Good education is the key to freedom

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela           

Education is a right that should belong to everyone. Education gives us options. And the foundation of all freedoms is the ability to choose for ourselves. Furthermore, a good education enables us to think in a way that clarifies our ideas, dreams, beliefs, perceptions – and hopes for the future.

Education gives us the freedom to express ourselves and learn and share new information. It also gives us the tools to reach our full potential – not only in our careers but also in the way we live our lives. It can also insulate us a little better from losing our job or having to handle a pay cut in these uncertain economic times.

In this article, we teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to take a look at whether education is the surest path to success, and whether success is the most important key to freedom.

What is freedom?

What is this elusive thing called freedom? Freedom is defined as the power or the liberty to act, speak, live, and think as we please. More importantly, freedom means having the freedom of choice. The freedom to lead our lives in whatever we choose to. Freedom means we have control over our lives.  The choice to live in a way that makes us happy and feel fulfilled. Freedom gives our lives purpose and meaning. It means taking the necessary and measured steps toward a way of life that will enable us to realize our full potential. 

And it all begins with success.

We need to succeed in the plan we have mapped out for ourselves, for our lives, and our future – whether it’s a goal to become a digital nomad living on an exotic tropical island, or becoming the CEO of a large corporation. Freedom gives us the choice to be the best version of ourselves. And we need to be successful in order to make those dreams a reality.

The journey to freedom will undoubtedly have its ups and downs. However, education can give us a far greater chance of success to attain the ultimate prize of freedom.

Why is education so important to achieving success?

Education can be the most important cornerstone of a successful career. Of course, there are exceptions. Many successful entrepreneurs who lacked a formal degree have gone on to have extremely successful careers and make astounding contributions to society. For example, college dropouts Steve Jobs and Bill Gates went on to build two of the largest and most influential tech companies in the world. 

But those are extreme examples of two extraordinary individuals. For the rest of us, education is a tried and tested path to success. Furthermore, education is a potent instrument that fosters critical thinking, knowledge, and accomplishment. It helps us develop strong social, work, and time management skills. In the modern world, education can be the surest path to a prosperous future and the freedom that comes with that.

4 important ways education can help you gain your personal freedom 

1. Achieving control in your life

You probably weren’t born into the life you’d like to live forever. Most of us have no intention of following in our parents’ footsteps. Most of us want to do something different. And often, do better. Education is probably the best – if not the only – chance you have of improving your life to a significant degree. As a college graduate, you might work as a manager rather than a salaried worker. Instead of just receiving a salary at the end of the month, you may become the CEO of a company or even a shareholder. 

Education can open the door to an entirely new world of exciting possibilities for your personal and professional life which will put you on the path to personal fulfillment and self-determination.  And self-determination equals freedom.

2. The power of a college degree

Many employers believe that having a college degree is demonstrable proof of not only your knowledge and intelligence but also your determination and perseverance in pursuing your goals. Your degree proves that you are able – and willing – to put your shoulder to the wheel, and put in the long hours and effort required to reach your goals. Your degree is proof that you have already succeeded in something difficult and important. It demonstrates that you have worked out a plan for your future. These are invaluable qualities in an employee.

3. Education gives you the freedom to choose the career you want

Education opens the door to the career of your choice. Unlike a high school graduate, possessing a college degree puts you in the position to choose the kind of job that interests and excites you, a job that will challenge and fulfill you. You will be able to choose where you want to work and the kind of work you want to do. And that, in itself, is a heady kind of freedom. 

4. Increased earning potential

And last, but certainly not least, there’s the question of money. Money may not be everything, but it can give you the freedom to live the life you choose. Money in itself is a kind of freedom, and having a college degree will undoubtedly elevate your earning potential. 

Workers with college degrees receive a significantly higher salary. Annual average earnings for people with a bachelor’s degree is $36,000, which is 84 percent more than what people with only a high school diploma make. Furthermore, the wage disparity between college-educated individuals and those who have less education is getting wider.

Final thoughts

Analyze your current position in your life’s journey. Consider your major objectives and where you are headed on your path to personal freedom and the life you want for yourself. Success through education may not be the final destination, but it certainly can be the springboard to ultimate freedom.