Funny Text Messages For Her

Relaxation makes life more fluid. If you want to make someone fall in love, being spontaneous will help you a lot. In fact, many expert psychologists claim that spontaneity is the key to seducing a person. That is, be yourself openly, with your strengths and weaknesses. This is how the funny text messages for her you can dedicate to win someone over come out.

5 funny messages for her

To write a funny message to a girl you like, here are 5 examples of texts to flirt with a woman! These models will give you ideas to write your own message:

Love: four letters, three vowels, two consonants, two idiots …

My heart is worse than a disco… I won’t let anyone in!

Ever heard of a 99% cute, 95% sweet, 95% talented, and 100% faithful guy?

Watch out, I’m going to commit a crime. I count stealing your heart forever. Poor of you.

I came from winning the lotto, what can I do with this money, would you have ideas?

Boy: There is only one thing that I want to change in you, Girl: What is that? Your last name

The funniest and most humorous love phrases to fall in love

 -I love you. + How do you know what love is? -Because I think of you and I can’t breathe. + That is asthma.

 -Well, then I love you.  Do you believe in love at first sight or will it happen again?

You have to suck it to get it wet. You have to push it to put it in. You have to lick it to stop it. How difficult it is to put a thread in a needle.

funny text messages for her

Stare at that person and think: “What would you call them to find them on Facebook?”

I lost my bed … can I sleep with you?  Boys are like kitchen rags, you leave them on the balcony and the neighbors take them.

According to the weather forecast … you should be in my bed!

Honey … everything in excess is bad … except me.  Crazy like me needs a screw like you  

-Hey, can I take a picture of you? + What for? -To show Santa what I want for Christmas.

I love you with all my belly. I would tell you with all my heart, but my belly is bigger.

I have decided that I will use up your mobile battery with you.

Love knocked on my door, and I had gone out for bread.

You are not Google, but you have everything I am looking for.

Excuse my daring. But can I make love to you brutally?

-Love, tell me something nice that makes me see the stars. + Telescope.  I don’t bite, unless you want to.

Nobody forces you to be with me if you don’t love me. There you have the door, break the padlock, remove the chains, cross the crocodile pit, jump the electric fence and go.

Man who cooks attracts, but if he also washes the dishes, he falls in love.

The physical does not matter, but your buttocks make me fall in love.

The only one that dominates me … is the dream.  You can do it on the bed, the sofa, the table, the chair, the car, even on the floor … The point is to sleep!

The brain works from when you are born until you fall in love.  If you knew how much I think of you, you would report me for mental harassment.  

I’m very good in bed. I can spend hours and hours without stopping to sleep. Take care of me, because you have competition.

Love SMS to make her laugh

  • You are wanted by the love police, accused of stealing my heart, you will only be released after paying a fine of 1,000 kisses.
  • I’m going to put you on a fever, I’m going to come to your house, jump on you, penetrate you, you will tremble, shiver and sweat… Honey I have the flu get ready to have it too.
  • I never dared to tell you but I want to do it with you… To feel your body close to mine, I want our hearts to beat harder and harder, I want to sweat with you… That ‘we are out of breath, we go to the end without stopping. Are we going for a run tonight my love?
  • I want to light you up with passion, run my tongue over you and shoot you until the last breath… But I forgot my pack of cigarettes at home… Have a good day sweetheart.
  • Hi, do you want to marry me and raise pandas in Asia with me?
  • I have to tell you a secret but face to face, the FBI filters my messages, we meet tonight in our secret place.
  • I unwittingly went to a basketball restaurant… It’s awful, I became a mobster, a badboy… You think I should report myself to the police?
  • Instantly in the newspaper, they say they found the body of a woman who they described as quite beautiful. Can you reassure me and tell me that you’re still alive?
  • Incredible, fatal beauty, indispensable wonder of the world, absolute perfection … But let’s stop talking about me, how are you my heart?
  • Hello, we have detected an abusive use of your phone in vibrate mode, we remind you that you have a husband and that he is at your disposal to fulfill your desires. See you tonight to send us to seventh heaven.

Funny SMS to send …

I tried texting all of my feelings of love to you, but my phone company returned me that the file was too big… so current technology just allows me to say I love you.

Love SMS with humor …

It took my mother years to make me a man, but it took you a second to make me crazy.

Funny love SMS …

In paradise, they lost their most beautiful angel: they asked me if I had not seen him but don’t worry, I did not denounce you. I want to keep you with me, I love you.

Funny SMS …

You are wanted by my love police accused of stealing my heart, you will be condemned to endure my love for life and a fine of 1000 kisses …

Funny SMS to say I miss you …

Help the smoke come out of my mouth, but I don’t think I’m burning it’s just my heart igniting your absence I miss you too much my love.

Funny SMS message …

I wanted to transfer a big kiss for you so much I miss you, but as long as there is no bank that sends the kisses, I send you this SMS.

Funny SMS …

I would like to be your pajamas, to sleep with you and dream of flirting with you every night.

Funny love SMS …

If I were a judge and you my accused, I will condemn you to love me and I will imprison you for life in my heart.

Love SMS with a little humor …

You are my source of energy, your love replenishes my batteries, like solar collectors that need your light, my life depends only on you and if someone takes you away from me, turn off the light, he doesn’t There is more than called after-sales service, because I would die!

Because you have to see the funny side of love

Nobody likes to be flirted with using the typical boring WhatsApp conversation like “Hi, how are you?” It is very popular and they will see you as someone from the lot. On the other hand, if you are funny, funny and use funny text messages for her, maybe you also carry a Cupid’s arrow that makes him notice you.

And, on the other hand, heartbreak is much more enjoyable when it is lived from a humorous point of view, since where there is humor, there are joys and smiles. If you are not reciprocated, what are you going to do? Would you rather laugh or cry? I, of course, laugh. Therefore, if you have broken up with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, if you have been given pumpkins or if you want to get over a relationship with a man or a woman who hurt you, put a joke in your life.

What do you think? Share funny text messages for her with readers and laugh, it was said!