Groom’s Accessories

Besides the suit, what else should the groom take into account to complement his “trousseau”? On this occasion, we will make a space to comment on the groom’s accessories , because, although it is their turn to take responsibility for this point, in the end (being honest) it will be another detail that the bride will have to take care of or at least supervise that it is have everything ready, right?

Among the tasks โ€œthat areโ€ for the groom, is to have everything that he will wear at the wedding ready in advance.

And so that no details are missed, take note of the accessories of the groom’s suit.

The accessories that complement the groom’s suit

There is a rule that you must follow when choosing your suit and accessories: they must represent your personality and the style of the wedding.

For example, if the wedding will be elegant and you are more of a modern style, give your suit that touch with a couple of fun and tasteful accessories.

Choosing the suit is a topic, it will depend on factors such as the time and place of the wedding, how elegant or casual it will be, the tastes of the groom, the colors of the party … And depending on what type of suit they have chosen, the appropriate accessories will be one or the other.

Tie, bow tie or bowtie?

If the groom’s style is more modern, an ideal accessory would be a nice and cheerful bow tie (or bow tie), with a pattern design, of different textures and fun, like these, together with a nice pocket square, it will give a lovely touch and care.

If your style is more classic, a tie with solid colors that is not so flashy will be the best option, here you can see some examples, or if they are more daring, a nice tie will give them a very classy image.


Cufflinks or cufflinks are pins that are used to close the cuffs of a shirt, and it is one of the accessories that give distinction and elegance to a man.

These are not worn with just any shirt, it must be a double cuff or French cuff.

It is a recommended accessory for an elegant wedding.


The pocket square is a small detail that brings great sophistication.

It must match the suit and tie that has been chosen, and not precisely that they are the same color, but that there is a harmony in their combination.


The boutonniere (or botonier) is a small floral detail that the groom uses on the wedding day on the lapel of the suit, on the left side, being a complement of great tradition.

It can be a single flower or a small corsage that should be combined with the flowers in the bride’s bouquet, and preferably with the other flowers of the wedding.


The shoes chosen by the groom must match the style of the entire look. If they are out of place, they could detract from the whole of everything else.

It is important that they are the right color for the suit, and if they are not new, they must be very clean and shiny. And it is worth making a conscious choice of socks ๐Ÿ˜‰


One of the classic accessories that can be integrated with great discretion is the watch, whether it is a pulse or a pocket watch.

And if the groom is not a classic style, there are also accessories that can be added to express his personality, such as a leather pendant with a matching bracelet. Of course, as long as the clothing is also of this more rocker and alternative style.

Whatever the groom’s style, they must find those clothes and accessories that make them feel safe and comfortable, because that day is to enjoy and not worry about anything other than sharing with their loved ones. Nerves are sure to be present, but the best events are full of nerves and excitement.

Aaah! I forgot, do not leave aside the best accessory of all, a big smile ๐Ÿ˜€