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Do you know gothic poetry? This form of expression was very popular in past centuries and, proof of this is the numerous poems of writers who have given us bitter and very passionate moments. Almost all of them talked about decadent feelings, unrequited or obsessive loves, and unbridled passions, which took place in ancient buildings such as medieval castles and monasteries. However, we can also find gothic poems that speak of tender and happy feelings.

If you want to impress that person you like or just enjoy a while, reading something that goes according to a love situation that you are living in this moment, read the 4 original and gothic poems that we compile in today’s article for you, so special. You can dedicate them to someone unique.

The face of an angel

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The flame that has been lit in my heart

boost each of my palpitations with the glow of your presence

in this life, my sorrows have been rewarded

just with your gaze fixed on the nothingness that covers my eyes.

I worship each of the features of your face

that makes a dent in me like the night when extending its cloak of blackness

in each of the corners that my imagination inhabits

basking in the subtlety of feeling

that your passion has caused in me.

Invoked your image in the most sinister hours of my existence

Well even your voice is like an elixir that attenuates my agony

slipping slowly in each of my veins

while the echo of silence is heard at the doors of my madness.

Your mouth is a replica of the sweetest poison that can exist

your skin like marble has been etched in each of my senses

the flash of your eyes glows like fire in the dark

drawing me without any qualms towards the untamed spell

to which you have managed to submit me.

I can’t escape the influence of your wiles

only you know well how to appeal to my instincts

such is the attachment that I inevitably feel towards you

that I never wish to be far from the reach of your lips.

You are like a dagger that sinks in the middle of my chest

stealing every last hint of breath left me alive

and at the same time giving me the joyous feeling

to know me containing each of your intentions and movements

I get lost in the sound of your voice while the nighttime calls me.

The pain of your absence

I woke up even after having breathed my last breath

I felt my insides tear at the prospect of your departure

reality rushed over me like a heavy sentence

to remind me that in the designs of eternity

I would have to face the pain of your absence.

You are like a curse that weighs on each of my tears

the void is great, it hangs over me without compassion

If only I could bring those memories back to my mind

in which the thorns of the rosebush did not dig so fiercely into my skin

I would not be so distressed by the stigma with which your abandonment left me.

There is an agony in me as deep as my passion was once

tonight even the angels shed their tears because of my affliction

I will not reconcile peace with your image living in my memories

just like a spirit that wanders after its existence

I will purge this pain until the end of the days of the world.

I loved you more than my own heart allowed me to feel for someone

I loved you as the sky calls the stars when the night veil falls on it

the illusion vanished at the last moment amid the diffuse mist

that provoked my thoughts when knowing you far from here

when I find myself with the certainty of your exile.

In my darkness

In the corners of my darkness, I found your reflection

smiled at me through the glass that contained the essence of your memory

clear was your smile like the sprouting of a stream

your gaze a piece of the night sky that so jealously kept for me

and your hands an unreal comfort.

As I contemplated your hidden image in that instrument

I convinced myself that you were the most beautiful of illusions

coming once more to ease my nights of anguish

making way for uncertain reason amid despair.

I heard the sob of an angel far from my horizons

but the fear of divine designs had long since left me

so much was the scope of my passion for you as to veil reason;

for the whisper of temptation interrupted my silence

and I was not afraid of it.

Once again I have found myself on the brink of desolation

between the fine line that separates the obsession from the memory

and the innocent caress of a naive love

of the longing contained in a kiss full of possession.

The hours pass like a sickle hovering over my head

letting myself be guided by the sound of an icy breeze that I hadn’t felt before

led my steps to the slopes touched by winter

dropped me in the middle of nowhere disdainful

observing your grave with adoration.

Your love

Give me the warmth of your lips once more

give me the subtle touch of your hands as you slide next to me

in a dance that won’t end when the night turns eternal

and the gaze of the sky be our only witness

the moment I lose myself in the confines of your love.

Intense is the feeling like the blood that runs through our veins

Do you remember the brush of my skin against yours,

when did we promise to endure together even beyond death?

It is the same that occupies us at this moment in which we are one

in which your perfume fills all my senses.

Do not want fate to take me away from you

since I would not let life itself put barriers between the two

you have become the pillar that sustains my entire existence;

pallor then when thinking, is the only possibility

to see how you leave me forever.

It’s the way you laugh as you move like the wind

knowing that your eyes will always give me that haven of peace

that I can only find every time you turn to me,

and the sunset comes out turning the sky red

as a secret accomplice of our encounters.

Did you like the gothic poems we wrote for you? If so, you are free to use them as many times as you want. Any of them can be a beautiful gift that will impress the person you constantly dream of or proof of the love you feel towards your partner if you have already gone through that phase in which the most difficult thing is the declaration.

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