Funny Nicknames To Use In Your Relationship

Have you ever thought what nickname to give your partner? Surely yes! Well here you will find the best ideas of funny nicknames to use in your relationship . Continue reading!

Couple Nicknames

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During a relationship, simply using each one’s name is quite cold.

Most couples resort to nicknames, common and not so common, to identify and personalize the emotional bond a bit, and this will help you know how to make a man value the relationship more .

You may be wondering what would be a good nickname to put that special being, without falling into excesses or looking irritating and here I bring you some proposals!

First, try to find something affectionate and fun, but be careful! Keep in mind that this nickname should be fun for both of you.

A funny nickname for you and embarrassing for your partner could even ruin the relationship.

funny nicknames to use in your relationship

Do not forget that everything must have a proper balance!

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Funny Nicknames For Boyfriend

Below you will find some funny nicknames to use in your relationship , so that you get inspired.

Fly your imagination and adapt the nickname you like best for your partner!

  • ​Sexy: It is a very affectionate and, at the same time, sensual nickname. You’ll get more than a simple smile; Even if I don’t tell you, it will increase your self-esteem and you will feel more confident and attractive. You will get a pretty positive result every time you call it that!
  • Bunny: Is there anything more tender than this little animal? In addition, it also has a sexual connotation, which you can use in your favor; say it in a sexy tone and you will have a very active night!
  • Tiger: A fierce animal, but at the same time loyal to your partner. What more can you ask? The way you tell him this nickname will modify his reaction: with a jocular tone, perhaps even simulating the claws with your hands, it will be funny for both of you and that will strengthen your confidence; Or, with a sexy tone in intimacy, you will react your inner animal and have an intense night of pleasure.
  • Baby: It is a very common nickname but that undoubtedly appeals to a great affection towards the other. It is delicate and, at the same time, affectionate. Surely, if you name him that way, he will feel very special and spoiled.​
  • My life / my love / my little thing / my heart / my little sky / my little sun / baby:These seven nicknames are very significant and many couples use them because they show a strong love bond.
  • Gordo / Gordito: It is probably the most used nickname around the Spanish-speaking world. Its meaning has nothing to do with its literal meaning, it is tender but not hurtful.
  • Chiqui / skinny / giggles: This type of nickname emphasizes some physical or character trait of the person; Do not forget that it must be accompanied by an affable tone!
  • Teddy bear: Teddy bear, stuffed animal or teddy bear, that’s your decision! Your boy will love your pampering and you will fall in love every time you pronounce these lovely nicknames.
  • King / Prince: With these royalty titles, you will make him feel unique, like the dreamed blue prince! of your fairy tales.
  • Candy / caramelito / sugar cube / sweetness: Show your man that is the most tender and apapachable in the world and give them these sweet and delicious nicknames.


As you have seen, the options of funny nicknames to use in your relationship are almost endless; You can use any of those named above or create your own nickname.

Make sure that both are comfortable with the nickname, it is supposed to be used to strengthen the bond and not weaken it.

Men love that their attributes are renowned (like women, or do you not love that I repeat a million times how beautiful you are?). So you can use this in your favor and earn many points with your beloved.

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Keep In Mind:

You should keep in mind that context is indispensable when it comes to nicknames.

Like the way you say them, since it changes its meaning and intention quite a bit: the tone of the voice, the situation, even your dress, are crucial.

Think of it this way: what is the difference between a “bah, you are a tiger” in an almost angry tone, and a “kiss me, my tiger” with a sexy voice?

That same difference you noticed is the one he will also notice.

In the first option, it seems that you will call him “tiger” because he is a grumpy, with a derogatory connotation; but in the second alternative, it works as a passionate invitation full of seduction.

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Since you have the best ideas of funny nicknames to use in your relationship , go for it! Try them until you find the right one, maybe even more than one.

Have fun with your partner !; it is probable that he also ends up calling you a teddy bear, little thing or princess and that what begins as a different way of naming the other and having a pleasant time, is the connection that unites them forever.