Everything You Need to Know About the Green Heart on Tinder: A Deep Dive Analysis

If you’re unfamiliar, Tinder is a dating or hook-up chat app. The most popular app currently is Tinder which connects 26 million people every day and has revolutionized the way people get together around the world.

Tinder matches users solely on their common interests. Tinder displays every person around you who could be a suitable match for you.

Matchmaking has been drastically altered through its unique swipe-right and swipe left dating strategies. To aid the process of matching, Tinder has added icons. The green heart is a symbol of”like,” which is the “like” icon that is available on Tinder. To send a “like” to a different user, without having to swipe, a user needs to tap the heart in green.

What’s The Green Heart On Tinder?

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Users can tap on icons in the display instead sliding, which achieves the same purpose. The result is the same similar to a swipe to the right would. Since it’s easier for some, Tinder users might tap the heart symbol in green instead of tapping.

Moving left and right on Tinder can get tiring, especially in the case of Unlimited swipes on Tinder Gold. To help ease the burden, Tinder developed a method users can tap the touchscreen to either choose whether or not to like an account.

Potential matches, that specific profile, or user will be aware the fact that you “Like” them when you tap the heart-shaped green icon or button, or drag your finger between left and right.

If your profile is displayed within their Tinder account both pairs will become matched once they click the Green Heart icon once more or choose to “Like” you. When you gift the recipient a green heart via Tinder, you express your appreciation for their appearance.

The greatest thing is that the user will not know that you are a fan until they press on the heart that is green. In the event that this happens, Tinder notifies users that they have been selected as a match and allows you to decide to engage in an exchange. But, the person will not be informed of your interest when they tap the red X, since this will indicate a dislike.

Why Do You Hit On The Green Heart Instead Of Swiping?

The green heart that you tap instead of swipes could help in avoiding missing matches. Users should study the profile prior to making a swipe before rapidly swipe.

The green heart to give”like” or “like” in order to be patient when scrolling. This will allow the user to filter every profile, slowing the process. This can help you keep track of profiles that aren’t visible, particularly in the version that is accessible to Tinder. Every match counts towards your daily limit of likes and a daily limit.

Furthermore using the heart-shaped green icon in Tinder could be useful in certain circumstances like situations where you don’t want to be noticed in a group or out in public. The older group has also been found to be averse to making use of Tinder in public spaces In this case the green heart could be a simple and discrete option to use Tinder.

If you switch from the swipe-right option to that of the green heart you can avoid those annoying thumb spasms that occur whenever you’re looking for an appropriate match.


Tinder is a fantastic dating application that does an excellent job in keeping its users safe as they seek love. Some people may dislike the way it utilizes addictive elements such as the heart-shaped green symbol, it could also aid its users to connect with individuals.

Finding people to meet on Tinder isn’t easy however, with the addition of features such as these icons, the stress for users will be reduced by allowing users to meet an individual to share an evening date with or have a day with.