Growing Old With You Poem

A Beautiful Poem About Growing Older

Poems About Growing Old With The One You Love

Since I met you everything has been wonderful
there are no words to decipher my feelings,
there are no caresses that have not made you enjoy,
there is no future if you are not by my side …

For that and many other reasons
I have decided to grow old with you.
I want to see a thousand sunrises by your side,
I want you to continue being my inspiration,
I want you to know how much I love you,
I want you to penetrate my heart,

It is not a simple desire, it is not a simple task,
it is not just a whim, it is more than that. It
is more than counting the stars in infinity, it
is more than measuring the desert sands, it
is a pure feeling, a feeling of the soul.

Growing Old Together Poetry

Growing old with you … is my faithful wish,

in a future forged of memories.

Together, with the old coexistence in their eyes,

but waking up in the novelty of time,

resurrecting the stories again and again

with the already known gestures of the face,

while in the fireplace the log fades.

Coupled … in the emptiness of the last room,

remembering the names of the journey,

to those who will blow a goodbye behind us,

for being traveling pigeons from another flight

and with others in the force of ritual prayer,

so that their thoughts embrace us.

There, united, whispering a world of nostalgia,

with the veins of life in the children, in the grandchildren,

living with them the ideas of their adventures

and memorandum with them those that we treasure inside.

Inseparable, telling stories to the hours

and the occasional laugh to the anchored dreams,

because if many of them are not achieved,

old age will be the crown of attempts.

To be you and me, those of now,

but older, maybe a little deaf,

but already understanding the silences

and the dying words of the lips,

because they will be broken, slower,

less from the ears and more from the wind.

But we, with the roughness of the years

adhering to our hands, the last moments

and love in the continuation of the soul,

while the eyes endlessly kiss,

to the other unknown shore …

To see us.

Growing Old With You Poem

Growing Old Together Poems

are already some steps that we have walked
with the coming and going of life, with its desires,
memories, joys, sorrows and disappointments,
this love has taken hold that now I want to
grow old with you …

I want to stay by your side until carry a cane,
that the lines of my face change my expression,
that my hair change to the color of the snow
and we wear glasses to look together when it rains …

Growing old with you because life made me love you
than when we have had fights or lawsuits
They have only been like stains on the steel,
we clean them and it remains shiny, like new …

That is why I want to grow old with you, it is my feeling,
May the rest of my days be spent loving you,
I really want to end my existence by your side,
and take your name on my lips when I die.

Grow Old With Me Poem

As a tributary of a river,
the inspiration comes
from a love and mine
from the fruit of our heart.

From a sweet hope,
like your name, is
born that confidence
that feeds this man.

Like the beautiful murmur
of the forest in the morning,
pride is born from me,
to have your body in my bed.

You are really the source of my will,
for all that you have given me,
thus forging for eternity,
this love that lives in the present and not in the past.

I have so much to thank you for,
for so many moments of happiness,
for letting me love you,
thus killing my loneliness.

Thank you dear wife,
For being who you are,
full of beautiful contrasts,
for being the right woman,
for showing that you love me,
despite some of my rudeness.

Thank you for the fruit of our love,
turned into three beautiful cocoons
that are my adoration,
when I contemplate their splendor
and remember that they are my children and yours,
also owners of my heart.

Thank you sir for giving me the ideal woman, the
one I needed,
a perfect and loyal woman,
like the one my mind dreamed of.

Dear wife, I have to thank you again for
your time and your patience,
and tell you that with you I want to grow old,
enjoying a second adolescence with you.

May she be full of love and madness
framed with reason and responsibility,
full of happiness and ease,
but above all full of happiness.

I love you with all my heart
and my soul supports it,
because day by day I make that passion flourish,
which puts a garland in my life.

Well I just stopped writing,
but I do not stop worshiping you,
since a poem does not express all the feeling
and does not include all that I have to feel, it
does not explain how much I have to love you,
because it is just a thought.

A thought that remains unfinished,
but leaves reflected,
a not confusing feeling,
saying that I have always LOVED you.