Games for Christian Weddings: 13 fun games to entertain guests

Games for Christian weddings: the best games

Games for Christian weddings: with the joy of union and the blessing of God to enjoy this day to the fullest with games and activities so that the laughter does not stop. If the party is planned well, it will remain in the memory of your guests.

The first thing is to take into account what type of celebration you will have and what your guests are like. Will guests of all ages attend? It is always good to know how well they know each other and if they are extroverts or not. If the wedding is in a room or outdoors, they will be the most fun Christian wedding games taking advantage of the space.

games for christian weddings

As Christians, the message to transmit in the celebration will be to enjoy a day of love, respect and union. Here we bring original options that guarantee a brilliant party for every budget.

1. Game for evangelical weddings: guess who knows your partner the most

Place two separate chairs in the living room, where the couple will sit. One person asks you questions that the bride and groom must guess about the other’s tastes. The couple will write on a sheet or blackboard the answer they think is correct.

About 10 seconds later the writing will be revealed. The questions seek to know who knows more details about the other. Avoid controversial topics so as not to conflict. For example, what was the day of the first date? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite movie? It will be fun to see that maybe many questions you miss.

2. Games to remember the biblical passages

This is a guessing game. To do this, the guests will have to imitate biblical couples with mimics or scenes and the rest of the people will try to decipher who it is. We assure you that the laughter is guaranteed for those who know the biblical passages. The challenge is to give everyone a hashtag and upload the most tender photos and live this moment the most.

Games for Christian weddings with bible texts

3. Games for Christian events so that no one remains seated

Organize different activities with music for the guests to dance and jump. Rent an inflatable tent or a slide so that the invited girls have fun and accompany the bride with laughter and joy.

4. Activities for Christian weddings: Marriage tips

This is an activity during the Christian wedding that is easy to implement after receiving the blessing. The dynamic consists of placing a book with blank sheets for each guest to write advice, dedicate it and sign it.

They can set aside a space at a table or have the book passed from hand to hand during the party. The book will be a souvenir of the couple.

games for original christian weddings

To inspire the participants to write, we suggest placing a book with poems. They are some romantic ideas for couples, the following:

  • The most romantic day of your life is approaching.
  • We wish you a lot of romance in your life as it is essential in any good relationship.
  • A gesture of love and romance can never be substituted.

The phrases that will best remain in the memory are those that carry the most implicit feelings.

games for christian weddings

5. Board games to have fun and break the ice

The board games that include all the guests who are seated together are great to entertain. An infallible option is to place a puzzle on each table, the group that manages to put it together the fastest wins.

The prize can be an extra tray of sweets for the winning table. If you want to make it more original, the puzzle will be a photo of the bride and groom. Bingo, dominoes can also be fun to encourage guests to interact.

games for christian weddings for board games

6. Outdoor wedding games

If the wedding is in a garden, the game of throwing the hoop gives the opportunity to use the space in the garden. You just have to place a few bottles and a box with colored rings on the grass. At a distance of about two meters draw a line or put a tape. From there, the guests must make sure that some small rings go into the mouth of the bottles. For the competition in groups with points, use pins of different colors and make a point system to see who can accumulate the most hoops at the greatest distance.

Other alternatives for open spaces are large-scale board games, such as jenga, chess, bowling, or a giant domino. The guests will be able to entertain themselves with the most popular games but in a different way. If you prefer to do it by hand, you do not need a large budget because the pieces can be made at home with a few bottles, a little cardboard, paint and creativity.

JENGA Game – Giant Wooden Tower (Stacks up to 5 feet) – Choose from natural spots, or stars and stripes, includes game board, made from premium pine.

Connect 4 Giant Wooden Game 4 in a row, choose between white or dark spots. Jumbo Fun Size – Set is over 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall and can be set up indoors or out in seconds

7. Games for Christian weddings: tell me a story

Select a friend of the bride and groom who knows your story. Write a note that symbolizes important events of the couple. The gift of a stuffed animal, a movie seen on their first date or who introduced them or where the future spouses meet. To continue cultivating love, remember romantic moments and share them.

The bride and groom must act out by telling the story and an associated funny memory. This dynamic will be very fun for those who did not know the history of the relationship.

8. Games for Christian couples

If the wedding is in the summer, outdoor games can be organized for the guests of a Christian marriage. Put chairs on both sides of the garden. At one extreme are the ula-ula in addition to dividing the public into groups.

The game consists of bringing the hoops from one end of the room to the other to the rhythm of music and dance. If the rings fall off, the operation must be repeated. The team that moves the most rings from one corner of the room to the other will be the winner.

9. Fun ideas for Christian weddings:

The game of breaking balloons can be a lot of fun.

  • Rub the balloons against clothing to make them electrified.
  • Place the balloons between the knees or tie them to clothing with a ribbon.
  • Divide the participants into teams.
  • Run a circuit with a chair at one end.

The team that runs the fastest wins and ends up collecting the most balloons in a given time, estimated by the animator.

10. Activities for Christian weddings:

Who names the most famous couples from the Bible?

Each guest receives a sheet of paper and a pencil. You give descriptions of famous biblical couples and their stories. Create a list with descriptive activities from the Bible. The object of the game is to name as many biblical pairs as possible. This game must connect the facts with the pairs that the Bible names as ” Isaac and Rebekah ” or ” Adam and Eve .” The game can be individual, group or be a board game. Whoever names the most biblical couples wins and will be awarded.

11. Games for Christian weddings

Organize an evening of games for the older ones. Board games like dominoes, cards, and billiards lend themselves well to fall or winter weddings.

Put in a box or bag the papers with the names of the participants that will make up the teams of the game tournament. This is a good idea to keep you going during the party. Including instrumental music in the environment will help concentration.

12. Games to entertain children at a Christian wedding

For the little ones there are also games that will keep them busy all day. Drawing contests with bride and groom and wedding motifs. The results are sure to be fun and witty. Children having fun and will be happy painting or creating unique pieces. You can also place a table with play dough, toys or coloring books.

Games for Christian weddings for the little ones

13. Games for funny Christian couples

A question that many grooms ask is how to keep my party active at all times?

We recommend coordinating a dance contest with the DJ. The guests have to dance on top of a stage built for this purpose. Very good photos will be captured here. Include a hashtag for weddings and this way everyone can share the photos. Also some karaoke of musicals will help to loosen the most shy ones. Make a program of:

  • Home
  • I sing and
  • Laughs

Many believe that going to a Christian wedding may not be so much fun. Implement these ideas and they will show you just the opposite. One piece of advice, whatever games you choose, make sure they are integrated into the party. 

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