Guide to choose the ideal photographer for your Wedding

The choice of the photographer is one of the most important decisions that the couple must make. Wedding photographs are the memory that will remain forever of that great day , so an excellent selection should be made of the person who will capture those wonderful moments.

The first thing you should know is that all photographers are different. Although photographers “do weddings,” each photographer has their own style.

Wedding Photography Styles |  Guide to choosing the ideal photographer for your wedding

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Not all photographs are the same.

A photographer is an artist , who captures his vision in photos. This is why it is important that you and your boyfriend share with the photographer this vision of the final result you want.

The difference in styles is in the techniques they use. Don’t think they just hold the camera and click.

Their work begins on the wedding day, but continues several days later with photographic retouching (color retouching, lighting, etc.). That is why the costs of some photographers are very high, because of the time it takes them to give that touch photo by photo.

And it is also for this reason that they only give you some photos and not all the ones they take. (Only a certain amount of photos is included in your rate).

Imagen the Blackbird Photo and Wedding Chicks.

Before starting the search for the photographer

Before deciding on any photographer, I recommend that you look at a lot of wedding photos on different internet sites (on wedding blogs or in photographers’ portfolios) and notice the differences in the work of each photo . There are those who highlight the colors a lot and there are those who minimize them, showing more sober photos. There are those who use black and white photography a lot or those who resort to vintage style. Observing the differences in the work of each one, you can define what you would like for your wedding photos.

Knowing how you want your photos, you will be able to focus your search on the photographers of your locality and surroundings, who handle that style.

Where to look for photographers?

  • Search for photographers on the internet. You can search for photographers in your city, or search for images of the places that are fashionable for weddings and you will see who the photographers are who have taken the photos.
  • Ask your friends and family if they liked a particular photographer. Maybe someone saw someone’s wedding photos that turned out very well.
  • Ask for suggestions in the church and in place of the event where you will get married. They are always in contact with related people, so they can meet the most requested photographers and give you good recommendations.
  • Do some research with other grooms who are planning their wedding or who have recently gotten married. In the process, you meet other boyfriends who are going through the same thing as you. They could also make a good recommendation for you.

When did you find a photographer you like?

Assuming that you have already found an ideal photographer for your wedding, the first thing you should do is make sure that he is professional. Look for references of his work on the internet and with acquaintances. It is better if someone close or known has already worked with them.

What follows is an interview with him or them.

In this interview, the main thing that you and your boyfriend are going to check is how well you get along with the photographer. Make sure they are comfortable with him (or her, if she’s a photographer). They will also inquire about how much experience you have taking wedding photos. A wedding has a certain rhythm and it is important that the photographer has experience in weddings, so that no important moment is missed.

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10 questions to ask the photographer:

After talking about his wedding photo experience, the most important questions to ask the photographer are:

  • Is it available for the wedding date?
  • What is the total cost?
  • How many hours does it cover?
  • How much money can you save the date?
  • How long are the photos delivered?
  • Do you deliver physical and digital photos?
  • How many photos are included?
  • How long in advance do I have to reserve?
  • What cancellation and refund policies do you handle?
  • Do you have support in case you get sick?

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When you have already chosen the ideal photographer:

It is definitely worth investing in a good photographer: he will be the creator of the photos that you will see in your living room all your life 🙂