Gift ideas for a silver wedding: 15 tips for the 25-year party

Silver wedding gift ideas for couples turning 25 together. The silver wedding is one of the most important dates of a marriage. This date is celebrated as a great achievement. Usually a party or reception is held in which the closest family members and friends are invited.

If you are invited to one of these celebrations and you have no idea what to give to the honorees, here we have some good proposals that will help you choose better.

Traditional Silver Wedding Gift Ideas:

  • Personalized cups:

A kit of personalized glasses with a bottle of good wine will be an excellent gift. It will be even better if the glasses are personalized. You can buy them plain and have them engraved with the names of the spouses and the anniversary date. Glasses of champagne with the number 25 for the celebration.

  • 25 years memorial plaque:

A very good way to reward the couple for such a valuable achievement is to give them a heart-shaped plaque. If you are a friend of the family and you know them very well, you can add some text to the plaque and the names of the spouses, as well as the date of marriage and the date of the anniversary.   

  • Jewels :

One of the most traditional gifts at the silver wedding anniversary. It is common to give silver accessories such as bracelets, key rings, chains or any other type of silver accessory. They are usually marked with the names or the anniversary date. Being 25 years symbolized with silver, it will always be a good gift to use this metal.

  • Flores:

Flowers will always be remembered for being decorative and for brightening up that day. We recommend using a number of 25 flowers in the bouquet to be allusive to the 25th anniversary. In their different presentations, with a stand, a vase or alone in various shades or with a single color, they are always a good gift. 


Anniversary Gift List , which can be easily purchased online

Entrance to a show as a gift for a silver wedding:

For couples who celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and are lovers of shows, we can offer you some ideas. A ticket to see your favorite concert in addition to being a beautiful gift is something that you will surely enjoy.

silver wedding gifts
  • Tickets for your favorite play:

As we always say, you have to meet the couple to know their preferences. May our gift be in tune with the things they like like the classics. They are details that will make both the one who gives the tickets and the couple who celebrates it will always remember it. 

  • Subscription to a musical concert:

A gift when celebrating a silver wedding that can make the most of the couple’s musical abilities and tastes is to give them tickets to a concert.

silver wedding gifts
  • Ballet:

If the couple dreams of the stage and their tastes are related to a more traditional show, they can be given tickets to a ballet.

It is a guaranteed success, if we know their tastes and dazzle them with our creativity to find the perfect gift for them at their silver wedding.

silver wedding gift

Silver Wedding Gift Ideas: Travels 

  • Romantic trip:

Something a little further from the traditional but just as valued. If you are a close family member or child, this could be a good gift. Collect the money by adding several of the family to give the passage to the spouses. Let them go to the destination they have always dreamed of, or go back to where they had their honeymoon. 

  • Adventure day:

If the honored couple like adventure then you can give them an adventure day. For example, zip-lining, parachuting, horseback riding or any other activity that makes them have a fun and adrenaline-filled day. May it be the invitation to practice your favorite sport or simply be a hobby.

Anniversary Gifts

Types of gifts for silver wedding:

  • Day in spa:

You can give them a day of relaxation and massage in a spa. With this they will get a little out of the routine and will dedicate themselves to being pampered all that day of the silver wedding anniversary. Some spas include a wide variety of therapies, massages, treatments to relax with seaweed, sauna, swimming pool, among many other activities perfect for a special day.

  • Tickets for event:

If you are a fan of any band, you are sure to love this. You can choose between tickets to a play, a concert, even to attend dance or cooking classes. It will depend on how much you know about the tastes of the spouses, but for sure it is a very good gift.

  • Framed photograph:

This option will be very easy if you are a child of the honoree. Search your old albums or photo galleries for an old photo. Maybe one from the honeymoon marriage or one taken when they were dating. It can be with or without the children, on vacation in the first years of marriage. With a good frame it will be a highly valued gift.

  • Personalized photo album:

If you don’t want just one photo, you can use several photos to create an album with the best photos taken during the last 25 years and add a text. This gift is sure to make them cry with excitement.

Surprises for a Silver Wedding

It will always be good to take into account the tastes of the honorees. Knowing what they like or what they enjoy will make finding the right gift easier.

What can be given on a wedding anniversary?

It is an important time to renew the bedding. Make it a useful and cute gift at the same time. Packed in a special box for this occasion.

  • If it is the golden wedding, use a ribbon with a gold bow.
  • For the silver wedding anniversary wraps of this color.

If the date is during the winter, down or cushions can also be a delicate gift for the couple.

For married couples who are passionate about cooking, a cheese board is another useful idea. Something of application in everyday life. Some steakhouses want to explore the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and incorporate sophisticated products. Oils, olives and a variety of cheeses. A cute wooden platter adds to your delight and presentation.

For the kitchen, a decorative wall clock that matches the style of the house.

If they are individual gifts for each member of the couple. For the groom in our entry on Gifts for the groom, you will find personalized gifts for him and a lot of inspiration.

The budget is also important of course. There are expensive gifts and others that are not very expensive and that can have great emotional value. Gifts that are handmade carry great meaning because they are the ones that use the imagination to please and this is a key point.

We also have to think about how to decorate and how to organize a silver wedding depending on whether it is a big party or a renewal of vows. The decoration of the place and the schedule of activities play an important role.

What to give when you are invited to a Silver Wedding?

Your gift must be functional, elegant and within the tastes of the couple. Also your gift must be beautiful to commemorate this special day.

A digital frame is ideal as a music and video support to remember the beautiful moments lived together. 

A smart cooker is a popular way today to prepare delicious dishes and save time. It also keeps food warm and is easy to clean.

Gift ideas for anniversary of 25 years of marriage

A few bottles of wine with a sophisticated touch are always a good proposal. Believe it or not, a Picnic Set is also always welcome and lays the foundations that every couple needs to spend a day in the field or in the park. Include:

  • Wine
  • Cheeseboard
  • Plates and napkins.

Customize the glasses to give an original addition and love towards the protagonists of the celebration.

What to give your wife at the Silver Wedding?

Giving your partner the best anniversary gift is a great unknown. Answering this question is a very personal choice. Traditionally, jewelry, a ring or some silver object are given for the house. Too

  • Huerteros or Smart Garden
  • Air freshener with essences
  • Breakfast

In times of pandemic, travel and entertainment were no longer a gift option for your wife.

What to give to a couple who have been married for years?

The anniversary moment are lived as unique experiences to share as a couple. The Silver Jubilee is one of the most celebrated anniversaries. The couple have already raised their children and want to share in privacy also the joy of being together for so many years.

In addition to the silver wedding anniversary, other anniversaries are also celebrated with their distinctive gift according to the date.

For example:

  • Paper Wedding – one year after marriage
  • Wooden Wedding – 5 years anniversary
  • Crystal Wedding – 15 years anniversary
  • Porcelain Wedding – 20 years anniversary
  • Oak Wedding – 21 years anniversary
  • Copper Wedding – 22 years anniversary
  • Silver Wedding – 25 years anniversary
  • Roses Wedding – 26 years anniversary
  • Pearl Wedding – 30 years anniversary
  • Jade Wedding – 38 Years Anniversary
  • Ruby Wedding – 40 Years Anniversary
  • Sapphire Wedding – 45 years anniversary
  • Golden Wedding – 50 years anniversary

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