Good Night Wishes for Your Girlfriend: 450 Good Night Wishes for a Woman

Girls expect attention from a man even before going to bed, so it is very important to wish them
good night. How to wish a girl a good night to get into her heart, and maybe even a bed?

Wishes are all around us. They hide in a greeting, in a farewell, when you leave on business or go
to bed. We are so accustomed to saying most of them that we don’t even think about the true
meaning, which contains powerful positive energy. It comes from the speaker and fills the
interlocutor. Even if the day is not set, a wish can cheer you up a little or calm you down. Also, in
certain situations, it is able to warn and help. Do not forget how important words are in our life. They carry huge energy, they are able to create something that was hidden in non-existence. Good wishes are one of the bright parts of our literature.

Dear reader! Do you often think that wishing a good night to your beloved is proof of your sincere feelings and intentions? A girl expects from a man not only material goods, expressed inexpensive gifts, but also warm phrases that confirm feelings. Psychologists distinguish the following types of good night wishes: funny, romantic, provocative, “hot”. Let us give examples of such wishes, because they are very important in our life, because. allow you to build relationships, achieve what you want, improve your mood, etc.

The night is also a time of day when you should wish all the best because with this you give your care and love. Here you will see many different options for how to wish good night.

Funny good night wishes for a girl

If you are in a quarrel, such wishes can lead to a quick reconciliation, because. Laughter is the
most reliable and faithful assistant in reaching an agreement. After all, if both laugh, then there are no more grievances, and therefore – a reason for contention. Here are the funniest good night wishes for your girlfriend.

  1. Stop fantasizing about me and sleep!
  2. I understand that hugging a pillow is not as pleasant as me, but it’s time for you to sleep.
  3. Before going to bed, you can think about something beautiful and beautiful. About me, for
  4. Darling, when will you finish reading SMS? Night in the yard, its time to sleep!
  5. The moon is beautiful, just like me. Today you can admire her, in my absence.
  6. I would sing you a lullaby, but I sing so lousy that you would turn gray from it.
  7. I will not read poetry! Good night sweet dreams!
  8. Good night to you and the monsters under your bed
  9. Look out the window, it’s already dark and it’s time for us to sleep for a long timel
  10. Are you planning to take over the world again? Close your eyes and bye-bye-bye-byel
  11. Seeing you in your bed, I gasped and quieted down! You are like a mammoth on a featherbed Well, here’s a verse for youl
  12. Be a good girl and think about me before going to bed
  13. Let your bed be tender cheeks! Sleep, my friend, sleep soon!
  14. If you don’t tell me goodnight right now, then twelve imps will come here and tickle you with all their might!
  15. Let thoughts of love warm youl Go to sleep soon, just don’t snorel
  16. Are you changing beds with a laptop again? Time to sleep!
  17. The night has come, the stars are burning, the bears are all sleeping in their dens! Only you
    alone do not sleep with us, you stir up all SMS!
  18. I appoint you a date in dreams. Enough, go to sleep, dear. Good night, bye-bye!
  19. When it’s time to sleep and you need to run to bed as soon as possible, you alone, beloved, are cheerful
  20. Calm down, beauty and sleep! Don’t wake up the neighbors on the left!
  21. Will you fall asleep, my dear? I’ve already drunk all the vodkal I don’t want you at all, and even in this negligeel
  22. Take a bottle and fall asleep, and sleep soon, don’t moan!
  23. So that you don’t dream at night, don’t be afraid and don’t piss! I wish you good, colorful
  24. If you dream of a piglet, catch it. He escaped from my dream yesterday and does not want to return, and I miss him! You, too, have your piglets in a dream! Goodnight.
  25. Ina dream, you can catch luck by the tail, because dreams are your subconscious desires.
    Therefore, let you dream of luck and wake up with you in the morning. Good night!
  26. The best friend should always be there. So good night! Gain strength to be near mel
  27. I send virtual kisses, which I will soon change to real ones.
  28. I am reporting live from my bed, but nothing interesting happens here. Can you come?
  29. They say that my teddy bear got into your bed faster than me? And when is my turn?

Romantic good night wishes for a girl

Girls love romantic good night wishes. They are very important, because allow you to strengthen
feelings, provide an opportunity for creativity. For example, the wishes below will help lovers
understand the depth of their feelings.

Itis important for every person to know that he is loved and important. Only your love, and she is
cold as ice? She refuses dates, does not invite you to visit, does not rejoice at the flowers that you give her, and then admits that she is completely indifferent to you. Familiar? Undivided love does
not let you fall asleep, forcing you to “hang” for hours on the page of the object of adoration in the social. networks. And stop at her heart from each of her “online” Banal phrases like “How are you?”,
“What are you doing?” are out of date and will not help you. What remains? Write real letters to her before going to bed, saturated with tenderness and charming love There is something from the bewitching romance of the last century, right? Can’t write well? We’ve already taken care of that, scroll down!

  1. Sleep, my love, sleep! You beckon me today. I’ll quickly come running to you, I’ll help you finish the dream
  2. The night has come, it’s time to write. And I dream to see youl When you read these verses,
    then remember me and fall asleep!
  3. Good night I wish youl Enchanting, lunar, delighting, affectionate, bright. With pleasure to get enough sleep all night and enjoy wonderful dreams with might and mainl
  4. Sleep calmly and sweetly, love and walks are ahead of us!
  5. In order to be happy, I just need to remember how I hold your hand. Good night.
  6. The radiance of the night stars is pale in comparison with the beautiful brilliance of your radiant eyes. It’s hard for me to live even one single night without you. Have beautiful dreams, my love.
  7. Good night. I so want this night to be fabulous.
  8. I envy even your pillow, because it can have the opportunity to touch your tender cheeks, which I love. Good night
  9. Sweet dreams, princess, know that someday I will steal you from your castle.
  10. Good night, and I went to see dreams with you.
  11. Madam, good night! In the morning your faithful knight will be waiting for you again
  12. Good night, my golden. Let me at least today be the angel of your dreams?
  13. Good night, the main character of all my dreams.
  14. Good night, my tender, let your dream turn out wonderful. After all, you fall asleep to your

Isn’t it beautiful wishes for a restful sleep? What will you feel besides happiness if your loved one is
so gentle with you? Say beautiful words to your beloved more often!

Lovely good night wishes for a girl

Everyone who is in love thinks how nice and beautiful it is to wish a good night to a loved one in order
to evoke positive emotions. Here you will find cute good night wishes for your girlfriend.

  1. Mentally I hug you very tightly so that my dreams are warm, like my hugs.
  2. Fall asleep soon, because I will come to you in dreams, and we will again have an unforgettable time.
  3. Good dreams to you. I wish you to be quiet and silent all night, so that in your dreams you see only bright moments.
  4. Sweet dreams to you. Sleep tight! And let this night you see only what you dream about.
  5. Every day before going to bed, I dream about when I can hug you tightly and kiss you. You are the most precious thing I have. My love forever! Good night to you, my dear. You are my treasure
  6. Good night, God bless you and me too
  7. Sleep my little bear, because the morning of the evening is wiser, and the answer to your task will come with the dawn
  8. Let it be hard today and not everything was fulfilled, but always remember that after night
    comes morning, and after darkness – light. Everything will be fine. Go to bed now, and tomorrow we will fix everything,
  9. Sleep sweet sleep. May the moon take away all sorrows and worries. Leave them to her and lie down to rest in peace.
  10. Sleep, my dear. I wish you to wake up in a good mood, with a smile. May the night bring you a lot of inspiration. I very love you. Sleep well.
  11. Good night. Good dreams! I wish the night wrapped you in a blanket and showed you incredible dreams.
  12. Fall asleep quickly, there are so many interesting things waiting for you in the world of dreams. Who knows, maybe we will meet and have a good time.
  13. Good night, my dear. Let the fairy tale knock on your door. And like in the Chronicles of Narnia you will look inside and see an incredible world full of magic, kings and queens, centaurs and fauns. I wish you a very good rest and enjoy the atmosphere of magic.
  14. Close your eyes, hurry into your dreams. I’ll be waiting for you there, on the other side of the river. We will have fun together, invent unthinkable reality things. There we will come up with our ‘own rules together and just enjoy life. And in the morning, just smile, thank for the day and strive for new good emotions
  15. Good night, my dear. You mean the whole world to me. I believe that our meeting is not
    accidental, that fate itself ordered and brought us together. Every time I think about us, I can’t help but feel like we’ve known each other before. We were separated long before birth, but now we can continue our journey together again.
  16. Sweet dreams, my little star! It’s like I’m floating in the ocean in complete darkness, and only
    you light my way. You are my guiding star.
  17. Although I am far from you and cannot hug you, mentally I am always there. Close your eyes, and then imagine that I am standing on the threshold of your apartment and smiling with all thirty-two teeth. Quietly, under the sounds of the night, plunge into slumber. Every night brings us closer to each other.
  18. Don’t be afraid to sleep baby, I’m there. Don’t worry about anything. The day of our meeting will ‘soon come – one of the happiest days. Close your eyes now, don’t think about anything bad. Listen, I’m near and I’ll never be far away. Even though I can’t physically touch you, my soul is always with you. I hug and kiss you tightly.
  19. Fall asleep soon. I really want to fall asleep soundly, only in your arms, feel the touch and smell of the body. Every night I fall asleep thinking only of you, my dear.
  1. Good night, my love. Sleep soon! I wish that all your dreams are as cheerful and funny as you are.
  2. I wish you that this night you see a big pot of honey. He will bring happiness and a sweet life Good night honey.
  3. Do not think bad things at night. Leave all the sorrows and worries for later. Its OK now. Fall
    asleep slowly. The dark night has already been waiting for you.
  4. I love to watch you sleep. You are so cute in your sleep. When I hear you sniffle, everything in me turns over, and the skin is covered with goosebumps. Sleep, my dear. You are incredible.
  5. Dreams are a reflection of our soul and the spiritual world. It is as amazing as our lives. In them you will see the future, fight monsters, dissolve in wonderful and incredible tales. Good night, my love. Well talk more in the morning.
  6. Good night, I wish you to solve the most difficult riddles that life has given you.
  7. Since today you could not finish all the things, do not worry. You still have tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to go to bed with unfinished business. Only we know how hard you worked. Close your eyes, calm your thoughts and tomorrow you will be able to finish everything with new thoughts
  8. Good night! I wish the night to be like a book of fairy tales, where each page tells about
    something new and amazing. I love you madly and someday I will give you a whole library of books.
  9. Good night, my dear. Sleep tight! And let the guardian angel cover you with his big wings and protect you in a dream
  10. My raspberry, sleep peacefully in the garden with berries. May you have bright and berry
  11. Good and beautiful, my dear little man. I wish your dreams were fabulous and sweet. Let the big
  1. How are you? Why is the head down? Something happened? Lie down now, I’ll wrap you in a blanket and kiss you. I wish you to see snowy dreams, where on the top of the mountain you will see wide expanses wrapped in a blanket of snow, forests and the smell of fresh air. And in the morning you wake up and tell me what magic you saw.
  2. In my world, full of love and kindness, fall asleep quickly. I will hug you tightly so that you feel my warmth. I wish that this time you see a wonderful dream where we have fun together.
  3. Good night I wish you, my joy. Let nightmares bypass you and light fill the space from dreams. Let me ride to you on a white horse to take you to a brighter future.
  4. Oh, Vasya, good night! Vasilyok you are my dear. Sleep tight and sweet! Let you dream of a
    cornflower blue field, where you will run barefoot, enjoy the sun. There, on the edge, near the forest and the hut, I will meet you
  5. Run to sleep, my dear man. I see your sleepy eyes. They are as blue as two cornflowers.
    Tomorrow you will definitely have a new day, bright, full of accomplishments and dreams. Good night, my dear.
  6. I still remember this extraordinary day when we met and I want to repeat it again. How
    wonderful to be alone with you. I hope that now you sleep well and only good dreams visit you.
  7. Good night! Close your eyes, turn on your side, sleep tight and don’t let the top bite you, but a good guardian will come and take you along the road to good dreams.
  8. Good night, my dear daisy. I will never stop calling you that. You are also kindly pure and
    innocent, like white petals, and your soul, like a yellow core, glows with bright rays.
  9. Listen! The fireflies are singing! Let them pass through a dream and give you a beautiful song. Good night, dear!
  10. It’s already very late. I’m sorry I couldn’t write to you earlier. Things didn’t let me go. Hope you sleep well. I wish you to hear the music of a mysterious violinist who will give you a picture where I sing to you about love. I love you with all my heart! Goodnight!
  11. And even though I’m not with you now, my spirit always protects you. I wish you good night, good rest and sweet dreams!
  12. Let’s go to bed soon. I’s late, and tomorrow we have new things to do. I know how good it is now, but sleep is also very important. Imagine that I am sitting on your bed and hugging you tightly. I really miss your touch. Good night, my dear. With all my soul I yearn for you.
  13. Sleep soon, fall asleep. I want to come to you, lie under the covers and hug you tightly!
  14. Good night! May only good dreams come true.
  15. It would be so cool to lie with you in bed under the same blanket and kiss! Sleep well, dear!
    Have a good timel Tomorrow we will have a new beautiful day and new happy memories.
  16. Although I’m not around right now, imagine that using the phone screen I moved to your room and alll night long we talked, danced, hugged and kissed. I so want to feel your touch. Fall asleep with pleasant thoughts and remember that I am always with you.
  17. My dear, very soon you and I will live together as a family. Fall asleep soon so that dreams
    manage time and bring our long-awaited day closer.
  18. Good night to you and good night! Put the book on the table and go to the world of dreams. There you will find an equally interesting story. Perhaps I will be there too
  1. Have you ever wondered why book lovers are called bookworms? They silently consume food waste and process it into fertilizer, just like book lovers. Without any hint of sound, they turn words into invaluable knowledge. I find this comparison very sweet. Go to sleep now, my darling worm Put the book away and go to bed, where exciting dreams await you
  2. Good night, my lovel I wish that every night in your life brings you pleasant memories and
  3. This day was exhausting, but it brought you what you so much dreamed of. I congratulate youl Now go to sleep. You need to gain strength before new achievements.
  4. Sleep is undoubtedly one of the best and healthiest parts of our life, so fall asleep quickly, and I will save your sleep.
  5. Many say that sleep is the best thing that happens to a person. Everyone on this earth loves to sleep, especially when tired. But for me there is nothing better than you near. I really look forward to the moment when I can hug you. Goodnight. I wish your dreams to be bright, with good and joyful moments.
  6. Don’t worry about failing a job. It’s not the only time you do it. Life is not time, but events. Some things happen later and some things come earlier. Now you should sleep so that tomorrow you can start over again with renewed vigor. I am rooting for you and I believe that you can do everything.
  7. Good night to you, my lovel A dream is an amazing place where you can not only learn a lot of new things, be inspired and overcome enemies, but also find out answers to disturbing questions. I wish that this night you, like Mendeleev, once found out what worries you so much.
  8. You know, dreams are a separate universe where everything is possible. Even the future is
    subject to. Feel free to step into the world of dreams and be the queen in it. Sweet dreams to you, my lovel
  9. Let’s go to the world of dreams now. I want to show you a world full of accomplishments,
    magic. You will see people flying, cars floating on the water. You will learn how you can control dreams, how to be with me and remember everything in the morning.
  10. Let’s go to bed already. I wish in a dream you could control your desires and change the world like that. As you wish. You so dreamed of being an architect, so let your imagination run wild in the expanses of dreams and design the world of your dreams.
  11. A quiet, noiseless night knocked on your window, you sit quietly and watch a movie. Go to
    sleep soon, my baby. I wish you peaceful dreams, and in the morning to see a huge bar of
    chocolate or chocolate cake
  12. I wish you chocolate dreams, the same as you, my sweet. Let this night you dream of a bakery where you will bake buns and cakes.
  13. Like the trees that have prepared to sleep in winter, lie down in bed, covered with a cozy
    duvet. I wish you snowy dreams where you sit in a wooden house with a fireplace and drink hot tea
  14. Frosts are cracking outside the window, and I have the sun in my room, because you are
    sleeping next to me. Sleep well, let you dream of the most magical country where we are forever together.
  15. Good night, little bear. I still remember today. We had such a wonderful day. I never imagined that this would finally happen. I thank you for your trust and faith in me. You are a special person in my life. And your lips are sweeter than honey. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest when I touched you. This kiss means a lot to me. I hope you sleep sweet sleep now. I want you to dream about today.
  16. How was your day? I worry about you. It’s so sad that we couldn’t see each other or talk today, Hope you sleep well now. I wish you good night and sweet dreams.
  17. My hands are shaking as I type this message. I’m so looking forward to meeting you. Finally,
    after so many years, I will see you not through the screen. I’m so worried. You will read this
    message only in the morning, when we will already meet, but I want to say how much I love you. I’m so happy that I know you. Good night, my love. I hope nothing disturbs your sleep.
  18. You sleep peacefully, dreaming about something good, looking for answers in my eyes, darker than the sky, and I wish you good dreams. Trust me, don’t be afraid of anything. I will never offend you.
  19. Go to bed soon, don’t be afraid of anything. Tum on the night light and quiet music, and the moon will tell you stories. Rest easy, I’m on guard. Nobody and nothing will touch you. Good night dear.
  20. Our whole room is illuminated with amber light illuminated. A cheerful light dances a light in the furnace. It’s so nice to see you sleeping. What kind of dreams do you have? How do you feel in that world? I wish you to talk to the moon, see the northern Author and just have a good time.
  21. Good night, my northern Aurora. You are as mysterious as this beautiful star. Let all your
    dreams be filled with mysticism and amazing things
  22. Your dreams are so amazing. Every time I am amazed when you tell me them. Hope you sleep well now. Go in search of the northern Aurora, ride a dog sled, and then go to a wooden house and drink cocoa. Tell me in the morning what time you spent this time. Good night, northern queen of my dreams.
  1. Once you asked me to compare you with a flower, and I did not find the words to answer. Now I am sure of what I want to say. You are a snowdrop. This flower blooms so imperceptibly that not everyone can find it. In many places, it is not found at all. A snowdrop is comparable to a treasure not accessible to everyone. Your soul is so multifaceted and magnificent that not everyone can see what only I can see. Sleep tight! I hope that your sleep today is calm and beautiful. Good night to you, my flower.
  1. Sleep well, my camomile. May your dreams be illuminated by bright sunlight and show the way to the chamomile field, where I will wait for you to give you a single flower as a token of my love.
  2. They say dreams can reflect reality. I wish that today is reflected in your dreams, and you can again feel my kiss and hugs.
  3. Good night, dandelion! Your hair is as blond and fluffy as a blossoming flower. May the sun
    warm your dreams.
  4. Morning is wiser than evening. Dreams will tell you the answers you asked today. Good
    dreams! Take care of yourself
  5. Sleep creeps unnoticed, getting into the mouth, eyes. It’s already getting harder to stay awake, and you run to bed sooner. Sleep, my dear. Let the stars show you the way to the treasured place.
  6. Frosts crackle in the winter, and you want warmth. Wrap yourself in a blanket as soon as
    possible, take hot cocoa, and then go to bed. The night will fly by unnoticed, the dreams will be colorful, and in the morning I will come. Good night, dear.
  1. The blizzard is angry outside the window, the frost is getting stronger. Lie in bed, beauty. May you have good and warm dreams.
  2. Sleep, my snow queen. You are the mistress of snow and wind. The way you love winter, no
    ‘one loves it. Thanks to you, I learned to find beauty in this season. Hope you sleep well now. Goodnight!
  3. Put the phone away, wrap yourself in a blanket and close your eyes. You need to rest. Sleep
    well now, love of my life.
  4. May you have snowy dreams. When you fall asleep, imagine that you and I are in the Arctic
    Circle, looking at the rocks and enjoying the cool wind. Perhaps one day we will live in a place like this. Goodnight!
  5. Our flight goes to the land of magic and sorcery. Everything is possible here: to turn houses
    upside down, and to create an aircraft that even the most brilliant person could not come up with. Let’s go to bed, my lovel Good night!
  6. Good night, sleep welll I wish that not a single spirit of nightmares visit you this night! Let the sun shine bright!
  7. I love you very much! It’s so great that we could spend the whole day together. I love such
    moments. Thank you for being with me. Goodnight! I hope that you are already sweetly sniffing in bed and having wonderful dreams!
  8. Let’s spend this night together? Wait a bit, I’ll be there soon. In the meantime, I wish you good night!
  9. How I want to spend the night with you. I miss you so much. Because of our studies, we began to see each other less often. I know that you also feel the same way as me. Imagine that I am close and hug you. Goodnight, my Lovel
  10. I just looked out the window and saw that only in one window a lamp was shining. I suspect it’s you. Go to bed quickly, tomorrow you can finish all the work. Sleep is very important, because it restores the processes in the body and helps to gain energy. Goodnight! I love youl
  11. Oh my lovel Let’s dance in the middle of the night I will come to you in dreams and take you into a dizzying waltz. Good night and sweet dreams!
  12. How great it is to be near youl Today was a wonderful day! I would like to walk around the
    evening city again, eat acai and just talk about everything. You are an amazing person. I hope you’ve been sleeping for a long time. And if not, I wish you good night and sweet dreams.
  13. How curious I am about what you see in your dreams. I would like to peep and quietly admire you. Good night, my lovel
  14. NightsI I really hope that your sleep is quiet and nothing interferes with it
  15. What a beauty when you sleep! I love looking at you so much. I would like to be with you this night, but, unfortunately, I have to be absent. Sleep well, rest. Tomorrow is another wonderful day.
  16. Close your eyes, relax. Rest now, because the night is long, and with its darkness it seems to
    hint that now is the time when the body can devote time to recovery. Let the dreams take you to their distant magical land.
  17. The night has opened its arms, the road of dreams is your covenant! Rather, run after me, and I’ll be there. Pleasant dreams!
  18. It’s already two o’clock in the morning, and you are still awakel Rather sleep, as the series will not run away from you, but will peacefully wait for you to get enough sleep and gain strength. Kind and peaceful dreams. I wish you could see the continuation of the plot.
  19. A cat wanders quietly around the house, does not scream, does not require food. He is
    specifically waiting for you to go to bed to guard your sleep and at the same time start to play pranks. I wish the night was as sweet as you.
  20. Imagine that you control the night. How many hours would it last? A question to think about before going to bedi Try to have wonderful dreams.
  1. Good night. I hope you sleep well and see what you so desired

Fairy good night wishes for a girl

Here you will find some examples of how it is unusual to wish your girlfriend a good night in a very soft and fabulous way.

  1. Magic lurks everywhere. She just needs to be noticed. But the most important is in you. Look at yourself. Yours is a whole universe, where a lot of incredible and unexplored lurks.
  2. Neither rain, nor thunderstorm, nor storm will wake you up. Do not be afraid of anything, I will save your sleep, like the moon.
  3. The dark night has already come. Sleep, my dear. Soon you will see the moon rise high in the sky. Sometimes you may be visited by a myriad of thoughts that then it is hard to fall asleep. Relax, let the flow let you go and listen to my voice. I will tell tales. They are sometimes funny, sometimes. sad. But after them it is not difficult to understand the essence of life.
  4. Close your eyes, beloved, and I will tell you about love, about how the stars lit a bright star late at night,
  5. That strong feeling that you experience is my heart. We did not meet by chance. Fall asleep,
    my dear, and let us walk in the park together in dreams.
  6. Sleep, my dear, sleep. In the world of my love, there is no grief and trouble.
  7. Sleep, my dear, sleep. In the world of my love, herbs smell so pleasantly and everything
    around breathes with freedom and love.
  8. Good dreams. Morning won’t come soon. In the forests, the lights are fading and everything is gradually bowing to sleep. Take care of yourself.
  9. The dark night descended to the earth. Let’s go to bed. Tomorrow we have a wonderful day. I wish you to be as happy in your dreams as you are with me.
  10. Sleep, my beloved, sweetly. The time to continue on the path will only be tomorrow. Now you should rest and gain strength.
  11. Sleep, where I love you, see neither storm, nor sorrow, nor fire. Do not be afraid of anything
    I’m with you.
  12. Sleep well. It is warm at home, I will cover you with my love and will be there until the morning.
  13. Fall asleep, fireflies are burning for you, so that you won’t be scared at dark night.
  14. Dive into sleep soon, the moon is shining outside the window. She smiles at you and waits to lull you to sleep.
  15. Sleep, my flower, the moon has already risen, silence has enveloped the earth, and
    somewhere nearby a bear is stalking. He guards the forest, because even the spirits get tired and doze off.
  16. Fall asleep, hear, the wind sings a song, and the noisy foliage will merge with it in unison.
  17. Fall asleep! In a world where dreams are painted, time will freeze for you. You can see many
    different ideas and bring something of your own to life. I wish you all the best
  18. Good night! I wish your ideas to come true, and now in a dream, let the colors shimmer,
    decorated with thoughts, and paint a beautiful picture of your universe
  19. Quietly close your eyes. You hear, young nightingales are singing a song very close with
    golden strings. May you feel a beautiful melody in your dreams, and in the morning you can sing it
  20. Dreams have prepared many interesting things for you. Sleep soon, my love. Take a closer
    look, the stars dance in the wide sky, and the moon shines for them, bathing in the rays of light.
  21. Immerse yourself in dreams. Let’s go to a world where there is justice and love, where people know how to behave in society and there are no wars, where humanity has realized that it is the foundation of the foundations. Let’s go to the city of happy people. Goodnight, my Love
  22. Your soul is a storehouse of colors, the universe lives in it. Open it to yourself and realize who you are and how significant the flower is. Sleep well, dear. You are an incredible person
  23. Your dreams are like a special universe. Fall asleep soon and your eyes will open a field of
    snowdrops in winter. Don’t be afraid to take a flower alone. He will bring good luck.
  24. Fall asleep, plunge into the world of dreams. There you will see a large field and me. Follow
    me boldly and sincerely. Don’t be afraid of anything. We will become the sparks of our thoughts.
  25. Night knocked on the door. Cold outside the window. Whether it’s the wind, or the goblin
    sneaks in secret. You lie down in bed faster, covered with a duvet. Neither frost threatens you nor with her. Sleep well, dive into warm countries.
  26. Trees shed their clothes, getting ready for winter. Snow covered them with a white fluffy
    blanket, similar to downy. It’s warm under him, so at home. You are my tree with interestingly twisted branches. You are as interesting and incredible as the oak that grows nearby. I wish that in a dream you saw yourself through my eyes, so that you would feel even more strongly how much I love you.
  27. Good dreams, my flower. And let me look into your dreams with a camomile in my hand. And let her through the dream of fate bind our forever.
  28. Sleep, my girl. May you see the edge in your dreams and be able to dance. You are the wild
    daughter of mother nature. She sings in you. You are the one who runs barefoot on the wet grass; the one who hides between twisted branches and dances for the moon. Sleep, my dear. We’ll see you again in the morning
  29. Let’s go to the world of dreams, where we will fight ghosts, spirits and evil monsters. Let’s
    discover secret places. Go to bed, dear, and together we will conquer this land
  30. Night wrapped the country, people began to go to bed, only you alone do not sleep. What
    happened, my joy? Sadness or happiness rolled? I run to bed. Let you dream of a forest covered with snow, and you with a guitar under an oak tree. I want to hear your voice strongly, touched by frosty silver. Sleep, relatives, I will be with you forever.
  1. Through dreams and time as a comet I fly to you boldly. I want to see your caramel eyes.
    Sleep sweetly my chocolate
  2. You know, people do not believe in fairy tales, they say that they are all fiction. But the deeper I dive into this topic, the more I am convinced that our world is more mysterious than it seems. I wish
    that in your dreams you saw a kind fairy tale about my love for you. Sleep well
  3. Since ancient times, people have been telling fairy tales. Someone calls them legends, and
    someone myths, but they are all part of one. They came out of the faith of the ancient people. We are all part of a big and long history, and I want yours personally to be joyful and happy. Sleep soon, my story. I wish you good dreams.
  4. Sleep welll May a druid come to you in your dreams and teach you the secrets of magic.
  5. Sleep, my dear, sleep. Don’t let the cold damned howl and the cold of the night wake you up. Remember that I am always with you and do not forget about courage
  6. Sleep, my birdie. Morning won’t come soon. In the mountains, the lights faded, and the sun
    went below the horizon. And there, in the world where there is my love, trouble will not happen
  7. Sleep, my kitten, fall asleep. I will cover you with my wings in the hour of sleep from troubles and evil
  8. Let your dreams be filled with magic and reveal the secrets of life. I want you to enjoy this
    night and wake up inspired. Good night!
  9. There are so many stars in the world, but there is one that shines only for you. Look at the sky, make a wish. And let the dream fulfill it.
  10. With me, golden pollen, drop by drop, your dream shines for you. Go to sleep. I wish you
    magical and mysterious dreams.
  11. May you be able to see the country of the elves in a dream, fight the orcs and see Asian
  12. Night has come, and behind the forests, behind the mountains, the sun has been sleeping for a long time. Like a firebird it shines on the other side of the earth. I wish you to see a round dance of stars in a dream and get to know one of them.
  13. Have you ever heard that when you go out into the field at night, you may meet young
    maidens dancing by the fire. They are said to have come from the land of the elves. Talking to them is dangerous, as they sometimes lure travelers to them. Their place is so beautiful, and time is not subject to our law, that everyone who goes there does not come back. I wish you to see this country in a dream and at least see a little how the people live. But in reality, I will never give you up, only if I go with you.
  14. Can’t you go to sleep without a fairy tale? Okay, then listen. There is a legend about a man
    who was born from the union of a man and an angel. And he gained unmeasured strength, became stronger than anyone on earth, and his soul gained immortality. And now go to sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow, so you should get enough sleep.
  15. May you dream of a fabulous unicorn that will lead you into the world of miracles.
  16. Close your eyes. Turn your head sideways and fall asleep quietly. In the world of dreams, a
    new adventure awaits you in your forest, where you will again see something that reflects you. Good night
  17. Good night, my dear. Dive into sleep. I wish you to be able to see the answers to all important questions there, to find something new for yourself so that you can wake up inspired and inspired in the morning
  18. Interesting dreams! Fall asleep! Let you dream about how you drank tea with the English
    Queen Elizabeth, fought with pirates and became one of the most memorable personalities in our history.
  19. Good night, dear! Lie down on your side, don’t let the top bite you. Close your eyes quietly and pass out peacefully.
  20. Fall asleep, close your eyes. Let you dream of a cake, a hill of sweets and a chocolate
    fountain. I wish you enjoy sweets before the next day
  21. Good night, my dear! Sleep tight! I wish you the sweetest, chocolate, brilliant, chic and erotic dreams with me, of course, in the title role!
  22. My dear, I wish that both in life and in dreams you have everything strawberry. Berry dreams to you.
  23. The room is waiting, the blanket and pillow are ready to take you in their arms. Don’t make
    them wait. Plunge headlong into the world of dreams and let not a single bad thought, not a single unpleasant sound disturb youl
  24. Sleep operation in progress! The blanket is on edge and the pillow is not waiting! Faster to
    bed! And if suddenly the study is exhausted, I will remind you how to get to bed correctly. And so, move one foot in front and continue with the second. If you’re not sure which one to cross, don’t worry. Starting from the left, I am sure that the second will be the right, and after that the previous one. Thus, in small steps you will reach a comfortable bed. In the meantime, while you are moving, I ordered good dreams for you, so don’t worry, because you won’t dream about studying. Good night!
  25. I love watching you sleep. Good night, my beloved princess of darkness
  26. If you suddenly have a nightmare, crawl under the bed. And in the morning I will come for you and, like a glorious knight from novels, I will save you

Warm good night wishes for a girl

Once I caught myself thinking that it was at night that I wanted something sweet and youthful … you
hover in the clouds, imagine the dreams you want to see …I thought about it and wrote a “hot”
message to a loved one. Received a similar response. At night, the epistolary genre is very active,
so I want to bring to your attention not only gentle wishes of a good night for your girlfriend, but
something more “sharp”. Hot wishes are very important, they help a man to flare up with a new
passion for a woman, and a woman to appreciate the passion of a man.

Such ardent good night wishes are appropriate between very close people. Such wishes ignite
passionate feelings, as well as speed up the transition to more intimate activities. Examples are
shown below.

  1. I wish you not a calm, but a stormy, passionate and unforgettable night! So that in the morning you want to sleep, and your knees are still shaking.
  2. I want to wish crazy dreams, the sweetest night and a cheerful morning! And to make your
    dreams more crazy, I will dream and kiss you so that the next night you want even more.
  3. Today I want to wish you hot dreams with me, so that in the morning it would be nice and wet! Good night to you, my musel
  4. Sweet dreams! I envy your blanket, because it hugs you like that, absorbing into itself every
    night …
  5. Sleep, my beloved tigress, I kiss you passionately.
  6. Beloved, sweet dreams. Every night I dream about you: your eyes, your hands, but often your chest.
  7. Baby, good night, and may you dream about me. I terribly want to be the main character of
    your erotic dreams.
  8. Sweet dreams, my tigress, and also me in your indecent dreams.
  9. My sweet kitty, I long to meet you, but for now get enough sleep, good night. Your passionate kiss is sharper than rose thorns.
  10. Say hello to our neighbors: I’m going to you, with sparkling champagne and red candles! ..
  11. I will draw on the cheek with the finger of my right hand. In the back gently run my claws. I
    want to kiss you endlessly. Well, can you sleep?
  12. I will emerge in your dream as a huge shark. And I will kiss you all night long! I want you to fall asleep soon. Oh, how my prey is erotic!
  13. Baby, you take off your panties, do not hide your beauty!
  14. I pick up a pencil. Night crossword puzzle: “Will you give or not?”
  15. It’s good to fall asleep in your arms, don’t forget to take off your dress!
  16. Sleep, otherwise I won’t forgive you: I won’t let you fuck!
  17. Close your eyes, my friend! Sex dreams are already in a circlel
  18. You’re tired and it’s time for you to undress, it’s a pity that it’s not in front of me, and then go to bed.
  19. Don’t look at the porn, fall asleep, baby, hurry!
  20. Fall asleep soon, my friend, indecent dreams with “subtext” stood in a circle.
  21. Sleep my sun, fall asleep. And in the morning I will kiss you.
  22. What a happiness to know that you are with me, to feel the warmth and caress of your body.
  23. At night we are again alone – alone. It’s great and hot!
  24. Gently kiss, gently caress … The night is so short, dear!
  25. Sleep, I dream of lying side by side. I want to breathe your scent.
  26. The night will pass, and we will meet again, and sweet paradise will comel
  27. Night will give new strength inflow, sleep, my sweet angel, with a sinful body!
  28. Good night, erotic dreams! In a dream, feel all my love.
  29. Let you wake up fresh in the morning. And there will be strength to be the samel And tomorrow you will need strength for me.
  30. Let the fairies make their dreams come true, I wish you tenderness!
  31. Let the pillow smell like a fairy tale, let the sheet turn out to be vanillal
  32. Get enough sleep and it will be easy to get pleasure every dayl
  33. Let the dream sparkle with dreams, cover passion with waves!
  34. I love you, dear sleeping naked. Let anxious and gently sniffing.
  35. You are more desirable to me than everyone in the world. Sleep well, baby!
  36. I don’t want you to miss me in bed this night.
  37. Long night to you, very sweet dreams to you! And when you wake up, I’m “always ready for
  38. Colorful dreams together, let’s see that we doubt the sheets.
  1. Good night! I dream of hugging again. Loving and kissing you!
  2. Let our warm bed. It doesn’t get cold for a hundred weeks!
  3. If I suddenly wake up earlier, I won’t let you fall asleep. S0, dont wake up, dear, you’re very
  4. Good night I send. I hope it’s not in vain when I desire you passionately!
  5. Go to bed in negligee, because I’ve been ready for a long time already!
  6. Be in bed without anything! Take an example from me, I’ve been without panties for a long
    time, like a pioneer!
  7. Waking up or in a dream. When will you come to me?
  8. Lubricate the bed, let it not creak, because one night of love is given!
  9. I am sending a parcel of love, accept it from me, do not open it before going to bed, Iwill
    appear in person, wait!
  10. I send you a kiss at night, you confess because you want me.
  11. For a love batch. Kiss by SMS.
  12. I want to see your fuse, because I caressed you all night!
  13. I’ll take everything off you, smack you on the cheek and fall asleep!
  14. I remember your hands when I take off my trousers for the night.
  15. A dream stands at the threshold, I have not been able to sleep for a long time, as my heart
    tells me: we must love.
  16. Good night, goldfish! You are so sexy!
  17. I call you the sun when the moon is in the window! I do all this lovingly and want you alttle.
  18. I do not want to share you with anyone, perhaps at night I will “eatť” you.
  19. Missed a sweetheart all day, about sex, by the way. I’m not to0 lazy to write all evening, to
    wish good night.
  20. And again I type SMS, I suddenly wanted whiskey at night. Then I remembered about you and drank until the night l love.
  21. You, dear, choose: Night with me or without me? It’s hard for you to choose, maybe, but with me iįt will be heaven.
  22. This night is in your hands! Just say “”Ah”” to me!
  23. Very generous at night! I would live until the morning!
  24. At night you are lovely, baby, like a sweet candy!
  25. If you don’t call at night, in the morning you will come yourself!
  26. At night I will give love! Pack your suitcase!
  27. Night is knocking at the threshold, we are dear to bed with you!
  28. If you love the night with me, you Will be satisfied and happy.
  29. Every adult knows this: The night opens its arms! If we go together, then we will fall into the
  30. You turn my head, because the night is preparing turns!
  31. Do not wait for us in the morning, and the Kamasutra will destroy us.
  32. Love me as l love you, and the night will judge wisely. Who is right among us, who is wrong.
    and tomorrow will be morning.
  33. Your smile gives me hope that the night will not be in vain. Take off your clothes, my baby.
  34. Smile, I will smile back. Invite me over and don’t tell me no.
  35. A current flows through the veins at night. I propose to us to discharge with you.
  36. A smile of luck will light up in a dream and at night will you come to me?
  37. Let’s enjoy the night! And what needs to be done!
  38. You are my angel, my Goddess! I close my eyes and imagine that we are spinning in the
    dance of love.
  39. Call me into your dream, hug me tightly, I am your camp.
  40. If you were next to me now, I would kiss your lips! Sleep, my jOy.
  41. I am ready to love you even in a dream, in every sense.
  42. My lips want to kiss you, hug your hands. I love you very much, you are my only one.
  43. Pack your belongings, come, the night will be sweet!
  44. The night whispered: do not fall asleep, sweet dream you drive away. Though for joy, for
    trouble, do not sleep, I will come to you!
  45. Remember now, do not close the door at night! l’ll show up lovingly, unless I’m drunk.
  46. At night you meet me! I’ll come… to have some tea!
  47. Let the night not separate us! Take off your clothes, I’ll be right there.
  48. Will we be alone in the night today? You just scream louder!
  49. Night dictates its own laws! We will fulfill them!
  50. Just don’t tell your friends what kind of monster I am and what kind of..
  51. Eyes, beloved, do not close! Work your pelvis, don’t yawn!
  52. You do not give in to sleep, we must meet at night to make love.
  53. In the cold I will warm you and burn you with love.
  54. Late hour, but I want sex, passion and love!
  55. Though frost at night and blizzard. It’s good to love each otherl
  56. Warm with your warmth, at night it’s good for two!
  57. The moon will knock on the window, but we will not care, we will not be distracted, since we
    need to “”tumble”.
  58. The desire that pervades me when you are around is very difficult to contain. Therefore, l wish you dreams with me, in which we will be so close to each other that you can feel the taste of your tender lips.
  59. Again, the night divided us into different beds, but I hear the beating of your heart and feel your smell …I remember the taste of your hugs, and I wish you the most peaceful night and insanely sweet dreams. Good night wishes are extremely important. They are needed to please a close girl, a woman, not to communicate rudely with her, so that she is glad to communicate. To make the world a better place. They say that “A kind word is pleasant even for a cat”” but a woman simply needs it! She blossoms every time from the praise and tenderness of her beloved man. And he will always diligently fulfll all his tasks and requests. Good night wishes can inspire a woman. But an evil word

Provocative Good Night Wishes to Seduce a Girl

Provocation is not always an attempt to manipulate, more often a man needs it to interest a woman, to show his originality. Such wishes are very important, for example, at the beginning of an acquaintance, because they contribute to the disclosure of the characters of the two partners, help to better understand each other. Here are examples of provocative, vulgar, and erotic massages.

  1. And the ice of your gray eyes will melt when you embrace her so tightly.
  2. You don’t know what I’m capable of if you don’t accept my wishes for you good night.
  3. If you do not accept my wish “”good night””, but I will come and do it personally.
  4. I still love you and wish you sweet dreams and good night, my dear. I also want to.
  5. This time I promise that I will not come to you to keep you awake. Good night, my dea.
  6. Good night. Don’t take everything too close to your heart, but take me close to your body
  7. I want you! Oops fucking T9. Good night!
  8. Nobody is perfect except you. I love you madly and deeply. Sweet dreams for you and good
    night to your beautiful body!
  9. I say, you are not capable of doing this to me! Tomorrow you will let me sleep in your bed. And
    tonight, good night!
  10. Relax and sleep. By the way, when will we relax together?
  11. You are so sensitive that you want to check it out. Goodnight!
  12. If you do not immediately fall asleep, then I will have to punish you.
  13. I give you a minute to fall asleep, otherwise I will come. Time has gone..
  14. I always wish you a sweet and good night, but why not personally?
  15. If I did not wish you a sweet night, it does not mean that I did not want to do this.
  16. I can shake you good night. Kisses.
  17. For your own good, accept my wishes of sweet dreams and good night with kisses.
  18. You are cold and cruell You don’t accept my wishes for a sweet and good night so I can do it
    H+ “rs””
  19. Are you hugging the bear cub again, and not me?
  20. You provoke me. It was you who made me every evening – weekly – wish you good night
  21. You manipulate me when you say “”good nigh”” with your sweet voice. Are we going to bed?
  22. You offend me by saying that it’s time to sleep. Maybe I want to stay awake in bed with youl
  23. Here I make decisions when to sleep. It won’t be long before “”good nigh””
  24. You know that I love you so much, so tonight will be restless! I promise until morning!
  25. If you want to sleep, then good night! And if you don’t want to, then invite me over.
  26. I am always ready to wish you a good good night virtually and in real.
    Wishes like a game of cat and mouse. The man is a cat, the woman is a mouse. The cat is waiting for the mouse to weaken. A man – when a woman agrees to be with him. Wishes help him achieve

Good Night Wishes for a Girl Who Worries

Imagine the situation: your girlfriend is nervous, worries about something, can’t sleep, and you don’ know what to do. What can help her in this situation? Only your love. It’s easier if the girl is sitting in front of you, then you can hug her, but what if you are apart? Of course, word help helps here.

  1. Beloved, good night. Let go of all worries, do not think about anything now, there is a day for this.
  2. Sleep well, dear, I agreed with the drummers, they will not come today.
  3. Beloved, fall asleep, let the night envelop you with its tenderness, and during the day Iwill
    change it.
  4. The gentle sun tells you that he will come tomorrow, and now he sends his friend to you – the sorceress-moon. She will take away all sorrows, and you will fall asleep soundly and sweetly.
  5. Wonderful dreams! Let the silence soothe your thoughts.
  6. Do not be afraid, behind the wall there is only a kind little lamb, it was I who ordered him to
    guard you. Goodnight.
  7. Sleep well, rest, let the night fill you with life-giving energy and tomorrow you will start with new strength.
  8. Good night to you, my bear cub. Perhaps this time your dream will come true, and you will get what you have dreamed of for so long, and I will be a good fairy and help.
  9. All dreams, desires are getting closer every day. Fall asleep now, worry about nothing and you will see that the new day will give you joy.
  10. Fall asleep, and we will see you in dreams. We will walk through the forest, collect cones,
    berries, loud songs and enjoy life. Don’t be afraid, I will never leave you. I am always with you.
  11. Don’t be afraid of anything, my love. Sleep soon. Tomorrow is a bright day for you. I’m with
    you. Give me your hand and I will never let g0. You can completely trust me. Goodnight. May these words bring you good and sweet dreams, where there is no fear and anxiety, where the spirit of God is near and we are forever united.
  12. I wish you a blessed night. Trust my words and don’t be afraid. I am always there and ready to protect you. Remember that we are one soul.
  13. Sweet dreams to you, let me dream about you again.
  14. I wish you sweet dreams, so that thoughts do not bother you the pillow is comfortable, and the bed is soft.
  15. Don’t stay up late. At night you need to rest and gain strength, and in the morning you can
    finish all your work. I wish you a wonderful night.
  16. My dear, you worked very hard today. Rest, please, relax and don’t think about anything bad. May your dreams be flled with magical moments.
  17. Good night, dear. May this time you see the continuation of your dream. I want an angel to
    protect you.
  18. I wish you sweet dreams! Sleep, sleep! And may a pink elephant come to you in your dreams. Let him give a tangerine and a box of chocolate, the path will roll over the bridge. And I will come to you at dawn and gently hug you softly.
  19. Night rest is very important. Have a good rest now, and in the morning you will have a new day full of good memories.
  20. I wish you the sweetest dreams, gently kiss on the forehead and hug tightly. Sleep well tonight and in the morning you Will see me again.
    341.I wish you a sweet and good night, so that you relax after a hard day and let go of all the bad things that have accumulated. Don’t keep negativity to yourself. Let the old day deal with it, while you plunge into the realm of dreams and be flled with good emotions that please you.
  21. Run to bed, let me hug you, because I will satisfy your sadness. Do not be afraid of anything, l am near and always will be.
  22. Look at the sky from the bed, the moon smiles at you. Fall asleep calmly, sweetly, and she
    shines the way in your dream.
  23. Good night, in a dream, time will fly by quickly, and you will not notice to look back, as the sun knocks on the window
  24. I wish you good dreams. Let the night be quiet and calm and nothing will disturb her peace.
    *sw us
  25. Sleep well, see sweet and delicious dreams. Let this time you see a sweet shop and you can
    buy cookies for yourself, and in the morning, in reality, you can taste their real taste.
  26. I hope that your night will pass calmly, without any adventures, and you can just rest. really
    want you to get enough sleep and gain strength. Gently hug and kiss you. Good night my love.
  27. Good night, my love! And may this night become magical for you and the most cherished
    desire come true.
  28. My flower, I kiss you on the forehead and wish you sweet dreams. You are the best thing in my life. Sleep well.
  29. Run to sleep, my dear. It’s late and you’re still awake. Tomorrow you can continue your work.
    but now you must rest, gain strength and help your head digest all the information that you received today.
  30. May the night give you magnificent memories and mystical dreams. I want you to get only
    good emotions.
  31. My dear, we had a very good time today. I know how you hate to go to bed, but you should
    rest. Tomorrow we are waiting for a new day no less interesting. Sleep well now.
  32. Good night and happy birthday. On this day, remember what a great miracle happened many years ago. A small but very bright star appeared on the earth, which illuminates everything around with its light. I admire you. You are the most wonderful thing in this world. I love you and hug you tightly. Yours forever.
  33. My dear girl, l kiss you and say that you are the best with me. Do not be sad for trifles, take
    care of your health. I am always with you, in sorrow and in joy, but I really hope that you can let go of what upsets you, because you know what is true. Go to bed now, rest. I love you.
  34. You are my greatest miracle. Sleep well, don’t worry about anything, and I will guard your
    sleep. Very soon everything will be as sunny and clear as before. You will see.
  35. Don’t be afraid, fall asleep. God is with you.
  36. Good night. I hope you get enough sleep today, and no insomnia and bad dreams will disturb
  37. Take care of yourself in dreams, my dear. I, as your personal guard, will protect you both at
    night and during the day. Do not be afraid of anything.
  38. Good night, my love. God will save you. I will pray for you that He will protect you from the
  39. When you fall asleep this night, remember that there is a person who loves you very much and really wants to be there, enjoy your company, a gentle look, hug tightly, kiss and something very special, but more on that personally…
  40. Fall asleep my dear I’m there. Even if nightmares haunt, trust that bright times will come to
  41. Good night. Fall asleep, surrendering to bright thoughts. I will come to you, believe me.
  42. Good night, my dear, let’s lie down together, cover ourselves with a blanket and dream about good things. I wish you the very best.
  43. Teddy bear, sun, flower, you are the dearest thing l have. Fall asleep soon, baby, to quickly
    plunge into bright dreams.
  44. The forest was enveloped in fog, all the animals, trees and spirits fell asleep. Hurry up and go to bed, because dreams are calling you. I hope you have magical dreams.
  45. My dear, close your eyes. Let the angel cover you with his wings and take you to a
    wonderland. Sleep welll
  46. I congratulate you on the first of December and make you good night! May all your wishes
    come true on this magical day!
  47. December is the month of magic and fulfillment of desires. May this night you receive answers to your questions and be able to see what awaits you.
  48. May you be able to see the coming future on this joyful day. Congratulations, sunshine! Good night, dear.
  49. I love you very much and I want you to be happy. I’m sorry I couldn’t come today. I was so
    busy that I couldn’t find a minute. I promise that next time I will plan my work better. Good night darling. Let nothing disturb your sleep.
  50. I wish to see something beautiful in my dreams. May your sleep be guarded by angels. And
    when you wake up, smile first thing and call me. I look forward to waiting for you.
  51. Call me when you wake up. I really want to hear your voice now. Everything inside me seems
    to turn over when I hear it. Good night, my dearest. Sleep soon! May your sleep be sweet and strong.
  52. Sleep tight and sweet. I wish that at night you could make your dream come true. The dream Will help you with this. Goodnight.
  53. Although at the moment we cannot be close, I wish you a good night’s sleep, and let the wind sing about my love.
  54. I wish you a very good sleep and I send you a kiss with the wind. Let him touch you. Imagine
    that I am nearby and gently kiss your lips.
  55. Today was such a wonderful day. I can chat with you for days and nights, but someone has to have the tenth dream right now. Close your eyes and go to sleep.
  56. Eat before you go to bed. Don’t starve, don’t be afraid to get better. You need a healthy weight. I’m worried about you because you’ve lost a lot of weight. It’s not always safe to eat before bed. It is worse when you lie down on an empty stomach, because you are in a state of sleep for a long time.
  57. I so want to hug you before going to bed, to say personally how much I love you, how
    wonderful, beautiful you are. Sleep well now, don’t worry about anything.
  58. I am with you in sorrow and in joy. We will share with you happiness and sorrow, wealth and
    poverty. I am ready to be with you in any situation. Sleep in peace, dear.
  59. Let’s take a walk in the winter garden, let’s collect a bunch of flowers. I want you to be happy in this dream and not think about business. Goodnight.
  60. No matter how much you want to study, there must be rest. Lie down in bed and don’t wory
    that you couldn’t finish the job. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry about small things.
  61. You worked for two days without a break. Rest, please. You shouldn’t overwork youself if
    you’re worn out. Neither you nor your health deserve this. Sleep now. You need a break. Goodnight!
  62. Good night, baby! Sleep, sleep soon! I wish you a good rest from the work that you had. Sweet and sweet dreams.
  63. I will pray for you that you have good dreams. I don’t want you to have nightmares. May a
    magician come to you in your dreams and give you a good mood.
  64. Good night, dear. Sleep tight! I wish you to see a cute deer in your dreams. Let him ride you
    through the forest and show you reserved places.
  65. Is it already so late? Why are you still doing? No job or study is worthy of such a sacrifice.
    Studying is undoubtedly a very important thing, but even it should not take so much strength and health from you. You have been very nervous and anxious lately. I am worrying about you. Rest please pray and go to bed. Morning will tell you new solutions, you will be much better and inspiration will flow like a river.
    387.I wish you good dreams, fresh air and the chirping of crickets. So that no one disturbs this idyl.
  66. Close your eyes, lie down comfortably and think only of good things. Don’t let intrusive
    thoughts enter your head.
  67. I know how you like to sleep. Run quickly to bed. We’ll see you tomorrow. May the flower field in your dreams give you peace and happiness.
  68. May you make your dream come true in your dreams and become president. Your ideas would be very useful to the city.
  69. Even if you are still studying now, soon you will have a wonderful job and the life that you have been dreaming about for so long. Go to sleep soon to rest and bring closer the day when all dreams come true.
  70. You are my flower, dear petal, go to bed soon and see pleasant dreams.
  71. Let’s go to bed. It’s already so late, and we still can’t come to the conclusion that it’s time to
    bow to bed. I want you to rest and gain strength now, and I will play a little more. Good night.
  72. I wish your dreams were as amazingly sweet as honey.
  73. Sleep soon! Let a bear sneak into your dreams and treat you to raspberries.
  74. Good night. Sleep, love! I wish you peaceful dreams, where the breeze walks around the
    neighborhood and plays with your hair.
  75. Let me show you the city of stars that dance in round dances. Give in to emotions, relax and
    just enjoy the moment. Your movements are so attractive. Go to dreams where myriads of stars are waiting for you.
  76. Do you remember how we walked? I have not received such pleasure for a long time. It was
    so wonderful to feel only you and the silence in the air. At that time, it seemed to me even more strongly that only the two of us exist. I hope that now in your dreams you see a repetition of this day. Sleep well, my joy.
  77. May your dreams be as romantic and sublime as the planets far in the sky.
  78. Good night, my dear. I wish your dreams were as sweet as a chocolate cake that you want to
    eat whole when you look at it.
  79. Let protective angels guard your dreams, but remember only that you must not believe their
  80. What dreams do you often see? Please tell me what visits you at night. I hope that now you
    sleep deeply and see only good things.
  81. How great it is when you finally go to bed and relax. Sleep well now, my little one. I wish you all the very best. Take care of yourself.
  82. I wish you to sleep all night and not wake up from nightmares or extraneous sounds. You need to gain strength. Sleep well.
  83. l hope you sleep well and don’t have nightmares. Let me dream about you this time.
  84. Cute kitten, jump under the covers, fall asleep peacefully. Soon I will come and hug you tightly Even if it is very cold now, it is very cozy and warm in the house and under the covers.l kiss you on the forehead.
  85. As soon as you hear a knock on the window, immediately open the door. A surprise awaits
    you. I won’t say what it is, but this guest will definitely please you. Sleep well, I love you.
  86. Let you dream of mountains, the sun and me today. Sleep tight and sweet! I wish you a very
    good rest.
  87. I so want to return to that dream again, where we both understood that we were fully
    conscious of what was happening. I wish I could spend every night like this. Sleep well my love.! miss you so much. But I know that very soon we will be able to spend every day together.
  88. Don’t cry, everything will be fine. And if this does not console you, remember that you must
    restore every shed tear with water. Imagine how many liters you have to drink soon. I wish you only the best. Tomorrow we can solve this problem, but now go to bed. I mentally hug you. I wish you a quiet night. My dear, I’m with you. Everything will definitely work out, and you Will again delight the whole world and me with a smile
  89. Imagine that I am on a dragon saving you from a prince who wants to marry you. I wish you to see this incarnation in a dream. Good night!
  90. May you be able to see in a dream that grain of the future that you sometimes talk about.!
    wish you a good sleep and find answers to your questions.
  91. Sleep sweetly and soundly. Hope your dreams bring you happiness.
  92. Let’s decorate the world of dreams with colors and fly into a fabulous flight on a magic carpet. wish you good dreams.
  93. Sleep sweetly, my bun. Let you dream of a bakery and cakes.
  94. Good night, I wish that a good dream gives you cheerfulness and happiness.
  95. Even though you are a cat, even the most naughty must go to sleep. Sleep soon. In the
    morning I will come to you and hug you.
  96. Running to bed. Now I will bring you hot chocolate, and we will watch some video together. But after that, you must immediately go to bed. Let this evening and night help you restore the foxes and mood, and I will help them with this.
  97. Be, cutie, more cheerful “”The morning of the evening is still wiser.””
  98. The night said in my ear, lie down with me, my old lady.
  99. I want dreams to come to you today with the sweet music of spring.
  100. Sleep, my gentle and affectionate beast, wonderful dreams will come now.
  101. Sleep sweetly, my marmalade!
  102. Do not sleep, my dear, you cost me dearly.
  103. My love is not a turnip! Why did you sleep soundly?
  104. I really need you now. How to get you out of sleep?
  105. I will give you my love if you want. I’ll come to have breakfast. Bye goodnight.
  106. Sleep, fall asleep, my joy, soundly until morning! I, to0, fall asleep, alas, and l have to go!
  107. If | am healthy! There will be many sweet dreams!
  108. Bewitching night, my queen!
  109. Calm down, I love you to hell.
  110. Even though you washed off your makeup, I recognize you even now.
  111. We are not afraid of bad weather, because under the covers we are warm. After all, we have
    been together for six months and happiness has long been given to us.
  112. Let sleep sit on your eyelashes, and dream you dream.
  113. Someone dreams of palm trees, Other cities! Let love dream of you. Today and always!
  114. In reality or in a dream. You will always come to me!
  115. I kiss you before going to bed and send you my love.
  116. The night opened the arms of an unrealizable dream … But only you stole the heart without
  117. Tasty kiss, hugging at night, you’re my only dear.
  118. When you sleep so soundly, the Moon itself protects!
  119. My heart wishes you to fall asleep gently and calmly. I hug my baby.
  120. On wings an angel will fly in a miraculous dream and surprise! Goodnight.
  121. My heart wishes you to fall asleep gently and calmly.
  122. Quietly the night whispers to me sleep, sweet dream beckons me. Only I don’t sleep. I’m
    waiting, I’m waiting…
  123. Good night to you, my love. and sweet dreams. I want you to sleep long and sound today,
    because yesterday you worked very hard. Sleep soon.
  124. I need to go to bed now, because tomorrow is an important day and I need to get up early.
    You, to0, rather lie down, because sleep is the key to health. I wish you vanilla dreams. Goodnight.
  125. I would also really like to spend more time with you, but it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day for us together. We’ll have fun, we’ll go to your favorite restaurant, and there’s something else waiting for you that’s very important to both of us.
  126. Yesterday I dreamed about how you and I made love. Your touch was so hot and nice. I wish
    you to see today with me in the title role.
  127. Good night to you, dear. Close your eyes and sleep! I wish you to have a dream where
    everything is as God intended, so that there is nothing that happened once on earth.
  128. May everything in the world of your dreams be shrouded in love, happiness and peace.
    Funny wishes, isn’t it? If, our reader, you read them to your girlfriend, she will laugh for a long time and love you even more for your sense of humor and cheerful disposition. You can wish good night not only to your girlfriend, but also to friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. You can wish a girl not only a good night, but also a good morning with a day. (See Messages to a Girl in the Morning ) I know that you love your girl. The important thing is that she knows about it. Women’s nature is so arranged: a girl urgently needs the attention of her man. Understanding this, you can make your relationship warmer, closer, stronger. Before going to bed, say sweet words to your beloved. And if you are apart – write messages. The main thing is not to be silent. Believe me, for a girl there is
    nothing worse than a man who is stingy with feelings (and money). It’s so simple! The lines below will help you and her. We wish everyone who reads this article to have a good time and not be bored. Our kind reader, we really hope that all good night wishes will come in handy and your beloved will always be happy with you! Now try in action what you read above. Have you already found the lines that are right for you and your lover? Good luck! Then share information