Get The Spark Back In Relationship

Get The Spark Back In Your Relationship Tips

The vast majority of people spend their lives looking for love and trying to find our partner. When we finally found her, we started a life together that, over time , is transformed and ceasing to be what it was in the first moment we met. It is totally normal. Routines, work, fatigue and stress can make us think that the spark and passion have been lost. But this does not have to happen. Today we give you different tips to get the spark back in relationship as a couple and fall in love again and again.

Lack Of Passion In A Relationship

It is a normal part of life as a couple to go through stages in which the spark is low, perhaps disconnected. Life is happening and when we least realize, we see that we have not had sex with our partner for some time , without a real encounter, and we care.

The task to get the spark back in relationship as a couple can be much easier if we start by doing a self-assessment, to see where we are in relation to ourselves and where we are in relation to our partner . Many times we focus on thinking only what happens in front of the other and we forget that the spark is part and is also born from ourselves.

In this sense, you have to ask yourself if you feel comfortable with yourself , if you like what you see in the mirror or are going through a moment of insecurity, if you feel attractive, if you still do things that you liked before or left all your hobbies, if you give yourself time or if you have diluted in your occupations; In short, ask yourself all those questions that help you see who you are at this time in life.

get the spark back in relationship
get the spark back in relationship

Now is the time to do the same exercise in front of your partner: ask yourself if you give him the attention you used to give him, if you communicate with him about your feelings and what you like, if you worry about spending time alone with your partner or if you remember everything you like and attract from him / her.

After doing this self-assessment you will realize that sometimes what we need to recover the spark as a couple is to recover the attention we gave ourselves, that we gave our partner and that we dedicated to the fact of enjoying life.

6 Tips To Recover The Spark As A Couple

With this simple introspection process there are already many changes that are made in you to recover the spark as a couple. However, and as they say there, where there was fire ashes remain, especially if it is your partner, so read carefully these ideas that we have to recover the spark as a couple and feel again the passion of the moment in which They met .

1. Work On Feeling Attractive

This is not about removing all your insecurities to the surface, rather the opposite. It’s about valuing how beautiful you are, highlighting all its virtues and reaffirming your beauty . Now, if you take a long time without paying much attention to your way of dressing, then it was time for a change of look to renew the attraction.

Find a new lingerie that you do not use normally and make your partner see it. Dress in the way that makes you feel beautiful and sexy, and your partner will notice the change immediately. With this you will wake up the spark in you and recover the spark as a couple.

get the spark back in relationship

2. Flirt

Do you remember those days when they were just starting out and you did everything to flirt with him and get his attention ? Well that’s just what you have to do.

It happens that over time we get used to the presence of the other, we take it for granted and carefree.

This does not mean that you now live based on getting your partner’s attention , but remember how beautiful she made you feel when you flirted and how you drove him crazy. Take advantage of opportunities that arise to return to get those flirtatious tricks that you know very well and again spark the spark in your partner.

3. First Dates

To recover the spark as a couple it is necessary that you generate adequate spaces, and what better way than to have an appointment. Find an activity that takes you out of the routine , a restaurant with aphrodisiac food that helps you wake up the libido, while communicating with each other again and enjoying the presence of the other as in the first time.

4. Kisses Well Given

With the passage of time, passionate kisses are forgotten and we focus only on those little kisses that show affection and affection, but do not light flames. If you want to recover the spark as a couple, kiss again with that passion that produces butterflies in the stomach and that is capable of awakening the spark they have between the two from the moment they met.

5. Sexting

Another excellent way to spark the spark as a couple is through sexting. Nothing better than to provoke and seduce your partner than with text messages raised in tone that will take you by surprise. If you have not done so, you may feel somewhat uncomfortable at first, but it will happen to you when you see the results.

6. Experiment In Bed

Sometimes we also fall routines as to what we do in bed. Encourage your partner to try new things with which the two feel at ease. How about a visit to the sex shop to buy a toy or why not experiment with some tantric sex . In this way they can change and renew their sexual dynamics and recover the spark in a couple that you thought was lost.