Gifts Ideas For Couples

The relationship must be taken care of and pampered so that it grows and stays healthy. It is very important to encourage magic and not fall into the routine. You can achieve this by having details with your partner that renew love and passion. In this post we discuss gifts ideas for couples.

A good way to keep the flame alive is through surprises:  if you occasionally have a gesture to surprise your partner , the relationship will be strengthened.

To have a detail it is not necessary to spend the salary on a very expensive gift. Without a doubt, what matters is the intention , much more than the price. For this, you can resort to a lot of original and cheap ideas to surprise.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple

Here is a list of the 11 best gifts for couples . With this we give you several ideas so you know what to give to your partner to show how special it is for you.

Photo album

Giving a personalized photo album to your partner can be a fantastic idea, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, it all depends on what you are willing to spend and the time you want to spend.

First, you can design an online photo album with your favorite photos and memories, which they will then send you printed at home, or even order one from a professional photographer. Without a doubt, this option is usually more expensive.

On the other hand, you can create a handmade , personalized and cheap photo album. To do this you will have to purchase a blank notebook or album, in which you will then paste the photographs you like best. You can also include tickets to shows or unforgettable dinner tickets.

best gifts ideas for couples

Once organized, you can complete the design by decorating the album with stickers and phrases dedicated to your partner. So every time you look at it you will remember the special moments you have shared.


Due to the success that photography is having in recent years, we could not leave behind this fabulous gift for your partner.

One of the romantic and  best gifts ideas for couples that is booming lately is to hire a photo shoot as a couple , is to attend the study of a professional so that the love you have is reflected in photographs.

gifts ideas for couples

Then, you have the option to pick up the book with all the photographs, but you can also choose one to print and frame. No doubt this detail will remain in your memory forever.

Experience Packs

Routine and day to day can be exhausting, weekends fly by and in the end there is never time to disconnect. However, it is necessary to dedicate time to the couple, to reinforce love and above all, add memorable moments.

Therefore, surprising your partner with an experience pack can be a great idea. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on it, there are economic (from € 20). The wonderful thing is that your partner can choose from endless possibilities.

Depending on the tastes of your partner, you can choose a Spa or spa pack to relax, or on the contrary, an adventure pack to choose between skydiving and scuba diving, among many other experiences.

The advantage is that they have a validity of a year or two, with the option to extend it in case you do not find time for it. Surely you live an incredible and wonderful experience that will reinforce your love.


If you do not know what to give to your partner, it may be a good gifts ideas for couples to book a hotel night in a beautiful little town that is not very crowded.

The option of the village can be great to disconnect from the crowds and stress of big cities, it will also be cheaper and you will not have to spend a large budget.

In a charming place you will only have to worry about dedicating all the love you have and taking care of each other.

Complementary keychains

This is one of those original gifts for your partner that is cheap at the same time: a pair of keychains that match. You can use one each and so you will remember how united you are.

In many places they design very original and hilarious set keychains , but if you want something special, you can even order custom key chains.

You can also choose another type of joint objects that show how united you are: a couple of cups with complementary romantic phrases or t-shirts that are related can be a fantastic gift.

Video games to play as a couple

Video consoles can be an object of discord in many relationships: different tastes and individual games can end up causing arguments in couples.

To avoid these frictions, you can show your partner that you think of him or her by buying a game in which their collaboration is necessary to go beyond the levels.

Every day there are more video games for two players that go out to the market, and you can take advantage of this best gifts ideas for couples to have a great detail with your partner.

Romantic dinner

This is one of those gifts for couples that is considered the classic among the classics: a romantic dinner does not fail. If you want your partner to melt, prepare a dinner while you are not at home.

Prepare your favorite dish, put some flowers on the table and light candles, when you arrive you will put your favorite song and perfect! A big surprise to relive the passion.

Another detail that does not fail are sweets. A box of your favorite chocolates in your bag or jacket pocket so you can find them when you look inside will make you know everything you feel for him or her.

If what you are looking for is a gift for a special occasion, you can also order a personalized cake of your favorite flavor. You can even ask them to print an edible photograph of both of them and put it on the cake.

Having these sweet and small details with your partner is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated and romantic samples of love.

Custom details

Nowadays many companies allow to customize their products to the taste of the consumer. With a few simple online programs you can exclusively design the object and buy it as you designed it.

If you have doubts about what to give to your partner, you can research online and choose a product that you will design thinking about him or her . From bags to sneakers, you can find the product you were looking for.

Your partner will appreciate the time you have spent designing your gift and will know everything you do for her.

Giant Puzzles

If you like to spend time at home doing things together, calm and relaxed, a puzzle can be a great gift that you will enjoy and with which you will spend fantastic evenings of entertainment.

From small puzzles of 1000 pieces up giant puzzles custom , the market offers a lot of possibilities. You can choose the photo of a place you have visited to turn it into a puzzle, or a photo of you two.

Once finished, you can use it as decoration of your home, which will remain in the memory forever.

Erotic games

Just as love must be taken care of, passion must be taken care of and the flame kept alive .

If you want to surprise her with something daring, choose an erotic gift for your partner. You can opt for a gift voucher in which you write certain actions, and your partner can choose when to redeem them.

You can also buy some erotic dice to play with them whenever you want. These types of erotic games for couples are always a success to keep the spark in relationships.

Popcorn machine

Finally, if you wonder what to give to your partner, a popcorn machine for home is always a success. Most people love to enjoy delicious popcorn while watching a movie.

With a popcorn machine at your disposal, the blanket and movie plan of a Friday night is completely round.

With these tips of gifts ideas for couples on what to give to your partner without spending a lot of money but having some romantic and fabulous details, we hope that you will not run out of romantic ideas and you can show people that you most love how much love you feel for them and what you appreciate.