Good Night Text For Her Long Distance

There is nothing more beautiful than being in love and expressing this feeling in all common activities or not, before going to sleep dedicate a good night text for her long distance to your sweet half .

Even sharing with your partner, you sure want the romance to continue even while they sleep and for this, what better way than saying goodbye with a sweet good night message.Edit

Long Distance Relationship Goodnight Messages

Before I wish you good night, I wish that we meet in our dreams to continue sharing this great love.

My sweet half, when you are in your bed ready to sleep, turn off the light, but in your heart may the flame of your love for me continue to light. Goodnight love.

I do not know what I will dream tonight, but I will be happy if you appear in my dreams. Good night my sweet heart.

While you feel that you are giving yourself to a sweet dream you will feel the whisper of my voice that will tell you incessantly how much I love you.

If you ever stopped being part of me, I would have the stars to remind me how beautiful and luminous you are. Goodnight love.

You are that person who crossed my destiny because life wanted to grant me the wish that I asked so much of it. Good night my dear.

The best moments of our life will continue tomorrow. Sweet Dreams My Love.

Good night my sweet half, don’t be sad because I can’t be by your side, think that when you fall sound asleep, I’ll be in your dreams.

If you dream that I am with you, it is the truth because it is everything I want the most. Goodnight My Love.

Right now we are in the wrong place, I would like to feel the warmth of your body and guard your dreams. Goodnight love.

I carry you in my heart and even though I can’t have you tonight I hug you with my thoughts. May you have golden dreams.

Before going to sleep think about me a lot so it will be easier for you to dream about me. Goodnight love.

Good night, my love, I continue to love you from the distance that separates us today and I hope to hug you very soon.

Good Night Text For Her Long Distance

Since I can’t be with you tonight, I’ll only allow the moon and the stars to watch over your dreams.

My heaven, you are my other half, being far from you I feel incomplete. Sweet Dreams My Love.

How much would I give instead of sending you this message, to be by your side to kiss you good night.

It’s late and the only thing left to do is sleep so I can find you in my dreams.

Since I love you my loneliness begins when I have to get away from you every night. Dream with me.

Love, with loving ourselves we don’t hurt anyone, overflowing with love can only be bad if we stop being part of our lives. Sweet Dreams.

I love you since I met you, I loved you for the great day we had, I will love you because I want to have you in my future. Goodnight My Love.

If while you sleep the voice of someone who loves you sounds in your dreams, it is because our thoughts are still connected.

Although my body cannot be close to yours, I still carry you in my heart. I miss you very much my dear, have sweet dreams.

We will have a good or bad dream, we will not know it, what matters is that we are together. Goodnight.

Love when it is reciprocated seems such a beautiful dream, I promise you that I will never give you reasons to think that ours is not real. Goodnight.

Good night love, rest, find me in your dreams so that when it dawns you feel full of happiness.

Our love is also made of dreams and they continue when we sleep. Good night my sweet love.

If you doubt my feelings, tonight when you sleep you will dream of me and you will see that my love for you is real. Goodnight.

I will close my eyes and while I fall asleep I will imagine that you are by my side. Good night my Love.

Honey, I promise you that you will see me in your dreams holding your hand to continue celebrating our love.

Having your love I will never lose hope, illusion, faith, you will always be the protagonist of my dreams. Goodnight.

Good night to you, I am delighted, I hope you have sweet dreams.

That tonight you have the most beautiful dreams while you fall asleep thinking about how much I love you.

I can’t have you by my side and I can only dream that you are in my arms while you fall into a deep sleep. Goodnight love.

Don’t be afraid to sleep alone, because I will visit you in your dreams. Goodnight My Queen.

Love, every night is like a window in which I look out to wish you the sweetest wishes. May you have golden dreams.

Good night queen of my heart, may you have sweet dreams, and may your love for me continue to be so real.

Due to life circumstances, we are separated today, but in our dreams, we will continue to belong to each other. Goodnight love.

Love, even if I’m away from you in one way or another we will always be together and the night is an accomplice because we will meet during our dreams.

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