Funny Nicknames For Boyfriend

Nicknames for my boyfriend: Funny and insulting

A nickname can come naturally but sometimes it takes a little help and creativity, you can call your boyfriend in many ways, sometimes you can choose these nicknames because of how your boyfriend looks, or how he treats you, be careful in which place You call him by his nickname, it may be something or very cheesy or embarrassing perhaps, in this article I will introduce you to several funny nicknames for boyfriend.

Nicknames for my boyfriend

Honey: For being very affectionate with you.

Gordis: Because your boyfriend is a little plump, chubby.

Beautiful: Because your boy is nice.

Son of Apache: He looks at you strangely and you say Apachito!

Chiquito: Because it’s really big (you understand me)

Bear: Because it is very sweet and cuddly.

Manzanita: Sweet and tasty.

Trompo: Funny and dancer.

Lorito: Because he always sleeps holding onto his stick.

Wonder Boy: Because he’s wonderful on the dance floor

Nemo: Because you make sure you never lose it.

Captain: Because he is confident and makes good decisions

Daddy: Because he’s affectionate with you and makes you aware of everything.

Tarzan: Because whenever they are together, he walks on tail. WELL!!!

Fox: For cunning and silent.

Seahorse: Because they make you believe that it is a wild colt but in reality it is a fish.

Peeled coconut: For hard and hairy?

Morocho: Because he is dark and tall.

Hercules: For being a strong man.

Rollers: Because of their long curly hair.

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Weird nicknames for my boyfriend

Adonis: Because you are his aphrodite.

Melosito: Because he is very affectionate and clingy.

Cuerazo: You really like how I know, it’s your body.

Loquito Mine: Because he does so many cheesy crazy things for you.

Doll: For more than anything you like her body.

Piggy bank: Because you have to “break” it to get some silver out of it.

Antibiotic: because it takes every 8 hours.

Cement :: Because it sucks until it’s hard.

Mariachi: It is a great artist.

Rabbit: Because he likes to be jump and jump.

Caramelito: Because it’s your sweetie.

Rheumatism: Because it only sticks to old women.

Melon heart: Because it is sweet and honeyed.

Baby: Because he looks like a big baby, he likes to cuddle and receive affection.

Cuchi cuchi: It sounds cute and very cheesy.

My Angel: Because since you met him, pure good things happen to you.

Insults for your boyfriend

RubiĆ³n: Because she has beautiful blonde hair.

Ted bear: Because he is foul-mouthed like ted bear.

Bichito: Because it is small but very noisy.

Pig: For fat and short

Chorro: Because when he was little they called him a drop of water

Shorty: Small

Chori: Because he likes to eat chorizo

Chito: If he is chubby and does not like to be called paunchy, panchonchito, chito.

Cholo: Because he likes to walk alone instead of accompanied.

Chop: Because you like it to the bone.

Choclito: For his crooked teeth

Chupa chups: Because he likes to suck your pussy

Mickey: Because he likes minis (miniskirts)

Pluto: Because he notices the girls on the street when he is walking with you

Donald Duck: Because he is not understood when he speaks

Amosho: Between love and beautiful

Carpenter: Because he likes to saw and saw

Nacos nicknames for my boyfriend

Dj Remix: If he’s a little stutterer

Elvis Crespo: If he is slimy and has curly hair

Chapo: By petizo

The hair: why it is not combed

The egg: Because it smells like an egg, hehehe because its head is oval

El wero: With white skin and blond hair

The legs: It has very large feet

Food nicknames for my boyfriend

The wrapped tamale: If it is badly cooked it ends up in the garbage

Fried potato: It’s thin but greasy

The Pizzon: One slice leaves you wanting but with 3 you get fed up.

Pickled: Smells like vinegar

Hamburger: He’s a bit chubby

The chorizo: Hahaha I don’t know why …

Rice with egg: Because it feeds but not fed up

Pucacapa: Because it is stuffed with onion

Churro: Because it is filled with dulce de leche

Funny Nicknames For Boyfriend

Crazy nicknames for my boyfriend









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Chuchi chuchi

If you liked these nicknames but none is good for your boyfriend, I advise you to take a look at this selection of Nicknames for my tall boyfriend. Have a good day!

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