Funny Love Quotes And Sayings

Taking things with grace (also in love) is the best decision you can make. In this article we leave you a compilation with funny love quotes and sayings to make you smile and see everything with more optimism.

It does not matter if you are a fun person and you want to send a different message to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you are suffering from heartbreak and are looking for a way to laugh at it. In any case, the funny love quotes and sayings will be luxurious to get you a smile. It never hurts to have fun with a little sarcasm in love. Also, if you want you can add your own funny love quotes and sayings below and together we will make the largest list of all. You sign up?

Funny love Quotes to dedicate

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If I received a euro every time you come to mind, Messi would be my driver and Emma Watson would be cleaning my house.

Hey, I don’t bite, although if you ask me …

“No” is a Greek word that if pronounced by a girl means “Good, but insist a little more.”

Would you like to be the screw of a crazy person like me?

I love you with all my strength. + Are you sure? -Yes. Every time you come to my head I am short of breath. + I think what you have is asthma. -Oh yeah? Well, I love you!

They say I’m the best in bed. It is having a little sleep and I stay fried …

I do it on the deckchair, in the bed, in the pool, even on the kitchen counter… I sleep anywhere.

I can’t find my pillow. Do you share yours

Have I fallen in love at first sight or do I have to meet you again?

Love called my house, but I was in the supermarket.

I’m just in love with eating and sleeping.

My love, my body is the only good for health with which you can exceed yourself.

I like you so much that I’m going to think about your name to add you to Instagram.

SINGLES: Organized Society Free of Betrayals, Errors, Claims and without Sentimental Obligations.

I know you have to study, but you can study this for me …

Put it in your mouth to make it wetter. Insert it gently to avoid failure … And you will have managed to insert the thread through the needle.

If you don’t love me you can go. You just have to open the door, evade the guards, climb the 100-meter wall, do not get caught by the lions and you will be free. I LOVE YOU!

funny love quotes and sayings

Treat me well, because more people are lurking.

The day I confess the hours you are in my head, you will take me to court for being a mental stalker.

A man is like a clamp. The minimum that you neglect is stolen by your neighbor.

I love you as much as the duck to the leg. Than? Patodalavida.

Sorry for my impudence, but … do you want to push me against the bed? :3

Since the lottery does not touch me, you could touch me.

Darling, recite a few words that prompt me to think about the stars. + Astrophysics.

Even if you don’t call yourself Google, you are what any man would look for.

Do we take a photo? + And that? -I’m going to ask the Three Kings.

The forecasts for tonight indicate that your mouth will kiss mine.

Honey, do you see me obese? + What is it, my Buddha! -As you say? + Oh, I mean, my life …

Tonight I will steal your remaining data on your mobile.

What matters is the interior, but you have an ass …

My belly is completely in love with you. My heart too, but it is that more love fits in my belly.

We are all capable of reasoning until the day we fall in love.

And then you’re with a chef, right? + Yes! -What a wonder, isn’t it? + And on top of that he washes me and everything … I’m crazy about him.

I have not had breakfast because you have me in love, I have not had tea because you have me in love, I have not had dinner because you have me in love, I do not sleep because … I am starving!

The importance of seeing the funny part of love

Feeling comfortable will make you live happier. And in love the same thing happens: ingenuity and naturalness are essential to conquer that person who drives you crazy . In other words, show yourself as you are, do not hide anything from you, after all nobody is perfect. This is how the funniest conversations arise with which you will seduce that boy or girl you like.

We are all attracted to the fact that, if they flirt with us, at least they are original and fun, something beyond the Instagram messages “What do you do ?. That is, having an ingenious personality and making use of funny love quotes and sayings that brighten your day is always appreciated and you could even catch their attention.

Also, when it comes to unrequited love or breakup, you will carry things more relaxed if you take it with humor . That he or she is not for you? Well, someone better will appear. But in the meantime, better to laugh than to be bitter all day, right? So, if you have left it with your partner or if you have been rejected, overcoming it is easier if you are positive. What is your opinion? Give us your funny love quotes and sayings in the comments!

We hope that these fun, humorous and funny love quotes and sayings have served you.