happiness!

I want to bloom,
Our love and always,
We lived in peace with you,
Happy anniversary

20. We have an anniversary today!
Quite quiet, thirty days,
Well, or so …
But it’s better than nothing!

Now it’s scary to me,
you and I
are strangers, I feel like you and I Are securely connected by fate.

And I believe in the future,
In which there is a place for us, In the
meantime, we have a
month in stock now!

21. We have known you for exactly a month,
And this month has become sweet.
He gave us so much happiness, He gave
all the best to us.

During this time we managed to get to know
each other better.
That you and I are two halves
We will not tire of repeating.

Let the
happy time continue in our life .
In love, as in a river, plunged,
And swam over the banks!

22. How quickly the month flew by
For different things.
And most important of them – love
Happened between us.

I hold you by the hand,
I am walking with you,
And our happiness for me
As the best reward!

23. A month for love a little,
They tell me all around.
But happiness touched me with a
bird’s blue wing.

The world around has changed,
Because you are next to me.
And hopes are born,
And dreams come true.

24. We celebrate today a
New day on the calendar.
Today is an unusual day –
We will celebrate twice.

After all, today is exactly a month.
How we are meeting with you.
Thirty days we have become related,
Happiness has found us with you.

You and I are inseparable, And our eyes are burning.
Our hearts are knocking to the rhythm of our hearts,
Finally, love has come!

  1. A month I admire you,
    A month of happiness is over,
    I kiss you before sleep,
    I dedicate you dreams, dreams.

A whole month in a relationship,
A whole month you are already mine,
Congratulations on your anniversary,
And I kiss you tenderly!

  1. Someone will say, a month is not enough,
    Thirty days is not long for love.
    But this is just the beginning,
    And you still have everything ahead!

Your relationship is exactly a month, I
wish you to keep your feelings,
And not a year, not ten years, but eternity To
be together and continue to love!

  1. We have known each other for a month, but it seems to me,
    As if this fairy tale has long been in a dream,
    And, as if we were always together, together,
    As if we live in Paradise.

For a month we are together with you,
Happy, loved, tender!
Small, of course, such a term,
Because – young!

  1. So what?! For that we are happy, We
    feel at ease!
    We are very glad that,
    You love, and I love!

We give each other joy,
Passion captivity and this sweetness, The
sweetness of happiness to be you!
Love is a dear month!

  1. Exactly a month has passed today,
    How we met you together.
    And we have so much fun, well,
    And all our sorrows have gone far away from us.

Let the month know you,
There are still blue distances ahead.
But they managed to understand each other,
Thoughts, they told their secrets.

You and I have become inseparable, We have
completely stopped being offended.
And we want to continue
to learn about each other again !

  1. We’re celebrating. We celebrate a
    whole month of our meetings.
    We will not lose happiness,
    We will cherish it.

I know everything will be fine,
We will always be together.
We did not
meet in vain And we will save love.

  1. A month ago, we became a couple with you,
    You are a close and dear person,
    I can trust you with secrets,
    Open my cherished plans.

And the most important thing is our love,
The head is spinning and the blood boils,
The desire to be unshakable with you,
Let our feeling be preserved by the sky!

  1. For a whole month I cannot
    take the eyes of lovers.
    A month is enough to
    find your destiny.

And although for you and me the
Month is only the first step,
Know that together even eternity
I want to walk like this!

  1. Love is still a child with us,
    And only a month for her!
    But I do not jokingly wish
    Her to grow up sooner.

I have a
real interest in you .
And I know, it’s better for me with you,
And it was worse – without!

34. With you for a month we are together,
But the interest does not fade away.
And my heart is on fire
And it burns with feelings for you.

I look forward to every new meeting
Impatiently as a gift,
I want our love
And then it burned so brightly!

  1. Love is a road, and only one in whom courage is able to step forward will be able to walk
    Her great and glorious path . Let the month of meetings be just a step On a long life path, I feel love in myself, I want to go forward with you!

36. With you today we have known each other for a month, The
eyes shine with happiness.
And our tenderness and love
You just can’t notice it!

We want to continue to fall in love,
to be sincere with each other.
We will meet with you,
So that every month was sweeter!

37. Today, exactly a month as a couple, we
generously give love to each other.
And we do not hide our happy eyes,
Let everyone look incomprehensibly at us!

We want to get to know each other further,
And get closer every day.
So that the relationship grows even stronger,
And bring sweet fruits!

38. You have been together for exactly a month,
And this is thirty days.
Not a lot and not a little
For loving people.

May there be happiness in life
And may the years fly by,
You stay together
I wish you always!

39. A whole month behind,
We are on the right path,
We are
walking with you merrily , Catch my congratulations!

We will try with you,
And cherish our love,
With our first anniversary, There is
happiness in this world!

40. Let them know you for a month,
But this is very good.
After all, we met in the world,
And happiness found you and me!

Today, joy fills,
Love boils through the veins.
And the heart beats joyfully,
We will love each other!

41. Love burst into my life,
A candle lit brightly in my heart,
Passion and tenderness, flight of happiness,
Let all this live forever!

A wonderful romance lasts a month!
He was given by the sacred sky,
To show warm feelings,
To keep him and feel!

42. Today is exactly a month as we are together,
And happiness flows like a river.
You will not find happier hearts on the planet,
While we are next to you!

And on this fabulous and warm evening
I want to tell you the words:
” Let’s continue to be together, so
that our life was fabulous!”

43. I confess to you the beauty.
I see no reason to hide it.
Also, I firmly believe in this happiness –
I want to become even happier.

Feelings have been ripening for a month now.
And you listen to this verse.
And without love, it might be better,
But without it, my mind is quiet.

44. The month of our love flew by like a moment
And it’s already small, but the date
Everything is good with us, everything is still ahead,
As we dreamed about it once.

I recognize you, you recognize me,
Everything is so bright, light and beautiful,
I look forward to when you bring
me , I have a smile and happiness as a gift.

45. The month of our love flew by like a moment
And it’s already small, but the date
Everything is good with us, everything is still ahead,
As we dreamed about it once.

I recognize you, you recognize me,
Everything is so bright, light and beautiful,
I look forward to when you bring
me , I have a smile and happiness as a gift.

46. For thirty days with you we are together,
feelings, full of joy, And we cannot breathe in each other,
I want to love and dissolve.

Sincerity, reciprocity, nature –
We are one with you.
The path will forever be with us,
Let’s keep secrets of wonderful feelings.

47. We met you exactly a month ago, It
was then the month of April and I was insanely happy,
I remember the sunlight lit up the heavens,
And you shone in the rays, like dew on a stalk.

I was timid at the beginning and did not dare to approach,
But fate, as you know, paths are inevitable,
I approached you, so timidly, slowly,
You smiled at me and the soul sang.

It was difficult at the beginning, it was so hard, It
was not easy for us to keep our relationship,
But we passed our thorny path slowly,
We have been together for a month now, our life is good.

48. Forty days, as we know each other,
Thirty – as we are together.
As now, I remember that day,
How we found
each other that evening and since then We have
not parted.
I love and believe that we
will not part with you!

49. Relationship Anniversary –
Even the month is important here!
Congratulations! Without a doubt –
There is happiness in this world.

Congratulations! Let there never be
grief in life.
In the morning the sun will wake up,
Though it’s winter outside.

50. The month has flown by so quickly, I
congratulate you on this,
Happy anniversary of your first, The
month has flown by like an hour!

I wish you success,
And, of course, love,
More joy and laughter, the
Year celebrated so that you!

51. Month exactly together you,
my congratulations,
you accept, dear ones,
with your mini anniversary!

I wish the couple happiness,
And I send you good,
Let feelings always live,
All problems will go away!

52. With the first month of your personal meetings,
Let someone consider it an ordinary thing,
I congratulate you, friends, from the bottom of my heart!
I wish you peace, health, happiness!
Sunny joy, a comfortable life,
Well, and, of course, selfless love.

53. A month together is a fact.
And I want to congratulate you:
Love is given a start to the beginning, –
May happiness rule you!

More years would you live,
Love to produce and multiply.
And let the invisible thread keep
you together longer.

54. Today we celebrate the month,
How we met you.
In a cafe together we remember
How we met with you.

And thirty days flew by in a moment,
But they made our hearts kindred.
Now we fell in love with each other
And we will always be happy!

55. We met recently,
And it seems – a long time ago.
We have become so close now that
it seems that I will fall in love that hour.

Only a month, but what a!
You are now dear to me.
I believe – everything will be okay!
Now let’s go for a walk soon.

56. A good and happy month has
passed , Quarrels at all, of course, he did not know.
You certainly spent it in love,
but you found a common language instantly.

We wish you hear each other with our hearts,
so that life does not become difficult for you.
Your tender love reigned everywhere,
On the same day, congratulations would sound from everywhere.

57. We came with you to the place
where we met then: It
was late evening, almost night,
I saw you for the first time.

And I am blinded by beauty:
You are the most beautiful of all in the world!
We have been together for a month, so far
You are not more beautiful on the planet!

And so, once again I repeat:
I love you! – you understand this!
We know a little, but well, let it,
Understand love – no need for a century!

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